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Why the air conditioner flows how to eliminate

What to do if the system is the system flow into the room. the reasons for the breakdown and ways to solve the problem

Modern technologies not only simplify human life, but also make his house more comfortable and cozy. That is why a variety of household appliances has long been “registered” in almost every house. But, no matter how sad, all of it sooner or later fails, and the air conditioners who, due to improper operation or insufficiently high quality, cease to cope with their main functions. However, you should not panic and run to the nearest workshop, since repairing systems with your own hands is quite possible and we will complete.

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The causes of water from the inner block

Frequent cause of leakage. clogging of drainage output located on the building of the case facing the building. As a rule, blockage occurs due to insects crawling into the output. An obstacle appears the outflow of fluid, which causes its retrograde current.

How to eliminate. Blowing a drainage pipe. Even a small displacement of the block is enough for the accumulated water to push the remnants of the backbone.

The design of the air conditioner provides small passages for the outflow of liquid from the front to the rear part. In case of violation of cleaning time, the passages are gradually clogged. Not leaving the front of the water, will flow out of the case.

How to eliminate. Technical holes can be tried carefully cleaned with a thin wire or knitting needle. Just do not overdo it so as not to do even more harm. Blocking can be tried to remove with a vacuum cleaner. If these measures have not eliminated the problem, the master from the service center should be called.

The ingress of a warm air stream on the cooler of the air conditioner leads to a massive formation of condensate. At the same time, spray of water is flying from the air conditioner.

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How to eliminate. The defect of the case where the air penetrates inside should be thoroughly treated with insulating material.

When a freon leak occurs, the evaporator of the inner block is covered with a crust of ice. A similar problem is usually found during the period of transfer of equipment to heating mode. This leads to an increase in violations: the leak intensifies, not characteristic noises appear, ice floes may appear in the output stream of air.

How to eliminate. The reasons leading to a freon leak is usually not possible to fix it independently! Cracks on pipelines, violation of the tightness of the places of rallying copper pipes. Such defects require special skills and are usually eliminated in service centers.

The appearance of fluid leaks immediately after the installation of the air conditioner may indicate a crack in the drainage pipe.

How to eliminate. A breakdown could arise due to the careless actions of the master of the installer, and in this case, the replacement is free of charge by the company that carried out the installation of equipment.

Less formidable violation that occurs during installation is an insufficient angle of inclination of the drainage tube, leading to stagnation in it.

How to eliminate. Repair is required, which sets the drainage channel at a sufficient angle for a complete outflow of condensate.

What is the cause of the “leak” air conditioner in your case?

If the problem began immediately after installation (several days. a week. month). The problem most likely lies in poor.quality installation.

  • The slope of the drainage pipeline is not sustained. The slope is set in the ratio of at least 1cm for every 100cm pipeline. At smaller values, the water can be collected, and in the absence of a slope, even stagnate in the pipeline, which will lead to the overflow of the drainage bath of the inner block and water leakage along the wall. Solution: Put the drainage pipeline in compliance with the required slope.
  • The drainage hose was unfastened. The drainage pipeline has a joint with a bath, which can simply jump off / disintegrate. In this case, water simply flows from the air conditioner to the room. Solution: This problem is quickly eliminated by the restoration of the integrity of the drainage system.

At the end of the installation, it is important to make sure that the system is sealed and the water flows out freely. This is usually always checked by installers by spilling 1-2 liters of water through air conditioning.

If your air conditioner flowed at once, or in a short time, after installing. The guilt of all installation flaws. It is necessary to contact the installation organization and report the problem that has arisen. If the installation organization respects its customers and monitors the reputation, the deadlines for eliminating “jambs” of 1-2 working days.

Why water flows from air conditioning?

First, it is worth saying a few words about the design of the air conditioner, and then deal with all the questions that relate to the features of his work. In any air conditioner there is part of the refrigerator with temperatures significantly exceeding the temperature of the surrounding air. Usually this hotter part is called. a capacitor or an external unit. It is always outside the room and has direct contact with external, street air. Another part of the air conditioner is installed in the room where the air is required. This is the coldest place of the refrigerator. It is called. evaporator or internal block. These two blocks are connected by copper pipelines, electric wires, this design is called the split system.

Another design of the air conditioner can be called a monoblock air conditioner. In this case, the external and internal blocks are placed in one case, but still its capacitor is directly taken outside the room and is in contact with street air, and its other part is in the room. Most often it is inserted into the window, less often. into the wall.

Question: “Why does the water flow from the air conditioner flow?» concerns the split system, which is why we will talk about it precisely.

