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Why it is impossible to bathe after laser hair removal

The harm of laser hair removal

The list of contraindications is standard, as well as for most cosmetological procedures: diabetes, malignant tumors, varicose veins, acute phase of skin disease, allergy, acne, etc. Exposure to a laser beam may exacerbate the symptoms of these diseases. It is prohibited for pregnant and nursing women too.

Is it true that after laser hair removal it is forbidden to use other ways of hair removal??

No, this is not true. But we recommend to remove hair between sessions with razor, as it doesn’t influence on hair bulbs, but cuts their visible part.

I have sensitive skin. Can the laser leave bruises and scratches on it?

Laser hair removal is the most gentle procedure. No scars or blemishes will be left behind, and the laser can also be used to remove hair in intimate areas with delicate skin.

Want to have smooth skin and forget about unwanted hair for a few years?

Sign up for laser hair removal on a modern machine with the built-in cooling system. The procedure is comfortable and painless, and the risk of complications is excluded.

I have an eternal problem with ingrown hairs. Can I use the laser??

Laser hair removal is the best way to fight ingrown hairs, and it is not a contraindication, but rather an indication for using this type of hair removal.

Can I get burned during the treatment??

Yes, burns can happen, but only by inexperienced beauticians who use low-quality Chinese lasers. Choose proven salons with professional equipment, and during the procedure you will feel only a slight tingling sensation, and no consequences.

Can laser hair removal cause skin cancer??

Laser does not increase cancer risk. The depth of its penetration into the skin is only a few millimeters. It does not violate the structure of cells, does not cause mutations, and therefore is not able to start the process of malignant tumors.

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Can laser hair removal lead to infertility??

Laser hair removal as a cause of infertility in women and men. a myth. The laser influences only hair follicle, it doesn’t get into deep tissue layers, doesn’t change the structure of sex cells. Therefore even with regular laser hair removal sessions in the intimate zones there is no danger of infertility for the patient.

After hair removal black spots appeared on the skin. It is dangerous?

Black spots are a normal phenomenon after hair removal in patients with stiff hair and a high degree of hairiness. These are hairs burned by the laser and left in the skin. they usually fall out on their own a week after the procedure. But if this does not happen, we advise you to come for re-epilation or a peeling mask. its composition and timing should be discussed with your doctor.

I sunbathe regularly in a solarium. Can I have laser hair removal??

People with tanned skin should not use laser hair removal. Both ultraviolet and laser irradiation will lead to hyperpigmentation of skin. it can form unaesthetic brown or light spots. They will have to be removed by chemical peels or injections.

Laser hair removal and tanning

With the coming of summer season the question how compatible laser hair removal and tanning is quite often asked by us as experts We decided to explain in details why hair removal on recently tanned skin is undesirable.

The article will be useful for all professionals who work or plan to work with laser devices. The material will help to find competent arguments to convey to clients why it is important to follow the recommendations for tanning before laser hair removal. This topic will also be of interest to clients themselves, who would like to have the procedure done and to understand the issue on their own.

To begin with, let’s remember how the procedure of removing excess vegetation takes place. The laser beam affects the melanin pigment contained in the hair. Thanks to such a targeted effect the surrounding tissues are not damaged. The darker the hair and the lighter the skin, the better the effect.

During the treatment the hairs are burned and their follicles are damaged, the intradermal part of the hair falls out within two weeks. After a course of treatments, the growth of new hair stops for at least several years. No wonder that today’s girls are increasingly choosing this method of self-care. And for the maximal effect of the procedure, it is necessary to properly prepare for it.

On the day of laser hair removal it is necessary to clean the upper layer of skin, remove dirt and dead epithelium (8). Make sure there is no inflammation. Moisturize your skin with oil-free, water-based products. Milk of light texture is excellent. it is quickly absorbed, does not leave a film and traces.

Several hours before hair removal take a warm bath. it will help skin to steam and facilitate the laser removal of hair. Replenish the water balance. the presence of water in the body will reduce redness, irritation after the session.

If necessary, take painkillers. They can be applied topically to the skin surface or taken orally. The most popular are creams with anesthetic and sprays with lidocaine (4%). The tablets are suitable Ibuprofen.

Effect after the first session

You won’t see smooth skin after your first laser hair removal session. Do not be upset: after 10-14 days the hair on the laser-treated skin area will fall out by itself.

