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Why you can’t shave after laser hair removal

Why you can’t shave after laser hair removal. What should be the schedule of visits?

Immediately after the hair procedure, there will be no?

Hair begins to fall out after 14 days, the process can last up to 21 days after the procedure.

You can use methods that do not provide for their pulling out if it does not provide for hair removal with the root, that is, you can remove the hair with a trimmer, cream for depilation, razor; You can’t: pluck it with tweezers, thread, use an electric power, shugaring, wax, resin, etc. It is better to refrain from removing 2-3 days after the session and wait for the skin to calm down.

How to remove hair between laser hair removal sessions?

Since laser hair removal has a cumulative effect, hair grows less, they look lighter and thinner. But if their presence confuses the client, you can shave them. If the hair is thin and light, you can cut it with manicure scissors.

It is also acceptable to use soft creams for depilation.

Important: before applying the cream for depilation, you should check the presence of an allergic reaction. To do this, the product needs to be applied to the bend of the elbow and leave there for 10. 15 minutes. If during this time there was no redness and discomfort in the treated area, the cream can be applied to the depilation site.

Between laser hair removal procedures, it is not recommended to use the methods of hair removal that can injure hair bulbs:

Laser face hair removal: its features and advantages

Unwanted vegetation on the face is a problem not only of men, but also women. The hair in this zone looks unaesthetic and spoils even a very attractive appearance. Laser hair removal is one of the most modern, demanded and effective ways to eliminate this problem. What is this procedure, what contraindications and consequences exist, you will learn from our article.

Face is a business card of every person, and women are especially. What methods only do not resort to modern representatives of the fair sex in order to get rid of unwanted vegetation. This is the use of razor machines and the use of various creams for depilation and wax strips. Only after such methods of exposure, the hairs on the face grow faster and become even tougher.

Laser hair removal is a popular modern technique that is used not only by women, but also by men in the fight against unwanted vegetation.

The essence of the procedure is that the device is blocked on the hair onion and there is a flash. The laser beam, passing through the hair, reaches the bulb and warms up the melanin pigment in it. The hair follicle is overheated and destroyed. After a short period of time, the hair weakens. It is worth noting that adjacent tissues are not damaged.

The procedure of laser hair hair removal is not recommended for everyone. An important role is played by the patient’s color type of. This technique of getting rid of unwanted vegetation is suitable for people who have a natural hair color from light red to dark.

The darker the hairs, the better they remove. Very bright and gray laser will not remove, since they contain too little melanin necessary for the influence of the beam.

The work of the device does not apply to all follicles. Some of them are not active, are at rest or growth. Therefore, to completely remove the hair, more than one procedure will be required. The exact number of sessions is determined by the specialist depending on the individual characteristics of a particular person and his skin. Most women on average enough from four to nine procedures every 7-10 weeks.

Clients with sensitive skin note that the manipulation is absolutely painless. In rare cases, a slight burning. In such situations, the effect of exposure is treated with painkillers. Laser hair removal procedure takes about 35–40 minutes.

Among the popular female zones for this manipulation can be distinguished:

Is it possible to shave your hair before and after laser hair removal?

Before laser hair removal, the hair in the area of ​​alleged processing is recommended to shave. When using the Alexander Lazer, the hair should be shaved in 2-3 days, and if a diode apparatus is used, 24 hours before hair removal. Use a regular razor machine. Resorting to shugarming, electro.power or plucking cannot.

details here-how to prepare for laser hair removal, as well as watch the video of the cosmetologist of our center

In the process of hair removal, a laser beam destroys the follicle of the hair. If you do not remove the hair to the required length, then the beam will be distributed along the entire length of the hair and will not be able to heat melanin to destroy the follicle. Therefore, you have to turn on the device for great power, which can lead to burns and pain.

After laser hair removal, hair continues to grow, but begin to crumble a little. Therefore, you should not touch them. Half rejection usually takes up to one week. This is what the doctor says about this:

shave, laser, hair, removal

If you decide to shave your hair that has grown between the sessions, then use a regular razor or a special depilation cream for these purposes that destroys the hair itself, but does not affect the bulb. Give preference to creams that do not dry the skin and do not cause allergies. Applying between sessions plucking or an electro.digger is categorically impossible. Otherwise, the desired result will not be obtained: the damaged follicle is not recognized by a laser and will remain in the skin.

The response of a cosmetologist to a question about hair removal:

We summarize: before the procedure, you need to shave your hair, but immediately after laser hair removal. you can’t. In the intervals between sessions you can shave hair, but using products that do not injure the hair onion.

Can I pluck or do threading after laser hair removal?. Dr. Nischal K

Want to have smooth skin and forget about unwanted hairs for several years?

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Shaving before hair removal

Not everyone knows that before the procedure should be shaved with hair. If it is produced in the area of ​​armpits or an intimate area, then you need to shave in one day, and if on other areas of the body, then three days before passing laser hair removal sessions. This will reduce the time of irradiation and thereby avoid skin burns.

