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Why is the air conditioning crunch

Common causes of air conditioning noise and ways to independently eliminate them

It often happens that after several years of unlimited use of the air conditioner, he suddenly begins to publish an unpleasant noise. Agree, throwing equipment only due to slight crackling during work is quite stupid, especially if it is a brand air conditioner.

Even such, at first glance, is a harmless “symptom” can signal a serious malfunction that can cause the final breakdown of climatic equipment. To restore the normal operation of the technique, it is important to accurately determine the causes of the noise of the air conditioner, and eliminate them in time.

An annoying noise may also occur due to improper installation, but in this case the first signs of a malfunction will appear in the first months after the start of operation. Further in the article you will learn how, by type of noise, you can recognize the type of breakdown, and quickly eliminate it without the help of the master.

Why is the air conditioner loudly noisy?

In the absence of regular service, the air conditioner begins to crack and buzz in the first years of his work. In some cases, air conditioning can knock even in cases where it is turned off, which indicates problems when installing it.

You can determine the exact cause of the breakdown by the nature of the sound and the source of its distribution. All breakdowns are divided into two types. mechanical and electric.

Even if you yourself can not eliminate the malfunction, you just need to learn to distinguish between the nature of the sound in order to correctly determine the type of breakdown and the cost of eliminating it when calling the master

Mechanical malfunctions are concentrated in the internal mechanisms of the device, while electrical causes associated with the refusal of electronics.

You can independently understand the causes of the air of the air conditioner according to the following algorithm: when a noticeable noise appears, first of all, it is necessary to determine which block acts as source of unpleasant sounds, and only after that try to establish the nature of the noise.

Noise in the inner block

If when the air conditioner is turned on, a noticeable noise is observed, accompanied by vibration, then the reason may consist of malfunction of the impeller engine, or in the impeller itself. Also, the roar of the fan can appear due to the formation of ice, for which its blades are clinging precisely.

The presence of a sufficiently strong low-frequency sound indicates the presence of a problem in the electrical part of the internal block inside the split system. In this case, we are talking about a transformer that begins to buzz right before failure. Such a problem may occur due to the fragile attachment of the device.

The appearance of a quiet hissing can signal the leakage of the refrigerant from the system, but if the hissing sound grows, it is better to check the unit for clogging or cutting tubes

Sometimes the air conditioner is buzzing even in a turn off, which is more characteristic of devices produced by Chinese companies. Such a low.frequency sound does not interfere with night sleep, and is not at all a sign of breakdown.

The causes of the noise of the outer block

A failure in the work of an external unit can occur due to mechanical damage. For example, this may be an intervention on the part of third parties if the air conditioner is installed on the 1-2 floor. Also, the equipment can harm icicles falling from the roof directly to the outer block.

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Over time, the heat exchanger of the external unit can be contaminated with poplar fluff, insects and road dust. As a result of such contamination, the equipment begins to buzz loudly, which indicates a violation of the heat transfer process and a strong overload of the compressor.

Also noticeable noise in the system can be observed with arbitrary promotion of bolts. This situation may arise due to powerful vibration of the external unit, which ultimately leads to a loosening of the mounting of a metal bracket.

The absence of vibrations at the fasteners of the external unit can lead to a strong hum and vibration, which is a consequence of the contact of anchor bolts drowned in the wall at great depths, with reinforcing the stove

If the air conditioner began to make a noticeably almost immediately after its installation, then the reason may be its improper installation. In this case, the problem concerns non.compliance with the requirements for choosing the place and length of the pipeline of the cooling system.

When and why the air conditioner clicks

If at first after turning on and off the split systems there are clicks in the body of the internal unit, this is considered the norm. Similar sounds are due to a change in the temperature of the case and the expansion or compression of plastic parts. If the air conditioner clicks and tapps for a longer time, this may be a breakdown signal and requires an urgent call of the master.

If the outer air conditioner block clicks. The breakdown occurred in the external block and the sound comes from the compressor relay. Main reasons:

The compressor overheating and protection is triggered. The compressor can overheat due to:

  • deficiency or complete absence of freon in the system;
  • the outcome of the outer unit, as a result of which there was insufficient air exchange in the capacitor;
  • The temperature on the street exceeds the maximum permissible value for the split system (43 ° C);
  • the fan of the outer unit does not work.

To eliminate the compressor overheating, it is necessary to check all of the listed nodes and eliminate the defect: season the system with freon, clean the outer unit, fix or replace the fan.