Some hairs will remain on the skin in two weeks after the first epilation session, it’s not a big deal. The laser works on hairs with sufficient melanin. If a hair during the procedure was in the growth phase, it has not yet had time to accumulate melanin, and the laser did not burn his bulb. By one of the following sessions the hair itself will be prepared for removal.

Skin care after laser hair removal: what is possible and impossible?

Today laser hair removal procedure enjoys great popularity not only among the population, but also among men.

Today laser hair removal procedure enjoys great popularity not only among the fair sex. men also use this service.

But in some cases the effect of hair removal falls short of expectations. In order to be pleased with the result of laser hair removal, it is necessary to follow a certain rule.

Skin care after laser hair removal directly affects the final effect of the procedure.

  • Avoid direct sunlight for 7 days, do not visit the solarium as well: remember, tanning decreases the efficiency of laser hair removal;
  • Do not lighten, pluck, or wax your hair.
  • After the procedure you may notice a slight redness of the treated skin area which lasts from several minutes to several days. Apply the product that your doctor suggests;
  • Do not sunbathe for 3 weeks.

Between laser hair removal procedures:

  • Do not remove hair by plucking or waxing;
  • The optimal period for repeating the procedure you can easily define yourself: as soon as new hair appears, feel free to go for another treatment. So you “catch” the hair in the active growth stage when the follicles contain the most pigment, which means that during this period they are the most vulnerable to laser hair removal.

After the first laser hair removal procedure, all visible hair is lost forever. However if you want to remove hair on vacation. take care of it beforehand, because you must not sunbathe for 18 days after photoepilation.

Care rules after laser hair removal

The specialists of “Laser House” will tell you how to take care of your skin after unwanted laser hair removal. Basic recommendations:

  • To soothe the epidermis after laser treatment will help special creams “Panthenol” “Bepanten”, “Pantoderm”, etc. Olive or coconut oil can be used.
  • The first 3-5 days after epilation your skin needs regular moisturizing. It is desirable to use a light fluid, so as not to clog pores and not to provoke the appearance of acne. Cosmetics should not contain glycolic acid, retinol.
  • Maximum protection from UV radiation. Even in cloudy weather it is necessary to apply a sun-protection cream not less than 3 months after the session, and in case of active sun. to use the maximum protection SPF 50. The most reliable products are those containing titanium dioxide, zinc oxide.
  • Water treatment should be postponed at least for a day. It is desirable to replace hard soap with mild gels and foams, do not use sponges and scrubs, do not rub treated areas with towels. The water should be a comfortable temperature, not hot. It is better to choose loose clothing to minimize mechanical contact with the skin.

The care after laser hair removal. a detailed instruction how to live afterwards

Provided the technology and safety precautions are observed, after the laser treatment no pigment spots, rashes, burns or other effects should remain on the skin. And for quicker skin recovery, you need proper care.

Let’s consider in detail what you can and can’t do after the procedure.

During first hours after laser treatment

Immediately after the treatment the skin should be cooled. No cold shower and cooling mittens from the freezer. Simply take a couple of ice cubes, wrap them in a soft delicate fabric and apply to the treated areas.

An evident burning sensation and discomfort in the laser working place will remove a tablet of paracetamol.

Many girls are interested if it is possible to make up immediately after laser hair removal? Not advisable, but if there is an urgent need, then only quality cosmetics, careful movements.

There are cases when the so-called gooseflesh and crusts form around the follicles. Such manifestations are treated with a light cream based on aloe vera and in no case scrape off.

The first 3 days after laser hair removal

After one day it is necessary to exclude any thermal influence, including hot bath and shower. All forms of activity that provoke excessive sweating are contraindicated on this day.

After two days, deodorants and whitening creams can be used again (if necessary).

Contact with chlorinated water is still not recommended after three days.

Rough clothing is better to be temporarily replaced by something soft and not so traumatic.

In the first 3 weeks after the laser

In the first week, the skin is particularly smooth and velvety. It is desirable to show off such beauty and it makes you want to go to the beach (if it is a season) with incredible force. Do not give in to temptation, because, due to the increased sensitivity, bacteria and pigment spots will definitely adhere to the tan.

After 7 days you can go to the beach, but with a powerful shield in the form of a sunscreen with the highest level of protection.

It takes time for the hairs to fall out after the first laser hair removal. The most impatient, in order to hasten this process, use tweezers. This is a gross mistake, because even such open microcracks can get infected, which will cause the development of purulent inflammation. Take your time.

