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You can install a dishwasher in a finished kitchen

Step.by.step instructions on how to install a dishwasher in a finished kitchen

Today, modern kitchens are equipped with various household appliances. Many people decide to install special dishwashers that are used to wash plates, cups and much more. Before installing a dishwasher in a finished kitchen, you need to familiarize yourself with how to do it.

First you need to deal with the main varieties of devices that can be installed in the kitchen room.


Most often, people decide to install full.sized models that occupy a lot of free space. The height of such structures reaches eighty.five centimeters. over, the width and depth is 55-65 centimeters. The advantages of full.sized dish include:


These are more compact machines that are installed in kitchens, where there is little free space. Full-sized devices differ in width, which is 45-50 centimeters. At a time in a narrow dishwasher, it is possible to wash nine sets of plates.

install, dishwasher, finished, kitchen

Among the advantages of narrow structures, cheapness and simplicity of operation are distinguished.

Small compact modifications

Low dishwashers are considered the smallest, the height of which does not exceed fifty centimeters. Despite the small size, you can wash 3-5 sets of dishes at a time. The compactness of the design allows you to install it not only in kitchen cabinets, but also on countertops.

How to install a dishwasher

There are several ways to install dishwasher in the kitchen, the features of which should be found in advance.

Building in the cabinet

Some people decide to integrate such products directly into kitchen cabinets.

Preparatory work

Before installation, preparatory work consisting of several stages is necessarily performed.


First you need to prepare communications for further connecting the device.

Pure cold water

Before mounting dishes, you need to make sure that a cold and clean water acts to them. To do this, the device is installed near the location of the water pipe equipped with a special threaded connection. It is she who is responsible for the flow of fluid into the system.


It’s no secret that any household appliances are working from electricity. Therefore, you need to install the machine so that it can be connected to the source of electricity. Experts recommend placing equipment near the sockets.

Sewer system

All models of dishwashers automatically drain the spent liquid into the sewer system. In order for the draining of contaminated water without problems, the machine is installed near the sewer pipes, to which the plum point can be connected in the future.

Choosing a place

To choose the most suitable place for the dishwasher, you need to take care of accessibility to all of the listed communications. Therefore, such a place is selected in the kitchen, which is close to both the water pipe and to the sewer and the outlet.

Alteration of the kitchen cabinet

So that the design fit in the locker without problems, you need to redo it in advance. First you need to get rid of the lower shelf, remove the door with a front skirting board. After that, only the upper countertop with the walls and the back panel will remain at the locker. The dishwasher should be attached to the side walls using fasteners.

Preparation of the water and sewer system

It is also necessary to in advance the preparation of the water pipe, which is responsible for the receipt of the water. Additional reinforcement is installed on it, which disperses the water supply. This allows you to simultaneously ensure the water supply of washing and dishwasher.

In addition, it is necessary to replace the sewer tube pipe with a tee in advance to connect the dishwasher through it.

Electric socket

With intensive work, the dishwasher consumes a lot of electricity. If it is connected to the outlet, to which several electrical appliances are connected, the network will become overloaded. Therefore, experts advise connecting to individual sockets with high.quality grounding.

Additional work

Sometimes people have to do additional installation work. These include the creation of holes that are responsible for the output of power wires and hoses for supplying water.

Installation of the machine

The installation process of the dishwasher is carried out in several stages.

install, dishwasher, finished, kitchen

Installation “Facade”

The front side of the device door must be covered with a special panel, which is made in accordance with the design of the kitchen. To install the front panel, special mounts are installed on the doors of the dishwasher. They are made of thin metal or plastic.

Protection of the countertop

Experts recommend taking care of the additional protection of the countertop in advance. It can deteriorate due to the effect of the steam that falls on its surface when opening the device door. As a protection of wooden surfaces, you can use metal, plastic or tape. Some models of machines are equipped with protective metal sheets that are installed under the countertop.

Installation in a separate module

There are times when there is no free space for new equipment in the cabinets and therefore you have to install it separately. For the location of the dishwasher, a plot is selected near all necessary communications. When installing the machine, you need to make sure that it stands well and does not vibrate when working.

Installation in a niche

If there is a special niche in the kitchen, it can be used to install dishwashers.


