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Why is a hot wall at the refrigerator

The refrigerator warms up on the sides, why and what to do?

This problem is familiar to many firsthand. When it is suddenly detected that the refrigerator was very heated and its wall is hot, a real panic begins. In fact, you do not need to worry in advance. To determine whether a breakdown or the unit has occurred in normal working condition, it is not difficult at all.

Before answering this question, you should figure out exactly how our indispensable kitchen assistant works. The back wall of some models of refrigerators is equipped with a special grill, which is called a capacitor. When operating the engine, it becomes hot, and then cools. Many modern refrigerators of such a lattice do not have. Or rather. it is simply not visible, because it is located not outside, but in the inner walls. In view of this design feature, the unit heats up on the sides. This innovation not only improves the type of modern technology, but also contributes to it more efficient and long.term work.

In the freezer, by definition, minus temperature. Ice air comes out of it in places where the door adjacent to the body when the refrigerator is opened. In cases where sealing rubber deformed, this happens constantly.

In the hot season, at elevated temperatures in the room, condensation forms on the walls. After some time, under such conditions, mold and fungal formations may appear on the sealant. The refrigerator body will begin to rust. So that nothing like this happens, the condenser tubes are located in the walls of the unit. They help moisture in a timely manner.

note! The norm is considered when the walls heat up only during the operation of the equipment. If after stopping the motor is still hot, you need to contact the master.

The most common reasons why the refrigerator heats up can be represented as the next list:

  • The refrigerator works in an enhanced mode, the option of quick freezing is enabled. The compressor in these cases works continuously, so the walls simply do not have time to cool down. As soon as the mode shutdown, their temperature will drop.
  • The unit is in the room, which is too high. To avoid overheating, you should more often ventilate the room in the hot season. It is also necessary to avoid direct sunlight on the refrigerator. It is better not to place the technique by the window that cannot be trimmed during the day. No less evil in terms of the neighborhood for the refrigerator are heating devices.
  • Difficult or completely absent air exchange. The operating guide of any refrigerator model indicates the distance between it and the wall required for the effective functioning of the technique. Despite the fact that it is often difficult to follow these recommendations (small apartments dictate their conditions), it is still better to adhere to them. Otherwise, the refrigerator will systematically overheat, and very soon the day will come when you have to contact specialists.
  • Too many products in the refrigerator, as well as its frequent opening. This increases heat transfer, the “wall” of warm air is formed.
  • Installation on the shelves of the refrigerator of unheated products also provokes an increase in temperature.

Hot walls at the Samsung refrigerator

Modern Samsung refrigerators are also absent from behind. It is located on the sides and is reliably hidden under the sheets of metal. Accordingly, when heat is removed from the chambers, the unit heats up from both sides. This happens most often after connecting new equipment, after laying products or freezing.

The compressor lowers the temperature in the chambers, so for some time it works non-stop. After the branches are cooled, the lattice will begin to cool.

Why is the compressor heated

The compressor overheating can cause the following reasons:

  • The cameras are overloaded with products. With excessive filling, the circulation of the refrigerant and air is disturbed. Accordingly, the compressor overheats.
  • Placement of unbroken products on the shelves of the refrigerator. In order to cool the air inside the unit under such conditions to the optimum temperature, the motor will have to work much longer. Its temperature will increase significantly.
  • The door of the refrigerator remains open for a long time. Modern models have special indicators that provide a timely signal in a timely manner. The main thing is to hear it and close the door immediately. If you leave the refrigerator on the day of day, then you can not count on a long and efficient operation of the compressor.
  • Defrost is carried out incorrectly. precisely, it will be untimely. The thick layer of snow on the walls of the cameras is one of the most common causes of overheating of the motor.
  • Dishes in the refrigerator is not placed according to the rules. Tara of glass, metal or plastic is not recommended to lean against the back wall. After all, the compressor at the same time begins to cool the dishes itself.
  • Faulty heat exchanger.
  • Refrigerant leak. If the chiller tubes are deformed and damaged, Freon begins to stand out outside.
  • Damage to the thermal attewer. When a certain temperature is achieved, the compressor does not turn off. It works without stopping and, as a result, overheats.
  • Incorrect location of the unit. The compressor will certainly overheat if the refrigerator is near heating devices. If it is too close to the wall. ventilation will be disturbed, which will also lead to an increase in temperature.
  • Wear of the electric motor after the allotted time. The material from which the elements of the system are made gradually wear out. Funny parts are subject to replacement for new.