Two weeks after laser treatment, the hairs fall out by themselves. You can hurry them up a little with a mild, non-traumatic skin scrub. The sugar and coffee consistencies are not suitable.

All three weeks after laser hair removal you should not go out in the sun without sunscreen.

The sensation of laser hair removal is similar to that of tanning. After the session a special healing composition is applied to the skin and the following three days it is important to avoid hot bath and shower.

So, don’t wash at all? Many women and girls ask the question. Because of the risk of bacterial growth on the laser-treated areas, regular hygienic procedures are not just necessary, but extremely important! But! Exclusively in warm gentle water.

· Alcohol-containing cosmetics (ban for 3 days). Particularly enterprising for disinfection of the treated laser area is applied to the skin pure alcohol. Vandalizing, fraught with the formation of crusts, ulcers and burns.

· The use of medicinal products on one’s own initiative without consulting a beautician.

· Massage the treated areas. If epilation was performed, for example, the upper lip or armpits, then a general massage is not prohibited.

· Hair plucking. Growing hairs should be shaved only. Pulling the bulb out prevents the follicle from dying out and increases the risk of infection entering the open pore. Besides tweezers, it is strictly prohibited wax, sugar paste and other means, pulling hairs with the bulb. In this case, there is a high probability of the body’s response, which will provoke an increased growth of hair.

Ignoring any of the above points is fraught not only with consequences in the form of crusts, peeling and wounds, but also with the need to increase the number of sessions.

How to shave hair after laser hair removal

As it was mentioned above, the hairs growing after the laser should not be pulled out, but only shaved:

· Using a delicate, new, extremely sharp, sterile machine.

· Leave skin warm for at least 10 days before shaving.

· Before and after shaving, do not treat the skin with alcohol-containing products. Soothing thermal water and any mild antiseptic will soothe the skin.

· You can shave the laser-treated areas only after the redness has completely disappeared.

The main thing in the care after laser hair removal is the extremely gentle treatment of the treated areas.

Frequent questions

It hurts. Top Question About Laser Hair Removal! Every girl will respond 100% differently to it!!

When I will see the result of laser hair removal?

On day 14-21 the hairs start to fall out, before that you will see normal hair growth. After the first session it is possible to calculate when I will see the result? Signs of slower hair growth (you shave less often), shedding (hair grows unevenly), no irritation after shaving.

Immediately After the procedure, there will be no hair?

Hair loss starts after 14 days, it can last up to 21 days after the procedure.

How to remove hair between laser treatments?

You can use methods that do not provide their pulling, if it does not provide removal of hair from the root, which means you can remove hair with a trimmer, hair removal cream, razor, can not: pluck with tweezers, string, use an electric epilator, shugaring, wax, resin, etc. It is better to refrain from hair removal for 2-3 days after the session and wait until the skin calms down.

Why not to pull hair between laser hair removal treatments?

The laser permanently removes permanently only hairs in the anagen stage, i.e. when the hair is attached to the hair papilla.

How many sessions does it take to stop hair growth??

For different areas, there will be a different number of sessions, the speed of the result is difficult to predict, you may need fewer sessions.

What should be the schedule of visits?

Schedule of visits (approximate):

  • 1 treatment. 4 wks;
  • 2 treatment. 4 weeks;
  • 3 treatment. 4 wks;
  • 4 procedure. 6 weeks;
  • 5 treatment. 6/8 weeks;
  • 6 sessions. 8/10 weeks;
  • 7 session. 10/12 weeks;
  • 8 treatment. 12/14 weeks and so on.

How to prepare for laser hair removal?

The great advantage of laser hair removal is its preparation. You just need to shave and come in for a session.

What are the restrictions after laser hair removal procedure?

After laser hair removal procedure the skin needs a recovery period.

How to take care of your skin between laser hair removal?

Immediately after the procedure and within the next three to five days the treated skin areas should be treated with creams with pantenol, Bepanten for example, or ceramides ”lipobase” or “cerave”.

How Laser Hair Removal Works?

Laser hair removal. A method for permanently removing unwanted hair, with the destruction of the hair follicle using light energy.

Why it is IMPORTANT to shave carefully hair before laser hair removal procedure?

The laser beam affects the melanin in the hair, but to achieve the effect of hair removal. It is necessary that the hair bulb itself heats up and then the capillary which feeds it, will stick together and the bulb stops to grow hairs.

Is laser hair removal harmful??

No, laser hair removal is harmless procedure, but there are always some nuances. For example, all moles must be taped and wear glasses for the procedure, as well as there are a number of contraindications and it is worth to listen to a specialist and his recommendations.

