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Why is the floor fan vibrates

Strong vibration from the cooling fan!

Good afternoon! Car 10 days, mileage 2k, from the very first day when the cooling fan is turned on, there is a strong vibration for the steering wheel, seats, body. But it is not constant, but comes in waves. with a frequency of 1 second. what could be the problem?? It seems to me that the blades are not extended, I wait 1, although I doubt it sooo that dealers will change something.

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Well, as if obvious. either the problem is in the impeller, or the problem in the fan engine (shit bearing, for example). Maybe a piece of the blade is chopped off, maybe something was wound or stuck on the impeller, maybe the weight flew off the blade or where they are fastened there. Maybe the fan fastening has weakened and the frame vibrates. Connect the fan to the battery directly and look with your eyes, feel your hands.

The engine is noisy, but the blades do not move

Sometimes when the fan is turned on, the sound of a working motor is heard, but the blades remain in place. There may be several reasons.

  • The lubricant on the bearings dried up. You need to disassemble the case, remove the remains of the old material and grease the bearings again. It is better to choose a composition on a silicone basis.
  • The bearings have shifted. Probably the bushings in which they are in, eventually became unusable. Only the replacement of the bushings will help.
  • Malfunction in the engine. The part will have to be carried for repair so that the master checks the resistance on the windings.

Vibration as a result of breakdowns

Automobile air conditioner is a complex device whose heart is a compressor. The latter, in fact, is a pump that sucks and pumps a refrigerant into the system (Freon P134A).

  • Electromagnetic coupling, which is located in the middle of the compressor pulley.
  • Container radiator (do not confuse the engine cooling radiator).
  • Evaporator who is in the cabin.
  • Thermoregulating valve.
  • Filter-dryer (removes the resulting moisture in the system and filters various garbage using a grid).
  • Freon.
  • Pipelines.

The first thing that interests us is a radiator-condenser. Freon pressure in it, with normal work, reaches 12-15 atmospheres.

Now imagine that it is scored or honeycombs with jumpers in it are deformed and jackets.

For this reason, the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant in the system will increase sharply, the load is not characteristic of its normal operation, it begins to turn on and off, and this is the vibration of the engine. This will be especially felt in severe heat from 30 degrees and above.

The turns will fall, and the ECU attempt to bring them back to normal only partially successful.

STO experts say that this situation is guaranteed to lead the compressor output in the shortest possible time.

Solution of the problem: washing systems, if necessary, replacing the radiator, refueling with a new freon (not cleaned, but, as they say, “from scratch”).

The rattling of the culer of the video card

Good afternoon, faced such a problem. I noticed how the video card is thunder. Depending on the tension-on the “barely” and ending “I hear this crap even from the next room”.

Here is an example of how “barely noticeable rattling” sounds close to:

How to fix a stand fan that makes a lot of noise because the blades fallen off

The video card itself works great, but lately there are oddities with temperature: in the game in one case it can operate up to 75 degrees at the peak, and in the same place under the same conditions, it gives out under 82-83.

GPU-Z did not show any abnormal values-in normal mode, fans spin at the usual value of 1000 revolutions (-5-7). With a load (in games). up to 100%.

I still have a guarantee, I can give it to the service for verification, I can only do it in a month. the service in another city, and there is no second card to replace the second card.

Could it be some kind of driver mistake, the problem of food?

And she certainly does not cling to the wiring? And then there was a case.

Great thought, by the way, the sound of rattling really looks like wiring.

I guarantee that no wire is clinging to.

floor, vibrates

Well, maybe it doesn’t catch, but simply near the wires from the system fan or hull beats on the case itself.

In addition, if in some way the blades touched any of the wires, in theory. I would have noticed it. Plus the blades would surely be damaged from the constant fucking wire.

Most likely, banal mechanical wear of the bearing, no lubricants will help, you need to change, on Aliexpress for about 400, coolers are sold to almost all models, no worse than the original. It was like that. They write only the bearing itself can be replaced, but I did not bother and changed the fans

Fan wear on the card still under warranty?

Anything can be, I had several identical video cards, worked in the same conditions, in one year and a half the cooler died, in the rest they have been spinning for 4 years and everything is in order. There it seems like to check it can slightly press on the impeller if it flows freely from side to side instead of just sagging whole, then it is it

It doesn’t sound very, I would give for verification, especially if there is still a guarantee. Even if the described problems with the temperature are not related to the turntable now, in the future, if the problem is mechanical, there can only be more problems.

floor, vibrates

You need to buy models with high.quality cooling and in good performance. And you need to know which one to buy and pay more grandmothers.

