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Xiaomi yunmai massage gun. A deep tissue massage at home: Yunmai Massage Gun EasePro review

A deep tissue massage at home: Yunmai Massage Gun EasePro review

Massage therapy has been used to treat muscle pain and stress for millennia. It is an excellent method to unwind and relax following a long day at work or a strenuous workout. At-home massage devices come in useful in this situation. Booking an expert massage session, on the other hand, can be costly and time-consuming.

It is no wonder massage guns have grown in popularity in recent years. Yunmai is a company that has established a name for itself in this market by providing a variety of high-quality and reasonably priced devices. The Yunmai Massage Gun EasePro is one of the company’s newest products.

In this review, I will examine the Yunmai Massage Gun EasePro in detail and explore its features, benefits, and drawbacks. By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of whether this is a suitable massage therapy tool for you.

The device can be purchased on Yunmai’s website for 179 and you can find a selection of Yunmai’s other massage guns on Amazon.

Yunmai Massage Gun EasePro review: Design, hardware, battery life

Look feel

The Yunmai Massage Gun EasePro has a sleek and contemporary design that not only looks good but also feels good in the hand. The device spans 170 x 128 x 66mm so falls somewhere in between large and mini massage guns in terms of its size. Its build is a durable aluminium and plastic combination.

I actually found Yunmai Massage Gun EasePro to be more comfortable to hold and use for prolonged periods of time than most other massage guns I’ve tried. It feels like an extension of your arm.

Yunmai’s aerospace-grade motion balance design provides a secure grip on the curved handle. The vibrations in your palms are minimised, which helps. Plus the weight of the device is only 600 grams.

Furthermore, the compact design makes this an extremely portable choice. Toss it in your backpack or exercise bag and you’re ready to go. The premium soft carrying bag that comes with the purchase organises and protects all of the bits and pieces while in transportation. It also ensures you don’t lose any parts of the kit.

A powerful device

With a motor that can hit 3,000 RPM, EasePro is a reasonably powerful gadget for its size. This is combined with a 10mm amplitude and 20kg/44lb of stall force. In English, this means you really have to press very hard against your muscles for the motor to stop. This did not occur in my testing, despite the fact that I pressed quite firmly at times.

The gun has three speed levels and is powerful enough to relax your muscles by melting knots, increasing circulation, and reducing muscular pain and soreness. Despite its strength, the gadget runs quietly, with a noise level of less than 43dB. That’s less noisy than most other devices on the market and is one of the highlights of the device.

There are four attachments in the box that can be used to massage various areas of the body. The ball head is ideal for targeting large muscle groups such as the back, arms, thighs, calves, and other large muscle groups, whereas the flat head is ideal for relaxation and shaping different muscle sections. The U-shaped massage head is intended to massage the neck, both sides of the vertebrae, and the Achilles tendon. Finally, the bullet head is ideal for striking deep tissues like meridians, joints, hands, and soles.

As far as battery life, you can expect up to 460 minutes on a complete charge, giving you plenty of time for quite a few thorough massage sessions. It’s actually enough for a month’s worth of 10-minute treatments. The gadget can be refuelled using the included USB-C cable and it takes about 2 hours to charge from zero to full.

Yunmai Massage Gun EasePro review: Features, performance

Massage guns operate by sending Rapid, concentrated pressure pulses deep into muscle tissue. This improves blood flow and oxygenation to the region, which reduces inflammation and muscle tension, resulting in pain relief and increased range of motion.

Such therapy is beneficial to athletes, the elderly, and persons suffering from chronic discomfort. For athletes it can help with injury prevention, enhanced recovery, increased range of motion, and improved performance. Improved circulation, mobility, and decreased stiffness can all benefit the elderly. People suffering from chronic pain can benefit from reduced pain, increased relaxation, and an overall better quality of life.

Simple operation

The EasePro massage gun has a number of useful features that make it an excellent option for anyone looking to relieve sore muscles at home or on the go. To begin with, replacing the massage heads is straightforward. Simply pull the existing head vertically out of the mounting groove and push the chosen one in until it clicks into place.