Does laser hair removal cause cancer??

No, the laser beam does not penetrate deep into the skin, but only affects the pigment. Melanin (that is why laser hair removal does not affect dark-skinned and tanned skin); the beam does not penetrate further into the skin.

What are the contraindications?

There are absolute contraindications when laser hair removal is not recommended!

  • cancer/immune diseases;
  • skin diseases;
  • severe varicose veins;
  • epilepsy
  • pacemaker presence
  • Severe somatic diseases (diabetes mellitus/heart failure, etc.)
  • White/gray/reddish vitreous hair will not be removed by laser hair removal.
  • on tattoos it is impossible to pass a laser (we step back 2 cm from the borders of a tattoo and do on the areas free from pigment)

If I get pregnant when I start my treatments. It is harmful? It will affect the result?

Laser hair removal does not affect the fetus and the course of pregnancy.

When to Start a Course After Pregnancy?

When you are finished breastfeeding or your menstrual cycle is restored.

How old are you allowed to have laser hair removal??

From the moment when your menstrual cycle is established and your parent’s permission to have the procedure. Usually it’s

15-16 years old, you need to come to the procedure with a parent and sign documents agreeing to the procedure.

Why the hair is not removed with one procedure?

Hair has several stages of growth, which is why we always have hair, otherwise we would go bald from time to time. There are about a million active follicles on our body and about the same number of dormant ones. That’s why it’s necessary to increase the interval between the procedures, we wait for the new hairs to appear and then we remove them. On average it takes 1.5 years and 10 treatments.

What can be the consequences of laser hair removal?

Of the positives: less hair growth and quantity, carefree life, no irritation after shaving during and after treatments.

I’ve been to another studio and the hair is not gone, why??

There are some counter questions about this:

Badly ingrown hair from razor/waxing/shugaring, laser hair removal can help?

This is the most common problem with which we are approached.

Science of Laser Hair Removal in SLOW MOTION

How can you tell if a studio uses high-quality equipment or a cheap Chinese machine??

To tell which equipment a studio uses, find out the model of the machine. If they don’t tell you which one it is, it’s probably an unknown Chinese model

Had an alexandrite laser, very painful procedure, same on your laser?

Alexandrite and diode lasers have different techniques for the procedure, for alexandrite it is necessary to grow a short hair length.

Had an unfortunate experience at another studio. I got a burn. How to avoid it again?

Sad experience of another studio, there is nothing good in burns, but, unfortunately, there is always the human factor.

How often do I have to have laser hair removal treatments??

On an average course, we go once every month and a half or two months. At first you will need to come in once every 4 weeks this is due to the fact that the hair grows unevenly.

Is it dangerous to remove hair completely in the bikini zone?? They don’t just grow there for a reason?

No, laser hair removal in the bikini area is absolutely safe procedure, of course, if you are healthy.

Choosing a laser hair removal studio, what you should pay attention to?

Choosing a laser hair removal studio first of all pay attention to the reviews, their quantity, reviews on different sites (yandex card, tugis).

What is the difference between laser hair removal with alexandrite laser and diode laser??

Alexandrite laser hair removal is a very painful procedure, because it will require growing hair, at least 3 mm. This hair will burn off during the procedure, causing pain, as the procedure is non-contact.

Is it possible to remove hair everywhere with a laser??

There is no restriction on the laser hair removal zones. That is, hair can be removed from absolutely any place.

I have blond hair, will laser hair removal help??

Unfortunately, laser hair removal does not remove white, red and very light hair. If they say in the studios that they remove all types of hair, then they are lying or they don’t understand the essence of this procedure at all. It is also important to observe the correct intervals between the sessions in order for each procedure to be effective.

How long will the skin be smooth??

How long the skin will be smooth? After the first treatment, the hair will fall out for about 21 days. If you have very light skin and very dark hair, it is likely that they will almost all fall out. Skin will be perfectly smooth for about 1-2 weeks. And then new hair grows back and will need a second treatment.

Do you have to maintain the result after the course of procedures?

Yes, of course, the result after a course of procedures must be maintained. Unfortunately, miracles never happen: not all hairs will be removed in a single session. The body is designed so that hair should be in it, so over time, new hairs may grow back, which will need to be removed.

I’m afraid of pigmentation after laser hair removal procedure

Pigmentation appears only if you have been in the sun without protection cream in the laser hair removal places.