Before carrying out installation work, they are engaged in preparation.


First you need to prepare the tools with which work will be carried out.

Electric screwdriver

An electric screwdriver is called an electric tool that is used when unscrewing or twisting the screws. It can also be used to drill holes in which fasteners will be placed.


Some people do not have an electric screwdriver, and therefore they have to use ordinary screwdrivers. This tool allows you to manually tighten screws and screws. To install the dishwasher, you will need straight and cross.shaped screwdrivers.

A hammer

For clogging nails, a hammer may be needed. This tool consists of a handle and a metal head. For work in the kitchen, small hammers are used that will not damage kitchen furniture.

FUM tape for plumbing connections

For sealing threaded joints, it is recommended to use FUM tone. It is made of durable and reliable material, which will prevent the possible flow of water in the junction of water pipes.

Determining the place for dishwasher in the kitchen

When furniture in the kitchen was bought without plans to place a dishwasher, then it can be difficult to integrate it in a finished kitchen. This is hindered by the existing ones here:

  • fridge;
  • microwave;
  • gas or electric stove;
  • oven;
  • washing machine often installed away from sleeping rooms;
  • television.

The situation can complicate the small area of ​​the kitchen, sometimes 4 m2. To understand where to integrate the dishwasher in the finished kitchen, already proven options will help, where one of them or several accurately applicable in any conditions.

Among the options for installing a dishwasher in the already assembled kitchen there are:

  • Desktop. If the layout of the kitchen includes many working surfaces, which for the most part are not involved in ordinary cooking, then you can choose a horizontal option for placement under the hinged cabinets.
  • Inside the cabinet. When there are enough boxes and shelves for storing dishes in the kitchen, the machine can be built into the cabinet, removing shelves and back wall. This will occupy a minimum of useful space and will not change the design.
  • Between the tables. An acceptable option if the tables are equipped with separate legs and allow them to arrange them further from each other. Then the cover of the dishwasher can be supplemented with a countertop that will extend the work surface.
  • Under the table. Some models of dishwashers have a small height, which allows you to integrate them under a long kitchen table, for example, at a long-distance end, where someone is rarely sitting.
  • Under an electric stove. If she does not have an oven from below, then the place can be re.equipped for a dishwasher technique.
  • Under the oven. In some kitchens, the oven is built into a separate cabinet at the belt level, and drawers remain under it. If desired, they can be dismantled and placed there a dishwasher.
  • Separately. If it is impossible to organize a niche, then the only way out is to install a separate dishwasher in a corner or behind the end of the working surfaces, if there is still a place to the wall.

Selection of a dishwasher for embedding

Having found a suitable place to embed a dishwasher in the finished kitchen, you should go to the search for the unit, which will be able to install there. There are three options by type of body:

  • Narrow. Have dimensions about 800 mm in height, 440 mm wide and 550 mm in depth. The most suitable for placement in a niche instead of a closet with shelves, or under the countertop. Conveniently embed them and between tables.
  • Compact. They are distinguished by a vertical arrangement. Their dimensions are approximately 430 mm in height, 550 mm in width and 500 mm in depth. This design will fit on the table or even a wide window sill in a private house. It is convenient to integrate it between the suspended shelves, provided that the quality is fastened to the wall.
  • Full.size. Produced with a height of 820 mm, a width of 600 mm and a depth of 550 mm. There are built.in and separately standing. Need a separate wide niche or corner.

When choosing a dishwasher for embedding, you need to not forget about the color of the case in the finished kitchen. It should correspond to the main shade of the kitchen or harmonize with other elements in decoration (refrigerator, washing machine, gas stove). Do not listen to those who claim that there is no option besides the white and silver door of the options. In addition to them, black, gray, beige, yellow, red and pink door panels for dishwashers are produced.

Communications for connection

Energy should come to the technique from the nearest outlet. The operation of the machine is impossible without pure cold water. There should be a water pipe with a threaded connection nearby. The used dirty water will merge into the sewer. Therefore, there should be pipes with the ability to connect another drain point.

Many work can be done yourself. But there are those who should perform specialists with experience and permission to conduct them. This applies to electricity work: cable and installation of a socket.