Consider a specific example. Suppose an air conditioner is installed in the room. When it is hot outside, it is included for work in cooling mode. The refrigerator, which circulates in the system, boils in the heat exchanger of the internal unit, has a temperature much lower than the air temperature in the room. For this reason, the heat exchanger, or rather the outer surface of the heat exchanger tubes, begins to be covered with moisture, which becomes more and more, and in the form of drops it flows down and gathers in the pallet. It is for this that such a pallet is intended, which is installed under the heat exchanger of the internal unit. To remove this water in the pallet there is a special pipe that is connected by a hose or pipeline. On them, water is removed either to the sewage system or on the street. It is impossible to avoid the formation of this water in any way. Its education is associated with the features of the air conditioner in cooling mode. If the entire drainage system is originally done correctly and it works properly, then do not worry. If for some reason the water begins to drip from the inner block, then there are violations that led to this.

As mentioned earlier, the water from the pallet should merge into the sewer or on the street on the drainage pipeline. Most often, water flows by gravity. To do this, a bias is withstanding at least 1 cm for every 100 cm along the entire path of the pipeline. one.one. If the slope is not withstanded, then water accumulation in the drainage pipeline, in the pallet and water from the pallet begins to drip out. Quite often there are cases when the condensate is removed to the street and the drainage pipeline has to be laid through the hole in the wall. The hole is also drilled downward towards condensate exit. Often this neglect and drill such holes horizontally. Naturally, in this case, the water simply will not drain through the pipeline.

  • During installation, dirt, dust, pieces from construction work can get into the pallet and then get into the drainage pipeline with a stream of water. As a result of this, a partial or complete overlap of the flow of draining water may occur.
  • water can drip or flow not only from the area of ​​the inner block, but also beyond its limit. This situation may occur if the drainage pipeline has some damage and water condensate partially leaks in this place. A similar picture can be observed if the drainage pipeline has a joint or connection over its entire length. In places of poor compounds, water condensate can also be leaked.
  • In some cases, the drainage pipeline cannot be made so that the necessary slope is sustained throughout its path. In this case, the installation of a drainage pump (pump) is provided, which provides constant or periodic pumping of condensate from the pallet. In case of its breakdown, condensate can also accumulate in the pipeline, and, finally, in the pallet itself and drip out.

If, with prolonged operation of the air conditioning, water began to drip water from the inner unit, then the causes may be as follows:

  • Water, as you know, is a good environment for the propagation of mold and other microorganisms. Therefore, after some period of the air conditioner, dust, dirt and other types of organic pollution begin to accumulate in the pallet. Such an accumulation can be observed in a drainage pipeline. If you do not do preventive cleaning in time, then, over time, there are problems with the removal of condensate or even clogging of the drain, which leads to the accumulation of water in the pallet, and to its overflow. The concomitant phenomenon in this case is an extraneous smell from the side of the internal block. To avoid such a phenomenon, there are regulatory work to maintain an internal unit. During such work, the heat exchanger of the internal unit and the pallet for draining condensate is cleaned. For this, special cleaning tools are used. Such work can be carried out with the involvement of the company’s specialists, as well as yourself, if we have appropriate skills.
  • The operation of the air conditioner is accompanied by a small vibration, so over time, minor leaks can also form in places of poor connection of the drainage pipeline, which will lead to water condensation leaks.
  • If for some reason the split system works for cooling at negative outdoor temperatures and the drainage pipeline is found on the street, then it should be borne in mind that the condensate can freeze in the drainage pipeline, there will be an overflow of the pallet and its flow to the outside. So that this is not, then a special heater is installed in the drainage pipeline, which does not allow ice traffic jam in the pipeline in winter.
  • When the air conditioner is working in the air cooling mode in the room, the heat exchanger of the internal unit should not freeze under any conditions, covered with hoar or ice. If this suddenly happens, then after the air conditioner is turned off, the overgrown ice crust will thaw. Since the dimensions of the ice growth can exceed the overall dimensions of the heat exchanger, the water can drain past the pallet when tickled and beyond the body of the internal block. Freezing can occur for various reasons: insufficient number of refrigerator agent in the refrigerator circuit, improper use of the air conditioner, when the temperature in the room is below the temperature for which the air conditioning and high humidity in the room. In this case, it is necessary to contact specialists with a request to eliminate the malfunction, which leads to the freezing of the heat exchanger.


According to statistics, most leaks in climatic devices are caused by the non.postal attitude of the hosts. Particular attention should be paid to air conditioners in winter, since low temperatures can significantly harm the technique. This refers not only to the absence of proper care for the device, but also not the correct selection of the model for a particular region.