Important! Even the highest quality equipment after 10-15 years of operation needs to be repaired.

Why the side walls and partitions between cameras heat up

First deal with the structure of your technique or look into the instructions. In Soviet.made refrigerators, a grille was located on the back wall. capacitor. When the engine began to work, the back of the grate was heated, and then cool.

In modern two.chamber refrigerators, the capacitor tube is located inside the side wall, which leads to its heating. Why is it done? During the operation of the freezer, the minus temperature is created, in the places of the door adjacent to the body, cold air finds the output. If the temperature is high in the room, then condensate can form on the walls, which eventually leads to corrosion and mold on the seal.

The capacitor located behind or on the sides of the pipe allow moisture to evaporate.

So the system works. For what reasons, the walls of the refrigerator (LG brands) are basking too much:

  • The room is too hot, bad ventilation. For the normal operation of the refrigerator, the distance between the case and furniture should be 5-7 cm minimum.
  • The technique has recently been defrosted. Then it will take time to cool and the temperature resumes. The same thing happens after loading in the department of warm products.
  • The silicone (rubber) seal in the freezer is heated, which makes the door fit tightly to the body. As a result, cold air does not leak to cool the walls.

In some refrigerators (Nord, Indesit), a partition between the refrigerator and freezers is heated. This is a normal phenomenon, because moisture is most often formed here. It is recommended to take care of the side walls of technology, if they are always dry, then the breakdown does not threaten you.

The refrigerator condenser is heated

With normal operation, the temperature of the grille should not exceed 45 degrees. If the capacitor is too hot, then check:

  • The presence of dust and oil praises. Dirt makes it difficult to heat, so the grate must be kept clean. Disconnect the equipment, push the body from the wall and clean the capacitor from dust.

The leakage of the cooling gas is also likely. But only the master will be able to detect the problem in diagnosis.

Why is the partition between the refrigerator and the freezer heats up

In some cases, the refrigerator begins to heat up not only on the sides, but also inside. The temperature of the partition separating the main compartment and the freezer rises. This is due to the fact that the condenser tubes are usually present inside it.

Normally, they prevent a refrigerator breakdown due to moisture on its inner walls and door. If the partition with the tubes inside heels moderately, you do not need to worry about this. But if the temperature rises too much, you need to contact the service.

What to do if the freezer heats up a lot

If the freezer is hot outside, then in some cases the problem can be eliminated independently. The home repair algorithm looks like this:

  • First of all, it is necessary to inspect the freezer door and make sure that when closing it, the seal adjacent to the case. If the elastic band is clogged and has become stiff, wash it with soap solution and treat it with hot water. A strongly worn seal is simply changed to a new.
  • Products are removed from the freezer, turn off the unit and defrost the ice accumulated on the walls. A strong “fur coat” inside the device prevents normal heat transfer.
  • If the unit does not stop heating hard, you need to check the position of the thermostat. You can not constantly keep the freezer in super.commercial mode, the function is included only if necessary.
  • If the refrigerator stands close to the wall, you need to move it away. At the same time, the rear surface of the aggregate body is inspected. if there is a strongly dusty grille there, you need to clean it.

If simple measures did not help, and the hot side walls of the freezer do not cool down, you should consult a specialists. The problem may consist in the wear of the internal details of the unit or a freon leak. It is impossible to repair at home in this case without appropriate skills.

Attention! In the summer, the freezer can overheat due to exposure to direct sunlight. In hot weather, the refrigerator is best rearranged in a shaded angle.

The refrigerator is not recommended to be placed close to the heating battery or kitchen slab

The main reasons for the heating of the partitions between the freezer and the refrigerator

Almost each of us today cannot imagine life without the presence of a refrigerator. In it, we store most food products, and in some cases, drugs that need to comply with a certain temperature regime. Refrigerators repair specialists recommend regularly diagnosing and maintaining this technique. So you can significantly extend the life of refrigeration equipment.

Why the partition begins to overheat?