Installation for a prepared place

Before installing a dishwasher in a finished kitchen, you need to make sure that it will be possible to easily fit it in a prepared place, and a site for hoses will remain on the side or behind. First, the equipment is put opposite the prepared department. The hoses that are mounted into it, through the holes are extended to the sewage site and water supply, and the power cord to the outlet. Then the device is installed in the selected place, before that it should be made that the lengths of the hoses and the cord are enough.

Installation is performed according to the attached step.by.step instructions of a particular model. You can also read the forums and watch the video. The details included in the kit are consistently fixed:

If the body of the dishwasher is located unevenly, correcting, adjusting the height of the legs. Some manufacturers of equipment, for example, Electrolux, Bosch and others, add noise protection to the set. which must be fixed on the bottom. At the end, the door of the device is covered with a facade or a special decorative pad. Adjust the facial parts and strengthen using self.tapping screws.

Connection of electric power

You can not stretch the network filter, so the device is connected to the closest power point. The cord has a standard length. approximately 1.5 m, therefore, the socket should be located no further than this distance. You can’t use extension cords, because they will not be able to withstand the loads, they will melt. It is forbidden to use common sockets in which other devices are included. It is best to take a separate point for the dishwasher, use grounded outlets with a separate bag. The latter serves to protect against short circuits and overloads. It is impossible to build an electric shock at a close distance from the floor, if flooding occurs, a short circuit will occur. The distance from the floor to the place where the car is located should be more than 25 cm.

Connection to the sewage system

So that PMM drains the used water, it is connected to the sewer system. There are several methods. The first way is to connect to the sink drain system. If it is impossible to fix the hose directly to the sewer pipe, it is mounted in this way. In this case, it is necessary to change the siphon, so the option is considered costly and time.consuming.

The other method is very simple. It consists in installing the hose from the dishwasher to the cuff of the divert of the sewer pipe. For fixation, use a special tape that provides excellent sealing. This method is used if there is a free hole under the sink.

Connection with the water supply

Most models can be connected to hot water, but experts do not advise doing this because it is not very good. This will negatively affect both the health of people and the device itself, which will fail faster. Before connecting to the water supply, water is blocked on the riser. To mount the tee, unscrew the mixer hose. The mixer is installed to one of the branches of the branch, to the other. a cleansing filter. Mount a shut.shaped ball crane. A hose that comes from the dishwasher is connected to the cranes. The joints are wrapped with a special ribbon. It prevents water.

Installation “Facade”

The front side of the built.in dishwasher is necessarily covered with a panel. As for the facade, it must be performed in accordance with the design of the room. A special fixer element and pattern is supplied to such household appliances. which are necessary for installing the panel. It is mainly made to order. The installation of the facade can be easily performed on your own. They take a paper sheet, it is noted on it all the necessary places and zones where the fixers are to be installed. This layout is applied to the front door, mark the decorative panel. The necessary places are outlined using the usual awl.

Then the paper sheet is removed, the holes are drilled under the screws. In the laid places, the handle of the front door and fixers are installed. This manual is suitable for installing front of front parts of any size. After the panel is assembled, it is put in place. A decorative element is fixed on the door of the dishwasher and prepared self.tapping screws are screwed.

Location options

There are several options for embedding a dishwasher in a finished kitchen, in:

If a bedside table is located next to the sink, the width of which is more than 45 cm, then you can integrate household appliances in it. Installing a compact dishwasher in the cabinet allows you to bring to the existing communications a pipe of the fence and drain the water. Shelves, lower panel and rear wall are removed from the cabinet. Rotating the legs, adjust the vertically the body of the device. Connect an elongated pipe with a locking valve for cold water, put a drainage pipe into a siphon. Be sure to put an additional outlet. If necessary, mount a water supply with a plum pipe. A front decorative panel is installed on the door of the dishwasher.

In a niche

If the finished kitchen set has a special niche for the oven, microwave or other compact equipment, you can put a dishwasher in it. In the niche far from the supply and drainage of water, long flexible hoses are used. The front wall is covered with a beautiful panel. It should be made in a single set of style.

For a family of 2-3 people, it will be more correct to purchase compact models of dishes of any company, including Bosch. It is more reasonable to mount the devices standing separately into a small room.

