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Why does the refrigerator heat up between the freezer

The refrigerator heats up

We’ll make a reservation right away: this article only considers why the side wall or the refrigerator heats up at the refrigerator, and why the refrigerator compressor is heated or, for example, the reasons for the elevated temperature in the chamber are considered on other pages of our site.

Since it is a refrigerator, whose main task. cool, too warm walls, of course, cannot but alert the owners. We hasten to reassure you: if the refrigerator is correctly established and the rules of its operation are followed, then in the vast majority of cases warm walls. normal phenomenon, part of the refrigerator working cycle.

The fact is that the capacitor is heated through which heat from cameras is given out. In modern devices, the capacitor tube is located on the side and covered with walls: here they are warming up. In older models, the condenser grille is located behind, and the main heating is ongoing there.

Why the side walls and partitions between cameras heat up

First deal with the structure of your technique or look into the instructions. In Soviet.made refrigerators, a grille was located on the back wall. capacitor. When the engine began to work, the back of the grate was heated, and then cool.

In modern two.chamber refrigerators, the capacitor tube is located inside the side wall, which leads to its heating. Why is it done? During the operation of the freezer, the minus temperature is created, in the places of the door adjacent to the body, cold air finds the output. If the temperature is high in the room, then condensate can form on the walls, which eventually leads to corrosion and mold on the seal.

The capacitor located behind or on the sides of the pipe allow moisture to evaporate.

So the system works. For what reasons, the walls of the refrigerator (LG brands) are basking too much:

  • The room is too hot, bad ventilation. For the normal operation of the refrigerator, the distance between the case and furniture should be 5-7 cm minimum.
  • The technique has recently been defrosted. Then it will take time to cool and the temperature resumes. The same thing happens after loading in the department of warm products.
  • The silicone (rubber) seal in the freezer is heated, which makes the door fit tightly to the body. As a result, cold air does not leak to cool the walls.

In some refrigerators (“Nord”, “Indesite”), a partition between the refrigerator and freezers is heated. This is a normal phenomenon, because moisture is most often formed here. It is recommended to take care of the side walls of technology, if they are always dry, then the breakdown does not threaten you.

The refrigerator heating is normal?

Often refrigerators contact the workshop with the question of heating certain sections of the unit. No additional research is needed in order to determine whether the breakdown is or the structural feature of the model.

The temperature in the freezer of the household refrigerator can reach the mark.18 ° C, when working in shock freezing mode, the number can be lower. This causes an impressive difference between the inner and external temperature that affects the walls of the refrigerator. Places where cooling can occur to the dew point. condensate formation, walls at the door and a jumper between cameras. This happens due to natural air circulation when the doors open.

The second reason for the formation of moisture drops on parts of the refrigerator is a loose fit of the seal. This is already a more unpleasant symptom, the cause of it must be eliminated. It will be extremely noticeable in refrigerators, in which the design provides for the heating of some parts. a case or a mezhmer septum. The built.in heating system provided by the manufacturer avoids condensation, the formation of which is inevitable due to natural heat transfer in the absence of additional means of eliminating adverse manifestations in the process of high.quality cooling of products. This system is used in refrigerators with two separate cameras equipped with a separate door.

What areas can heat up as a result of the work of the drainage system:

The capacitor tubes with the coolant can be located around the perimeter of the freezer. When the freezer is located in the upper part, respectively, it will heat up. With its lower placement, the back and side parts of the case will be heated.

Side heating with a wall is possible without heating the back wall.

Most of the two.chamber Minsk.made refrigerators have capacitors hidden in the partition separating the refrigeration and freezers. This is the optimal place to prevent the formation of dew, therefore, ice. When working the walls of refrigerators with horizontal placement of the capacitor, they heat up precisely along the line of placement of tubes with a circulating coolant.

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In the early models of refrigeration equipment, heating was carried out using warm tubes, but they were located outside the unit, on its posterior wall.

In modern models, the entire surface of the back wall can serve as a capacitor. Heating tubes are between the skin of the rear wall. Due to this, the external perimeter does not differ much from the useful in volume.

There are simpler systems. these are electric heaters. They look like thin tapes glued inside the camera. Their location can also be detected by touch without looking inside.

Conclusion: Warm external walls of the refrigerator is a structural feature that avoids corrosion on the case, which can be promoted by moisture. This is a breakdown, it is necessary to avoid insufficient cooling of air inside the chambers

Where does the warmth come from

In the design of the refrigerator, freezer and refrigerator chambers have separate doors. A different temperature is set inside the chambers, so the risk of condensation formation occurs. To protect against moisture, the creators of the device use the heating technique:

  • A built.in heater is installed on the partition, which works simultaneously with the engine and heats the material;
  • After turning off the compressor, the partition cools.

If moisture and traces of ice appear on the surface instead of heat, this is a heater malfunction signal. In this case, contact the workshop to replace it.

Our customers most often complain of such cases of overheating of their refrigerator units:

As for the lateral walls, in the new refrigerators there are capacitors on the sides, which in the summer I can heat up during intensive work. this is absolutely normal.

And if we talk about the old refrigerators, then the capacitor is provided from behind, so the back wall is heated.