Lack of air exchange in the internal block

At an abnormally high temperature on the street, especially on the sunny side, you need to wait for the evening and try to start the air conditioner again. To prevent such situations on the hottest days, it is recommended to use the air conditioner around the clock. The walls and furniture of the apartment give the accumulated heat, and the air conditioner has to work for a long time without a break.

In conditions of increased heat on the street, there is no good blowing capacitor. Freon in the system does not cool and the protection is triggered. If the apartment is constantly maintained in a cool temperature, the split system does not need to work in the peak mode and the compressor overheating can be avoided.

The cause of high pressure is also too high the temperature of the outdoor air. Freon does not cool to the desired temperature, as a result of which it cannot go to the liquid phase. Excessive pressure in the system is created and protection is triggered.

This malfunction is the most unpleasant of all of the above, because the compressor is the “heart” of the air conditioner. She pulls an expensive repair. Work on replacing the compressor may be accompanied by the dismantling of the external unit, and can do without it, depending on its location.

Air conditioning gurgles and hisses to leave a comment

Something is always making noise in our homes: a refrigerator, hood, washing machine or TV. People can relate to the noise of working technology differently. Some are annoyed, someone does not care, most gets used to it and does not notice. Air conditioners also create a sound background. In expensive models, as a rule, isolation is a little better and they work quieter. However, due to the fact that there are mobile elements in split systems, they cannot be absolutely silent.

Normally, the sound of a working unit resembles a quiet hum or wind noise. A high.quality working conditioner does not create other sounds. A couple of minutes after turning on the system, we stop noticing this noise. A change in the nature of the sound may indicate that the system has a malfunction. By the changed sound, you can accurately determine the nature of the problem in the operation of the air conditioner.

Below we will analyze the reasons for the appearance of a characteristic hiss and gurgling in different situations and nodes of the air conditioning system.

The air conditioner hisses and gurgles after turning off

Most consumers may not pay attention to the change in sound in the intensive work of the unit. However, when the turned off climate technique strangely hisses or gurgles, they urgently call masters for repair. Any loud, sharp and intermittent noises during operation or downtime signal the problem.

If the air conditioner is shook, the problem can be in the drainage node. There is an air traffic jam or the wind blows into the tube outside. Air flow directed from the street reaches the tubes with a bathtub with condensate. The master will eliminate the problem of blowing drainage and installing wind protection of the tube.

Another possible cause of sound of a similar nature may be to remove the track with a refrigerant. This can happen due to work that are not fully carried out: vacuuming, refueling of the freon, a poorly mounted track. The reason may also be a poor.quality unit installation: insufficient tubes length or the formation of strong bends that interfere with liquids move. Also, depressurization may happen over time.

Independently overlap, blowing and adding a refrigerant is extremely undesirable. This requires special equipment and the availability of experience in carrying out such work.

Clip and the sound of the fall of water are the most harmless of extraneous noise published by air conditioners. The reason is the formation of excess condensate on the internal surfaces and in the battery-drive. The optimal method of eliminating a problem is the purchase of a drain siphon.

Clushes off the air conditioner

Split system can report on problems in work and in the disconnected state. The crack of the air conditioning is most often indicated by the strong pollution of the entire unit. To eliminate unpleasant sounds and the subsequent failure of the mechanisms, you should regularly clean the air conditioner of dust, garbage and insects. The inner block is washed every month. The drainage filter is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, especially if there is no way to disassemble the entire system. Cleaning the external unit is carried out by service services twice a year. She will warn the appearance of noise, cod and extra vibrations.

The crack of the external module after turning off may be a reaction to the cooling of the plastic case. Clicking is heard due to the temperature difference.

Why the air conditioner is cracking

The reasons for this phenomenon can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Electric. Refusal of electronics and other systems.
  • Mechanical. Malfunctions in the internal mechanisms of the system.

Cracking in an electrocope can warn about a short circuit. The failure can lead to stopping the air conditioner or breakdown of the compressor electric motor. To determine the breakdown, you need a specialist with equipment to determine the problem areas of the chain.

Cracking is possible when unbalancing rotating details. The deformed fan blad can touch the neighboring part or ice on the internal walls of the device. Each subsequent rotation of the fan enhances deformation. If you do not eliminate the reason. the entire mechanism will fail.

Deformation of the fan or compressor bearings also causes a characteristic sound. Bearings are a consumable that requires timely replacement. Typically, the terms for replacing these parts are set by the manufacturer. However, with intensive work, bearings and other consumables can fail much faster.

