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Why is the refrigerator cracking when working how to fix it

What to do if the refrigerator makes atypical sounds when working

Often, the masters for the repair of kitchen equipment are addressed with such a problem as the appearance of suspicious sounds in the refrigerator. Clients complain of whistle, murmur, gurgling. This behavior of technology is alarming. “Is it necessary to think about the acquisition of a new refrigerator or this one is a slight problem and it can be eliminated?”. ask customers.

To begin with, any working refrigerator will make various sounds from time to time. This is due to the principle of work.

In the absence of breakdowns, the technique will make different sounds:

  • Quiet rumble during the compressor operation. It can be compared with the sounds that the compressor makes in the aquarium.
  • Murmur, gurgling or hissing. These sounds indicate the movement of freon inside the tubes systems.

In old Soviet units, you can hear a short.term clang, after a short rumble from the compressor. You should not be afraid. this is the noise of the engine stop.

But not all sounds are considered the norm. Some noises appear due to a malfunction in the main nodes of the refrigerator.

What else can happen

If you notice a creak in the door area, this indicates the absence of lubrication on the hinges and the development of corrosion. You can get rid of sound by processing the space between the rings of the door axis with grease. Do not take machine oil, it greatly destroys plastic. Details are processed at the door removed. I note that wear accelerates too strong loading. Often in the gap for the capacitor or compressor, extraneous objects are flooded. They are in contact with other parts of the unit and cause noise. You should check this moment and delete an extraneous item.

Sometimes you can hear suspicious loud noises from the refrigerator, which you have not heard before. These sounds can come from different modules. The main thing is to understand that this noise appeared as a result of a breakdown, and not a stable work of household appliances.

It is worth considering the fact that each specific model may have its own specific noises that cannot be found in other devices. This is due to the design features of different devices and their functionality.

You need to understand that in good equipment you can hear a quiet hum from the compressor work. In this case, we are talking about strong noise, which can be identified as a powerful rumble.

  • Due to protracted transport bolts. They hold the compressor during transportation. If they are not removed, then the motor will begin to publish a strong hum when starting.
  • Due to the wrong installation. The refrigerator begins to “growl”, both on high notes and low, if you fill it on one of the sides. In this position, the compressor is in a skewed state and begins to buzz.
  • In some cases, the rumble can occur due to a clogged refrigerant tube or an overdose by freon, after the repair carried out. The compressor cannot drive the refrigerant through the system in full, as a result of which an enhanced load on the motor goes to it. There is a rumble.

Generally buzzing at the first start. this is a normal phenomenon. The compressor works at full capacity to disperse the freon and create working pressure throughout the system. Because of this, an increased rumble is heard, it seems to some that it resembles “mooing”.


These sounds can also be considered standard if they are heard from the very beginning of the refrigerator work. Most often they occur at the moment the thermostat is turned off or off, or after the freezing cycle. Crackle and clicks emit plastic, and sometimes metal parts of the case.

However, these sounds may indicate a breakdown of the device:

  • With a malfunction of the thermostat. Clicks of relay are heard, but the compressor does not start.
  • With a compressor breakdown. Short click, after which there is a start of a motor, which immediately stalls. The light in the cells is on fire.
  • Burned down a launcher. Repeated clicks with complete silence. The motor does not start, the light is on.

Sometimes the undermining occurs at the time of stopping the motor. In this case, the problem may proceed from the compressor mounts. They are developed, and the motor beats the walls on the refrigerator case.

Another cause of clicks is stress surges. Because of them, protective automation is triggered and a launcher can turn on. It will make a sound.

Most often, this sound signals a problem. It can be an unclosed door or loading too many products that heat the Kumers from the inside.

Sometimes a squeak has its own “rhythmic shade”. For example, short segments or protracted sound. The transcript of signals should be scheduled in the user manual or on the official website of the manufacturer.

You can rarely hear a quiet high.frequency squeak, turning into a whistle that comes from the back of the refrigerator. Most likely it is published by a swollen capacitor in the compressor starting circuit. This sound is a harbinger of a more serious problem. Therefore, it should be considered as a prerequisite for diagnosis and repair.


Basically gurgling indicates the correct operation of the refrigerator. But if at the same time the compressor is silent, most likely the device has a breakdown in the tube with freon. Therefore, you can hear the air with the remnants of the refrigerant, sometimes the process is accompanied by quiet claps and crackling.