In a separate module

Installation in a separate module is best suited if there are no suitable cabinets in the kitchen set, but the kitchen itself is quite spacious. It is necessary to order a bedside table for a compact machine, which will stand separately. She is placed next to communications. Before connecting, the equipment is aligned and fixed. This is necessary so that during operation it does not move and does not move the cabinet. A separate box that is not attached to the general design increases the likelihood of its vibration. In order to make it convenient to approach the device pipes and hoses are laid along the length of the walls.

If there is a gap between the built.in kitchen and the module, it will not be possible to hide the hoses, so the case must be pulled closely to the closet with the sink. When servicing a dishwasher, which is built into a mobile module, it will not need to be dismantled, just push the equipment from the wall.

The dishwasher is becoming more and more popular. Manufacturers offer customers a huge lineup, so there is an opportunity even in a photo to choose a model you like, which is suitable for any kitchen. Almost every owner can integrate it into a ready.made kitchen set.

Building options for a dishwasher

The embedding section can be different: from the niche prepared by the manufacturer to the module located separately from the kitchen set. Any option will be acceptable if it allows you to enter the device into the overall style of the room. The main embedding methods include:

  • Using the finished cabinet. If there is a cabinet near the sewer drainage and water supply, then it can be used to build technology. However, it is important to measure its dimensions, most models of dishwasher will be able to install more than 45 cm in width in departments. The close location to communications will connect the machine to the water supply system and the drain is much easier.
  • dismantling the posterior wall of the section and removing the shelves, the removal of the guides;
  • alignment of the machine through a change in the length of the legs;
  • connecting to cold water supply, and then to the drain point (sometimes the installation of a water plant is also carried out);
  • a separate electric line wire and installation of a rosette for a dishwasher;
  • Installation of the panel to the door door to comply with the decorative component.
  • Order for a dishwasher of a separate section. The method is suitable if all the cabinets and departments of the kitchen set are busy, and the room has impressive dimensions. Then it is best to make an order in a company that made furniture, a cabinet suitable in style and color. It is better to install the device nearby from the electric cable and water supply.
  • the location of the equipment in the prepared module, fixing the position of the device to exclude the jumps during operation;
  • hoses are laid along the wall, which allows you to facilitate maintenance.
  • Using a niche. If in the kitchen set there is a deepening under the microwave, oven or other device, then it can be used to install the dishwasher. Typically, to connect, it will be necessary to use hoses much longer than standard. To hide the dishwasher, use special decorative panels. They reliably hide the front of the equipment, masking it for the overall design of the kitchen.

Choosing a place taking into account the dimensions

If the kitchen set is already installed for a long time, then when buying a dishwasher, you must rely on the dimensions of its cabinets. In the absence of a separate niche designed specifically for the device, you will have to donate one of the sections. It is advisable to choose a branch located closer to the sink and outlet.

Before buying the selected model, it is necessary to measure the selected box, and then compare it with the parameters of the dishwasher. Usually they are in the public domain on the network. It is enough to go to the manufacturer’s website or the online version of the store, in which the device was watched. It is important to make sure that the sizes of the model are suitable for kitchen parameters.

If the kitchen set was made on an individual order, problems with the selection of equipment may arise. The dishwasher may simply not enter the cabinet in size, as manufacturers put models to the market for standard kitchens. And the sections, the headset made to order, can be higher, already or deeper in parameters. In this situation, a good exit may be the purchase of a compact size model or redevelopment. Necessary tools and materials

During the installation process, the dishwasher will be used:

  • scotch;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • Automat on 16A;
  • Copper cable with a cross section of at least 2-2.5 mm;
  • divorce key;
  • shut.off ball valve;
  • screwdrivers: cross and flat;
  • Passatigi;
  • sealant tape;
  • a hammer;
  • tee;
  • chisel;
  • European stand outlets;
  • siphon having two fittings;
  • filter.

Capacity, loading volume

The PMM capacity is usually measured in the sets of dishes that can be placed there. What is included in one such set: a soup plate, two flat (for the second and dessert), a cup, a saucer and devices for them. The larger the container, the more effective the dishwasher will be.