One of the most common breakdowns of modern refrigerators is the heating of the partition, which is located between the freezer and refrigerator chambers. If the device works stably, do not panic, since overheating of the partition is considered normal. True, the appearance of condensate on the walls of the apparatus can lead to extremely negative consequences, namely:

  • The components made of metal will begin to gradually oxidize, which, in the end, will lead to their complete destruction;
  • The seal that is located between the door and the body will become too often forced, which means that it will be quite difficult for you to open the door every time;
  • A moldy fungus will begin to multiply on the walls, and this will extremely negatively affect the quality of absolutely all products.

Cases in which it is best to contact professionals

If the partition heater does not work, it is best to quickly send the device to a specialized workshop. In no case do not hold the door to the equipment for a long time open. frost will begin to form on it, especially if you do not often defrost the device.

Modern 2-chamber refrigerators are equipped with special condenser tubes. They are laid along the perimeter of the side walls. During the functioning of the device, they heat up, which, in fact, leads to heating the partitions between the freezer and refrigerator.

High.quality systems are specially equipped with a heating jump between cameras in order to exclude too frequent condensation formation. If we summarize, heating of the partitions in the latest generation refrigerators is a normal phenomenon.

However, in order for your equipment to serve as the highest possible period, do not be lazy to regularly contact specialists for its diagnosis.

Why are the side walls heat the refrigerator: how to identify the cause

Noticing that the housing is heated at the refrigerator, do not immediately worry. This usually happens for natural reasons, but can be caused by improper operation and breakdown. Therefore, you should first figure out why the refrigerator is heated by the side walls and other parts of the case, and if necessary, contact the service center.

The refrigerator warms, not freezes: reasons

To understand why the refrigerator housing is heated, we will figure it out in the principle of its work. Refrigeration equipment operates in cyclic mode. In the process of turning on and off the compressor through the cooling system, the freon circulates.

Changing his physical properties, he derives the heat that accumulates inside the cameras, out. The return of thermal energy occurs through the capacitor. This is a radiator grille, which in old models of equipment is located outside, on the back wall.

In modern models, it is hidden inside the case.

Reference. The capacitor is mounted in the side walls not only to improve the appearance. It contributes to the evaporation of moisture and prevents the appearance of condensate, which is formed due to the difference in temperature in the chambers and room.

The outer walls of the refrigerator are heated

When the capacitor is heated, the external side walls of the aggregate are heated. The temperature of the case rises within 20-25 minutes, while the working cycle of the compressor lasts. Then it is gradually reduced to normal values, since the engine is disconnected.

If the compressor works intensively and for a long time, the heating temperature increases. This is a standard situation in which both a new refrigerator and a long.operated one is heated on the sides. In obsolete models there is a hot rear refrigerator wall.

For the same reason, the walls of an independent freezer are warming up. But since the difference between the temperature inside the unit and outside is greater than that of refrigerators, they have more pronounced.

Advice. To ensure normal air circulation, it is recommended to leave the gap between the side walls of the device and other surfaces of at least 2-3 cm.

The partition between the cameras is heated

Why is the refrigerator warming between the cameras? Even high.quality rubber seal passes cold air from the chamber.

In the case of a large difference in temperature between the external and internal medium, condensate forms, corrosion begins, mold appears, the elastic band is frozen. To avoid this, manufacturers of refrigeration equipment lay the condenser tubes around the perimeter of the freezer.

This leads to the fact that the refrigerator warms up between the refrigerator and freezers. This situation should not be an concern for anxiety.

Reference. To protect the device from the appearance of condensate, some models of the Atlant brand are supplied with tape heaters between the compartments. In this case, the heating of the partition is inevitable.

Why the walls of the refrigerator are constantly hot

If the case is constantly hot, the unit works at full power and does not have time to cool down. This happens in good and faulty refrigerators. There are several reasons that do not relate to the failures of technology:

