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Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro Black 6934177757402. Redmi Smart Band pro black

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro Black 6934177757402

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Basic features





2 years
118 g


Case colour


Daily alarm. Breathing exercises. Fitness tracker. Calorimeter. Pedometer. Period calendar. Blood oxygenation measurement. Heart rate monitor. Stress measurement. Sleep monitor. Notifications. Weather forecast. Smartwatch. Sports modes. Stopwatch. Idle warning Detailed description

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Detailed description

Mostly of rubber, resins or silicone. This type of material has high flexibility, is hypoallergenic, water resistant, and does not absorb sweat.

Mostly of rubber, resins or silicone. This type of material has high flexibility, is hypoallergenic, water resistant, and does not absorb sweat.

The alarm is repeated every day at the specified time.

Relieve stress and reduce stress levels. Start breathing exercises, follow the instructions on the watch screen and return to peace.

The watch calculates calories consumption during exercise.

Sensor sports feature using a built-in triaxial accelerometer. The step counter can be started manually, or it starts automatically when recording a walk or run. The display shows the total number of steps and the number of steps per hour, with a target setting of 1,000 to 50,000 steps available, accompanied by a sound alert. The watch face also indicates your walks progress with a lack of activity alert.

With the built-in optical sensor, heart activity is monitored up to a maximum of 220 beats per minute. It’s possible to record and display the current heart rate, which is the basis for setting the target rate, evaluating the minimum and maximum rate, a graphical indication of the current rate zone and a graph of the course of heart rate.

When activated, it monitors and records selected body functions while sleeping. Based on the stored motion and heart rate sensor data, it‘s possible to analyse the course and quality of sleep in the application, as well as detecting the approximate cause of morning fatigue.

Smart watches are able to alert you with a sound for an incoming message or event. Notifications can be set for social networks, SMS, email, applications, calendar and alarm clock.

Based on changes of atmospheric pressure, the watch can predict the weather for next few hours.

The watch can be paired via Bluetooth with devices running on Android and iOS.

Stopwatch enables to measure time intervals.

Based on data received from the motion sensors, the watch indicates the need to perform the activity to achieve the planned energy output.

Watches marked with water tightness 50M/5ATM are designed for incidental contact with water (car wash, rain), but also for surface swimming without diving. 50M/5ATM indicates the degree of water resistance standardized by ISO 2281. ISO tests include temperature changes, depth, pressure (water and air) for different times under rest and during manipulation with the operative part of the watch.

Glasses that are highly resistant to scratches from the American company Corning, and they also achieve excellent results in relation to crack resistance. Their properties are continuously improved. At present, the top model is Gorilla Glass Victus, which can handle a fall from a height of 2 metres without damage.

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Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro is a budget fitness tracker alongside a 1.4-inch AMOLED touch screen, 5-ATM water-resistance rating, a 24×7 heart-rate monitor, up to 14-days of battery life, etc. Down below are the full details of the Redmi Smart Band Pro with the updated price in India. Read more about the Band and see if t matches your preferences.

Redmi Smart Band Pro Design and Display

The Smart Band has a flat rectangular dial with a polycarbonate finish. It measures 42.05mm x24.45mm and has a thickness of 10.15mm. Besides, the straps are adjustable and you can get it in the Black color option. The fitness tracker tips the bar at only 15-grams which makes it comfortable to wear.

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro brings a 1.4-inch touch screen. As for better viewing, the display has a resolution of 194x368px and 282 PPI. On top of that, it has 450-nits of peak brightness for better outdoor usage. Also, you get more than 66% of the screen-to-body ratio.

Redmi Smart Band Pro Features and Sensors

The fitness tracker includes user-friendly features like a music controller, Smart notifications, incoming call alerts, Find my phone to locate/ring your device, weather forecast, alarm, idle alert, etc. Also, the Band has 5-ATM water-resistant rating which protects it from sweat and spills.

Redmi Smart Band Pro is a budget fitness tracker with a 24×7 heart-rate monitor and a SpO2 tracker. Also, the Band offers a sleep monitor, Stress level monitoring, Deep breath exercise, Female health, etc. Besides, you get 110 fitness modes and an activity tracker to keep an eye on your workout details, calorie burn, steps, etc.

