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Why will the gas stove go out during operation

What to do if gas exacerbates on the hob when electricalwork?

Gas control is an automatic system necessary to ensure safety and reduce the risk of propane leakage. Its design, from the point of view of the principle of operation, is simple: a small copper part is installed in it, which resembles a coin in shape, a thermocouple. It is fixed on an electronic arsonist, which works when pressing and turning the regulator handle. This sensor (thermocouple) is heated due to fuel receipt and begins to secrete the charge transmitted to the valve. If the signal between the details is absent, the system turns off the feed and, accordingly, goes out the flame.

Most often, such a malfunction lies in the absence of contact between the thermocouple and the electromagnetic valve. Less often there are cases when a fire torch simply does not reach the temperature sensor.

In some cases, the masters do not exclude the contamination of thermocouple, which, due to the presence of a layer of dirt, is poorly heated. To avoid such situations, you always need to monitor cleanliness, carry out timely cleaning and, if possible, avoid the “leak” of the suitable food.

Common reasons that can be solved independently

When choosing kitchen equipment, most women stop at the best version, gas oven. It is distinguished by the simplicity of operation and maintenance, a wide range of capabilities and the most accurate settings. Despite many advantages of use, there is a common problem during operation: the oven goes out a short time after arson. What may cause this problem?

  • Lack of oxygen in a gas stove;
  • Overlapping the crane supplies of gas;
  • Malfunctions of the fire sensor;
  • Pressure of pressure in the pipeline;
  • Improper work of the burner due to its pollution;
  • Incorrect configuration of the burner after its removal and cleaning.

These problems are easy to eliminate independently, without calling the master: no special skills and a large amount of time is required.

  • The deficiency of incoming oxygen is eliminated with an ignition of an oven with an open door.
  • The tap responsible for supplying gas is by chance closed when cleaning, after which they forget to open. To eliminate this problem, you need to open the valve.
  • Additional flame sensors are provided to ensure fire safety. They track the temperature in the oven. In the absence of heating, the sensor turns off the gas supply. To solve such malfunctions, the inclusion handle is held longer than usual and when warming up they turn on the maximum temperature. The problem is characteristic of wind furnaces equipped with gas compressed in special cylinders. The sensor does not heat up due to a slow increase in temperature and turns off. To eliminate the problem, the cylinder is referred or bought by a new.
  • The hit of fat and pieces of food into the burner provokes its failure. The clogging is visible with the naked eye: the burner is set on interruption, in some areas there is no fire. To solve the problem, the polluted part is removed and carefully cleaned, after which they return to place and continue to use the oven.
  • After cleaning, the burner is often incorrectly installed. To eliminate problems, it is necessary to remove and correctly install the burner.

Why the gas on the stove is very weak and goes out?

Most often, a problem manifests itself after gas ignition, after which it goes out immediately or after a few seconds. In more rare cases, gas may wander during prolonged burning. Each of the problems differs slightly in the sources of their occurrence. At the same time, the professionals of our service center eliminate all possible reasons.

The main causes of the malfunction are:

Flowing the nozzle

In this case, the problem is manifested on one or more burners. In this case, gas can be poorly ignited. The source of the problem is the clogging of the nozzle. This is due to lack of care if the plate is operated in an nonsense room. The solution to the problem is to clean the nozzle. Depending on the complexity of the pollution, the dismantling of the nozzle is needed. If the defect is significant, you need to replace the nozzle with a new.

The thermocouple malfunction

If experts are detected by its failure, it will need to replace it, since it is not repaired due to low voltage and the difficulty of obtaining accurate measurements. Most often, the problem is manifested at the time of release of the gas adjustment handle, after which the fire goes out.

Low gas pressure

In houses in a centralized gas supply, the problem is rare. Quite often, our customers living in private houses are found with this problem. In some cases, it is enough to independently adjust the balloon to supply the desired volume of the working environment to the house. The defect is also associated with improper design of the gas line for a private house. Most often, the problem is manifested when the gas boiler is turned on. At this time, the plate and oven may go out. The specialists of our company will produce your equipment and identify the exact source of the problem.

Why gas oven goes out?

If the oven does not hold gas, then the causes of the problem are considered:

  • The thermocouple was worn out or burned;
  • Electromagnetic valve failed;
  • The thermostat was repaped;
  • The oven door is too tight;
  • Thermocouple is incorrectly installed;
  • Defective gas control;
  • Flame regulator failed;
  • Gas supply was clogged.