  • After defrosting or the first inclusion of a new device, it gains the required temperature within 1-3 hours and does not turn off. In order for this process to go faster, it is recommended not to load the products into the camera, but to let the technique work idle.
  • When setting the “Fast Froth” mode, the compressor works at full force.
  • If the temperature controller is set to the maximum indicator, the motor works non.stop. It is not recommended to do this, the installation of the regulator on average values ​​is considered optimal.
  • It is hot in the room. At a temperature of 30 ° C and above, heat transfer is difficult, the load on the compressor increases.
  • The refrigerator is installed next to the heat source (kitchen stove, heating radiator, etc. P.). External heating worsens heat transfer and gives overheating the motor.
  • Household appliance is pulled close to the wall, which is why it heats up. If the radiator grille is located on the rear wall of the equipment, there should be a gap of at least 7 cm between it and the wall.
  • If a large batch of products is loaded at the same time, the compressor tries to cool it to the set temperature and does not turn off for a long time. To avoid this, the refrigerator is filled in small batches.
  • When hot or unheated dishes are placed in the device, the motor tries to catch the cold and works for a long time.
  • Normal heat transfer is disturbed when metal, glass or ceramic containers lean against the walls of the device.
  • The reason may be the frequent and long opening of the refrigerator door. To cool the warm air entering the chamber, the motor works more intense.
  • If the unit has not been defrosting for a long time, and an ice has formed in it, which prevents normal heat transfer, the compressor works at full force. To correct the situation, the device is defrosting.
  • Когда загрязнена решетка в моделях старого образца, расположенная сзади, это препятствует теплообмену. As a result, the case overheats to high temperatures. The grille must be periodically cleaned of accumulated dirt.

These causes are non.critical and easily eliminated on their own. To avoid them, follow the rules for the operation of household appliances.

If the assembly case is constantly heated, and its temperature exceeds 45 ° C. At the same time, the products begin to deteriorate in the chamber, this indicates technical malfunctions.

Advice. Before searching for breakdowns, it is recommended to study the instructions for the device for the device. It describes the main possible problems.

The reasons why the unit is warming up, but does not freeze, the following:

wall, refrigerator
  • Examination of the seal. If it is worn or damaged, the refrigerator door does not fit the case to the body. Warm air constantly gets into the camera, and the compressor works continuously. A sheet of paper is inserted between the door and the body to check between the door and the housing. If it falls out, the part should be replaced. This is done independently or with the help of a master.
  • Damage to the thermostat. Faulty part gives incorrect signals to the compressor. It works in an inappropriate mode and overheats. To eliminate problems, thermostat is changed to a new.
  • Freon leak. When a refrigerant leak occurs, the motor works continuously, which leads to its overheating. To eliminate the malfunction, they find the place of leakage, brew it and season the system.
  • Blockage of the capillary system. Clushes of oil clogs the cooling system, and Freon cannot move normally. This increases the load on the engine and leads to its overheating. To correct the situation, oil and refrigerant change in the system.
  • Compressor failure. If there is an interval closing of windings or a short circuit, the motor begins to bask, but does not start. At the same time, clicks of a launched relay are heard. To eliminate the problem, the compressor is changing.
  • Control in the control unit. When the control unit fails, the compressor begins to behave unpredictably. In this case, the error code may burn on the display. To correct the situation, the system is reflash.

Why is the freezer hot, what to do

You felt that the walls of the freezer are hot? This is possible while the compressor continues to work. But when the motor is resting, the walls should cool down. If this does not happen, you need to look for the reasons why the freezer is warming.

Initially, the design of the refrigerator provided for the placement of the freezer at the top. In modern models, it is located below. This is a more rational approach, since the compressor first pumps the cold into the freezer, and then in the refrigerator.

Since its task is to cool the products, it seems that its walls should also be cold. However, it is not. To better figure out why they heat up, you need to understand the general principle of work.

Thanks to the compressor, the refrigerant circulates through the system, absorbs heat and thereby cools the chambers. The accumulated heat is excreted through the grill, which was previously located on the back wall.

Now these tubes are inside the case, on the sides and from above. Therefore, do not be surprised that it becomes hot between the refrigerator and the freezer.

about how the refrigerator works. Read in a separate article.

If the walls are heated slightly and cool during the “rest” of the motor. then do not worry. The instructions indicate the climatic class of technology: at what temperature it should be operated.

But if the camera heats up constantly and the temperature clearly exceeds the norm. this indicates the problem that has arisen.

Diagnostics and repair

Listen, the compressor is turned off or it works without stopping? If the operating time is exceeded, this indicates a problem. Therefore, the walls are heated and do not have time to cool.

What could become an indirect cause of continuous work?

The department door is often open for a long time

The gap could also form in the sealant, and warm air penetrates inside. The temperature rises, the sensor reports this to the main module. Therefore, the latter does not give a command to turn off the motor until the necessary values ​​are reached.

  • Read the instructions again. Do not open the door for a long time.
  • Inspect the rubber seal. If he has worn out, replace. If you clog, wash with a warm solution of water and soap. With deformation, return the shape to the rubber will help with hot water.