Once the massage head is in place, the device can be simply turned on and off by pressing the physical button on the handle. When the device is turned on, the back display illuminates, allowing users to pick one of three speed settings: 1800 RPM, 2400 RPM, or 3000 RPM.

The speed switch and stop button are integrated into the screen and are only visible when the display is turned on. The device can be paused by double-clicking the function button, and restarted with a single press.

Remember to begin with the lowest speed setting and progressively increase as you become more familiar with the device and your muscles become accustomed to the sensation. Also, remember to avoid using the massage gun on bony areas, open wounds, or areas where feeling is reduced.

The function button is the only minor annoyance I have with this device. Because it is a capacitive trigger, it does not protrude from the screen. While this appears nice, I discovered that the device occasionally fails to register a press. As a result, you may have to press more than once at times for it to register.

The EasePro was created with the user’s protection in mind. To avoid overheating, the device will shut down after 10 minutes of continuous use. That feature is meant to protect the device and is commonly found on massage guns. To avoid draining the battery unnecessarily, it will power off after 2 minutes of inactivity.

Indicator light shows how hard to press

A standout feature of the device is the pressure sensor ring light. This shows users how hard they’re pushing against their muscles in real-time.

A light blue colour indicates a gentle massage, whereas a dark blue colour suggests a more powerful massage. If the ring light goes red, it’s time to ease up on the pressure. Some massage guns require the use of an app to detect when you are pressing too firmly against your muscles. EasePro employs a more straightforward approach.

In fact there is no smartphone app for this device. Which I do not see as a negative in any way. I have far too many apps installed on my phone as it is!

The EasePro massage gun impressed me with its efficacy in massaging sore muscles, in addition to its user-friendly features. It offered a deep, penetrating massage that left my muscles relaxed and revitalised. A notable feature is the device’s slanted grip, which enables users to easily reach difficult-to-reach areas such as the back and shoulders.

Massage therapy as part of a holistic health and wellness regimen can be extremely helpful. But this needs to be done regularly. Because of its light weight and portability, the EasePro is an excellent option for mobile use, whether traveling, working out at the gym, or going on vacation. It’s a no hassle device.

As far as maintenance, there is little to do. It is a good idea to wipe down the massage gun with a clean, damp towel from time to time, charge the battery, and store all the parts in the provided case. Of course, while the Yunmai massage gun is intended to provide deep muscle massage, it should not be used excessively. Also, start with slow speeds and make sure to choose the appropriate attachment for the region that you want to massage.

Yunmai Massage Gun Review: EasePro or another model?

Yunmai’s massage product line presently consists of six different devices, each with a different price point. The Massage Gun PB (Pro) is 219, the small Massage Gun CosyCare (Mini) is 199, the top-of-the-line Massage Gun SlimChic is 269, the ultra-portable Massage Gun Extra Mini is 129, and the feature-packed Massage Gun SE (Prime) is 179.

The Massage Gun EasePro is one of the most recent additions to the range. At 179, it sits somewhere towards the middle of the price spectrum.

Generally, you can find massage guns vary widely in price, with some models priced as low as 50 and others costing upwards of 500. Yunmai is a well recognised name that is at the more budget-friendly end of this market

Aside from price, there are numerous other factors to consider when selecting the best massage gun for your needs. Size, power, and noise intensity are some of them. Choose characteristics that are important to you, such as deep tissue massage or pain relief. For versatility, look for versions with adjustable speeds and numerous attachments. Examine reviews to pinpoint a model that meets your needs.

Tech specs comparison

A comparison of the specifications in the chart below shows that EasePro represents pretty good value for money. It has nearly the same power as the most expensive gadget in the Yunmai line, but it comes in a smaller, more portable package.