How to clean the nozzles of burners if the gas stove does not hold the flame

The most common reason due to which the gas stove does not work, the oven or individual burners is banging is the nozzle of nozzle. Usually the owners of the plates are cleaned independently, without involving specialists. The procedure itself takes a little time and it is advisable to spend it regularly. For this you need:

  • block the gas supply to the stove with the tap and turn it off from the electricity, pulling the fork out of the outlet;
  • remove the lattices and remove the dissecters;
  • clear the inner surface of dirt and food residues;
  • Find the hole of the nozzle (often it is under a layer of fat);
  • using a thin wire, clean the hole of contaminants;
  • Collect the stove and check the work of the burner.

In most cases, after cleaning the nozzle, the work of the burner is restored.

If the burner does not light up or the oven goes out, you need to perform a similar procedure for the oven. But the design of the oven burner is significantly different and it is more difficult to find the nozzle. Usually it is hidden under the decorative lower lid in the oven. In some cases, to clean the nozzle of the oven burner or make a small oven repair in Kyiv, even you have to call the master.

Electric lights failed

Electric fee may not work on 1 burner or several at once. If it is not possible to turn on all the hobs at once, then, most likely, the malfunction lies in the high voltage source. You can’t disassemble and do something, it is life-threatening.

It is also recommended to check the quality of the supply cable and fork, the piezoelectric element may not work if the wire is pushed, bent or isolation is damaged on it. Melting for a fork or outlet also negatively affects the action of the device.

If the performance remains at least on one burner or in the oven, then the defect could touch the insulator, which cracks during intensive use. Contacts and rod wires are also subject to damage, to check them, they should be called. As a rule, the contacts themselves are rarely damaged, because the current in the high.voltage circuit is insignificant, but the insulation of the wires fails in the process of heating, closing to the case.

What to do when a gas stove burns poorly

As already mentioned earlier, if the user has noticed problems in the operation of the gas stove, he must first determine the causes of the problem, and only then take any actions (cleaning or changing the burners).

In case of any problem, it is recommended to call a master in the operation of gas equipment. In fact, individual operations can be done independently. For example, it is permissible to clean the burner of soot and other contaminants with your own hands, because such a felce negatively affects the combustion regime of the air-gas mixture.

What actions the plate burning of the burner implies? Usually this operation includes the following manipulations:

  • Removing from the surface of the hob that closes the burner with which a problem has occurred.
  • The removal of the lid (cutter) from the surface of the burner and the seizure of the burner itself (to get to the nozzle, you may need to unscrew a couple of screws).
  • Removing accumulated dirt and fatty residues.
  • Cleaning the burner and its components in a cleaning solution. The recipe for its preparation is simple. you need to mix the detergent with water in a proportion of 10 to 1. It is advisable to leave the components of the burner in the mixture made for a while, it is much easier to achieve dirt. For more thorough washing, it is recommended to use a toothbrush and a toothpick. After completing the procedure, all parts must be dried.
  • Washing the nozzle and cleaning the hole with a toothpick. Thorough drying.
  • Return connection of elements and setting to the same place.

If the plate is equipped with electric ignition, it can also cause interruptions in its functioning.

If the flushing did not bring the result and there is still no combustion instability or flame at all, it is very likely that the reason is a malfunction of the electric ignition. It is not difficult to confirm the assumption. One click on the ignition button is enough when the light turned off. If the color of the spark is yellow or orange, then the block must be completely replaced. it is not a non.combination.

How to check the leak of household gas to make sure of its existence?

Sometimes pipes or gas valve are located in such a way that they are hidden by kitchen furniture. How to check the gas leak in such hard.to.reach places? You can apply the method of crimping to residual pressure. First you need to open the burners to skip gas through them. Then turn them off and block the valve on the pipe. So in the gas pipeline the remaining gas that has not been burned for the end will appear. In order to understand if there is a leak, you need to wait only a few minutes. Then you need to open any burner, turn it on to the maximum position and try to light it. When there is no leakage, the rest of the gas will light up and burn out to the end. If nothing happens and the gas does not light up, it means that its residue managed to reach the damage site.

