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Xiaomi robot vacuum mop essential skv4136gl review

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Complete set

The robot vacuum cleaner came in a box like this:

Included from the manufacturer is:

  • Charging base with cord storage compartment.
  • Wet mopping nozzle with attached microfiber cloth.
  • Power Adapter.
  • Vacuum cleaner and center brush tool.
  • And the instruction manual in several languages, including Russian. But I got the robot from a subscriber who forgot to put the manual in the box. So I can not show.

The delivery set is minimal, no spare consumables, remote control and motion limiter. That’s a minus.

Xiaomi MiJia Robot Vacuum Mop Essential G1: a budget robot vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi MiJia Robot Vacuum Mop Essential G1 (or simply Mijia G1) is a 2020 robot developed by Xiaomi for the budget segment. The manufacturer’s recipe is very simple: take the old model Mijia 1C, remove the visual navigation, add a second brush and finalize the wet cleaning. Because of these changes, the price tag was reduced to 11-12 thousand And for a robot with mapping and 2200Pa motor. it’s a great offer.



In terms of design and construction Mijia G1 is almost exactly the same as the Mijia 1C. The only difference. the front panel of the predecessor had a video camera lens, and the new robot does not have it. The body is made in the form of a “pill” with a diameter of 350 mm and a height of 81.5 mm. At the front of the panel built in a dual button to start auto-cleaning or sending the vacuum cleaner to the base.

Dust canister is inserted under the hinged lid. It’s a 2-in-1 container: a 600 ml bag at the bottom and a 200 ml water tank at the top. Three filters. mesh, cotton and HEPA. are embedded into the dust bag for fine air purification. In order to ensure that during the removal of the container dirt does not spill out into the duct, the suction opening is closed with a curtain.

xiaomi, robot, vacuum, essential, skv4136gl

The front of the body is covered by a soft-touch bumper of classic design: a plastic arc with tinted glass, under which there are IR sensors. There is a silicone strip on the bottom of the bumper to soften the collision with obstacles.

The working tools of Mijia G1 are under the bottom:

  • Three-beam end brushes screwed into seats with self-tapping screws;
  • 70 mm drive wheels with soft rubber tires;
  • Movable frame work unit with squeegee and flow dividers;
  • Turbo brush with petals and nylon bristles;
  • swivel roller and charging terminals;
  • 4 surface sensors;
  • grooves for attaching the mop.


Name Xiaomi Mijia G1
BATTERY 2500 mAh
Operating Time 70-90 min
Rated power 25 W
Suction power 2200 Pa
Cleaning area Up to 100 square meters. м
Modes quiet, standard, medium and turbo
Container capacity 600 ml
Tank 200 ml
Wetting degree control Check out
App Check out
Navigate Gyroscope
Automatically returns to docking station for recharging Yes
Dimensions 353x350x81,5 mm
Where to Buy
Aliexpress 10000
Yandex Market 11500


Dry cleaning robot sweeps debris under the floor with end brushes under the suction nozzle. Rubber pad keeps frame and floor tightly in place to prevent dirt from getting in. A combined turbo brush is responsible for contact surface treatment:

  • The soft bristles pick up hair clinging to the carpet and sweep sand out of the crevices of the flooring;
  • Stiff blades sweep up dirt stuck to the floor, sweep hair and debris into the duct.

Brushless motor Nidec draws debris into the dust canister. The 2200 Pa suction power is powerful enough to thoroughly clean medium-pile carpets, pick up stones and small metal objects.

For the robot to start wet cleaning, you just need to attach a mop with a pre-moistened cloth to the bottom. Water from the built-in tank is supplied through the nozzles in the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. An electric pump is responsible for dosing, so when the machine is idle, the wipes stop wetting.

Automatic cleaning can be activated by simply pushing a button. For more detailed configuration of the vacuum cleaner, you need to synchronize the robot with the Mi Home app on your smartphone. The following control options are available to the user:

  • Automatic cleaning start (“snake”);
  • starting the local cleaning (by spiraling within a radius of 1 meter);
  • adjustment of the power (4 positions) and the intensity of wetting the wipe (3 positions);
  • Making a work schedule for the week ahead;
  • changing the direction of movement with the analog joystick;
  • Reviewing the chart you made;
  • Accessory wear and tear evaluation and lost robot search by audible signal.

