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Wool mode in a Samsung washing machine

How to properly use the program

Fast washing mode in a washing machine is popular. But for the most effective result, you should remember a few simple rules to prolong the life of your favorite things:

  • Soak the laundry for half an hour by hand before putting it in the machine for a quick wash.
  • Get rid of tough stains and dirt with special detergents or improvised methods. For example, rub a little laundry soap on the tracks.
  • Squeeze the garment and then place it in the washing machine drum.
  • Then start the program.

Check s and remove keys, coins, and other items to keep your clothes looking their best. Do zippers, buttons, and buckles. What can be washed on a fast wash? It is recommended to wash dense and undemanding fabrics: linen, cotton, synthetics. Delicate materials are best washed with special gentle modes.

Useful: Faded items in the wash. what to do?

Final recommendations for using Samsung washing machines

Samsung is characterized by a wide range of washing machines. They are all characterized by ease of operation, versatility and a wide range of prices. Besides the basic modes: cotton, synthetics, express washing, children’s items, there are additional modes, which gently clean delicate fabrics and effectively fight impurities, based on the cause of their occurrence.

With the help of the codes that appear on the display, you can quickly learn about the existing problems during the operation of the device. It is enough to look at the instructions of the washing machine Samsung.

The most frequent causes of failure of Samsung washing machines are failure to follow the rules of their operation, improper connection of the mechanism or frequent failures in the electrical network. So try to follow all the tips prescribed in the instructions, check the correctness of the attachment of all parts of the mechanism to the electrical and water systems of the room. If the house has problems with power surges, install a separate circuit breaker to protect the mechanism from possible negative consequences.

How to turn on the sound

Most of Samsung washing machines have an option of sound notification about the end of the working process. In some cases, a loud tune may disturb the peace of the family. The option can be deactivated by pressing the mute button, if this is provided for this model.

If there is no such button, solve the problem as follows:

  • Locate the “Mute” and “Option” buttons on the panel.
  • Press them simultaneously.
  • Press and hold until the display shows an icon with a crossed out speaker.
  • Then release the buttons.

If necessary, use the same procedure to reactivate the buzzer. Information on the washing machine’s functionality and the ability to turn the various options off and on can be found in the user manual.

If the option cannot be deactivated by pressing the buttons, contact the after-sales service. A qualified technician will remove the dashboard and tape the speaker, this will reduce the volume of the sounds of the device.

How to use a Samsung washing machine correctly

Market of home appliances offers a huge range of washing machines. Buyers often choose these appliances based on a specific list of modes. Not only the modes are important, but also the ease of selection, the clarity of the icons, the ease of starting the program.

Usually we remember what the basic modes mean, but when we have to select a new washing cycle, not used before, it is not clear what these functions mean and how to use them.

In this article, we will look at the basic washing modes of the Samsung machine, as well as descriptions and designations of the icons on the display panel.

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The symbols on the graphical display

Operation phases display

Let’s start with the icons that inform about the stage of the washing cycle. They are located in the upper half of the screen. There are only four of them:

  • Basin with a Roman numeral I inside. this symbol means that there is a pre-wash mode. Lights up if the user has turned this option on himself by pressing the right button.
  • Basin with number II. at this moment the main wash is in progress. The icon lights up immediately after the programme starts or when the manual prewash is complete. The icon will light up regardless of the selected washing intensity mode.
  • The half-full basin indicates that the rinse is in progress. The machine automatically begins rinsing the laundry after the main wash.This is when the conditioner is added to the water, if it has been poured into the tray in advance.
  • Spiral. spin in progress, last wash step. Is activated by default at the end of the rinse, unless the “No spin” function is set manually.

Display of options and general settings

There are also options that complement the standard washing mode and are manually triggered. What symbols are used to identify them:

  • A T-shirt with two bubbles. this indicates the “EcoBubble” function. A built-in generator mixes laundry detergent, water, and air to produce an abundant lather so that it ends up in the drum of the machine before it’s filled with water. This way detergents dissolve better and stains are removed faster, even with low water heat.
  • The drawn iron is “Easy ironing”. Clothes will wrinkle less when wrung out.
  • The can with a Roman numeral I inside, as mentioned above, symbolizes prewash. There is a separate detergent tray for it. The function is activated manually before selecting the main mode.
  • T-shirt with a stain intensive wash. Used for items that have old and stubborn dirt on them. The essence is to increase the time of each step.
  • Soaking basin with clean water. Used to increase the effectiveness of stain removal. Produced before the start of the wash, accordingly, the entire process takes longer.

Then there are additional indications of a service nature:

  • Latch next to the child’s face suggests locking the panel from children’s hands. The buttons just won’t respond to presses. Press two buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds on “rinse” and “temperature” to activate or deactivate the safety function.
  • Clock. delayed start from 3 to 9 hours. Cycle start time can be set as desired.
  • Flash drum indicates self-cleaning option. If the interior surface is heavily soiled, the Eco-clean sign will light up on the screen and a similar indicator on the panel.
  • A crossed out loudspeaker means it goes into silent mode. To turn it on or off, hold down the “Rinse” and “Spin” buttons for 3 seconds.
  • Key lock indicator on the door. If it lights up, the lock is operational and the door is closed.