When you get used to the method of determining the download by the number of sets, it will be very easy to choose a work program for your new assistant.

Built.in full.size models are often more capacious than separate or compact. In them you can simultaneously wash up to 12-14 sets of dishes. They are ideal for the kitchen of any family where more than 2-3 people are constantly living and lunch. Miniature models have loading in 6-8 sets.

When choosing a dishwasher, try to calculate how often and for how many plates and other items you will need to wash at a time. Someone has to run the car every day, and some cost only a couple of launches per week.

The size of the holder for cutlery, as a rule, corresponds to the number of dishes declared by the manufacturer. In some machines, holders are spaced into several and have special mounts for different types and sizes of spoons, forks and other things.

Making A Kitchen Dishwasher Cabinet

The more often you use the dishwasher, the more important it is to choose the most energy.efficient model.

install, dishwasher, finished, kitchen

The most effective machines are rarely cheap, but can save you from high accounts for electricity in the long run, especially if you are going to use them quite often.

Functions, opportunities

Most techniques of well.known manufacturers have similar functionality and perfectly fulfill their main responsibilities. At the same time, part of the dishwashers has features, additional programs that you can find useful or attractive.

For example, some modern cars work so quietly that you can’t even determine by ear whether it is working now. If the budget allows, take a quiet model. Carefully watch tables with characteristics or ask for consultant sellers.

What other options can be found in the dishwasher:

  • Adjustable shelves;
  • Additional, interchangeable baskets for cutlery;
  • Replaceable racks for pots and pans;
  • Metal racks;
  • Various sensors and sensors;
  • A number of effective programs, for example, only rinsing, half load, rinse slightly and so on;
  • Digital control (old or cheaper models have mechanical handles and buttons);
  • Connection of hot water, which allows to wash in hot or cold mode. The washing in cold water takes more time, since it first needs to be heated;
  • Noise insulation, quiet regime;
  • Built.in protection against flooding, in which the machine has a safety valve overlapping the water supply when the pressure changes in the upper part of the intake hose;
  • Blocking the door and control panels, protection against children and animals;
  • Special drying or notification modes.

Installation of a facade door

To hide the dishwasher and give the kitchen an aesthetic finished look, we close the door with a decorative bar. In order to maintain the integrity of the interior, choose a lining of the same material as the facades of the furniture.

How To Install a Kitchen Drain Trap Assembly with Dishwasher Tailpiece

  • we mount the pen;
  • Put the decorative panel with the front side on the floor. We put a paper template on the back. The scheme will help to accurately determine the attachment sites;
  • With the help of Shila, we mark these places or drill right along the drawing;
  • fix special mounts;
  • We open the machine and remove the installation screws;
  • Install the facade by inserting fasteners into the grooves on the door of the dishwasher;
  • We screw long screws that reliably connect the door to the facade overlay;
  • If necessary, adjust the degree of tension of the door springs.

How to protect the countertop

At the time of opening the dishwasher, steam comes out, and moisture settles on the bottom of the countertop. Regular wetting can lead to swelling and destruction of the surface. At the same time, not only the countertop will suffer, but also the facade. To protect furniture from moisture, special waterproof plates should be used. Manufacturers offer various protection options. elements of metal, plastic or film. Complete with Bosch dishwashers are metal linings. Electrolux offers protection from a special film. If there are no plates in the set, this does not mean that it is not needed. In this case, you will have to find an alternative yourself. you can stick tape, attach a piece of metal or purchase a finished element separately.

How to choose a good place

A good place to integrate the dishwasher in the kitchen, choose the dimensions of the device. At the same time, it is taken into account that there are nearby:

It is easy to lay the free power cable of the mains on their own if there is such a need. It is much more difficult to transfer sewer and water pipes. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a place to install PMM next door to the sink. It is here that it is possible to freely connect to communications.

Building in the existing cabinet

This option is suitable when there is a cabinet in the form of a cabinet near the sink. Its width should be more than 45 cm. This option is convenient in that the hoses of the machine can be easily built into the communications system. To install the dishwasher, the cabinet is freed from the shelves, back and lower panel. After installing the device inside, it is connected to all systems. The front part is covered with decorative panels. The unscrewed cabinet door is suitable for this. If partial embedding is used, decorative panels are not needed.