Mijia G1 uses a 6-axis gyroscope to determine its position in space, and odometers to determine the distance traveled. This simple system allows you to build a schematic map in the application. The disadvantage is that when the wheels are slipping on the map appear artifacts (the robot thinks it has covered more distance than in reality). Recognition of obstacles is made by the soft touch bumper with built-in tactile and infrared sensors. installed under the bottom surface sensors do not allow the robot to go up the stairs or fall from the balcony.

According to the manufacturer’s assurances battery capacity of 2500 mAh enough to 1.5 hours of work, but in fact this time is slightly less. in the range of 50-70 minutes. After intermediate recharging Mijia G1 resumes work from the control point, so that in total manages to process up to 120 sq. km. м.

Advantages and disadvantages

For its price tag Mijia G1 boasts a wide functionality and impressive features, but if you want you can find certain shortcomings.

  • budget price;
  • high suction power;
  • two side brushes;
  • Turbo brush with a floating frame;
  • wet cleaning with water control;
  • map building;
  • smartphone control.

The Mijia Sweeping Robot G1 is great for dry cleaning apartments up to 70 square meters. м. Preferably the apartment layout should be simple and the flooring should be homogeneous. And the robotic also knows how to wipe off surface dust with a rag. Overall, the Mijia G1 can be considered the unqualified leader in the budget segment. The only competitor, the 360 C50, though it boasts a more powerful motor (2600 Pa), but it does not draw a map and does not do combined cleaning. So anyone who isn’t willing to spend more than 13k on a purchase it is worth paying attention to the Mijia G1.

Advantages and disadvantages

After studying the manufacturer’s specifications and feedback from real users, I identified the following pros and cons.

  • Gyro and odometer based navigation.
  • Building a map of the room with real-time tracking.
  • Sweeps and mops floors at the same time.
  • High suction power 2200 Pa.
  • Turbo brush with removable side nozzles.
  • Recharging and resuming work from the point of interruption.
  • Adjusts power and fluid delivery to the mop.
  • Control via app.
  • Scheduled cleaning for each day of the week and time.

Considering its price tag, this model has practically no drawbacks. Can only note problems with identifying black obstacles, which the robot crashes into at full throttle. Also Mijia G1 does not recognize magnetic tapes, which makes it inconvenient when you limit the workspace: you have to put some mop or just close the door to the room on the way of the robot.

Xiaomi has a rich line of robot vacuum cleaners. If for some reason the G1 doesn’t suit you. And the question continues to roll around in my head. Which robot vacuum cleaner to choose for your home? Read about other helpers in the article comparing the range of Xiaomi.

Cleaning the dust container with two-in-one water compartment

Open the lid of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential G1, then squeeze the clips on both sides of the two-in-one water compartment dust container as shown.Gently remove the two-in-one dust container and water compartment from the robot vacuum cleaner.

Remove the filter system, then remove the filter and sponge filter to clean it.

Free the container from dust. Clean it with the cleaning brush, then level the filter and put it back in place.

Place the two-in-one dust container with water compartment in place so that it locks in place, and close the lid of the robot vacuum cleaner.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop review. The best robot vacuum cleaner for its price


We have passed through our hands so many robot vacuum cleaners that at a certain point they all started to seem the same. The same functions, similar design, features, price. Yes, and the quality of cleaning all about the same, with the exception of the premium segment (yes, and that still remains, a review of the premium robot vacuum cleaner can be read here).

And then the most popular company in the world decided to intervene in the game and show who is the real top for his money. And introduced the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop, which quickly gained popularity. And we decided to check whether such big words are true. To make a long story short. yes. And now, in more detail.