What to do after your laser hair removal appointment

It is recommended to use a razor machine no earlier than 10 days after laser hair removal.

Such a recommendation is associated with the need to wait for the phase of follicle loss.

After shaving, thin soft hairs should grow. You can also use a trimmer for grass, a special sponge for hair removal.

Depilation after laser hair removal

Wax (or caramel) depilation after laser hair removal is also not carried out. For this reason, experts recommend solving the problem of undesirable hair growth in autumn or winter, when it is possible to hide the processed areas of the skin with clothing.

This is the only reason for the procedure in the cold season. Error that any laser hair removal is incompatible with a visit to the solarium. The latest SPA Accord device allows you to carry out the procedure and not deny yourself the adoption of “sunbathing”.

How else to remove hair after laser hair removal? There are no more options: you can use only a razor. After the procedure, it is recommended to refrain from depilation for at least 4-6 days, until the skin is completely restored. What areas of the body can be shaved after laser hair removal? Everything, including the armpit and bikini zone.

Name of the laser procedure Price (s) 3 zones discount Discount price
Laser hair hair removal from 2500 to 5000 (depending on the epilized area of ​​the head)
Laser face hair removal from 4 500 fifteen% from 3 825
Laser hair hair removal from 3,000 fifteen% from 2 550
Laser eyebrow hair removal from 500 fifteen% from 425
Laser hair removal chin from 3,000 fifteen% from 2 550
Laser hair removal from 750 fifteen% from 640
Laser hair removal of the upper lip from 1,300 fifteen% from 1 105
Neck laser hair removal from 3,000 fifteen% from 2 550
Laser hair removal of the collar zone from 4,000 fifteen% from 3 400
Laser epilation of the neckline from 4,000 fifteen% from 3 400
Laser backing of the back from 5,000 fifteen% from 4 250
Laser abdomen from 6 500 fifteen% from 5 525
Laser hair removal of the bikini line (classic) from 2,500 fifteen% from 2 125
Laser hair removal of a deep female bikini from 4,000 fifteen% from 3 400
Laser hair removal of the axillary cavity from 1 250 fifteen% from 1 063
Laser hip laser from 3 500 fifteen% from 2 975
Laser hair removal of the male breast from 3 500 fifteen% from 2 975
Laser hair removal of the finger from 80 fifteen% from 68
Laser brush laser from 500 fifteen% from 425
Laser hair removal to the elbow from 2 750 fifteen% from 2 338
Laser hair removal above the elbow from 3,000 fifteen% from 2 550
Laser hair hair removal (thigh is lower knee) from 7 500 fifteen% from 6 375
Laser hair hairpiece from 3,000 fifteen% from 2 550
Laser removal of the knee from 1,000 fifteen% from 850
Feat laser hair removal from 500 fifteen% from 425
Laser hair removal from 80 fifteen% from 68
Laser hair removal of a female buttock from 2 400 fifteen% from 2 040

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Rules of conduct after laser hair removal

The popularity of hair removal is growing every year. Depending on the correctness of the manipulation and the fulfillment of all the rules, the execution of all the rules will change. If a woman at her discretion decided to neglect any of the following rules, then there will be a complication.

Processing the damage zone

After the procedure, it is important to carefully monitor the skin, because allergic and inflammatory reactions can manifest itself within a day. To relieve irritation or redness, it is necessary to use anti.inflammatory creams with a calming effect. Well fittings with herbal extracts are well suited.

It is not recommended to use irritating bath cosmetics. All gels and soaps should be removed to the side until the skin heals. Also, do not use a deodorant for the armpit zone.

If there is an allergic reaction, you can take an antihistamine inside. At the place of irritation, you can also make compresses or apply an ointment with a against an allergenic composition. What kind of drugs to choose your cosmetologist will tell you, and in order not to aggravate the situation, you should not engage in self.medication.

Relations with an ultraviolet light

Talk that after laser depilation, it is strictly impossible to sunbathe or go out in the sun in fact not true. You can do both, but only in the absence of inflammation in the procedures and the use of sunscreen creams with a high level of SPF.

Now the answer to the question is whether it is possible to sunbathe after laser hair removal is obvious. Of course, it is allowed to spend time on the beach, but, as without the use of photoepilation, only in the morning and evening using the above cream. And so that there are no complications to visit the beach to organize better 2-3 days after the procedure. Actually protection against ultraviolet radiation must be used to absolutely everyone, because a long tan is prematurely aged skin.

An exception to the rules is a solarium, a trip to which is still worth it to postpone for several weeks. Due to the fact that the radiation in such places is very high, even the cream may not cope with the rays, the already damaged area will receive burns at once the 2nd degree.

shave, laser, hair, removal

Baths, pools, saunas and other water bodies.

Favorite places of rest of people, especially in winter for a certain period will become inaccessible to you.

Reasons for the refusal of the use of water procedures.