Irregular thermoregulator values ​​or mode

With the “Super.Summer” mode set in mechanical models, the freezer will cool “until you drop” until you disconnect it. Check, maybe you accidentally set this mode.

Too low thermoregulator values ​​lead to similar problems. Correct.

Incorrect installation

According to the rules, the case should stand at a distance of 5-7 cm from the walls, away from batteries and furnaces. If there is too little space for normal ventilation, the walls can overheat.

Warm products

You loaded a lot of products at once into the department? Then the motor will work until the temperature recovers. Normally, this should take no more than 20-30 minutes.

If the freezer grows in the freezer with No Frost, this indicates a malfunction. Heat transfer is violated, the compressor works with double load, the walls of the freezer heat up.

What breakdowns are given in the continuous operation of the motor and require repair?

The thermostat broke

When the thermostat breaks, the module cannot get the temperature data in the department, so it does not send a signal to the motor for disconnecting. You can replace the thermostat yourself. Most often it is located inside the camera on the side wall (with a separate adjustment).

#fridge #fridge heating issue

The problems of the evaporator

The breakdown of any element of the evaporator threatens the failure of the entire refrigerator. It is necessary to diagnose a timer of the thaw, sensor, heater. In such cases, it is better to contact the master, because you need special equipment. He will remove the back wall and replace broken parts.

Gas-freon leak

This is a refrigerant that circulates according to the system. A leak may occur for such reasons:

  • Corrosion of the steel circuit. A refrigerant moves along the contour of the contour, and the slightest damage during corrosion leads to a leak.
  • During defrosting, you used physical strength and damaged the camera, perhaps pierced the body. Read more about this on the page “What to do if you pierced the freezer or evaporator”.

You need to contact the service center for localizing damage and refueling the system by freon.

Occasionally the problem may be in the management board. When the moisture was closed or moisture, the simistor could burn on it, which controls the compressor. You need to call all the elements and eliminate the breakdown.

Noticed that the walls of the freezer are heated? Do not panic, check these elements, and then call a specialist.

The compressor of the refrigerator is hot and the radiator is cold. The compressor of the refrigerator failed

Barey operation is the key to your equipment, but no one is safe from unexpected problems. The compressor in the refrigerator is heated or does not work or does not work? Further operation of such a faulty device will result in a more serious breakdown and subsequent expensive repairs. The price of a new compressor can be a third part of the total cost of the refrigerator. That is why at the first “symptoms” of breakdown it is better to immediately contact a qualified service center.

The compressor of the refrigerator failed

The compressor is one of the most important details of the refrigerator. If the motor does not turn on, then the refrigerator will not work. However, in the presence of certain knowledge and skills, you can independently establish the cause of the fault of the refrigerator compressor.

To determine why the refrigerator compressor is heated, you need to know its device. For most modern household refrigerators, the engine design does not have fundamental differences. This unit is a piston electric motor and winding placed in a sealed housing and working from alternating current. To understand the principle of its action, it is enough to recall the school course of physics.

From the hermetic body in which the motor is located, three conclusions were made:

The three of these contacts, in turn, are connected to the relay, which launches the motor. The most modern models of refrigerators have more complex electron-digital launch systems.

The compressor overheats

Modern models are a rather reliable technique, but still it sometimes needs maintenance and repair. Many owners are wondering why the refrigerator compressor is very hot? It is especially relevant in the hot summer time, when the motor simply does not terrify with its task. However, most often overheating of the motor occurs due to violation of the operating rules.

Some models are equipped with an accelerated freezing function, which is used to quickly freeze a large number of semi.finished products, meat, berries or vegetables.

This mode provides for the continuous operation of the compressor, but not all models have its automatic shutdown. Constant work in accelerated frost mode leads to its overheating and premature failure.

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully treat the technique and do not forget to switch the device into a normal temperature regime.

The causes of the malfunction

The most likely reason why the refrigerator compressor is heated is:

  • burnt or “sticky” launch vehicle;
  • uninterrupted work in quick freezing mode;
  • violation of the tightness of refrigeration or freezers;
  • Freon leak;
  • clogging of capillary channels;
  • software failures in the control module.

The damaged rubber seal causes a loose fit of the door, warm air penetrates into the working chamber, and the motor has to increase the refrigerant.

