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Why does the air conditioner do not blow the cold air Samsung

Split system does not cool well: reasons and how to deal with it

Split system is the established name of household air conditioners who have a spaced design, that is, they consist of two blocks-internal and external. Improving systems and a wide production of such a class of technology made a split system with an indispensable attribute of a city apartment, especially in the southern regions.

Unfortunately, as a result of a series of malfunctions, the air conditioning may stop performing the main function. cooling the air in the room. Not being a specialist, it is quite difficult to determine the cause of the breakdown. However, most cases of cooling or falling its performance have repeatedly met in the practice of masters and are typical.

The regime is incorrectly selected

Before looking for a breakdown in the system, you should first check the settings of the unit. There are many users who have difficulty using the control panel. Often these are people of the older generation, unfamiliar with technical innovations.

Weak cooling can be caused:

  • Incorrectly set mode. Instead of cooling, the system can be launched for ventilation or heating. This is evidenced by the universal symbols of the icon. “sun” during heating, “snowflake” during cooling, “drop” during drainage or “fan impeller” for ordinary air circulation.
  • The temperature parameter is incorrectly selected. If the room is 28 °, and the size of 26 ° is chosen on the remote control, then even with good operation of the split, the microclimate in the room will change slightly. For more efficient cooling, it is worth choosing a temperature that differs by 5. 7 ° by that now in the room.

What to do. Experiment with the settings of the climatic unit. Perhaps the optimal selection of mode will solve the problem.

And the casket just opened

Each air conditioner has a minimum temperature at which he can work for heat. In inverter models, it is.25.15 degrees, for ordinary.5 5 ° C. You can find it in the instructions.

The air conditioning documents also indicate the maximum temperature to which it can heat the air. Manufacturers indicate this figure, croaking with their souls. The greater the difference in temperature, the less the efficiency of the air conditioner.

For example, it is indicated that the air conditioner can operate on heat at temperatures on the street before.25. And to warm up to 28. It means that:

  • With frost.25 He will be able to heat the room to 16;
  • When on the street.20 air conditioning will give 18;
  • If on the street.15, it will heat up to 20;
  • When “overboard” 15, the air conditioner will be able to heat the room to the indicated 28.
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The numbers are given for example, each model has different. Manufacturers do not specifically indicate them to mislead the buyer. Before sounding the alarm, look into the instructions or specification for the air conditioner.

Ice on the lattice

The frequent reason why the air conditioner does not warm at the beginning and end of the cold season. ice. On the grille of the radiator of the external unit accumulates and intensifies moisture. An ice crust is formed, interfering with normal heat transfer.

Radiator (capacitor) is located from the back of the outer unit. If ice has formed on it, do not try to knock it down! You can get rid of ice with a good construction hairdryer. If not at hand, spill the lattice with warm water. Then thoroughly dry it with an ordinary hairdryer.

A fur coat in summer is bad

In order for the air conditioning to work effectively, it must well remove heat through the external unit. For these purposes, he is served by a radiator. Over time, it is polluted, dirt, dust, poplar fluff settles on it.

They create a kind of “fur coat”. Because of it, the radiator does not give heat well and the air conditioner begins to cool the room poorly. The easiest way is to rinse the radiator of the external unit using a conventional wash for washing dishes.

Be sure to see if the fan works. If it is slowly spinning or even stands still, then even a clean radiator will not be able to give heat. You can replace the fan motor, but it is better to call a specialist. You can find a good master on the portal for the search for private specialists.

Problems with the fan

It happens. that the air conditioner cools, but practically does not blow. We give 99%. the problem with the fan of the internal unit. Most likely he stands or rotates very slowly. There are three options:

  • The fan motor broke or burned out;
  • The bearing has worn out;
  • Dirt in the places of connection of the fan with the motor prevents him from rotating.
  • First of all, rinse the fan and the place of its connection with the motor, remove all the dirt;
  • If after that he did not rotate normally. scroll it with your fingers and listen;
  • If there are extraneous sounds at the junction with the motor. You feel with your hand as something stops him-the problem with the bearing;
  • If there are no extraneous sounds and the fan can be easily scrollful with your hand. the problem with the motor.

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You can replace the bearing or motor yourself. To do this, you need a cross screwdriver, half an hour of time and desire. But it’s better to call a specialist. suddenly the problem is not only that.

Cooling circuit

Perhaps the only emergency situation in the cooling circuit should be considered depressurization causing a refrigerant leakage.