Installation in a separate module

This option is suitable for a large kitchen when there is no free cabinet of the desired width. In this case, they order a separate module for the kitchen set and put it near the sink. Communication pipes are stretched below along the wall. To approach them, the module is simply pushed away. If the device is placed under the central countertop, you will have to remove it. Otherwise it is impossible to approach communications.

Installation of a dishwasher in a niche

To install a small device, you can use niches made in kitchen furniture for microwaves, oven and other equipment with small dimensions. To hide the device, the front panel is closed with a decorative pad suitable in style to the rest of the furniture.

How the dishwasher is built into the kitchen

To correctly install a dishwasher, follow the following rules:

  • From the wall to the back wall of the device, at least 5 cm of free space for air access and the free location of pipes and hoses are left.
  • The dimensions of built.in devices are several millimeters less from the declared. This is done in order to not be required to change the design of the furniture. Box for equipment is made with a small margin.
  • Cutting holes cutting areas for the fasteners of the decorative door of the box are determined, focusing on the template placed in the installation scheme.
  • When installing, take into account the location of the control panel on the side wall of the device.
  • To change the height and dense fitting of equipment to the box use adjusting legs.
  • For fixing equipment to the box, fasteners and corners are used.

For self.installation of a dishwasher, they use the instructions attached to the device. Installation is performed by the following tools:

  • construction level, roulette;
  • gas key, set of screwdrivers, pliers;
  • inspection for drainage, tee for sewage;
  • hoses for the fence and drain of water that are coming with the device;
  • Nipple, corrugation, adapter, corner crane;
  • three.wire cable and euro.rosette;
  • filter for purifying water and siphon;
  • metal clamps, angle, three.pass valve;
  • fasteners and pack.

Checking the configuration

In the kit, along with PMM, gaskets, hoses, fasteners, apron for protection, templates on which decorative linings are installed are usually delivered. To verify the configuration, find a list in the instructions and check for it the indicated number of parts with available.

It is recommended to unpack the machine in the presence of a representative of the company selling it. Then, in case of lack of some detail, this issue can be settled in a short time.

Installation for the selected place

Prior to the start of installation, check that the selected cabinet is suitable for the dimensions of the device. Holes are made in its walls to bring communications.

The device is installed in the place in the following order:

  • The car must be put in front of the selected cabinet or niche.
  • Hoses for water intake and diverted with a spent solution are threaded through the holes and bring closer to the connection sections. Also come with an electric cable.
  • The PMM case is carefully inserted into the place intended for it. At the same time, check the length of the hoses.
  • Again put forward the device and prepare it for installation, performing the points indicated in the instructions. To do this, on the bottom of the countertop, the gasket is glued to protect against steam, a tape for sealing is attached to the edges, the damping elements and the mounting plate are installed.
  • Regulate the legs in height to ensure the strictly vertical location of the case. Using a roulette, check the distance to the walls of the cabinet.
  • If the kit has noise protection, it is attached to the lower part.

Then the decorative pads are mounted. To do this, use the old door from the cabinet. It yourself can be treated, adjusted in size and fixed on the door of the dishwasher. To do this, use long self.tapping screws that are coming with the machine, which are placed instead of short.

Connection to electricity

A dishwasher in the apartment is not connected to a conventional outlet. For this you need a groove socket. In apartment buildings, the ground wire is built into a dull neutral fishing line for a trimmer. To connect the dishwasher, at a small height of the floor, an euro.zoom is installed, which already has a grounding wire. It is connected to the main contact connection with a 16-ampere automatic.

For the safety of the electrical appliance and preservation of the warranty period, you can not change the device plug on your own. If such work is needed, it must be performed by a specialist.

Connecting to the water supply

This stage of work is simple and can be done independently. There are two ways to connect a dishwasher to water supply. Easier and faster connect the device directly to the cranes on the sink. The disadvantage of such a connection is that access to the sink is blocked during the operation of the PMM, such a system does not look aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, more often such a connection is used as a temporary.

install, dishwasher, finished, kitchen

Another way is more complicated, but more reliable. A tee with a crane is installed on the water supply system. It can be metal or plastic. A tidal hose supplied with the machine is connected to the installed tee. When using a hard pipe instead of a hose, a filter is put before its installation. If this is not done, blockage forms in the heater and lead to breakdown. In case of simultaneous connection to the water supply, several devices are mounted an additional collector. It reduces the number of sinks into the water supply.

