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Wick burns, but the boiler does not ignite

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External causes of burner failure

Causes of boiler burner fading can be caused by external factors and malfunctions in the unit itself. These factors are as follows:

  • deterioration of the natural draught of the chimney or its overturning;
  • Reduced gas pressure in the main line;
  • Malfunctions of the gas meter, leading to a decrease in the capacity;
  • clogging of the gas filter;
  • Power failure;
  • Lack of supply air;
  • A draft in the house, creating a momentary oversupply of supply air;
  • A heating system malfunction.

Very rarely, strong gusts of wind can overturn the draft in the vertical external chimneys or exhaust shafts, built into the wall thickness, which can cause the gas boiler to go out.

In the chimney, the diameter and height of which is calculated correctly, and the upper section is made in the form of nozzles, draft overturning from wind gusts is practically excluded.

The same applies to exhaust shafts made of brick. However, if there are often strong winds in the area of residence and their gusts still reach the burner, special devices are installed on the upper end of the chimney: nozzles or vane. The latter have a design that allows the outlet to turn in the direction of the wind and always be “back” to it.

Blowing occurs more often in gas boilers with coaxial chimneys, led horizontally through the wall. As a rule, the coaxial outlet is covered from the outside with a decorative grille. The solution is simple: you need to study which side is most often blowing, and from there cover the side holes in the grille. In addition to the above measures, you should clean the inside of the chimney from soot at least once every 2 years.

Decrease in gas pressure in the chimney is quite rare and is caused by the fact that on particularly cold days, all consumers use their water heaters at maximum. The issue should be addressed even at the stage of purchase of the boiler, choosing a unit adapted for low gas pressure. After it is difficult to fix the problem, as an option. sharply increase the diameter of the gas supply pipelines. But this requires coordination with the gas services, it may be cheaper to buy a new boiler or try to install an adapted burner on the old one.

prosaic reasons are such as clogging of the gas filter or a faulty meter, which leads to insufficient gas flow and automatic stopping of the gas boiler. The solution is obvious: the filter should be dismantled and cleaned, and about the meter to make an application to the gas service, independently remove and disassemble it is not allowed.

Power outage leads to a stop of the circulation pump and an increase in the temperature of the coolant in the boiler. Modern installations are in most cases equipped with an automatic safety device that will shut down the burner. To avoid this situation, it is better to buy an uninterruptible power supply unit.

Atmospheric burners are sensitive to insufficient or excessive air. The furnace room must be supplied with fresh air from other rooms, usually via the gap under the front door. Otherwise there is not enough air for burning and the gas boiler goes out. The phenomenon is associated with the lack of exhaust, which creates a vacuum in the room and causes the air from other rooms to flow into the furnace room. Since this problem cannot be solved quickly, the door to the boiler room must be kept open at all times. But there is another side to it: when you open the front door to the house and a strong gust of wind there will be a sharp draft, resulting in the burner may be torn flame and its fading.

Arrangement of the gas fireplace must be carried out in accordance with the Rules, taking into account all the requirements for the room and equipment.

To the automatic shutdown of the boiler can also lead to malfunctions in the heating system. For example, overheating of the coolant or its lack in the system.

The gas boiler Lemax does not turn on: frequent breakdowns and ways to cope with them

You do not turn on the gas boiler Lemax, which worked properly last season or even yesterday? Perhaps some problems have occurred before, and now it refuses to work at all? Agree, to stay in a house without heating in a frost. not a rosy prospect.

Most gas heating boilers Lemax have a fairly simple, fully mechanical automation. And this means that you can fix most of the problems yourself. This article will help you find and fix the reason why the boiler does not ignite.

Consider both external factors that interfere with the work of the unit, as well as its internal breakdowns. Here is a guide to actions in different situations, as well as describe the features of boilers with electronic control.

The gas boiler burner does not turn on

It is not pleasant when the gas boiler does not ignite in the winter cold. In some cases, the cause of the problem can be eliminated independently, without calling a specialist. Let’s consider all possible faults, why the gas boiler does not ignite, and how to eliminate them.


There really aren’t too many reasons for this malfunction:

  • The pump is not included in the network: respectively heating element rapidly overheats, and the water does not circulate through the system, and concentrated in the boiler.
  • The pump is included in the network, but it is defective: Water circulation is not carried out or is carried out, but very slowly (slower than heating).
  • The batteries are clogged: a lot of air has accumulated in the batteries, which naturally heats up faster than the water.
  • Faulty thermostat: burned controller or oxidized wiring.

Be sure to check your own heating system is ready for the first start. Lack of proper water level and pressure leads to an emergency shutdown of gas equipment.

Preventive measures

Breakdowns of gas equipment happen to everyone, it is impossible to insure against it.

However, there are a number of ways to reduce the risk of breakdowns:

  • Routine diagnostics of gas equipment before the heating season. a specialist will conduct a revision, make a test run and tell you about all the nuances of the boiler.
  • Selection of the correct mode of operation of the boiler and pump.
  • Periodic cleaning of all elements of the combustion chamber. carried out only by a master.