Symbols in the middle of the digital screen tell you how long to wait for the end of the wash, what the water temperature is, how many times the rinse will be performed and how often the drum rotates when spinning:

  • washing time is shown in the center of the screen, the value decreases little by little. Error code appears in this field if something has gone wrong.
  • Above the basin, where the star above the water shows the degree of water heating. The heating level is set by pressing the “Temp” button. A glowing bottom icon indicates that the wash is done without heating water.
  • After activating the “No spin” mode, the crossed out spiral sign starts to light up.

The digital screen is small, but very informative. At a glance you can understand what’s going on inside.

Compartments in the washing machine Samsung where to pour the powder and the conditioner

To ensure the correct operation of the washing machine from the manufacturer Samsung detergents should be poured into the compartments provided for each type (powder, gel, etc.).).

If you follow the simple rules, you can greatly increase the life of the device, as well as greatly improve the quality of washing. All modern models have a powder hopper divided into three separate compartments.

Each of them is required to perform their functions. This will be discussed in the article.

Washing modes: how they really differ?

Having bought a new washing machine, equipped with 12-14 washing modes, we actually use only 4-5. This is because some of the modes duplicate each other, and sometimes it is not obvious from the name, what can serve a particular type of washing. And the manual in this situation is not always helpful.

So, you have a beautiful modern washing machine, you are happy with it, of course, it is happy for you, too. But once you start using it, you may be surprised to find that out of 12 washing modes you only really use 5: Daily, Mixed, Delicate, Wool and Quick. All other options are left out. This is partly understandable, because we do not wash every day, for example, outerwear or comforters, and partly due to the fact that the names of modes are absolutely unclear. Let’s try to understand what’s what and why.

Of course, different manufacturers call their modes differently, but all types of laundry can be divided into three groups:

  • programmes, the specifications of which vary depending on the type of laundry;
  • programs aimed at saving (water or electricity. it does not matter);
  • Health-conscious programs (e.g., washing for allergic people, for children, hot water washing, etc.).).

Laundry washing, First wash of laundry, General instructions

With a new Samsung washing machine, the hardest part of washing laundry is deciding which laundry to wash first.

Before the first wash, run a full wash cycle without any laundry.

Press the On/Off button. Add a small amount of detergent to the wash cycles

Turn on the water supply to the washing machine.4. Press Start/Pause button.

This will remove any water that may have remained in the machine after the factory test.

Compartment : prewash detergent or starch.

Compartment : basic wash detergent, fabric softener, fabric softener, fabric softener, fabric softener, fabric softener, fabric softener, fabric softener, fabric softener, fabric softener, fabric softener

Pre-soak, bleach and stain remover.

Compartment : additives such as fabric softener or auxiliary agents

[Fill no higher than the bottom edge of the partition “A” (MAX.)].

Load the laundry into the washing machine.

Do not overload the washing machine. To determine the loading volume for each type of laundry, see. See table on p. 27.

Make sure the laundry is not pinched by the door, as this could

After a wash cycle, laundry detergent may remain in the rubber

the seals on the front of the washing machine. Remove any remaining detergent as it may cause water leakage.

Do not wash water-repellent.

Close the door until it clicks.3. Switch on the washing machine.4. Add detergent and additives to the detergent compartment.5. Select the required cycle and parameters for the loaded laundry.

The wash light will come on and the display will indicate the estimated duration of the wash cycle.

Check the labels on your clothes or refer to the explanation of the symbols on the clothes labels^ Useful tips and tricks for washing, Loading and washing your clothes

Useful tips and tricks for your wash

Sort the laundry by the following parameters :

Sort laundry into cotton items,

Samsung WF70F5E5P4W\EN. Wool 30

Wash mixed fabrics, synthetics, silk, wool and viscose.

Separate whites from coloreds. Wash new clothes out of coloreds

Laundry will wash better if different items are loaded together

Wash fine fabric items separately, using

The fine fabric wash program for washing new wool, tulle and silk items. Check the labels on your clothes or refer to the section called “Description of symbols on clothes labels

Coins, pins, or similar items^! can cause damage

Do not use fabric, the washer drum, or the water tank.

Do not put any zippers, buttons, or hooks on the

clothing; the loose ends of the braid and straps must be tied together.

Prewash your cotton items:

Cotton, synthetic and fine fabrics do not need to be prewashed.

Your new washing machine combined with modern detergents

Can achieve brilliant washing results while saving energy, time, water, and detergent. If, however, your cotton items are too dirty, use prewash combined with protein-based detergent.

Determine the allowable load of laundry:

machine too much laundry, otherwise the laundry may not wash well. Use

wool, mode, samsung, washing, machine

the following table for determining the allowable load of laundry for the type of fabric you intend to wash.

10 Samsung Washing Machine User Manual



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