You can not connect the dishwasher to the hot water supply system. This does not save on utility bills. This connection causes a return valve breakdown due to a large amount of impurities contained in hot water.

Connection to the sewage system

This stage of work is very important. Due to the incorrect connection, the dishwasher will break. Water either flows into the drain, or stench smells from the pipe penetrate it. To avoid this, use a siphon or a slanting tee.

Safe and more reliable to install a siphon. He will prevent the penetration of the smell of sewage system and neutralize the siphon effect. For this, the siphon mounted under the sink is changed to a model with nozzles. The draining hose is connected to one of them, avoiding bending. The connection section is fixed with a clamp.

Types of dishwashers

Dishesis vehicles in the kitchen, designed to facilitate the work of the hostess as much as possible, should not create discomfort, violate the design or take up a lot of space in a small kitchen. Before you integrate a dishwasher in the kitchen, you need to choose one of the design modifications made. For the convenience of using the dishwasher are produced in three main dimensional groups.

There are several variations of household appliances for automatic washing dishes

  • Full.size. Their height varies in the range from 82. 87 cm, width 60 cm., depth 55 or 60 cm. Serv the most dishes (up to 17 sets) can stand separately in the kitchen or integrate into the kitchen furniture partially or completely.In partially built.in structures, the machine control panel remains outside, in fully built.in. located in the upper line of the open door of the machine.
  • Narrow. Differ from the previous class only width (from 45 to 49 cm.), launder no more than 9 sets of dishes depending on the model. The type of location in the kitchen area is similar to full.size types.
  • Small compact modifications have all the dimensions of full.sized machines, with the exception of height. it is 1.5. 2 times lower, as for the amount of simultaneous dishes, their ceiling is 5 sets. In the kitchen, they are installed directly on the top of the countertop or mounted in a niche of the kitchen cabinet with a separate module.One significant drawback of this type of machine can be noted. unlike other models, due to their design features, they do not provide for water supply to the lower basket with dirty dishes, which worsens the quality of the sink.

Installation of a dishwasher in the kitchen

The work is not difficult for a man (some boldly say that even a woman can handle her), but to know how the dishwasher is built into the kitchen will not hurt anyone. To carry out it, you will need some tool. an electric screwdriver or several screwdrivers, a small divorce key, a painting knife, roulette, less often. level will come in handy.

Installation is not difficult to carry out in a finished area

Instructions for installing the unit in a finished headset

The most suitable option for embedding a dishwasher is to redo the floor cabinet of the kitchen. To do this, you need to complete certain stages.

  • unscrew the screws holding the countertop;
  • unscrew the screeds fixing the side and rear walls with the surface of the nearest cabinets;
  • pull part of the furniture;
  • disassemble the cabinet, leaving only the side walls with the doors;
  • Using a drill and crowns, drill holes in the side wall for two hoses: water supply and for a sewer hose, as well as for electrical wiring.
  • Connect the reset hose to the sewage system, and the cold water supply element using a brass tee to the pipe;
  • In the case of additional attachment of the hose on the wall, use anchor clamps;
  • Connect the device to the outlet;
  • Attach the front panel of the basement to your place.

If you did not work out the dishwasher, do not worry. study the instructions for installing your model, in extreme cases, there is always the opportunity to contact specialists.

In order for the built.in machine to work for a long time, do not flood the neighbors, listen in advance to some tips:

  • Check the presence of grounding. this will prevent a shock;
  • Make sure that the drain hose is not more than 2.5 m. the increased load negatively affects the work of the discharge pump;
  • It is not recommended to integrate the device under the hob;
  • To protect the countertop from the steam, think about protection, for these purposes a metal plate is perfect.

Now you have an idea of ​​how to integrate a dishwasher in the kitchen. To install equipment in a finished kitchen set, you will need not only ideas where to integrate the device, but also skills in working with plumbing and locksmithing tools.



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