Redmi Smart Band Pro Battery and Connectivity

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro comes with a 200mAh Li-Po battery under the hood. The fitness tracker delivers 14-days of battery life on normal usage and 20-days on power-saving mode, Redmi claims. As for charging, you get a magnetic charging dock out of the box.

As for the connectivity, the Smart Band has Bluetooth 5 with up to 10-meters of wireless range. And, it is compatible with devices running on Android 6.0 and above, and iOS 10.0, and later.

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro Full Specifications

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Design and BodyDisplayFeatures
1.47 in
194 x 368 pixels
282 ppi
2.5D curved Touch Display, up to 450 nits brightness, Always on Display
50 m
Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Calorie Count, Step Count, Sleep Monitor
Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Timer, Reminder
Android 6.0 and later or iOS 10.0 and later
Android and iOS
Yes, 5.0
Heart rate monitoring sensor, Ambient light sensor, 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer
110 Sports Modes, Music Control. Find My Phone, Unlock My Phone, Life Q Health Algorithm
14 days
20 days
1 year, Manufacturer Warranty

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro review: The Mi Band grows up

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

While not quite worthy of insta-buy status like the regular Mi Band 7, the snazzier Smart Band 7 Pro still earns its slightly higher asking price with value additions like built-in GPS and a larger, smartwatch-style display.

What we like

Elegant, smartwatch-style design

Larger, equally high-quality display

Robust workout and health tracking

Reasonably accurate built-in GPS

What we don’t like

Inconsistent sleep tracking

Limited “Pro” Smart features

Mi Fitness app needs work

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro

While not quite worthy of insta-buy status like the regular Mi Band 7, the snazzier Smart Band 7 Pro still earns its slightly higher asking price with value additions like built-in GPS and a larger, smartwatch-style display.

Xiaomi’s beloved line of Mi Band fitness trackers is synonymous with affordable pricing. What really makes them special, though, isn’t the low barrier of entry, it’s the value you get in return. The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 nudged the series’ price up by around ~10, but tweaks to the formula like a brighter, larger, always-on display and improved health tracking metrics ensured it was still a steal. But for the first time, it wasn’t the only option from the Beijing juggernaut. Xiaomi had a model with further upgrades and a smartwatch-styled look waiting in the wings.

Does the bigger, better, and bolder Mi Band 7 Pro — a.k.a. the Smart Band 7 Pro on the global stage — stretch that value proposition too far? Find out in Android Authority’s Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro review.

About this Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro review: I tested the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro over a period of 10 days. The unit was provided by Xiaomi for this review.

What you need to know about the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

The vanilla Smart Band 7/Mi Band 7 launched in Europe in late June 2022, but mere days later Xiaomi unveiled its second fitness tracker of the year — the then China-exclusive Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro. It took another four months for the newly-monikered Smart Band 7 Pro to make its way to the West.

As the first in the series to carry the Pro affix, the Smart Band 7 Pro expectedly brings a little more to the table than Xiaomi’s basic tracker as it looks to blur the lines between fitness Band and budget smartwatch. Gone is the pill-shape design and wrap-around silicon Band, replaced by a rectangular face with a 1.64-inch 2.5D display, a shiny metal-coated frame, and quick-release bands. The bands are also joined with a traditional jewelry clasp as opposed to the Band 7’s pin-in-hole buckle.

The Smart Band 7 Pro sees Xiaomi looking to blur the lines between fitness Band and budget smartwatch.

While some of the changes to the wearable’s feature set are more subtle than you might expect for a “Pro” model, the Smart Band 7 Pro does bring some notable additions such as built-in GPS support and an ambient light sensor. It also houses a larger battery (235mAh, up from 180mAh on the Band 7) in an attempt to offset the larger display.

Xiaomi’s health and fitness suite is carried over almost wholesale from the Band 7, including continuous blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring, 24-hour heart rate monitoring and alerts, sleep, stress, and basic menstrual cycle tracking. This is complemented by a ridiculously expansive 110 different activities to track. On-board apps will also be familiar, though the global model does support Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant out of the box when enabled via the Mi Fitness companion app, though there are reports that this won’t work in the US.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro comes in either Light Gold (pictured) or Graphite Gray, either of which can be combined with a variety of strap colors. Faux-leather straps in Pine Green or Moon Gray are also seemingly available, though I couldn’t find these on sale anywhere.