The gun also has a reasonable operating time of 7 hours. Finally, there’s its novel Magic Touch Pressure Sensing technology, which tells you how firm to press against your muscles at a glance. Only a select number of Yunmai devices have this.

xiaomi, yunmai, massage, deep, tissue

Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Review 2022 | I Loved it!

Have you ever felt your muscles hurt or feel stiff after a bout of exercise? This primarily occurs because of excessive trauma to the Fascia. The Fascia is a soft tissue that wraps around your muscles, certain bones, and internal organs. Intense exercise or poor posture can cause muscle tears, damage, and soreness.

So it is extremely important to care for your muscles after a vigorous round of exercise. Xiaomi has created a fantastic solution to this never-ending problem: The Xiaomi Massage Gun.

Check out our Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Review for all the details.

While you can stretch it out you won’t be able to target specific muscle groups, this is where devices like the Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun come in. With this brilliant gadget, you can work on specific body parts and alleviate current or future soreness and pain. It’s features like this that make this Xiaomi gadget a must-have in every gym bag.

This Xiaomi Massage Gun comes with 4 different heads that you can interchange between based on your needs. Although it doesn’t have varied features it does have remarkable engineering. So, let’s get to it, shall we? Here’s the Xiaomi Massage Gun Review.

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Xiaomi Massage Gun Review

Inside the Box

The Xiaomi Yunmai Massage gun is one of the few Xiaomi products that actually come in a companion case rather than the usual white cardboard. The Xiaomi Massage Gun comes in a really high-quality hard case that doubles as the carry pouch. The case is pretty solid with a layer of fabric on the exterior. You can also find a handle to carry at the top portion and zip around the circumference of the carry case.

xiaomi, yunmai, massage, deep, tissue

Once you unzip the case, you will find:

  • User Manual and a warranty card
  • The body of the Xiaomi Massager
  • Four different attachable massage heads
  • Supportive components and accessories for the 4 massage heads
  • And finally a power adapter
xiaomi, yunmai, massage, deep, tissue

Xiaomi Massage Gun Review – Hardware Specs

  • Input voltage: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Interface type: DC, 19V, 1A
  • Charging time: about 4 hours
  • Intensity type: Intelligent 5 strength levels
  • RPM: 1800 – 3200 rpm
  • Torque: 70 mNm
  • Operating noise: 45 dB
  • Battery standard: IEC 62133
  • Applicable environment: 0 – 40°C (32 – 104°F)
  • Weight: 0.84 kg (1.85 lbs)
  • Size: 179 x 60 x 236 mm (7 x 2.4 x 9.3 in)

Xiaomi Yunmai Review – Design

The design of the Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun really stands out. Unlike, the majority of Xiaomi’s products it’s quite unique at least aesthetically. As you can gather from the name it’s designed in the shape of a pistol gun which is quite different from their other massagers. While it may seem like a weird decision by Xiaomi this device offers ease as well as convenience when it comes to using.

  • It doesn’t have Xiaomi’s usually white and grey color scheme. As you can see from the image, the device is a smooth dark grey in color. However, it still maintains Xiaomi’s Unique minimalist design.
  • It’s about half an arm’s length in terms of height and weighs around 2 pounds. So it doesn’t get tedious during long massage sessions. This Xiaomi massager feels smooth to the touch it definitely has a unique texture to it. Unique minimalist design. So, overall it looks and feels quite premium.
  • On both sides of the gun, you will find dark grey bands with the Yunmai brand name in white. The top portion has a circular plastic protrusion. This protrusion basically protects the internal mechanism. The body of the massager has an integrated closed structure that’s created with high-precision technology.
  • The grip portion of the Xiaomi Yunmai Massage gun is quite robust and ergonomic.
  • One of the most brilliant things about engineering is that even the materials are massage and user-friendly. This Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun uses a soft and skin-friendly food-grade silicone. It also has a unique honeycomb internal structure that provides cushioning and prevents damage to bones.

It also has four massage heads that are tailor-made to take care of every muscle group in the body. We’ve compiled a list of the four massage heads and the muscle group they can target:

Spherical head

  • The Spherical will be your go-to massage head as it is meant for massaging large muscle groups such as arms, thighs, calves, lower back, and hips.

