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Your washing machine’s fill hose is leaking

Like other household appliances, the washing machine has its own service life. It depends on the quality of the product, the correctness of its use, maintenance and other factors affecting the performance.

Having detected the leak, you need not panic, and take control and act quickly to find the source of leakage and resolve the situation. The presence of water in the wrong place threatens likely problems with the neighbors from below and with the machine itself. Leakage will damage the oven’s electronics, permanently damaging it.

Necessary actions

Noticing that the washing machine is leaking, you should immediately disconnect it from the mains. Do not step in puddles of water.

Important: The contents of the washer, if it is still connected to electricity, can cause an electric shock which is often fatal.

Now you need to take further steps to locate the source of the problem:

  • Disconnect the water supply to the machine.
  • Open the drain filter, which is located in the front, lower left or right corner.
  • Empty the remaining water. There can be a lot of liquid. Select a container with a low rim and place it close to the opening.
  • Wipe away the puddle.
  • Opening the door of the machine, pull out the laundry.

Important: If the wash has been interrupted by a leak, there is still water in the drum. It is easy to see through the transparent loader hatch window, even with a full laundry tank. Place a large container under the door before removing the garments.

Only after that you can safely start searching for the problem yourself or call a specialist.

If the washing cycle is over before the leak is detected, there is no point in draining the remaining water through the filter. This is only relevant if the malfunction occurred while the machine was in operation, interrupting it.

The machine weighs a lot. It is better that the search for the breakage was still engaged in a man, because you will need to move it and tilt it.

What to pay attention to in the first place

First of all, you need to check all the units that are in open access and are located close to the alleged place of the leak. It is easy to locate from a puddle.

There is a chance that the problem is not in the washing machine itself, but in an old pipe, and under the machine is simply water. If this is all right, you need to proceed to the inspection of the communication system, which is connected directly to the machine. Not finding the cause of the leak in this area, you have to look for it in the unit itself.

There is a thread on the hose that fits the standard size. three-quarter inch. With its help, it is connected to the shut-off valve. In new houses, there is already such a place. If the house is old and the project is not planned to place the washing machine, the hose is connected to the pipe to the mixer in the bathroom.

To connect the filling hose of the washing machine to the pipe with hot water yourself. See video.

Types of filling hoses for the washing machine

Filling hose for the washing machine has a fairly simple device. Its basis is a tube of polyvinyl chloride, reinforced with reinforced threads and nylon braid. Such a multi-layered “sandwich” makes it possible to count on the strength of the hose. it has high tensile strength and can withstand high water pressure.

your, washing, machine, fill

The ends of the filler hoses are reinforced with metal sleeves, from which fittings and nuts peek out. one of the fittings is screwed to the washing machine, and the other to the water pipe. Nuts and fittings are made of plastic. Their safety margin is not so great, so tighten the nuts by hand, not with wrenches so we can avoid damaging them.

This is the most common construction of a filling hose. these are the hoses supplied with washing machines. Their length is usually limited. And if the washing machine will be installed at a distance from the water supply, we need a hose of longer length. Such hoses are purchased separately, and their length varies from one to 5-6 meters.

If necessary, the length can be increased by connecting multiple hoses with a special connector. In order to avoid water leaks, the connection place is sealed with FUM-tape. But it is best not to use such connections due to their reduced reliability.

your, washing, machine, fill

The hose you bought looks different? Easy to bend and wrinkle at all angles? Does not have a strong reinforced braid? In this case its operation can lead to unfortunate consequences, manifested in the form of leaks.

Does the filler hose for the washing machine disassemble? Of course, anything can be taken apart. But it is better to throw out the damaged hose and buy a new one instead. This approach will help avoid accidental leaks. a new hose with serviceable fittings is always stronger than an old and repaired one.

Connection diagram

When connecting the water hose, you can both invite a master and do it yourself. All standard washing machines are connected to the cold water supply pipe with the included standard hose (foreign manufacturers have a length of 120 or 150 cm). For this purpose a ¾” diameter pipe bent at an angle of 90 degrees is screwed to the back wall of the machine (there are finger ledges on the threaded nut for this purpose), the second end is connected to the water supply pipe with the help of an American pipe having a seal with a sanitary gasket. At the point of connection of the fill hose to the water supply pipe, beforehand make an incision, installing a tee and a separate valve for local shut-off of water supply.