As with other Xiaomi fitness trackers, you can’t officially buy the Smart Band 7 Pro in North America, however, you can grab one via Amazon sellers or through import sites without much trouble.

What’s good?

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

The Mi Band series has always managed to wear more hats than you’d expect for such a cheap range of fitness trackers, but its actual wardrobe has always been a bit lacking. After seven generations of boring black pills, the Smart Band 7 Pro throws off its fitness Band shackles and looks like a bonafide smartwatch; one that’s just as suited to a brisk morning jog as it is for casual or Smart wear at any time of the day.

While the polycarbonate rear does threaten to undermine its premium feel, the pronounced, curved case and metal-coated chassis are enough of a visual distraction for anything less than a really close inspection. The latter will definitely scratch easier than a true metal frame, but based on my experience it’ll take a few bumps and bruises before showing any obvious wear. The tempered glass also held up despite a few light knocks, and the anti-fingerprint coating kept any sweaty smudges to a minimum.

Despite its increased size and weight, the Smart Band 7 Pro doesn’t feel any heavier on the wrist. As a long-time Mi Band 6 user (and Mi Band 3 before it), I can safely say that the additional bulk doesn’t register at all. While it might have been nice to see the addition of a crown or button — especially now that there’s ample room — for an extra input option and to complement the more sophisticated aesthetic, Xiaomi’s swipes and gestures do the job just fine at this price tier.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

The stretched display offers a pleasant increase in screen real estate without necessitating a much larger form factor. The quality is still great too; the 2.5D glass falls elegantly into the frame, disguising bezels that, while not exactly thin, are easily ignored. Credit to Xiaomi for also increasing the screen resolution to match the pixels per inch total of the regular Band 7. As a result, it’s just as crisp and bright (with a peak 500 nits), while benefitting from the Pro-exclusive ambient light sensor that will dynamically adjust the brightness to match your surroundings.

Xiaomi claims that the Band 7 Pro is 50% larger than the vanilla Band 7. Big numbers are one thing, but there’s an immediate practical advantage in that the extra space allows for two vertical rows of apps instead of one. The app title text is gone, so you will need to remember what all the icons mean in the drawer. However, that’s a small price to pay for not needing to scroll as fervidly to get to the correct workout type when you’re warmed up and ready to go. The rest of the UI has also been tweaked for the larger scale, and though the result looks even more like a watchOS wannabe now, I can think of worse decisions than mimicking the most popular smartwatch platform. The watch faces are also far more fun, with some nicely scaled repeats and some that are exclusive to the larger Band 7 device.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

There’s plenty to like on the health and fitness front — hardly a surprise when it lifts the Band 7’s winning formula almost wholesale. Resting and active heart rate tracking proved accurate enough when tested against control devices. As well as heart rate alerts, the Band 7 Pro’s SpO2 tracking can also warn you if your blood oxygen drops below 90%. It’s certainly not a medical-grade device, but having continuous SpO2 monitoring in the first place isn’t a given at this price tier. There are tons of different activity modes too. Perhaps too many, frankly, but I’m sure someone out there is specifically looking to dig deep into their checks notes snowmobile workout statistics. It’s also handy to have automatic workout detection for common activities — namely running, walking, treadmill, rowing, and elliptical training.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

The biggest upgrade to the fitness suite for the Smart Band 7 Pro is built-in GPS. No longer do Mi Band users need to lug around their phones to get a full picture of their route and related distance stats. It performs well, too. It takes a few seconds to get a location lock, but after that, I didn’t encounter any issues with connection dropouts outdoors throughout my testing. As for accuracy, the graph above shows a comparison walking route with my Galaxy Watch 4. While neither device is fully on point — both veer into people’s houses on occasion — the Band 7 Pro stuck far more closely to the actual path I took. Notably, it also picked up on my location far quicker than Samsung’s premium wearable, as you can see from the delayed blue start line.

Battery life is best looked at as a glass-half-full situation. It’s certainly worse than the Band 7, which managed around a week in our testing with advanced tracking features turned on. By comparison, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro managed around three days with the always-on display (AOD) active, continuous heart rate, sleep, and SpO2 monitoring turned on, and tracking a daily workout using the built-in GPS. The latter is the biggest drain, with a loss of around 10% battery after an hour-long walk.