Ring and creak is characteristic of models with the “No Frost” function. In this case, a failure in the thawing system occurs. Overlaid is formed inside the device. The built.in fan closes with blades to the edge of the ice and a characteristic rattle appears.

Rattling and ringing

Most often, the cause of strange sounds is poorly stretched bolts of fastening parts inside the refrigerator body. To rattle, ring, crack, crunch, bother with both the compressor and various plastic parts. To eliminate noise, you can try to install equipment in level. The reason for the rattling may lie in the distortion of the device or its location with another furniture.


When stopping the motor on the slanted mounts and shock absorbers, you can hear a single or serial knock. It occurs due to a repeated impact of the motor against the refrigerator wall.

When cracking indicates a breakdown?

Refrigerator-household appliances that make extraneous sounds during operation due to a powerful engine. Most often you can hear a crack. In most cases, this is not a problem. But sometimes it may indicate a technical malfunction. To figure out why the refrigerator is cracking, you need to study the likely causes of noise.

Some models of temperature sensors are more sonorous and they are quite heard quite well. This is not considered a breakdown.

Samsung refrigerator cracking noises

Note! If the cracking does not stop for several months, you need to seek help from specialists.

If the refrigerator is greatly cracking. this is a sign of a problem, the elimination of which should not be put off in a long box.

The owners of the unit should contact the service center if:

  • During cod or clicking, the engine is not started;
  • There is no light in the refrigerator;
  • The refrigerator is cracking, but does not freeze;
  • During the cod, the engine buzzes and the smell of Gary is felt;
  • loud sound before disconnecting;
  • clicks the relay that prevents the engine starting.

The materials used by the manufacturer in the manufacture of equipment are expanded and compressed when the temperature regime changes. Such crackling disappears over time.

If the technique is new, in most cases, cracking is considered a normal phenomenon. Adaptation of materials to low temperature occurs. If the refrigerator for many years, a breakdown of some details is possible.

Try to ensure a stable temperature regime in the cells, do not open the door for a long time, do not lay a lot of unknown products on the shelves.

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What should be the noise level of the refrigerator

According to GOST 16317-87, the recommended value of the noise level of a working compressor is 53 dB. This is the maximum value.

The average level of devices presented on the market is from 30 to 40 dB. This is comparable to human whisper. There are models with noise level in 20 dB. Refrigerators with the No Frost system work a little louder than usual due to the fan.

Since one.compressor units provide the operation of refrigeration and freezers, they are equipped with a more powerful engine than two.compressor, so their noise level is higher.

Advice. When choosing a refrigerator in a store, pay attention to the noise level indicated in the product passport.

When cracking indicates a breakdown

Когда треск в холодильнике сопровождается дополнительными признаками – камеры не охлаждаются, компрессор не включается – это свидетельствует о поломке техники.

Why does the refrigerator make a crack and at the same time the compressor does not start? This indicates problems with the thermostat. it measures the temperature inside the chamber. When it does not correspond to the norm, a signal is applied to the compressor. When the optimal temperature regime is reached. a shutdown signal. In this case, a click occurs. But if after it the compressor does not turn on, then the thermostat has broken and requires replacement.

If the refrigerator creaks, clicks and the light does not burn in it, this indicates a problem in a start.up relay. When the compressor starts after clicking, but stops after a couple of seconds, it means that the motor is faulty. A short circuit in the windings causes a loud noise in it and leads to overheating. The protective relay is triggered and the device is turned off. With such problems, it is recommended to contact specialists.

Important! Self.introduction of changes to the design of the equipment is not allowed if the warranty service period has not expired.

Malfunctions and what to do

An extraneous noise emanating from technology in some cases indicates the failure of parts or faults. To understand why the refrigerator clicks, you need to take into account additional factors. They will help to identify problems and find a way to eliminate them. At the same time, the repair is not always expensive, the replacement of some parts does not exceed 3,000

The start.up relay broke

Когда щелчки слышны периодически, а двигатель не заводится, в холодильной камере темно, это свидетельствует о выходе из строя реле. It is impossible to fix the mechanism, a replacement is required.