To properly connect the washing machine to the water mains on their own, we recommend using the step-by-step instructions.

Finding a leak & replace washing machine soap draw fill hose Hotpoint, Indesit, Ariston & Whirlpool

Step by step instructions for connecting any washing machine

Repair or replacement

If it is a bend in the hose, the problem can be eliminated by any housewife. It is enough to move the washing machine slightly and correct the element so that the shape of its section in all places was the same. In the case of a clog, the repair is made, which consists of cleaning the pipes. If the gasket is leaking, it must be replaced, and the water leakage will be eliminated, and not tight enough connection is eliminated by clamping the nut of the connection pipes to the washing machine.

Replacing the hose can usually be done in two cases: the element is insufficient length (although it can be lengthened, but this is irrational) or mechanical damage. Here you can order a call for a specialist at home, it will help to solve any problem related to the hoses of the washing machine. The master will choose a quality element for replacement, he will remove clogs, change the gasket. in a word, he will perform the necessary work that will eliminate the problem.

Leak in the washing machine, how to get rid of the problem

One of the most frustrating situations for washing machine owners is an unexpected leak. And it is good if it is noticed in time, while the water leaks a little. If this moment is missed or ignored, the consequences can be very serious. A flood in your home or next door can cost you a pretty penny.

Yes, and the machine can be brought to a state when you need an expensive and complicated repair. Even a small puddle is a reason to carefully check the machine. Only this does not mean that you need to prepare the wallet and call the master from the service, which will draw you a “terrible picture” of the worst breakdown. In fact, most often the causes of leaks are easy to install and fix on their own. With minimum cost. Or without them at all. What you need to do? Let’s see.

How to connect?

There is a thread on the hose, which corresponds to the standard size. three-quarters of an inch. With its help, it is connected to the shut-off valve. In newer homes, this is already provided for. If the house is old and the project is not planned for the location of the washing machine, the hose is joined to the pipe to the faucet in the bathroom.

To connect the fill hose of the washing machine to the pipe with hot water yourself. see video.

The machine leaks from the bearing side

If you notice that the machine is leaking at the bearing side, it means only one thing. the packing has worn out and needs to be replaced. Usually with such a breakdown, most of the water leaks during spinning.

Replacing the stuffing box packing is a fairly complicated task that goes along with replacing the bearings. Therefore to eliminate this defect, we recommend that you call a master. If you decide to carry out the repair yourself, then read the article about replacing the bearings in the washing machine.

Instructions for extending the hose

The junction point has its own peculiarities. Before you start to extend the pipe for the drain, it is advisable to get acquainted with its geometry. The automatic washing machine comes with a standard drain hose. If necessary, it is extended on its own.

The main task is to take the right steps to avoid leaks. The instructions for use of the appliance states that it is forbidden to place the drain pipe higher than 1 m. This is due to the low power of the pump. Its height should be higher than the bottom edge of the device at 0.6 m.

With connector

This option is the most common. To extend the hose using the coupling adapter, you will need to purchase a coupling element and two clamps in advance. They provide a seal at the joint.

The extension process takes place in several stages:

  • It is necessary to carefully insert the tubes of the wide and narrow ends into the coupling. Their contact with the socket must be snug.
  • To be sealed, metal clamps should be fastened. A screwdriver is needed for this action.
  • The wide end of the extended pipe is connected to the washing machine. Narrow to drainage. The joint points are also fixed with metal clamps and sealant.
  • To test the system and detect possible leaks include a test wash.

If no problems are detected, the washing machine can be operated.

Without a coupling-adapter

It is not always possible to buy a coupling. To extend the drain hose without a coupler-adapter will require plastic or rubber tubing. Need a thickness that allows dressing on the 2 pipes to be connected. Too large or small will not seal. Two clamps are needed to secure it.

your, washing, machine, fill

If the 3.5 meter length is not enough, then the washing machine is installed closer to the water drain or make a nearby drain.



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