Beautiful design and good equipment

Frankly speaking, the packaging of the vacuum cleaner is reminiscent of the days when Xiaomi delivered its devices in a box of pressed cardboard: colorless and unmemorable. But if before it was beautiful, then the packaging of the vacuum cleaner looks as unattractive as possible. Economy, everything is clear. And it is not a box will be used, but the vacuum cleaner.

The appearance of the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop really evokes a sense of aesthetic pleasure. Yes, it’s glossy plastic, but heck, glossy surfaces always look really nice and stylish, even if they constantly collect dust and fingerprints. The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop is an exception in this regard.

xiaomi, robot, vacuum, essential, skv4136gl

The design of the vacuum cleaner is as strict and minimalistic as possible: on the top end you can find only a neat camera eye, two control buttons and a cover of the compartment with a dust bag. Everything! No embossed patterns, no extra buttons, no side modules. And it actually looks and feels very good. It’s nice to have such a beautiful thing moving around the house. Many people like Apple devices because they have a very noble and stylish appearance.

There are also no complaints about the build quality of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop: no unnecessary cracks, no squeaks or backlashes can be heard, there are only smooth joints and tightened bolts.

On the back of the vacuum cleaner is a compartment for attaching a cleaning element (and for that kind of money)!), mounts for the turbo brushes, quick-change wheels, and. and that’s it! Well, what else would you expect from a vacuum cleaner for 12 thousand?? It’s a great set of modules, even for expensive vacuum cleaners. The more that all this is directly included with the vacuum cleaner, not sold separately. The beauty!

By the way, in addition to the already mentioned turbo brushes and cleaning element, it comes with a docking station, a huge amount of all kinds of paperwork and a small brush to clean the dustpan. Trivial, but pleasant!

Okay, but beauty requires functional sacrifice. Or not?

Now for the essentials: the quality of cleaning and the vacuum cleaner’s capabilities. The vacuum cleaner “tethered” to the voice assistant Alice (and works fine with Google Assistant, too), which means that the vacuum cleaner supports the ability to control by voice. Not only standard commands but also advanced voice commands are supported. Well, if that’s not enough, then the Mi Home app will come to the rescue and give you access to absolutely all the features of the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop. This is a video surveillance (the camera can do that), and vacuum cleaner control in manual mode, and setting the boundaries of cleaning, and setting the daily/weekly auto-cleaning. All in all, a full range of features. It is worth saying that the application is totally unintuitive and a little overwhelming, so you have to sit and learn how to use it. But then everything will be quite easy, especially with regular firmware updates.

But all the imperfections of the app and some instability with the connection can be forgiven, looking at the quality of cleaning. It is at a high level, Mi Robot Vacuum Mop gives a head start to many flagship models for a much higher price. Thanks to its slim body and overall compactness, it can easily vacuum under the table, and the clever design of its bottom brushes makes it easy to tackle an Ikea rug without damaging the bristles. In our memory, the only vacuum cleaner that coped with such a task was the flagship Ecovacs, which is incomparably more expensive.

But, unfortunately, this compactness has a downside. The size of the dust canister is not as big as one of our competitors, and you have to clean it nearly every time you clean the apartment. Yes, it’s not very significant, but still not very nice. Here’s the downside.

From the pluses we can highlight the system of infrared cameras, which are very well cope with the fact that the vacuum cleaner is not constantly crashed into the wall, not stuck between the gaps in the flooring and not chew the wire. Yes, it does not work at the highest level, but still very, very good.

The cleaning element of the vacuum cleaner is good, it cleans up very well the light dirt on the floor, but for stains and sticky surfaces, it is not suitable. Well, of course, as in the case of Elari SmartBot, vacuum cleaner with a cleaning module is not very good to move on the parquet, where there are gaps. But it cleans much better than the same SmartBot, and better than all their competitors in principle.

And for a two-bedroom apartment in a hruschevka it’s enough?

Enough! The vacuum cleaner is very good with autonomy, although the results are not the best. Mi Robot Vacuum Mop is able to work about 49-55 minutes, which is quite enough for a good cleaning two rooms or a quality cleaning one room. Charges the vacuum cleaner for about two hours and has the ability to continue cleaning where it left off.