Xiaomi claims that the Smart Band 7 pro can go upwards of 12 days at a push. That might be true if you turn off all of the tracking and the AOD, but I’m not sure that’s necessary. Switching off the AOD alone and falling back on the reliable raise-to-wake gesture immediately boosted endurance by a couple of days, and even two or three days on a single charge is far from the worst we’ve seen from smartwatch-type trackers.

What’s not so good?

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

For a wearable that has “Smart” and “Pro” in the name (at least in the West), the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro is kind of, well… dumb… and basic. It might look fancier than the regular Xiaomi Mi Band 7, but when stripped to its essentials, the functionality is identical, and with no app store present, there’s no way of adding new apps at all. This creeping sense of familiarity sadly extends to the underbaked sleep tracking, which is incredibly finicky about when it actually kicks in. It also offers very little in the way of advice or feedback about your sleep patterns.

Furthering the non-Pro feel is the inability to make mobile payments due to the lack of NFC outside of China. There’s still no speaker, either, so no calls, verbal workout coaching, or message alerts beyond vibrations. And those vibrations are fearsome, and not in a good way. If the Smart Band 7 Pro is resting on a table and it gets a ping it sounds like a pneumatic drill has gone off; it’s one of the few areas where the Smart Band 7 Pro feels cheap.

The Smart Band 7 Pro is technically compatible with two different apps, but neither offer the full package you’d hope for.

However, the real headaches come when you boot up the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro’s companion app. The device pushes you towards the Mi Fitness app (formerly Xiaomi Wear) via a QR code on startup, and that’s for a good reason because unlike older Mi Bands, the Smart Band 7 Pro is, at the time of this writing, seemingly not compatible with Zepp Life, f.k.a. Mi Fit — the original Mi Band phone app. This is a bit confusing when you consider that the regular Mi Band 7 can sync up with Zepp Life just fine, but it becomes even more so when you realize that there isn’t feature parity between the two. For example, Mi Fitness is locked to the metric system and cannot sync with Google Fit — two things that all other Mi Bands can do via Zepp Life, should you wish.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

It should be said that the Mi Fitness app offers a more pleasant visual experience due to the Apple-like UI and houses all of the watch face customization options. However, I’ve always found the ever-faithful Zepp Life to be much clearer and less fussy with its presentation of fitness data and workouts. While you could never use both at the same time anyway, the missing features in Mi Fitness stick out even more when you don’t have any other option.

Finally, while performance around the UI is generally slick when swiping between apps and workout modes, the notifications tray is a whole other story. Sometimes it just froze momentarily in my testing, but almost all of the time it lagged and stuttered when attempting to scroll between messages.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro specs

1.64-inch AMOLEDAlways-on display mode2.5D tempered glass456 x 280 resolutionUp to 500 nits150 watch faces

PPG heart rate sensorAccelerometerGyroscopeSpO2Ambient light sensorBuilt-in GPS (BeiDou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS)

110 fitness modesContinuous SpO2 tracking with low blood oxygen alertsSleep trackingBreathing exercisesStress monitoringFemale health trackingPAI (Personal Activity Intelligence)VO2 Max calculationsAerobic/anaerobic training alertsRecovery timeTraining loadIdle alertsCamera remote shutter

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro review

The line between smartwatchеs and smartbands is as thin as ever in 2022. It usually boils down to the ability to run third-party apps, make and take calls and have mobile data. Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro is a smartband that’s disguised as a smartwatch and it aims to further blur the gap between the Band and watch form factors.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

It retails for €100/£120 which is more than double the current price of the regular Xiaomi Band 7. You get a wider screen, built-in dual-Band GPS, a battery rated at 12 days of mixed usage and a few other extras. Is the price justifiable and are the extra features worth the premium or should you just go ahead and get a non-Pro Smart Band 7? Let’s examine.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro specifications

  • Display: 1.64″ color AMOLED, 280 x 456 pixel color screen, 326ppi pixel density, 500 nits peak brightness, 2.5D curved glass
  • Straps: Detachable silicon straps, 22mm width, 130-205mm adjustable length
  • Features: 5ATM rating, Real-time heart rate monitor, 24/7 Blood Oxygen level monitor, Sleep tracking, Stress monitoring, Sports tracking, VO2 Max, Step Counter, Meditation, Smart Notifications, Idle Alert, Drink Reminder, Phone Finder, Weather Forecast, Music and Camera Control, Amazon Alexa voice assitant
  • Sports Modes: Outdoor Run, Indoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Indoor Walk, Outdoor Cycle, Indoor Cycle, Strength Training, Football, Yoga and Cricket (100 more in Mi Fitness app)
  • Sensors: PPG optical heart rate sensor, SpO2 sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, Rotor Vibration Motor
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth LE 5.2, dual-Band GNSS, Compatible with Android 6 and iOS 12
  • Battery: 235 mAh
  • Colors: Black, Ivory
  • Dimensions: 44.7 x 28.8 x 11 mm
  • Weight: 20.5 grams