Can I have laser hair removal in summer??

Yes, it is possible to do laser hair removal in summer, as long as you follow the recommendations before and after the procedure.

Why glasses are necessary during laser hair removal session?

The laser hair removal sunglasses protect our eyes during laser hair removal sessions, because laser beam has both visible and invisible spectrum for human eye. The invisible spectrum can cause burns and damage to the cornea, retina or lens. Your vision will be impaired.

Why you can’t remove hair with sugar/wax/tweezers between treatments?

It is allowed to remove hair between laser hair removal sessions. Or use a hair removal cream. Sugar, wax, tweezers between treatments. is not recommended.

How long does the laser hair removal procedure lasts?

The laser hair removal session lasts from 5 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the number of areas to be treated, height and body weight. On the average it takes 5 minutes for armpits and upper lip, about 20-25 minutes for bikini, for legs completely. About 45 minutes. Here is how the time of laser hair removal is calculated.

Can the procedure be done during menstruation??

During menstruation it is allowed to do any types of hair removal. You have to put on a tampon and come to the procedure. If you have painful first days of menstruation, postpone the procedure for 1-2 days.

Can I have laser treatment in varicose veins??

At a varicose veins it is resolved to do laser hair removal if it does not exceed the second stage. If first or second, if you have vascular spiders and mild dilation, you can.

Varicose veins is one of the contraindications for the laser hair removal. But this regulation is more of an advisory. To understand, whether it is really possible to apply laser hair removal in the presence of varicose veins, it is necessary to describe how these two phenomena interact.

Which laser is better: diode or alexandrite??

The advantage of the alexandrite laser is a visible result immediately after the procedure, because the hair literally burns off. But it is also a huge disadvantage, because the hair burns all its core, and it is very painful. The diode laser is more gentle in its effect.

What is the difference between photoepilation and laser hair removal?

The technology and principle of these procedures are very similar, but there is a huge difference (as between two models of car, for example Zhiguli and Mercedes). In laser hair removal the beam is narrowly focused (for example, in a diode laser of 808 nanometers) and is well absorbed by hair melanin.

Is it possible to shave hair after laser hair removal??

Yes, after laser hair removal you can shave hairs two days after the session, then shave as needed. You will notice that you do it much less often, you will stop feeling discomfort after shaving, as well as the process itself will take less effort and time.

Is it possible to do laser hair removal on the face?

Yes. The main condition for laser hair removal dark hair. If you have white, red, gray facial hair, it will not take laser.

Unwanted facial hair is a problem not only for men, but for women as well. The hair in this area looks unaesthetic and spoils even a very attractive appearance. Laser hair removal is one of the most modern, popular and effective ways to eliminate this problem.

Facial hair grows very quickly (think of men, many of whom have to shave every day), and you have to fight for smooth skin all the time. Women have to tweeze the eyebrow hairs almost every day, and the recently depilated moustache already becomes visible in a few days after the procedure.

Therefore it is important that the used method gives as long effect as possible, ideally for life. None of the above methods can boast of this, unlike laser hair removal, which maintains, if not lifelong, at least multi-year effects.

The laser hair removal technology consists in that a narrow beam of radiation is directed from close range on a skin. Makes the pigment in the root of the hair boil, which destroys the hair follicle and the blood and lymph vessels that feed it. A hair with a dead root falls out after a couple of weeks.

Sometimes the disadvantage of laser facial hair removal is its alleged painfulness. But this is not really the case. Painful was the procedure with the ruby laser, which entered the beauty industry in the sixties. Because of the relatively short (694 nm) wavelength, it only worked on dark hair and only on light skin. And even left burns on it. But technology continues to evolve.

In addition to this, laser facial hair removal has advantages such as:

  • Comfort. As with most beauty procedures, this factor depends on the experience and light hand of the master. But in any self-respecting clinic the patient’s skin will be treated with anesthetic. Only the most sensitive skins may feel a tingling sensation.
  • Speed. The area the size of the palm of the hand is treated in at most 15 seconds. Even with all related procedures, complete laser hair removal of the face will take about half an hour
  • Convenience. No ingrown hairs, itching or stubble.
  • The aesthetics. The skin does not turn blue with roots that are showing through, unlike after a shave. No red spots.
  • Price. The laser is not much more expensive than shugaring. Even taking into account the price of accessories.

Compared with wax and sugar, laser hair removal on the face has the most significant advantage is the durability (a year to several) of the effect.



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