It is difficult to repair independently. Better to entrust it to a professional. When the master puts a new detail, extraneous noises will disappear. A similar problem most often arises in the hotpone and samsung technique equipped with the No Frost system. However, the cost of the repair is low: reaches 1,500. 3,000 depending on the model.

When the refrigerator clicks when working, but the engine starts, the launch vehicle has nothing to do with it. The technique often reacts so to change temperature. You need to close the door more tightly and not keep it open without need.

Why is a new refrigerator cracking

The refrigerator does not apply to silent devices. The technique is constantly making noise due to a powerful engine. However, sometimes it happens that extraneous sounds are heard, which had not previously been. Most often the owners observe clicks. In most cases, experts do not attribute them to problems. But it is better to find out why the refrigerator is cracking to take the necessary measures.

When clicks are not a problem

If the refrigerator clicks, this is not always a reason for concern. Когда звуки отчетливо слышны после отключения и разморозки, они свидетельствуют о деформации материала при изменении температуры в камерах. This is a normal phenomenon, so the repair is not required. Such inherent in recently acquired units. Over time, the noise will disappear.

Clicks can make the walls of the camera, tubes, plastic parts. Experts do not attribute them to deviations during the work of technology. This is observed due to the difference in temperature. As soon as the optimal mode is established inside the unit, the sounds will stop.

The temperature controller can click in the refrigerator. This phenomenon is inherent in models with a mechanical control system. Sounds are heard from the very beginning of operation, so they do not require attention. Perhaps over time, the details will work and rustling will not become so loud.

To make sure of the serviceability of technology, you need to do the following:

  • inspect the unit inside and out;
  • Check if the cameras are frozen;
  • see if there is water under the device;
  • Study the control panel for errors.

In the absence of the smell of burning plastic causes there is no concern. However, you should observe the technique. If the clicks become more intense, you need to call the master for diagnosis.

When the new technique crackles during work, this is considered a normal phenomenon.

Details are developed to each other, and materials are adapted to low temperatures.

Within 2-4 weeks, the crack should disappear. If it does not stop, you should contact the service center for diagnosis. A number of models have a characteristic sound during work and there is nothing wrong with this.

The technique can make unusual sounds due to the circulating freon. Ariston, Samsung refrigerators belonging to the budget class have this feature. Nothing can be done with this problem, over time it does not disappear.

Reasonable approach to solving the problem

Of course, it is unpleasant if the refrigerator suddenly begins to make strange sounds. buzz on different “voices”, crack. However, in this case, the owners of the device should not panic. You need to maintain composure and learn to listen before.

As an experienced motorist can understand where and what needs to be repaired in the car, focusing on the noise in his “iron horse”, so the owner of household appliances is able to establish in which place the refrigerator “hurts”.

The main reasons and ways to eliminate the cod of the refrigerator

Why in the refrigerator there is a crack, only people who are versed in the device will be answered with accuracy. No extraneous sounds during the work of the refrigerator indicate its breakdown. In some cases, they can be eliminated independently. The main thing is to deal with the factors provoking the appearance of cod and clicks.

Clicks during operation

The reasons for the appearance of clicks during the operation of the equipment are several.

  • Compressor operation (the device is designed to maintain the required temperature, while the noise level is indicated in the device passport).
  • The crack of plastic sheathing due to changes in temperature (when setting the optimal mode, the sound stops).
  • Friction of elements.
  • Circulation through the pipes of the refrigerated agent.
  • At the time of turning on and disconnecting the engine, the thermostat clicks (the volume depends on the model and brand of freezer equipment).
  • Uneven surface (clicks occur due to subsidence or malfunction of adjusting supports).
  • The thermostat malfunction (the technique does not freeze during operation, before the specialist arrives, the refrigerator needs to be turned off so that the engine is not damaged).
  • The failure of the engine-compressor motor (when turned on in the rear of the equipment, creaks, cracks, the engine makes a rumble and you feel an unpleasant odor. In this case, it is also worth turning off the unit from the outlet and wait for the master arrival).
  • The exhausted compressor mount (a loud click occurs before disconnecting from power. You can eliminate the problem by adjusting the springs supporting the compressor).
  • Figus of the heater of the evaporator (the resulting ice creates a load on the compressor work).
  • Contact of details with motor tubes.
  • Examination of compressor shock absorbers.