U-shaped head

  • The U-shaped head is probably the most unique and it does have a unique function: it is meant for the spine and the Achilles tendon.

Cylindrical head

  • The cylindrical head is quite hard and it’s meant for deep tissue massages. Primarily palms and soles and the quasi-mythical meridians.
  • At first glance, you’ll probably be confused as to what this head is for but it’s meant for relaxation after a workout and for shaping various muscle parts.

Xiaomi Massage Gun – Function and Use

While the function of the Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun is seemingly simple, it’s actually quite profound. This massage gun basically, penetrates deep into the Fascia and stimulates it through high-frequency vibrations. This causes the lactic acid that’s generated after exercise to disintegrate thereby relaxing the tight and rigid muscle. Doing this will also release the muscles that are sticking together and prevent muscle soreness.

  • This Xiaomi Massage Gun has a 60 W high-power motor that generates a powerful torque creating a surging power source. All of this helps the massage head impact the muscle at a speed of 3200 rpm reaching 12 mm deep into your body.
  • The Consecutive impacts will make sure to energize each cell and eventually have you rolling with pleasure. Although that’s a tad bit exaggerated, it isn’t that far from the truth. It is designed to be highly effective with a double-bearing transmission structure that creates a special honeycomb process by compressing the size of the vestibule and central wing portion.
  • It’s a device with reliable engineering that ensures safe operation. It greatly reduces wear and heat while achieving stable braking and retraction. The performance is just as outstanding as the design and you can be assured that the massage gun will last for a long time.
  • This Xiaomi Massager is equipped with a lithium battery of 2600 mAh power and is designed to use its energy as efficiently as possible. Basically, if you use this device for 10 minutes a day it can last for 80 days on a single charge.

The Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun is equipped with a WHISPERM noise reduction technology which limits the noise to 45 dB just like a whisper. This results in a quiet environment regardless of the high-power motor. So, You don’t need to be concerned about bothering other people at the GYM.

  • This Xiaomi gun offers three modes of operation that are suitable for different muscles. The three modes are different with respect to intensity and vibrations. And of course, it has 4 types of massage heads made from silicone for specific muscles.

Yunmai Gun Battery

As mentioned earlier the Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun has an in-built 2600 mAh Lithium polymer battery. This battery has a fantastic production time per charge with it able to last for 80 days on a single charge. This is of course, based on you using it for the recommended time of ten minutes per day.

Mi Massage Gun – Key Features

  • The Xiaomi Yunmai can provide a highly efficient 10-minute massage that can easily get rid of fatigue.
  • In order to prevent prolonged massage on the same body part and damage to the muscle and bones, this device is equipped with an Intelligent Shutdown Protection. Basically, it’ll automatically stop after ten minutes of continuous use to ensure safety.
  • This massager has a user-friendly design with a comfortable grip. It also comes with a one-click control and a portable carry case to use it wherever you want.
  • Of course, it also comes with a Whisperm technology which limits noise emission to 45db. With 3200 rpm, it can activate the muscles, stimulate blood, and reduce muscle pain. You also have three-speed settings to choose your preferred level of intensity.
  • With the 2600mAh battery, you can use it ten minutes a day for 80 days on a single charge.
  • Equipped with 4 massage heads that target various body parts. Refer to our Xiaomi Massage Gun Review for all the details.

Xiaomi Massage Gun vs Theragun

Theragun is an American-based sports-care brand that specializes in percussion therapy. Founded in 2008, Theragun has been known in the sports industry as a trusted brand whose devices help break up scar tissue and stimulates the flow of blood.

Currently, Theragun has 4 models of their handheld massagers and these have proven to be effective treatment devices for patients in need.

At a mid-range price of 199, the Theragun Mini is the most portable massage gun on the market.

Let’s look at how the Xiaomi Massage Gun performs in this comparison against the Theragun Mini.