And here is the logical outcome of our review. Is the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop the best in its segment? Definitely yes! Despite the glossy lid, mobile app and other minor flaws, the vacuum cleaner perfectly copes with its main task. vacuum cleaner. It is very compact and has an excellent for its segment set of features and additional modules. In addition, it will be a great buy for those who assemble their smart home around Alice, and for 12500 it simply has no competitors. Xaiomi. top for its money. If not already in smartphones, then in household appliances for sure.

How to control the robot?

On the body of the novelty only two buttons. on and return to the base. With a long press they start cleaning in different modes. But in reality, the buttons are unlikely to be useful. It’s much more convenient to control the robot from your phone. Only the Mi Home utility, available on Android and iOS, will reveal all the features of the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop.

In Mi Home adjusts the power of the vacuum cleaner: from a really quiet operation (preset “Silent”) to the maximum (“Turbo”). In turbo mode, you can already hear all the 2500 Pa produced by the Japanese brushless motor. But hairier carpets will be cleaner.

A map of the apartment, which the Xiaomi gadget will build after a couple of cleanings, is also available in the app. Here you can put a virtual wall around the area where you don’t want the vacuum cleaner to go. Or by framing, for example, the kitchen. After cooking, you can send the vacuum cleaner to pick up anything that spills on the floor. And go on vacation.

On the first day of the test, the vacuum cleaner was named Zhorik. For trying to chew up a sock left under the bed



Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential has a three-stage filtration system:

  • Nylon Mesh filter traps large particles of debris
  • Cotton filter Cleans medium-sized debris and dust.
  • Mesh filter HEPA traps even microparticles as small as 3 microns.

Thus, the air is cleaned of dust and all allergens, which is so important for people with allergies, as well as pet owners and families with children.

The 200ml electronically controlled water container has water level adjustments to control water flow, prevent leaking and protect wood and tile floors from damage.


The possibility of remote control of the vacuum cleaner. Using the Mi Home app, you can connect to the device and remotely turn on cleaning.

In the app, you can select the time and mode of cleaning, see a map of the room or build your own, as well as set invisible “walls” to prevent the vacuum cleaner to enter the forbidden territory.

Clean up

Vacuum cleaner has four suction modes for different flooring and dirt. Automatically changes suction mode and power when entering carpets.

Gets rid of all kinds of debris, from tiny crumbs to large dust particles and pet hair.

Picks up right where you left off. Returns to the dock to recharge itself.

  • silent mode. Clean fine dust from smooth surfaces
  • standard mode. Cleaning of dirt and small debris
  • high power. Clean small to medium debris from carpets
  • Maximum power. Clean carpets and rough surfaces of coarse debris.
  • Low humidification. for delicate floors;
  • medium humidification. for all types of surfaces that carry moisture;
  • powerful humidification. for cleaning tile floors.

Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Mop Essential (MJSTG1) robot vacuum cleaner review

In this article Robotype will tell you about the most budget-friendly model of 2020 robot cleaner from a well-known manufacturer from China. Xiaomi. This is the most simple and inexpensive robot for cleaning with a function of wet wiping, controlling from a smartphone and small size (only 83 mm at the top of the body). Despite its affordability, the robot vacuum cleaner comes in a quality laminated packaging and immediately on the front of the box we can see the main advantages and characteristics of this model. The main trump card of the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential (MJSTG1), as we see it, is a fairly powerful motor (2200 Pa), the ability of the robot to draw a cleaning map and make an automatic charge with the continuation of cleaning from the point of discharge. Of course, the amount of battery and the lack of a complete navigation system indicates that the automatic vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning small areas, such as 1-2 room apartment, small office or to clean one room. Read more in our review.


The basic package of Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential includes only the most important. Of course this robot vacuum cleaner itself and the charging station with power supply, brush care and plastic attachment (mop) to which the cleaning nozzle from microfiber cloths for wet wiping. The manual and warranty card were not included in the photo, but they are there. The warranty on this robot vacuum cleaner 12 months.