Freon leaks can occur due to mechanical damage to circulation channels. This usually happens due to attempts to display ice from the walls of the freezer or unsuccessful transportation. In this case, sealing the damaged channels and the re.reference of the freon is required.

Sudden voltage surges in the mains lead to malfunctions in the operation of the control module, its configuration and settings. In some cases, overstrain provokes the burnout of electronic components. The problem solves the reprogramming of the module or the complete replacement of the board. Frequent shutdown of electricity and voltage surges is a fairly familiar situation in our time. Therefore, in order to avoid such troubles, you need to take care of quality stabilizers and network filters in advance.

If you notice that the refrigerator motor has become too hot, turn it off from the power supply and call the repair specialist. Only the master will be able to determine the exact cause of the breakdown that led to the compressor overheating.

Motor repair

Be that as it may, any operations for repairing the refrigerator motor is best entrusted to experienced craftsmen from trusted service centers. The presence of special equipment and tools allows for a thorough. identify and guaranteed to eliminate the cause of the breakdown. In addition, experts can provide competent advice and recommendations for further operation.

Attempts to correct the situation can cost at least the loss of warranty service, and the maximum is to lead to the complete unsuitability of the device to further repair. Also, unskilled intervention increases the risk of electric shock.

Household electronic devices with a built.in compressor and electric motor, declared as “silent”, are still not. Modern refrigerators make noise from 10 to 40 decibels comparable to the noise level during a loud conversation.

The reason why the refrigerator is buzzing is most often lies in:

  • improper setting up the operating mode;
  • the presence of excess holar on the walls around the fan;
  • contact of tubes conducting the refrigerant;
  • spanning components, depreciable compressor.

In other cases, there is an internal defect or breakdown. The unambiguous answer to the question why the refrigerator began to start after once or make a heavy noise, and what to do with it can only be given by a qualified specialist.

Fridge compressor heat up too much fridge not cooling what’s Problem How repair learn tips Tricks

The main sources of noise

Most of the sounds accompanying the work of freezers are produced by a circulation system that pumps the refrigerant through cooling channels: a motor-compressor, control of the relay, evaporator. The more intense it is involved (hot weather, warm foods, frequent door opening), the more noise there will be.

The body of the device may begin to resonate with these details and enhance the sound of their operation. With the vibration of a poorly balanced engine, noise can intensify due to the contents of the freezer or glass and metal containers on the shelves.

If the refrigerator has become very good from the moment of installation, but freezes and works without interruptions, the problem can be insufficiently available air to the compressor from the side of the rear wall of the apparatus (often makes itself felt in hot summer).

Heating the partitions between the freezer and refrigerator chamber

Does the refrigerator have the heating of the septum between its freezer and refrigerator chamber?

wall, refrigerator

The refrigerator in the house is a practically necessary device. And its serviceability is an important condition for the comfortable life of a modern person. Therefore, care for the refrigerator, compliance with the rules of its operation and timely diagnosis are considered necessary and useful. Is there a reason to worry?

Heating the partitions between the camera

The owner of the owner can cause the fact of heating the partition between the freezer and refrigerator refrigerator. Why is this partition heated, and whether this is talking about problems in the operation of a cooling device?

Having discovered that the partition between the two chambers of the refrigerator is warming up, you should not worry or rush into the workshop. There is no problem in such a situation, and the refrigerator works quite fine.

Such heating in modern refrigerators is a prerequisite.

Apply for repairs

Reasons that cannot be found yourself

We hope you were able to find out why your refrigerator heats up hard on the sides. We hope you solved this problem. If not, we recommend contacting a specialist. Tell us what happened in matters in the form of a question on the left or below of the material.

Why is the refrigerator housing heat?

Each of us met the refrigerators from the back of which the black grill is located. This is the capacitor. The temperature of this lattice during the operation of the motor is quite high due to the fact that it creates a freon pressure of about eight atmospheres. In order for the cooling system to work correctly and relatively silently, when installing such a refrigerator, there are a number of requirements regarding the gaps between furniture, walls and the device. Today, there are devices where there is no lattice from behind, and instead it is hidden in the walls of the refrigerator case. In such systems, during the operation of the motor, the walls heat up and this is a normal working condition of the refrigerator.