Many people prefer foreign manufacturers, believing that the imported brand produces better air conditioners. There is a deal of truth in it. But few who think about the fact that their winters differ significantly from our. With severe frosts, the water in the drainage system can simply freeze, and due to the condensation, puddles will be regularly formed in the room. It is for such purposes that you need a seasonal block. It can be purchased separately or already built into the system, though such a device will cost 100 more expensive. Also, the presence of a device for heating the compressor and drainage system, as well as the fan regulator is not superfluous. All these additions will ensure uninterrupted operation of the air conditioner in the winter.

conditioner, flows, eliminate

In fact, it is not unimportant to install. If you do not correctly set the slope of the drainage hose or not to tighten the nut, then the leak is guaranteed. Therefore, it is better not to be ashamed and call installation specialists.

If there is a leak, then it is worth listening to the opinion of those who have already encountered this.

The reasons for the breakdown

Sometimes happy owners of split systems can face different problems that are accompanied by improper operation of the device. So, the internal block may become wet.

  • The container for collecting the water was overflowed. This happens when the system works at full power for a long time. In the summer heat, this happens, especially in stores and other public premises, where the split system works all day;
  • The heat exchanger freezes the device, as a result, the working fluid during evaporation begins to secrete condensate, which causes constant leaks. Such a problem can appear in the spring, autumn or late winter, when the temperature is higher than 0 degrees during the day, and at night frosts;
  • Damage to the pump or drainage of the air conditioner.
  • The pipes that bring the working fluid into the device are weakened or poorly fixed. In this case, depressurization of the contour occurs, and leaks are formed;
  • Too much working fluid is inside a closed circuit. In this case, excessive pressure appears, from which the air conditioning can not only proceed, but even fail.

How the air conditioner works

In order not to confuse the uninitiated reader, we will not consider monoblocks. Who remembers, 20-30 years ago, climatic systems were performed in one case, which was installed in the window (such solutions exist today).

Modern air conditioners are made in separate buildings, the so-called split systems. This is partly done to save space and ease of installation, but the main advantage is relative noiselessness of work. The fact is that the compressor with one of the radiators is put into the external unit.

In normal mode of operation, it is from the external body of the air conditioning that water is dripping.

We will not consider the mechanism of action of the compressor, evaporators, heat exchangers, electric turbinator in detail. The main principle of work is reduced to one. the separation of the refrigerant (in this case, the freon) into hot and cold components. In the cooling mode of the room, the frost produces an internal block. In this case, the corps of the split system can change the purpose. If the climatic installation has a “winter-summer” category, heat distribution can be expanded by 180 °, and then heat will go from the inner block.

Now about the main thing

Когда холодный через радиатор внутреннего блока проходит воздух, на металл осаждается влага. As a result, the air becomes dry, and condensation is formed on the radiator. Of course, it turns into large drops, and begins to drain down.

That’s right, the outer unit in the cooling mode of the room does not produce condensate. The liquid that we see comes from the room part of the air conditioner. To collect water, in the internal case of the split system, a bath is provided, connected to an external unit. In fact, it is not necessary to start a drainage pipe into an outer module. It is enough to easily remove water from the room, or just send it to the sewer pipeline. Just in the cold season, when you turn on the air conditioner for heat, the outer module “produces” condensate. Saw a blunt block on the wall? It froze water in the heating mode of the room.

This is a violation of the operating mode, with normal operation, water is simply dripped from the drainage hole.

conditioner, flows, eliminate

The engineers thought out everything, the excess water by gravity enters the outer block from the inner bath, and from there it simply drips to the ground. Then why water flows through the wall from the air conditioner to the room?

The internal block of the air conditioner flows when working in hot mode? In this case, in the air conditioner, the Freon leak, which falls on the evaporator and that, simply, freezes. When working, the air conditioning can be suspiciously noise and ice can be poured from it. In this case, you need to stock up the hole in the tube and add freon. Naturally you can’t do this yourself, so you have to order the repairs of the conder from the experts of his field.

There is no other reason why the air conditioner will flow or simply cry. The drainage itself or drainage pipe itself is clogged, or the freon flows out on the evaporator.

Where to buy a replacement

While repair work is being carried out, a portable air conditioner can be the temporary replacement of a stationary product. It can also come in handy in the country, or for example, while traveling somewhere to visit. Optimal, in terms of price-quality ratio, is the option of buying in the Aliexpress online store. Mandatory long.term waiting for parcels from China remained in the past, because now many goods are in intermediate warehouses in the destination: for example, when ordering you can choose the “Delivery from the Russian Federation” option:

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If you saw drops on the body of the internal unit of the air conditioner, or flow on the wall, it is not necessary to immediately run after the master. Carry out elementary cleaning of the bath, rinse filters, check the condition of the drainage tube. If the air conditioner is frostbitten. give you the opportunity to melt the ice deposits, then wipe the body and start the device in drying mode. After which you can use the split system again.



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