The gas boiler does not ignite draught problems

In the case where the gas boiler does not work, you should first deal with the draft, due to which you may not be able to start the column. Check it is quite simple: just bring a lit match or a candle to the window and see how the flame will behave. If it began to lean toward the opening, the draft is okay, but if the fire burns flat and does not pull anywhere. there is no draft.

  • Open a window in the boiler room, so there is an inflow of fresh air;
  • Disconnect the part of the chimney connected to the outlet pipe and check for draft in the chimney itself;
  • If there is a draught, then you need to clean the gas boiler directly, but if there is no draught, then you will have to clean the channel.

Gas Furnace Wont Ignite. How to Manually Light Burners

In the case where the chimney outlet is not visible, you will have to clean it too. However, the problem may be in the bird’s nest at the top of the pipe or in ice, from which you need to get rid.

Exhaust pipe, back draft and wind

The case, which is worth to consider specifically. it is an improper arrangement of the outlet chimney, creating a reverse draft. The point is that air currents can, by reflecting off obstacles near the chimney head, blow combustion products back into the chimney and extinguish the burner’s flame.

Such obstacles can be overgrown trees, the wall of a house or a roof ridge. In the second and third cases, the cause is improper placement of the end section of the chimney. Correct location. above the highest point of the house.

Sometimes in nature there is such a phenomenon as a downwind. Its streams are not directed horizontally, but at an angle to the ground, sometimes almost directly. This means that a strong gust will blow from the top down directly into the chimney and regardless of the location of the cap, returning gases into the chimney duct.

In order to compensate for the phenomenon of downwind, there is only one way. to cover the hatch with a mushroom, leaving enough space for the exit of burned out gases.

Why does the gas boiler go out?? Overview of typical malfunctions and troubleshooting methods

The prospect of being without heat in the cool autumn and frosty winter period will not make anyone happy. If this happens, in the best case, it is possible to return a comfortable temperature mode to the room in a few hours. After all, in order to come on a call, the master requires time.

To quickly fix the problem, it is a good idea to learn to identify and eliminate the cause of the malfunction yourself. It is necessary to understand why the gas boiler extinguishes, and to try to get rid of at least elementary malfunctions by yourself. We will tell you how to find them.

Of course, no one forces you to dismantle the equipment or change the part yourself, if there are no tools or training for this. However, information on simple and accessible repair operations will be useful. In addition, they will help to control the actions of gas workers, not all of whom are quite experienced and competent.

Typical problems

There are several typical problems with gas boilers, which you can cope with yourself.

  • The smell of carbon monoxide;
  • malfunctions in the work of the combustion sensor;
  • overheating of the unit;
  • Breakage of the blower fan;
  • Problems with the chimney;
  • Periodic disconnection of the structure.

Before the arrival of the master you can protect yourself by fixing these problems. In some cases, in the room where the boiler is located, you may experience a persistent smell of gas. This indicates that the system has become a faulty valve.

The unit must be shut off immediately and the room must be ventilated. There should not be people or animals in it, in no case should not light matches or fire.

After that, invite a qualified craftsman, as to identify the place of the gas leak by yourself is very difficult.

You can repair two-circuit boilers with your own hands to fix the combustion sensor. If it breaks or malfunctions in the gas supply pipe, the unit is turned off. It is necessary to close all the valves and give the construction time to cool down completely. The room is ventilated, then return to the room and check for escaping gas. If there is a draught, you need to reconnect the boiler. If there is a persistent smell of gas, its leakage must be called a specialist.

The most common problem with modern units is overheating. The main reason of trouble is the clogging of heat exchanger or automatics system malfunction. The boiler is usually installed parts made of stainless steel or copper, they can be easily cleaned at home. The manufacturer’s manual for the unit specifies how often the heat exchanger should be cleaned of soot deposits and other combustion products. For example, when repairing the Immergaz boiler with your own hands, the part is removed and cleaned with a metal brush. Copper parts are cleaned with a dishwashing sponge.

Problem places can be fans, or more precisely, their bearings. If the part doesn’t rotate as well as before, the malfunction must be repaired as soon as possible. Remove the back part of the fan, take out the stator and lubricate the bearings. Use machine oil or a special carbon compound with heat-resistant components.

If the problem is a short circuit, you need to seek professional help. Replace the winding in the stator or buy a new part instead.

Sometimes the main cause of the breakdown of the unit is a clogged flue. It must be removed and thoroughly cleaned of soot. The chimney is installed back, which will not only return the boiler to its former efficiency, but will also increase its efficiency. If you disconnect the boiler by yourself, the main problem is contamination of the spigot. It should be removed, rinsed under running water and cleaned with a cotton swab. Replace the socket and turn on the boiler. If it shuts down again, the problem is a broken combustion sensor. To repair it, call in a specialist.



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