Our review unit comes in the Ivory color which brings an off-white shade. It looks nice when brand new but picks up plenty of grime after a few days of use, especially on the underside of the casing. The casing is made entirely from plastic, while the top half boasts a shiny metal lip around the display which adds style. One welcome addition on the Pro model is the wider watchband which also features a buckle mechanism for a more secure fit whereas the regular Band 7 has a hook clasp which is harder to secure and gets loose over time.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

Band 7 Pro weighs 20.5 grams, that’s exactly 7 grams more than the Smart Band 7 but it’s still super lightweight and we found it comfortable for all-day wear. You forget it’s on your wrist after a few minutes though the larger body tends to stick out more when wearing long sleeve shirts compared to the Smart Band 7. While the casing on the Band 7 Pro is larger Xiaomi decided not to add any physical buttons which we feel is a missed opportunity.

There’s a larger 1.64-inch AMOLED display on Band 7 Pro with a 280 x 456-pixel resolution, 500 nits peak brightness and 2.5D curved glass. The 326ppi display is plenty sharp and has 40% more horizontal screen real estate compared to Band 7. The wider screen is especially useful on watch faces as you can have complications for just about every notable device and health metric and you also get easier-to-read notifications.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

Band 7 Pro also brings auto-brightness control which is something you don’t find on Band 7. The Always On Display (AOD) mode shows the time and date even when the screen is turned off at the expense of battery endurance.

Band 7 Pro is 5ATM waterproof meaning pool swim sessions are a go. The watch strap is made from silicone and features a proprietary buckle mechanism. Xiaomi is also offering more premium vegan leather options too. There’s no official IP rating for water or dust. The retail box holds the Band 7 Pro and a proprietary two-pin magnetic charger that ends in a USB-A cable.


Xiaomi packed all the health and fitness tracking features from the Band 7 onto the Band 7 Pro including 24/7 heart rate monitoring as well as continuous SpO2 tracking, sleep and stress monitoring. The new bit on Band 7 Pro is the added dual-Band GNSS sensor with support for GPS, QZSS, BeiDou, Galileo and GLONASS positioning which lets you track runs without needing your paired phone.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

You get access to sports tracking for over 110 activities including on-device guided running courses that combine walking and jogging in intervals with instructions on the Band. Sadly, there are no recovery time recommendations or guided workouts for non-running sports. The Mi Fitness app can store up to a month’s worth of health nd workout data which you can export to share with friends or keep track of your progress.

Xiaomi’s Mi Fitness is your go-to stop for pairing and managing settings, watch faces and everything else on your paired Android or iOS smartphone. The app has a neat layout spread across four dashboards. health, workout, device and profile which lets you toggle settings and other features on the Band.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

There’s no NFC on our international unit while Chinese units support the contactless system for payments and transit cards. You can’t take calls here either which is another notable omission and something that competitors offer at this price point. There is a built-in microphone that you can only use to talk to Amazon Alexa though you have to set up the app on your phone and link with Band 7 Pro prior. Once you’re all set up you can ask Alexa to set your alarms, control home appliances and show you the weather forecast.

Xiaomi has an extensive list of watch faces on its Mi Fitness app and you can store up to 7 watch faces at a time on the Band 7 Pro but the 5 pre-installed ones are not replaceable so you really only have two additional watch faces at a time which is rather limiting.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

The vibration motor here is strong in its default state and can be programmed for an even stronger buzz setting from the menus. The miscellaneous features include an alarm, timer, weather widget, music controls and Amazon Alexa as well as a camera shutter for your paired phone.