Another place in the refrigerator, which can heat up and this is the norm. The outline of the freezer of the freezer. When opening/closing the door of the freezer, due to the difference in temperature, condensation appears along the contour of the sealant. Then he froze that he can damage the seal, and dampness does not affect the metal case of the device well. Therefore, in many refrigerators, the tube from a hot capacitor passes along this contour, warms it and does not allow moisture to accumulate.

The case is heated. an occasion to contact the workshop.

While the device works fine (it turns off on time, supports correct temperature indicators) There are no reasons for concern. If the walls of the refrigerator began to warm up stronger than usual in the summer. it can also be the reaction of the apparatus to the surrounding temperature. Most often, hot walls, which are an occasion to contact the workshop, are also accompanied by other symptoms. For example: the temperature rises in the device chambers, the compressor rarely began to turn off, and extraneous sounds appeared during operation. All these signs indicate that obvious malfunctions appeared in the cooling system and as a consequence the capacitor temperature, located within the walls of the refrigerator case, increased. In this case, there is a need to seek help from a repair specialist or buy a new refrigerator.

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Why the walls are heated

Heat removal in the refrigerator is carried out through the condenser-soleming, located behind, and in many modern models also in the side walls. When the compressor is operating, which drives the refrigerant through the system, heat exchange grilles heat up, and this heating can be strong enough. In normal mode, the compressor operates for about 20-25 minutes, then it turns off and is in the turned off state of about the same or more time. Since the active “pumping” of heat occurs precisely during the compressor, then in models where heat exchangers are built on the sides of the refrigerator, walls are heatedly warming up.

Another reason for heating the side walls may be the effect of an external heat source. This usually happens if the refrigerator is in the immediate vicinity of the gas stove. Try to avoid the close proximity of the refrigerator with heat sources, especially if they are located near the heat exchangers of the refrigerator. Poor heat transfer can cause another problem. heating the compressor of the refrigerator.

The freezer is arranged according to the same principle as the usual two.chamber refrigerator. Therefore, the reasons that the freezer is heated the same. But, since the difference between the temperature inside the freezer and outside is much higher than that of a conventional refrigerator, the walls of such equipment are heated even more. If the heat exchangers are built into the side walls of the freezer, then when installing the equipment, be sure to leave the gap at least a couple of centimeters for free air circulation and sufficient cooling. But, in any case, the heating of the walls or the rear lattice heat exchanger should be periodic and match the compressor operation cycle. If the walls of the refrigeration equipment are hot constantly or heat up to a temperature, at which it is difficult to hold the palm on the surface, then this is already the reason for contacting the workshop.

Below are other reasons for the strong heating of the side walls of the refrigerator, not related to the breakdowns of equipment and do not require intervention:

  • reinforced operation of refrigeration equipment after completely defrosting;
  • loading a large number of products into a refrigerator or freezer chamber, which causes a sharp increase in temperature inside and, as a result, enhanced equipment;
  • loading very hot products, which causes phenomena similar to the previous case;
  • the function of quick frost is activated (if any);
  • strong ice in the freezer, worsening heat exchange;
  • frequent opening, closing the refrigerator door or its loose closure;
  • Installation of a thermostat for maximum cooling.

Why the compressor is heated

The compressor of the usual household refrigerator works in rather extreme conditions. In order to provide the temperature inside the refrigerator of about 5 ° C, and in the freezer and that is lower. order.20 ° C, the compressor performs the compression of the refrigerant under high pressure. The compressed freon heats up to a high temperature, giving it a part of the compressor, and leaving the rest heat in the lattice heat exchanger. The heat obtained by passing the electric current through the compressor engine windings is also added here. The totality of these factors gives the answer to the question: why is the refrigerator compressor heating. The normal operating temperature of the compressor is 50-60 ° C, and the maximum permissible-up to 90 ° C. As it is worn, the operating temperature rises. When touched the metal surface of the heated compressor with an unprotected hand, you can get a burn.

But this is a normal heating of the compressor that does not need interference.

If the compressor heats up to a temperature causing a protective relay, and even does this in a short period of time in several minutes, then it is likely to be about the interit.circuit or damage to the engine winding. The only way out in this case will be a complete replacement of the compressor.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев (see. Below) they often ask the question: why is the refrigerator in the heat heated. Briefly: in the heat of the refrigerator, it is more difficult to remove heat from the inner chamber and this is the norm, but with a reservation. There are different climatic classes of refrigerators, check at what temperature conditions you can operate your refrigerator.



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