The crack of the drainage pump occurs with natural wear or prolonged winter simple. When wear, the pump replacement is shown. After prolonged downtime, as a rule, the sound disappears 30 minutes after the air conditioner is turned on. If the cracking does not pass, it should be called to the diagnosis of a specialist.

Hum when turning on

If the air conditioner is especially straying immediately after turning on, or even simply turns on “every other time”, then the matter is most likely in low.quality external nutrition. The network voltage is difficult to launch the device electric motors. In this situation, the voltage stabilizer, household or industrial, depending on the place of operation and the number of consumer devices. A high.quality stabilizer is especially useful in a private house in rural areas, where not only air conditioners, but also electric boilers and other energy.intensive technology suffer from food problems.

Modern programmable air conditioners can make noise for no reason, being turned off. There is no need to tremble. most likely, it was earned by the system self.cleaning. So that she does not bother you and scare your guests, configure cleaning for a convenient time.

If a low rumble is heard with the air conditioner or the internal unit cracks, and only a complete disconnection from the outlet helps, most likely the reason is in the transformer and it must be replaced.

In some cases, the transformer can be poorly fixed in the case. To eliminate its vibration, it is necessary to tighten the mounts or put rubber gaskets under them.


The device buzzes unevenly

There may be many reasons for uneven noise both in the external and in the internal block, including the loss of synchronization between them (in smart programmable air conditioners). In other words, street and indoor blocks suddenly begin to live in different programs. You can correct the situation by reprogramming air conditioning. The restart algorithm is spelled out in the technical documentation, but if you are not confident in your abilities, better call the master. He will at the same time check if the noise caused a mechanical malfunction or pollution.

The penetration of dirt, dust, extraneous objects in the inside of the air conditioner is the most common cause of extraneous noise and hum during its operation. The warm and wet chick of climatic devices love insects. not only small mosquitoes and midges, but also wasps. The aspen nest in the street block is not so rare. Most often, the axes and blades of fans suffer from foreign objects. Deformations, backlash occur, as a result. even greater urging, vibration, hum and, in the end, mechanical breakdown.

The buzz can also be due to the lack of lubrication in the bearing or simply natural wear of components and basic mechanisms.

Assembly with left hands

At cheap air conditioners, the outer unit can make noise periodically, with different mode of operation. Such a “spontaneous” hum or crack appears due to the fact that the “lame” quality of the assembly.

First, disassemble the case and twist all the bolts and screws of the mount. Pay special attention to the compressor. it creates a maximum of vibrations. Rubber vibro.gamies should be installed between the compressor mounts and the case or the frame of the external unit of the air conditioner. If they are not-make gaskets made of ordinary rubber with a thickness of 4-6 mm.


In budgetary models, thermal insulation on copper tubes may be absent. Because of this, they can vibrate, touch other details and make an extraneous sound. Buy any thermal insulation of the corresponding diameter and insulate them. It will definitely not be superfluous.

Look, maybe the details of the external unit are in contact somewhere or are at a short distance. In these places, lay thermal insulation or make rubber gaskets. Fasten them with ordinary plastic clamp-workers.

complex problems

The compressor contains an engine for which a special oil is needed. It is developed over time. Insufficient oil level or its low quality can lead to the fact that the compressor will vibrate greatly.

Noise may appear due to problems with the compressor itself. In this case, it will not work to determine the problem yourself. If there are rubber vibrations on the compressor mounts, and it continues to work loudly. it is better to call the master. Without proper knowledge and tools, you cannot do anything yourself

Now you know why the external block of the air conditioner is buzzing and you will be able to eliminate the cause. If this does not work out, call the master. Leave your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and share the publication on social networks!

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Winter, the air conditioner is turned off, but in the wind of 3-8 m/s (NB is installed on the outer wall of the 8th floor in the middle of the 6-entrance nine-story building) there is an even rumble of 35-50 dB, and with gusts of up to 15 m/s, additionally metallic Ring to 70 dB) external inspection, removal of the casing, cleaning from dust did not give results

I apologize that I could not answer quickly. I was busy. If your outer block is not installed on the parapet of the balcony, then most likely the problem is that the air is swirling. I can’t speak with 100%confidence, but I have come across this. Another moment: if you hear extraneous sounds inside the apartment, the problem may lie in the drainage tube. The air enters it and begins to buzz, almost howl with pipes.