Build and Specifications – Xiaomi Massage Gun vs Theragun

While taking size and design into consideration, the Theragun is much lighter and more compact than the Xiaomi Massage gun. At 65.32.25″ the Theragun Mini does not resemble a typical massage gun but carries a triangular design that makes it portable and can be carried around wherever you may go.

Although the Theragun Mini is small, it’s not ideal for a total body massage as it tends to get uncomfortable to reach certain areas of the body. The Xiaomi massage gun on the other hand is easier to use and would not require you to stretch a lot to reach areas like your back.

Functionality – Xiaomi Massage Gun vs Theragun

Both products have one thing in common, the ability to penetrate deep into the tissue and relieve fatigue by relaxing the muscle.

  • The Xiaomi Massage Gun uses a high-powered 60W brush-less motor which can attain a maximum of 3200 percussions in a single minute making it faster than the Theragun. While Theragun does not pack quite a punch as Xiaomi does, it surely has enough power to match other top models. The maximum percussion the Theragun can attain is 2400 per minute.
  • Unlike the Xiaomi Massage Gun, Theragun Mini does not retail with additional massage heads and comes with only the Standard ball attachment. However, the Theragun Mini is compatible with all their 4th gen accessories which can be bought separately.

Verdict – Xiaomi Massage Gun vs Theragun

Between the Xiaomi Massage Gun and Theragun Mini, it’s quite clear that Xiaomi has yet again decided to FOCUS on delivering a top-notch product at a very affordable price.

The design and functions of the Xiaomi Massage Gun are far superior to the Theragun Mini. With a larger battery, powerful motor, and available with 4 different massage heads, the Xiaomi Massage Gun is clearly worth every penny.

Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Review – Final Thoughts

The Xiaomi Massage Gun is a brilliant solution for a repetitive problem that most face on a daily basis. Not only is the portable nature of the device useful but the functionality alone is more than enough to say “it’s definitely worth it!”.

  • Honestly, This device can help alleviate a tremendous amount of muscle soreness, and pain and even potentially prevent major muscle damage. After using this massager for a few weeks, I have to say I’m completely hooked. It really does help. Although it feels good at that moment, in the long run, I’ve felt my muscles body become light and my muscles more elastic.
  • The automatic shut-off feature is more of an indicator to let you when to stop targeting a specific area. I mean sometimes it just feels so good you keep it in a specific place for a long during which can get harmful. The low noise feature is great as I usually get irritated by repetitive loud noise.
  • Of course, the design of the device is quite ergonomic and can help support you throughout your massage sessions.

All in all The Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun is a wonderful gadget that is worth every penny.

Is the Xiaomi Massage Gun Good?

Yes, the Xiaomi Massage Gun is pretty great. It can help alleviate muscle soreness and pain. And if you use it right and consistently, it can potentially improve your muscle longevity.It’s relatively compact and you can pretty much use it anywhere. With the Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun, you can give yourself a highly efficient 10-minute massage that can easily get rid of fatigue.It also comes with unique features such as Whisper technology which limits noise emission to 45db. Check out our Xiaomi Massage Gun Review for more details.

Is a massager gun worth it?

Yes, massage guns are worth it, especially if you are an athlete. Massage guns can improve the chance of recovery after intense activity or even after an injury. Massage guns improve the recovery of muscles by increasing blood flow to the area. Massage guns can target small and large muscles precisely. And the deep percussive pressure relieves stiffness and improves blood flow increasing recovery and reducing pain and tension in your muscles. Massage guns are a must-have for regular players. Check our Xiaomi massage gun review, it is one of the best you can get.

Is it okay to use a massage gun every day?

Yes, it is okay and safe to use a Massage gun every day. But you should know that the benefits can diminish with regular use. We recommend you use massage guns on alternative days at least for better results. But from our experience, using a foam roller one day, then contrast baths on the second day, and a massage gun on the third day. This cycle works best for me. Check out our Xiaomi massage gun review for more details.



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