I, of course, was not the case with me as yours. As if he is hurting something. But also unpleasant. I found vidos (I can’t find it now) how the dude advised to glue the heat.resistant tape (although I glued the usual isolet) on a plastic plate under the turntables (I glued on one side, since there was no whistle/whistle on the other). Several layers, the crack of the cooler stopped.

https: // www.YouTube.COM/Watch?v = p_wyzkxlddw so it was on my Windforce 1066 Gygabite, now just 100% revolutions of the sound of the fan

My friend fixed so cod on 1660, but only from gigabytes

How to repair pedestal fan blade balance or blade vibration | pedestal fan repair

I also have such jokes with fans on Giga, but I got used to it somehow

I had about this with the culer of the PSU, tried to lubricate, and as a result simply replaced.

The same thing with the cooler of the BP was. The guarantee for six months as it passed, spit on seals, dismantled, and. so much dust from it. It is not surprising that he is like a tractor rubbish. So far, half a year after cleaning, the flight is normal

And is it possible? I missed them up to hundreds for my life and I can’t even imagine how to do it. Pour the olives? So it still needs to be wise to stop where it is necessary. And oil for a couple of days.

If the bearing is sleeveless, then the lubricant will not save, just a delay for a couple of weeks. If hydrodynamic. replacement, as they are not collapsible. If a regular bearing, then of course you can try to lubricate, but the solution is also temporary. With such a thing. Only replacement.

If nothing hurts (the wire does not rest the fan, for example) and the blades are intact, then this is a bearing.

Further two options: either clogged with dust (clean, lubricate. it works), or the bearing itself has been carried, then only replacement.

Replace the fan and there will be happiness. And so yes, take it to the service and they will tell you. “Replacing the fan. You fucking/100500 ruble “.

Remove the casing, it is on latches there, warranty stickers are usually not damaged. get to the cooler, grease with a syringe with a needle. And yes, the seller’s guarantee usually does not apply to cooling, you can change the cooler. The main thing is not to damage the radiator on the GP.

These one.column are all noisy like a jet turbine. I don’t advise home at all. Temperatures for such a card of norms. You can try to fix it yourself if your hands are from one place, otherwise you score.

On the cards, the Dual and 1 fan versions are fan.up, the fans shit! Normal fans only on more expensive versions of Game Rock! There are enough of them for half a year, a year old, then they are not serviced by replacement, that is, you cannot change grease there, we order an analogue on Alik, there are 2 types. Those that are on the map are worse and there is a better option, it has changed it on Palit 1070ti Dual. On the second alternative! There is a second option more expensive, we change the entire cooling system to an alternative suitable for a video card !

Therefore, I do not like video cards with turntables. Turbine, even old, will never crack.

At the work of a colleague, the turntable fell out of the fan spindle and at first cracked, and then generally stopped spinning. We decided 180 degrees a coupling system unit, legs in the ceiling.

floor, vibrates

Tin a whole brain transplant operation, mda cooler jerked off. Cinema New Buy PPC

The device is very noisy

Since the propeller of the aggregate, the main task of which is to create an air flow, is made of plastic (not always of high quality), then the probability of deformation of the latter is great. This usually happens if the unit is left for a long time under direct sunlight, or near a high temperature source. With deformation, the balance between the blades is disturbed, which causes strong vibration and noise with a normal air flow.

Also, vibration of the shaft can appear due to the sliding bearing of the bearing licking from the long-term operation.

Often when the device falls, when the blades are spinning, the protective grill is deformed. When the rotating propeller is hit, one of the blades may break.

Summing up, we can say that in different models of fans the main nodes and control elements may look different. But the principles of diagnosis and elimination of malfunctions do not change from this.

How to lower the noise level of ventilation installation

The first step is to choose the right ventilation unit power and the fan rotation speed.

The measurements showed that when the fan speed is reduced by 20 %, the noise level in the ventilation system decreases by 5 dB. If you lower the speed of another 10 %, the noise level decreases by 8 dB.

It is equally important to place the installation in the building. The following figures were obtained experimentally:

  • If the noise source is located next to one solid surface (wall or floor), then, reflected from it, the noise intensifies on 3 dB. This option can be implemented by placing a ventilation unit in a large area or on the roof.
  • If the noise source is located near two solid surfaces (walls and floor), the noise intensifies on 6 dB. This option is most often implemented in practice, installing a ventilation unit in the room near the wall.
  • If the noise source is located near three solid surfaces, the noise intensifies by 9 dB. This is possible if you place a ventilation unit in the corner of the room.

Do not install ventilation units near the windows or doors of ventilation chambers. They extinguish the noise much worse. An even worst solution would be to place equipment in a mine or staircase flight.

How to lower the vibration of the ventilation unit

  • Vibroopores are as effective as possible when rotating a fan with a frequency of 1800 rpm and above. They can be made from different materials (rubber, combinations of rubber and steel) and have a different structure.