Sometimes, when installing an external anchor unit, they go back with reinforcement. The probability is small, but there is. With strong winds, outsiders will occur due to friction. Most often this happens when the outer unit is installed on the parapet of the balcony. But even when installing on the outer wall, you can’t insure yourself from this.

You wrote about the extra.shitty inspection and cleaning. These are measures that can help in 20-30% of cases. I recommend: 1. Check the fasteners of the corners and NB; 2. Put an experiment-in windy weather, spin the outer block (blackened, according to the chatter-screw, you need to determine the source of sound) and look, after which it will stop making the sound. This is the right way; 3. Look at the gaskets in the contact places of the external unit of the split system and fasteners. Very often there is the cause of extraneous noise.

Good day! Tell me, please: Conder Electrolux 12. when turning on for cooling. The outer unit makes the rumble periodically and the conder does not work for cooling. There is no gul in ventilation mode. Condensate from a drainage tube does not drip. The tubes coming from the outer block to the internal. heat up What could it be?

Good day with 90% probability problem with freon. Either his drawback, or he completely left the system. The second possible reason is a malfunction of the temperature sensor or electronic filling. In any case, it will not work to solve the problem yourself, call the master.

Good evening I have been tormented for the second year. maybe you can tell the air conditioner does not cold (did not turn it on for heating). Inverter. The external block also makes noise enough. Repairmen come, look, clean, add Frion (like). the latter changed the nipl, he missed something there. As always said, everything will be ok and again the same. blows with barely cool air and that’s it For me, this is a colossal problem since I can’t stand it. I live on the 24th floor. Panorama windows. sunny side. It is impossible to be at home at 22 degrees at the sun Air conditioner is repaired only through climbers Money is thrown right over the wind (climbers) for a couple of seasons in the region of 100 tr and the result zero, Mitsubishi air conditioning, it seems not the worst. 5-6 years in work only in the summer. What should I do ? Tell me please

I bow to the fact that “specialists” with two left hands. There may be many reasons. For example, from such banal ones that the wrong Freon was seasoned, or the freon highway clogged. If the problem has appeared after servicing or diagnostics, in which it lies. Most likely something was done wrong. What can you do yourself: 1. Check if the fan is spinning in the inner and outer unit. 2. Look at the highway from the external to the inner block. it should not be outside the house and be under the light of the sun. 3. Clean the heat exchangers (imperative and capacitor) not only from garbage, but from dust and other pollution. If the internal block in the kitchen, pay him special attention. Fat, dirt, etc. sticks on it.D. After cooking. four. See the air conditioner power in BTU. There are simple calculators online. Perhaps they installed too weak a conder. Often such a problem occurs in rooms with panoramic windows. The installers do not take into account the level of insolation, the number of days when the sun shines into the room, etc.D. 5. The easiest option to slightly increase the effectiveness of the air conditioner. put a visor over it that will protect it from direct sunlight.

Prevention of air conditioning gurgling

To avoid the occurrence of extraneous noises, including gurgling, during the operation of the equipment, the prevention of the air conditioner is needed.

In addition, it is necessary to call the master at least once every few years so that he will diagnose the entire system, if necessary, he will refuel the Freon and inspect the highway to detect damage.

In addition, the user can also harm the technique, if, for example, it will not be wrong to clean it or to establish it illiterate. all this usually leads not only to the occurrence of extraneous noise, but also to the failure of the device. Remember that calling the master will cost you cheaper than a likely repair.

From all of the above, we can conclude that gurgling in the air conditioner is almost a normal sound, which quite often causes fatal breakdown. However, if it is obsessive or suspicions, it is necessary to take appropriate actions. First, it is necessary to find out why the system makes gurgling

To do this, it is necessary to detect places from where the sound comes and pay attention to other factors. weather conditions, mode of operation and much more. Thus, you can understand what took place with the device, and decide how to accurately fix the problem

Preventive measures will allow the operation of a split system for many years, and it, in turn, will create comfortable living conditions for its owners. In case of any malfunctions in the work of equipment, you cannot postpone diagnostics or repair, because this leads to additional costs.