  • In all places with increased moisture content of microorganisms of the pathogenic environment, increased. Penetrating through microranks in the depilation zone, these organisms can cause the development of fungal diseases and the addition of local infection.
  • In the pool, water is cleaned by chlorine, which is an irritant even for healthy sensitive skin, what can we say about damaged areas. Walking for swimming is not worth 3 weeks after manipulations. In the presence of complications, this period should be increased to one month.
  • Saunas and baths use elevated temperatures that can have a bad effect on injured skin. You can visit them only in case of low temperatures and steam without subsequent diving into a cold pool.
  • Swimming in rivers and lakes is undesirable even to healthy people. This is due to the fact that water bodies located near cities are environmentally friendly for weekends with health benefits. Injoying infections and microorganisms there may not please you with their presence.
  • Sea and salty ponds also cannot be used after photoepilation. Salt causes irritation, and even if your procedure has passed without complications, sophisticated skin reacts to sodium.

Why, after laser hair removal, you can not pluck your hair?

Laser hair removal technology consists in removing the hair due to the direct effect on the hair follicles under the skin. So that the laser reaches the desired cells and begin to destroy them, the hair is needed in the active phase of growth.

If you plucked your hair with a root after laser hair removal, then the influence of diode radiation will be ineffective in the subsequent. And you need to wait at least a month of restoring the growth of these hair. Therefore, it is important between the sessions only to shave or cut the hairs, then each session will be effective.

Do not worry about the fact that you have to shave, since irritation passes immediately after the first session, and new hair grows thin and lighter.

Also, if you are going to switch from sugar/wax to laser hair removal, you must pass for at least a month between sessions. Laser hair removal is an excellent method of treating ingrown hair, since hair pulling methods often cause this problem.

Когда клиентки приходят с сеансов лазерной эпиляции, через некоторое время видят не очень приятный результат — волосы снова начинают отрастать. Because of this, the skin looks uneatable and sloppy. Nobody wants to walk like that. But this does not mean at all that you will have to walk with your hair all this time, they must be shaved off! It’s not scary if they become a little thicker, the laser can easily cope with them.

shave, laser, hair, removal
  • When pulled out due to local irritation to the damaged follicle, blood flow increases. As a result, cell nutrition improves and, as a result, in place of one dead hair begins to grow at once;
  • When hair removal, blood supply to the bulb decreases, the blood departs from it, causing a kind of “starvation”. This is what causes first weakening, and then the final death of the hair.

These are two incompatible methods that, with simultaneous exposure, do not give any effect, in addition, it restores the laser work.

You still doubt whether it is possible to pluck your hair after laser hair removal?

Before pulling out weakened hairs, think about whether you are ready for an endless struggle with excess vegetation. Or want to see your impeccable perfect skin to the last planned session?

Independent laser hair removal

There are two types of laser devices designed for home depilation: with and without scanning function. The cost of an ordinary apparatus is lower, but the session itself lasts longer. The beam enters every hair separately. One flash of a ray can be treated with an area of ​​up to 30 mm².

Thanks to the scanning function, the need for the skills of the exact direction for each specific hair disappears. You only need to attach the device to the processed surface and leave for exposure to a few seconds. The device can process areas with an area of ​​35 mm² to 1 cm² per flash, depending on the model. High.power devices are not suitable for depilation at home. Without the necessary skills, you can get burns.

For small areas of the skin, an inexpensive device is suitable. However, extensive zones with vegetation with such a device is uncomfortable and for a long time. It is better to buy a laser device with a scanning function.

Previously, Rubin and Alexandrite (crystals) were used to conduct depilations. The laser had a short wavelength and a low pulse frequency. The procedure with their use took more time.

Names of modern devices: diode and neodymium. A safe device for depilation with a diode laser, which has excellent characteristics, is suitable for home use.

Neodymal laser beam is able to penetrate deeply. However, without the necessary experience, there is a probability of damage to skin tissues.

To perform hair removal at home, you should purchase an apparatus equipped with a diode laser. It is considered the most effective device with low cost, it is the so.called gold mean.

Laser epalator is easy to use. He does not have such power as the salon apparatus, so you will avoid burns on the skin. However, professionals advise first to conduct a test in a small area. Previously, the skin surface must be cleaned and dried. The length of the hairs should not exceed 3 mm. Turn on the device, install the necessary settings and begin to sequentially apply it to the skin. After a flash that lasts a second, move the device to another site.

Sessions are held with a break of 3-4 weeks. The number of procedures is calculated depending on the specifics of the skin, as well as on the state of the hormonal background. The result will become noticeable after the completion of the 4th session.

Cosmetologists recommend starting the procedures for hair removal in the autumn period, since in summer there is too active the sun. It has an adverse effect on open zones that have been processed by the laser.

During laser hair removal, the client should not experience discomfort. However, sensitive skin needs to be processed with a special professional gel or lotion (before and after the session).

Is it possible to say that after laser hair removal there will be no complications, and it is effective and painless? Indeed, this method of hair removal is quite affordable and non.traumatic. However, it is necessary to adhere to all the recommendations for skin care.

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