Navigating the interface on Band 7 Pro is done solely via taps and swipes though I initially found myself looking for a physical button since most smartwatches that I’ve tested in the past with this form factor usually have at least one button for controls. There’s a quick settings toggle left of the lockscreen, notifications above it and up to eleven widgets to the right side. Swiping up reveals the full app list which can be organized in icon mode with two rows of app icons next to each other or list mode which has larger icons.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

Swiping through notifications does lag at times, especially if you have more messages. Band 7 Pro stores up to ten notifications before you need to clear the queue. Notification management on the Band was inconsistent for the most part. If my phone was unlocked and close to the Band I would immediately get alerted but when my phone was locked it would take a few minutes to get the notification on the Band.

I would need to open the Mi Fitness app on my phone and manually re-sync the Band on several occasions. You can’t reply to notifications from the Band directly and you also don’t get emoji previews which are both functions offered on other similarly priced bands and watches.

GPS connection on Band 7 Pro is solid and like other smartbands and watches it takes a quick 5-10 second period for the receiver to find your location outdoors. Once your location is locked, you get reliable coverage which works well even in parks with plenty of trees around. It’s neat to have built-in GPS on your wrist though the tracks recorded by the Band 7 Pro are still not as precise as that on any recent smartphone or more upscale smartwatches. Band 7 Pro routinely showed my location on the opposite side of the street from where I was walking/running.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

Running, cycling and swim tracking get bonus metrics like active calories burned, cadence, stride length and average heart rate. Swim tracking gets average SWOLF and average strokes for a pool lap.

Heart rate and SpO2 measurements are on par with other fitness trackers from the last year meaning they show an accurate representation for health tracking but are by no means medical grade. The Band takes just a few seconds to gather these types of data which is better than some competitors who require you to wait up to a minute or would require multiple readings.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

Sleep tracking showed accurate go-to-sleep and wake-up times and also presents average beats per minute (BPM), average SpO2 readings and Rapid eye movement (REM) for each sleep session. You can read your metrics directly on the watch which is a nice bonus.

One weird thing to note is the slow firmware update process. As soon as I set up my Band 7 Pro with the Mi Health app I got an update. Xiaomi did say the update might take a while but in my case, it took over an hour to download and install the firmware which is something I’ve never had on any other wearable to date.

Battery Life

Xiaomi claims the 235 mAh battery on Band 7 Pro can last for up to 12 days of typical usage on a single charge. I managed 7 days of usage during my testing period of two weeks which included all features except always-on display enabled with at least three one-hour workouts per week. GPS and health tracking alone burn between 10-12% per hour of usage.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

Lighter use should reach the claimed 12-day values though you would be sacrificing most of the features offered by the Band 7 Pro. Still, the regular Band 7 and its predecessors routinely offer over a week of usage between charges so if you want to charge less then you should stick to one of those models. A full charge on the Band 7 Pro with the included proprietary 2-pin charger takes just under 60 minutes.


Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro is a great fitness tracker with a large display and all the features you’d find on the smaller Smart Band 7 alongside some noted improvements like a built-in GNSS receiver. You get 24/7 heart rate monitoring, continuous SpO2 tracking, stress and sleep monitoring as well as sports tracking for over 110 activities. Heath tracking is fast and offers reliable data as long as you don’t use it for medical analysis while fitness tracking is on par with other wearables we’ve seen over the past year.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

The wider and slightly sharper AMOLED display here is excellent and is easier on the eyes when reading notifications and navigating around the OS compared to previous entries in Xiaomi’s Smart Band lineup.

Band 7 Pro looks and feels good on your wrist. You could easily mistake it for a more premium smartwatch and the lightweight build materials and nice watch strap make it easy to wear for days. A physical button or crown element would have been a great addition for navigating the UI when you don’t feel like tapping the screen. The onboard dual-Band GNSS tracking is a nice feature to have built-in and it gets the job done albeit less accurately than the receiver on most smartphones.

xiaomi, redmi, smart, band, black

However, we feel that Band 7 Pro is priced too high in its current state and most users will be better off with the regular Xiaomi Band 7 or a smartwatch in the €100 range. We can safely expect pricing to go down in the coming months which would make the Band 7 Pro an easy recommendation.


  • Great AMOLED screen with AOD and auto brightness
  • Dual-Band GNSS
  • Lightweight design
  • Decent battery endurance


  • No Bluetooth calling
  • Sync issues
  • Slight UI stutters in some areas like the notifications
  • Few reasons to get over Xiaomi Smart Band 7



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