  • https: // Morrozko.ru/konditsioner-hlyupaet-bulkaet-check-pri-ometom-delaat/
  • https: // Ventihome.ru/mikroklimat/kondicionirovanie/Bulkaet-KonditSioner-Pochemu.HTML
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  • https: // celsis.ru/Publikacii/Pochemu-Bulkaet-Kondiczioner

Solving the problem with the gurgling air conditioner

There are two ways to solve an urgent problem associated with the incorrect work of the cooler. If the air conditioning is noisy, and annoying sounds do not stop, the owner has the right to independently eliminate the problem. First, he should inspect the case and check the drainage pipe. Problems that arose due to improper air intake are eliminated quickly as soon as the pipe is aligned in its original position. A siphon for air conditioning is a universal device that allows you to drain unnecessary condensate. With the help of special equipment, air blowing stops.

Calling the master will take less time than independent search for breakdowns. An experienced specialist will easily determine the cause of the noise interfering with households. Failures in the work of automation are the most serious and complex, therefore, certain knowledge and skills are needed to eliminate them.

The gurgling internal unit needs urgent repair work. Due to systematic failures, serviceable parts are subject to increased load. The price of delaying is equal to the cost of repair, and the longer the owner of the air conditioner pulls with an appeal to the master, the more significant the amount for new elements for the cooler.


The air conditioner creates noise with the wrong wind (direction), when the installation of a complex structure was not made according to construction standards. A similar situation is found when untrained people are engaged in the installation of air conditioning. The price of the error is not visible immediately, but only over time. the block (external or part of the internal) cooler does not withstand the influence of the environment.

The turned off the cooler makes noise for a reason, because being in a “sleeping” mode, the device remains connected to the mains. A planned examination of the climate unit, even without obvious causes of malfunctions, will prevent many negative changes in the air conditioner.

Strong wind with improper installation can damage the air conditioner

Air conditioning is noisy when turned off

If a low rumble is heard or the internal block of the air conditioner is often cracking, most likely the reason is in the transformer. Cheap models are equipped with low.quality details, so the only way is to replace it.

Sometimes the transformer begins to buzz over time. In this case, he simply worn out, most likely the winding is damaged. If it is too expensive, it can be repaired. If finances allow, it is better to put a new. You can do this yourself only if you are familiar with the electrician and safety rules.

In some cases, the transformer can be poorly fixed in the case. To eliminate its vibration. just tighten the mounts. If the sound does not disappear-try to put rubber gaskets with a thickness of 2-4 mm under them.

Gurgling sounds in the inner block

Sometimes gurgling sounds are heard from the inner block. There may be two reasons:

Typically, the air conditioner “gurgles” in the wind, but sometimes the sound can appear in calm weather. To get rid of sounds, it is worth cleaning the drainage. details about this are described in the article “How to clean the air conditioner at home on your own”.

If a drainage pump is installed during the installation of split systems, problems may be related to it. It can be:

To eliminate malfunctions with drainage pomp, it is better to call a specialist. You can find a good master in your city with the help of a service for private specialists.

In the second case, the system is not enough freon (refrigerant). Either it was slightly tucked during repair or prevention, or there is a leak. In any case, the issue of not solving the issue on your own. We’ll have to call the master.

The air conditioner is turned off, the fan of the outer unit works:

The errors have already looked, low/high pressure sensors, temperature sensors on the evaporator and condenser, if required, also.

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  • We find the compressor relay, we determine the conclusions of the control winding control, measure its resistance. it is in the range of approximately 0.5-2 kOhm (500-2000 Ohms).

It is only necessary to take into account that the winding is often shunt by diode (connected in parallel), therefore, when measured in one direction, the device can show one value, and if you change the probes in places, then the other, t.to. The diode in one direction is conducted by email. current, but there is no other.

In the absence of a scheme on the case, the control winding can be found by exclusion-where you already know the conclusions of the contact group, on the reverse side on the board they are duplicated, we find them there (we measure the resistance between the contacts from above and the contact sites on the other side, it should strive zero).

But if its resistance is normal, it is necessary to measure the voltage on it. 12 in direct current (we look at the exact value on the case)

If there is a voltage, and the relay contacts are not closed (the voltage of 220 V AC comes, but it does not leave other contact), then the relay is also changed.

If there is no control signal on the relay winding, then a buffer amplifying microcircuit, which enhances the signals from the processor, is possible, we look at the third part about them.

The fan of the outer unit does not rotate, there is no control signal from the board:

We diagnose according to the same method, only taking into account the fact that for each speed of the fan costs its relay. For example, there are 5 of them on my board, but often there are only two speeds.

But the relay with the opened case is visible its contact group and coil, due to the high current, its contacts were sticking together.

I lifted them and cleaned with grinding paper, temporarily restoring the performance.

In the next article, we consider the control board with pulse power supply units.



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