If gas pipes are not closed by a kitchen set and there is access to them, that is, a technique how to check the gas leak simply by touch. It is enough to draw a hand along all the connections on the gas pipe. A leak can be felt like a stream of a thin cold stream.

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You should know how to check with soap solution. Gas leaks can be detected using soap foam or shaving foam. It must be applied to the gas pipe, as well as all places of connection. Soap bubbles will appear in the gas output areas. It is better to apply soap solution with a brush or lipstick.

Special gas analyzers can help identify a leak. Such sensors can be installed along with sound detectors. If the permissible level of gas concentration exceeds, the sensor is triggered, the alarm is turned on.

It is important to know how to check the gas leak is safe for yourself and others. You can’t categorically use a burning match or lighter for this! This threatens an explosion

Safety measures for gas leakage

Natural gas is a very dangerous substance. In addition to the fact that it has neither color nor smell, it still has a psychotropic effect to some extent

This is manifested by the fact that with his leak, a person may not pay attention to the unpleasant smell of his fragrance and not take the necessary precautions.If you smell the gas, immediately turn off the stove and oven and open the window to ventilate the room. At this time, you do not need to smoke, light matches, turn on electrical appliances or do anything that could cause the formation of a spark. It is better to immediately de.energize the apartment, turning off the machine on the shield

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It is better to immediately de.energize the apartment, turning off the machine on the shield.

Why does the gas stove and the oven not hold the flame?

The masters of our service center have found that the most common cause of the malfunction of such plates as Gorenye, Indesit, Bosch is that the burner or oven stops holding the flame.

There may be several reasons for such a malfunction:

  • The thermocouple was clogged and it is required to clean it.
  • Contacts dispersed. Their restoration will lead to the resumption of the slab.
  • The thermocouple is faulty. The master will determine the degree of malfunction, repair or replace it.
  • Electromagnetic valve failed. It is necessary to replace it.
  • A temperature sensor broke in the oven. Its replacement is required.

These are the main causes of the plate malfunction.

When you hold the regulator, the gas burns, let go. it goes out

All modern plates are equipped with a gas control system. This system prevents gas leakage, ensuring the safety of using a gas stove.

During the ignition, the user presses on the handle of the gas supply tap to the burner, which is associated with the thermocouple. The pressure is transmitted to the electromagnetic valve, which opens the damper and provides gas supply. With the help of electrical.glass or matches, the gas lights up. Next, electropoprosa enters into force. It consists of wiring of 2 metals, which under the influence of high temperature produce electric current. The current provides the retention of the electromagnetic valve in the open position, ensuring the supply of gas to the burner. With any random attenuation of the burner (for example, the flame blown out of the window from the window), the thermocard is cooling, the current ceases to be produced and the valve closes. And the flame on the burner goes out.

One of the signs that it was the thermocouple that was out of order is a combination of symptoms:

  • Click the regulator.
  • The flame on the burner lights up.
  • While the button is pressed, the flame burns.
  • The release of the button leads to the attenuation of the flame on the burner.

Before replacing a thermocouple, first you need to clean the head of the temperature sensor with sandpaper, which is located under the flame cutter. If this did not help, then you need to replace the thermocouple.

Why the flame goes out in the oven?

In the gas oven, the flame goes out immediately after ignition or during short work for the following reasons:

  • Gas supply regulator does not work. The oven cannot be kindled.
  • Strong fit of the door of the oven. This leads to air deficiency during combustion. And as a result, gas is already fading during work.
  • Focused the thermocouple or burned. If after stripping it did not return to working condition, then the part must be replaced.
  • The temperature sensor came out of the flame zone. Restoring its position will return the oven to work.
  • The electromagnetic valve is faulty. It is required to replace the details.
  • The thermostat stopped working. The master will be able to adjust his work or replace.
  • Contacts were oxidized in the gas control system. You need to clean the contacts, and restore the connection of the circuit.
  • The thermostat is faulty. Its replacement is necessary.
  • Smops the flame during combustion.

It should be recalled that gas is a potentially dangerous substance. And the repair of gas equipment should only be carried out by a specialist who has a special admission for this type of work. For repair, in addition to knowledge and experience, special equipment is also necessary. Do not try to repair a gas stove on your own. This can lead to even greater breakdowns and irreparable consequences.

Gas goes out on the stove? Contact the service. The master will be able to come to your house on the day of circulation. Leave a request on the site or call 8 (495) 707-05-05.