If the panel is heated (with buttons or display) on your refrigerator, then this may indicate that contacts overheat the control and this unit requires diagnosis.

The reasons why your refrigerator can be basked, we can also attribute the following: an increased load has arisen, the contour is accidentally depressurized in which Freon circulates or there is another defect in the system or refrigerator itself.

Diagnostics and repair

Listen, the compressor is turned off or it works without stopping? If the operating time is exceeded, this indicates a problem. Therefore, the walls are heated and do not have time to cool.

What could become an indirect cause of continuous work?

The department door is often open for a long time

The gap could also form in the sealant, and warm air penetrates inside. The temperature rises, the sensor reports this to the main module. Therefore, the latter does not give a command to turn off the motor until the necessary values ​​are reached.

  • Read the instructions again. Do not open the door for a long time.
  • Inspect the rubber seal. If he has worn out, replace. If you clog, wash with a warm solution of water and soap. With deformation, return the shape to the rubber will help with hot water.

Irregular thermoregulator values ​​or mode

With the “Super.Summer” mode set in mechanical models, the freezer will cool “until you drop” until you disconnect it. Check, maybe you accidentally set this mode.

Too low thermoregulator values ​​lead to similar problems. Correct.

Incorrect installation

According to the rules, the case should stand at a distance of 5-7 cm from the walls, away from batteries and furnaces. If there is too little space for normal ventilation, the walls can overheat.

Warm products

You loaded a lot of products at once into the department? Then the motor will work until the temperature recovers. Normally, this should take no more than 20-30 minutes.

If in the freezer with the know.toe Frost grows ice, this indicates a malfunction. Heat transfer is violated, the compressor works with double load, the walls of the freezer heat up.

Fridge compressor heat up too much fridge not cooling what’s Problem How repair learn tips Tricks

What breakdowns are given in the continuous operation of the motor and require repair?

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The thermostat broke

When the thermostat breaks, the module cannot get the temperature data in the department, so it does not send a signal to the motor for disconnecting. You can replace the thermostat yourself. Most often it is located inside the camera on the side wall (with a separate adjustment).

The problems of the evaporator

The breakdown of any element of the evaporator threatens the failure of the entire refrigerator. It is necessary to diagnose a timer of the thaw, sensor, heater. In such cases, it is better to contact the master, because you need special equipment. He will remove the back wall and replace broken parts.

Gas-freon leak

This is a refrigerant that circulates according to the system. A leak may occur for such reasons:

  • Corrosion of the steel circuit. A refrigerant moves along the contour of the contour, and the slightest damage during corrosion leads to a leak.
  • During defrosting, you used physical strength and damaged the camera, perhaps pierced the body. Read more about this on the page “What to do if you pierced the freezer or evaporator”.

You need to contact the service center for localizing damage and refueling the system by freon.

Occasionally the problem may be in the management board. When the moisture was closed or moisture, the simistor could burn on it, which controls the compressor. You need to call all the elements and eliminate the breakdown.

Noticed that the walls of the freezer are heated? Do not panic, check these elements, and then call a specialist.

Proper placement of products in a crying refrigerator

If you have a refrigerator with a drop system, check how products are placed in it. These models do not have forced blowing, as in the models “No Frost”. Therefore, the back of the camera cannot be compulsory.

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If you put products next to the freezer, cold air will not reach other parts of the refrigerator. This will create different temperature in two places. When the sensor discovers this, he tells the refrigerator to work more to try to return the normal temperature, or turns on more often.

The system begins to work at an increased level, and Freon does not have time to cool in the chamber. As a result, the side and rear walls of the refrigerator, where the heat exchangers are located, heat up.

In what cases it is worth calling the master

If the body of the equipment is constantly heated, first check the refrigerator settings. Then they pay attention to compliance with the rules of operation of the device and eliminate all the shortcomings. If this did not give a result, they turn to the search for technical problems. First of all, the rubber seal is checked. To search for other malfunctions, it is better to invite a specialist who will diagnose and eliminate problems. Independent repair can lead to more serious breakdowns.

Advice. Before the arrival of the master, turn off the refrigerator from the electric network, remove the products and defrost the unit.

Which from this can be fixed on your own

Some malfunctions can be fixed independently without turning to the repairmen for help:

  • Damage to the thermostat. The regulator has several colored wires. If you remove the grounding wire (yellow) and close the rest directly, then the refrigerator engine will begin to publish even buzz. This sound indicates a malfunction of the temperature controller. For repair, it is necessary to extract the part by disconnecting the relay. Next, the bellows tube is replaced. If the thermostat is electronic, then it is impossible to carry out the repair on your own.
  • Examination of the seal. Когда резинка слегка отходит, ее можно посадить на силиконовый клей. For a complete replacement, you need to buy a new seal, choosing the material by a centimeter wider than the original. Then the rubber is planted on glue. It is more problematic to change the seal fixed with mounting foam. In this case, the material is attached to plastic with self-tapping screws with a step of 10-15 cm.
does, refrigerator, heat, freezer

It is worth it to repair the refrigerator in case of the end of the warranty period. If the warranty has not yet passed, then it is better to call the master.

Proper installation and operation of the refrigerator. a guarantee of its long service. Periodic heating of the walls is a sign of normal work if the desired temperature regime is maintained inside.

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