Back of the vacuum cleaner

The housing is made of snow-white plastic and as practice shows, this plastic is quite durable and has no tendency to turn yellow or give off an unpleasant odor. In the rear part there are holes for exhaust air from the motor and place to install “Mop” if you have the desire to use the vacuum cleaner as a wet scrubber.

The front of the vacuum cleaner

In the front of the robot is a control button to start or stop cleaning manually (without the phone) and it also serves as a reset button to connect to your home Wi-Fi network. Next is a half-meshed front bumper, behind which are the main sensors to prevent collision and height difference. They partially control the robot and prevent it from, for example, falling down the stairs. Type of installation of this robot on the charging base. the front on the contact plate (as on the photo).

Charging dock

The base for charging has a modest size, is also made of white plastic and can charge the battery of the robot within 120 minutes. Power supply is placed outdoors. The characteristics of the charging station and power supply see photo.

Wi-Fi indicator light and Reset

Under the top cover are the little-visible Wi-Fi connection indicator and the “RESET” button to completely reset the robot vacuum cleaner to factory settings. When opening the top lid be careful, because it is held on fairly thin legs and it is easy to break it.

Combined water and waste tank

In this robot we decided to use the combined tank, which will serve as a water tank (volume 200 ml).) and a container for collecting waste (volume 500 ml.). In the upper right corner of the tank mounting shaft there is a special valve that takes water from the tank and delivers it directly to the microfiber cloth. HEPA filter Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential made demountable, to reduce the price of its replacement and replace only the paper filter cartridge, rather than the entire body.

The tank consists of two parts which can be emptied or filled with water independently of each other. This decision was made, again, for ease of use.

Lower part of the vacuum cleaner robot

On the bottom there are the basic modules to collect and pick up trash. Two driving wheels, capable of overcoming obstacles up to 2 cm., and the main cleaning unit, which incidentally has a floating design. The robot has two side brushes at once, which of course only improves the quality of cleaning. At the front are contact plates for charging the vacuum cleaner, the front wheel and 4 sensors for height difference (breakage), so the robot does not move away from the stairs. At the place to install the “Mop” we see three small holes, through which is the water supply from the tank with the built-in pump. You can adjust the water flow directly from your phone through the Mi-Home app.

Bottom brush

The bottom sweeper as we wrote earlier has a floating design. The bottom brush itself is universal and adapted to the collection of any debris. The brush has rubber and lint blades and needs to be cleaned periodically with a cleaning tool in the kit photo.

The ROBOTYPE expert summary

In our opinion, the robot is a good solution for cleaning small areas. If you have a large apartment or house, then this model can be used for room-by-room cleaning or cleaning by zones. Despite its small price, it can draw, albeit the simplest, but still a cleaning map. There are small defects in the navigation, but this is expected in the absence of a full-fledged module LDS (Lidar). But not every robot from Xiaomi has 2 side brushes.

Where to Buy?

If you liked this robot vacuum cleaner, then click on the button and you’ll go to the Official store, where you can find out the detailed specifications or buy a Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential G1 (MJSTG1) with the Official Warranty from the manufacturer and a nice bonus. 50% discount for post-warranty service for the next 2 years.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential, 25W, white/black [skv4136gl]

Date Price 07.02.2022









12 790
12 800
13 490
12 800
12 790
14 990
12 800
14 990
12 990

Purchase Delivery

  • By courier service;
  • Express “same day” delivery;
  • Self-delivery from stores and pickup points;
  • By transport companies.

Payment for order

  • Cash in hand in the store or at Citilink-Mini outlets;
  • Cash payment to the courier when delivering your order;
  • By bank cards;
  • By bank transfer for legal entities;
  • By electronic online payment Yandex.Money, WebMoney;
  • Through self-service terminals and cell phone stores.

A review on Xiaomi’s most budget-friendly robot vacuum cleaner in early 2021: the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential, or as it’s also known as the Mijia Sweeping.


Specifications Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential SKV4136GL white Factory data Warranty 12 months. Country of Origin.



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