Gas control malfunctions

This is a common problem. After some time of operation, the owners of the slab noticed that one burner or several of them is lit for a very long time, and when the handle is released, the burner completely rotates

The reason lies in a contaminated thermocouple. a small mechanism located near each burner. The contaminated thermal steel does not cope with its heating task, does not raise the valve and prevents the gas current. The usual cleaning with a knife or other improvised object will help you cope with the unpleasant situation.

If such home repairs do not help, it is possible that the thermocouple or magnetic valve itself has broken, they will have to be completely changed. This is the work of the master

Other sources of the problem

Consider other problems that cause the problem of attenuation of the column after ignition.

The fragmentation of the wick may be associated with the presence of powerful ventilation near the column. The spent air is delayed in ventilation, which leads to attenuation. You need to turn off the ventilation or screw its power to the minimum during operation of the gas heater.

For the same reason, you should not place a powerful hood near the column. During its operation, sensors may work, diagnosing a malfunction.

Sometimes the reason is hidden in the absence of natural ventilation. You need to open the window or install the supply valve.

Wick canaling can occur in models with piezo.Zhizhig. The button must be kept at least 10 seconds.

Smart gas speakers may not be ignited due to the burned control board. They are sensitive to the quality of e/e, so they need to be connected through a stabilizer and not turned off at night

Also, during the operation of the heater, it is not recommended to mix hot and cold streams. This leads to a drop in pressure in the highway and fingering of a wick.

The problem is solved by adjusting the indicators to a comfortable level and a decrease in pressure by a special handle. If you still have to mix water, you need to leave the main hot flow.

Attenuation can provoke a malfunction of the electromagnetic valve or servomotor. Only the Master call will help here.

Malfunctions of the water node

The next reason why the gas column goes out is the absence and weak pressure of the water. When when opening a crane with cold water, the pressure of its supply will be insufficient, this is the problem of the company. Because of this, the gas column rises. What to do? You need to understand the causes of weak pressure.

If cold water is supplied with high pressure than hot, then such a column is associated with the water part of the unit. Among the reasons are clogged filters, membrane deformation. Often the reason lies in the fact that the hot water supply pipe is clogged. In the presence of additional filters (if they are clogged), the pressure of water can also significantly decrease.

What to do to avoid breakdowns: useful tips

It is possible to prevent the situation when the gas in the oven rotates, if you follow the simple rules for operating the device and its cleaning.

  • Constantly keep all the surfaces of the gas plate or oven cleanliness;
  • use only specially designed tools with recommended quality for this;
  • apply to a specific type of household device only acceptable cleaning methods prescribed in the instructions.

It is forbidden to use the oven for other purposes.

The gas cabinet is polluted during operation. Fat, oils, combustion products settled on its walls. To remove plaque, use special tools with m small abrasive particles.

The cleansing of the internal surfaces of the oven is carried out using a sponge and detergent. If you do not want to use chemistry, use baking soda with vinegar or citric acid. Process the surfaces obtained by gruel, leave for several minutes to influence, and remove the contamination with a regular sponge.

The listed measures will allow to extend the good operation of the device. If, nevertheless, a gas oven for a guarantee goes out, make a request to the service center. The arrived master will be able to accurately determine the cause and quickly eliminate the malfunction.

Which categorically cannot be done by yourself

Unlike situations where a gas oven goes out due to a serious repair of malfunctions that arose as a result of improper operation of the device, in some cases, one should not try to find and correct a breakdown themselves.

Important: Repair and maintenance should be made by people who have a special admission to work with gas devices.

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to repair the oven on its own in cases when:

  • with a faulty thermostat, the flame is intermittent and goes out;
  • Contact damage in the gas control system occurred:
  • The timer does not work;
  • The electric module is faulty.

You should also not independently restore damaged electrical contacts. It must be remembered that the repair of gas equipment of the company “Gefest” or other manufacturers requires serious knowledge. The rules of operation of plates prohibit their independent installation and repair.

It is not always possible to understand why the gas rogues in the oven. There are times when even a professional can not immediately determine the reason why the burner turns off. If the furnace is under warranty, contact the service center.

In the absence of the right to warranty repairs, special workshops work to consumers services. The master will competently make diagnostics, eliminate the malfunction and give the necessary consultations on the safe operation of the stove with the gas oven.



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