For reference! Sometimes the cause of the cod lies in the fork. You can only fix the problem with a replacement for a new. The detail cannot be wrapped with electrical tape. This is a potential source of fire.

GE Refrigerator Not Cooling Clicking Control Board Repair

Cracking but does not work

The main reasons include the following factors.

  • Damage of the thermostat (this node when the refrigerator is turned on gives the command to the controller module, which drives the motor. The launch of the thermostat is always accompanied by a bang, but if the equipment does not start working, then the problem is 90% in the thermostatic relay).
  • The failure of the start.up relay (the equipment is not turned on, there is no light and a click is heard).
  • Damage of the engine-compressor (when connecting to the power, a click occurs, the engine starts for a few seconds, buzzes loudly and stalls).
  • Low voltage in the network (after turning off, the engine does not start for a long time, and the refrigerator itself is cracking).

Note! Clicks are considered a feature of the model if they accompany the unit from the moment of purchase.

The lack of necessary knowledge and tools for diagnosis far complicate the task of identifying a true cause causing extraneous noise.

How to solve a problem

What to do if incomprehensible sounds appear? You need to adhere to the next algorithm of action:

  • check the connection to the mains (to prevent electricity drops will help the installation of the stabilizer);
  • fix the position of the refrigerator body;
  • Sometimes the cause of noise is the close distance of the equipment to the wall (the distance should be at least 20 cm);
  • adjust the springs that support the compressor;
  • check the serviceability of the fan (sometimes ice interferes with the normal functioning of parts. In this case, defrosting of technology will help);
  • replace the relay;
  • check the pipeline (blockage can lead to an increase in the volume of the compressor);
  • check if the door is tightly closed and in what condition the seals are located.

Sometimes the refrigerator can simultaneously click and shoot sparks. Here the problem lies in the electrical component. First of all, you need to check the socket, fork, cable, as well as the control module (due to burning it can make a crack).

The malfunction of the thermostat, the compressor engine and other more complex breakdowns will help to eliminate only the master.

The technique is cracking and does not work

In practice, it happens that the crackle of the refrigerator also emits a non.working refrigerator. The main reasons for such problems:

  • Thermostat. To work the compressor, the thermostat gives him the appropriate command. This process is accompanied by a characteristic cracking sound;
  • Damage to the launched relay. The malfunction is recognized by symptoms: lack of work, the problem of the light bulbs, the presence of clicks;
  • Low voltage or recent failure. The compressor cannot start work for a long time due to problems in stress;
  • Fault in the compressor unit. The device starts, cracks, buzzes and clicks, after which it calms down and stops functioning.

When you definitely require repairs

Contacting the service center is urgent if:

  • The unit does not turn on;
  • There are problems in freezing;
  • Residual fluid accumulates inside;
  • The light in the device does not turn on;
  • The unit does not turn off, but also works with interruptions;
  • The hum and other related sounds do not subside over time, but become more intense;
  • Ice accumulates in the freezer compartment;
  • The device is old, and the last inspection was not carried out for a long time.

The refrigerator is cracking: the main reasons

Electricity problems

Sometimes he is cracking and sparkling at the same time. So, there are problems with the electrical component. What needs to be examined in the first place:

  • socket;
  • power cord and fork;
  • conduct wiring maintenance;
  • Control module. perhaps it has burned out and the crackle (the refrigerator will stop working or light bulbs are blossomed on the control panel).

For models with No Frost

Models with “No Frost” are arranged somewhat differently than ordinary. There is a fan in their design that provides circulation of chilled air in the chambers. With mechanical or systemic problems or in the absence of annual defrosting of the cooler blade, they can grow ice. Then there will be a noise, and a crack, and rattle.

What to do? Urgent defrosting needs to be carried out. No Frost models defrost 24 hours. If after included in the network the sound does not disappear, then the system has other breakdowns.

Will repairs fly into a penny

In modern refrigerators models, most shortcomings in work are easily eliminated thanks to the masters of their craft and a wide range of details and analogues in the responsible market. Average (depending on the model) when replacing a faulty compressor engine. the most expensive node in the aggregate. Replacing the relay or thermostat will cost half the cheaper. about 3,000.

Not always a crack in the refrigerator speaks of any breakdown. Cracking in the following situations is considered completely normal.



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