Such vibroopores are used to reduce vibration

  • Vibrias are best shown when rotating a fan with a frequency of 1200-1500 rpm. As a rule, these are ventilation units for industrial purposes.

Vibrias are more often used for industrial installations

  • The floors on the elastic base are considered the optimal solution if several fans with different rotation frequency are placed in the ventilation chamber. In this case, polyurethane or elastomeric materials are used. They are resistant to loads and are well extinguished by structural noises.

How to lower the acoustic noise of the ventilation unit

The ventilation installation, simultaneously with the structural, is source of acoustic noise. To reduce it, you need to use sound.refracting and sound.absorbing materials. The former differ in high density (for example, brick or concrete), due to which they reflect sound waves and prevent them from spreading. The latter have a porous structure (for example, acoustic mineral wool), thanks to which they effectively absorb the energy of sound waves and thus extinguish them.

The best option is the use of multi.layer structures in which dense sound.cutting and light sound.absorbing materials alternate. In this case, the sound passing through these materials is alternately reflected, absorbed and noticeably loses its power.

How to reduce the noise of the floor fan ⁠ ⁠

You have a cheap Chinese floor fan that blows very much and at the same time makes noise like a plane even at the first speed? It is very hot at the night and at the same time you cannot leave the fan on because it blows the blanket? This instruction is for you:

Make sure the fan plug is pulled out of the outlet. 2. In the gap of any one fan wire, turn on the capacitor. 1 microfarade 400 volts (cost 15) 3. Ready!

Explanations:. Watch paragraph one one instructions of the wire rupture, then eat or cut any one wire that you find in the fan including the wire itself that goes to the fan the wire from the fork to the fan actually consists of two wires in one shell. If you are going to make a collective farm (description at the end), that is, the easiest way, carefully separate the shell anywhere, find two wires there, one of which is cutting out the point number one instructions, you probably can’t read the capacitor further. It’s not important for you what it is if you don’t know. Go to the radio component store and say literally “condenser 1 microfarade 400 volts for the fan” (for reference: metal.water capacitor (CL21)). If not, ask where to buy. In order not to be a sucker, buy a few pieces: one 0.25MKF, two for 0.5MKF and two 1 mKF [μF. This is abbreviated microfarade]. They are all 10-15 each, different in color and approximately the same in size. There will be only one. Most often 1 mkf is a lot and you need to put 0.5 or 0.25. Depends on your fan. Accordingly, in this way, determine the fan speed comfortable for you. 1MKF. Very slowly, 0.5MKF. Comfortable, 0.25 is good and not much

Briefly: promote the box with the fan buttons, in the gap of the wire from the button of the first speed into the fan motor, the capacitor 1MKF or 0.5MKF or 0.25MKF, check the speed, twist the box with the buttons as it was, is ready.

It will be better to solder if there is a soldering iron. If there is no or laziness, twist the capacitor legs well (they can be shortened, they are initially long) with a wire, and just in case, wrap it with electrical tape.

PS: collective farm method. This is if you do not want to disassemble anything, that is, spin the box with buttons, then you can plow the capacitor into the wire itself going from the outlet. For this. Watch paragraph 1 of the Instruction, then neatly in a place convenient for you this wire remove the shell, there will be two wires of different colors under it, you cut one of them, expose the ends and hug (solder) the capacitor legs (there are two of them), lure with electrical tape so that there are no bare wires including the legs of the condensation. It would be better to wrap everything together with a condenser with an overlap without sparing island in two or three layers.

Why not everyone feel vibration and hum

Infrasound field or low.speed sound field, in most cases, are perceived by a person as vibration, as well as a dull noise or hum, sound pressure on the head and ears, clap in the ears, light laying of the ears, etc.P.

Not all people are sensitive to vibration and low.frequency sounds, so the neighbors may not hear or not feel what bothers you, even if they are several floors closer to the source of noise and vibration. And the sound itself is sometimes distributed around the house unevenly, as a result of which resonance can be observed in an apartment removed from the sound source.

There are frequent cases when a sensitive person clearly feels vibration, literally feeling that the floor or sofa trembles and shakes under him, while frivolous neighbors with a higher threshold of sensitivity advise him to go to a neuropathologist or make a “diagnosis” themselves.

Advantages of textile air ducts Prihoda

In addition to lightness, effectiveness and fasting, textile diffusers have other vivid advantages, including:

  • attractive design;
  • protection against the development of mold and bacteria;
  • lack of static effect;
  • high throughput;
  • exclusion of condensate formation;
  • Distribution of air around the entire perimeter of the sleeve;
  • price availability;
  • Operational period. from 10 years.

Effective and absolutely silent work. a parameter that is laid even at the stage of planning and creating a working project. Therefore, in order to avoid inaccuracies and an unforeseen result, we recommend contacting Prihoda specialists for the selection, design and installation of branded diffusers from fabric.



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