Since all the elements of the system are connected by metal pipelines, it is almost impossible to ensure complete tightness of the circuit. In places of joints, T.n. “Regular” leakage of Freon, due to which the air conditioner loses about 8% of the refrigerant during the year. This situation is not of problem and requires only periodic refueling of the system by freon during regular maintenance.

With low.quality installation, the destruction of sealing and mounting parts (for example, when a crack appears in the fixing pipe of the nut), corrosion of the highways, additional leaks appear. Freon’s consumption exceeds the standard indicators, the air conditioner loses the performance and speed of the temperature set, the freezing of parts is manifested, etc.D.

It is difficult to unequivocally diagnose a refrigerant flow to the final user:

  • It does not have the necessary equipment to assess the number of remaining in the Freon system. Indicators by which he can judge the state of the circuit. the temperature of pipelines and radiators, the pressure in the system. However, these dimensions require special devices. at least attached to the surface of thermometers and the manometric node (collector) and the skills of handling them.
  • In some cases, it is possible to judge the place of leakage by flows of oil and dust sticking, however, this method cannot be considered reliable and working in all cases.
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Various methods are used for this:

  • Immersion in water;
  • Use of soap solution;
  • Use of ultraviolet dyes and lamps;
  • Working with lefravlers of various designs.

Eliminate the prostrate of the refrigerant in the following order:

    Disable the split system from the network.

  • Conduct a visual inspection of the highways, paying special attention to the locations of the connection, the quality of the blocking and integrity of the reinforcement.
  • If necessary, the search for depressurization sites (it may be necessary to remove freon from the system, its pumping with nitrogen).
  • The leaks will be eliminated by replacing parts, soldering problem areas, cutting the pipes in places of joints with repeated blocking. Work is carried out on a system without a refrigerant.
  • Conduct the contour.
  • Perform vacuuming.
  • Twist the system by freon.

If you have the necessary equipment, you can do all the work yourself. However, in the service center, the repair will be made better and faster.

All necessary materials can be purchased at the same service center. They also provide equipment (vacuum stations, manometric collectors, etc.) rent.


The main faults of fans of external and internal blocks of split systems include:

  • Breakdown of the blades (more often found on external blocks where freezing is observed, large garbage is possible).
  • Cliff of engines of engines (interitral short circuit or on the device case) or their breakdown.
  • Shaft deformation and jamming.
  • In three.phase systems. incorrect alternation of phases or connecting a smaller amount of them.
  • In fans with alternating current engines. the failure of the capacitor on the windings.

Perhaps, perhaps, only for the first list of the list. breakdowns of the blades can to conduct high.quality diagnostics. It is determined by visual inspection. As for the replacement of the impeller, it will be possible to carry it out without problems only on axial fans of the outer unit.

In the internal, as a rule, centrifugal structures are used, in many of which the impeller is combined with the engine rotor. In this case, the only repair option will be to replace.

For the diagnosis of other problems, it follows:

  • De.energize the system.
  • Disconnect the conductors going to the electronic unit.
  • Make measurements of the resistance of windings (the manufacturer indicates the working quantities in the technical documentation).
  • Check the condenser of the windings.
  • If there are no problems. connect the conductors, turn on the system, carry out voltage and current measurements (compliance with electrical safety rules is required, appropriate admission is necessary).

Based on the results of the measurements, they conclude that the fan performance and the need to replace it (it should not be restored in artisanal conditions).

does, conditioner, blow, cold

Other problems are eliminated by replacing the entire node. the jammed shaft, worn bearings, etc.

Air conditioning needs to be cleaned

Split system is a technical complicated device that needs regular maintenance. Most of the maintenance work must be entrusted to a specialist, but with cleaning it is quite possible to cope on your own.

The external and internal block needs to be cleaned. The outer block should be cleaned with your own hands only if it is installed at a height of no more than two meters from the ground. In other cases, we recommend contacting the master. Do not risk your life and health.

Other reasons why the split system does not warm

Sometimes air conditioning can start behaving strangely.

There is a heating mode, the device does not blow at all, but in the cold mode everything is in order

If the air conditioner does not warm, but cold, the reason is that he needs to warm up before work. The heating time can be different, depending on the degree of pollution, temperature outside the window, the level of freon. On average, it’s 10-15 minutes. If during this time the device has not earned, you need to call the master.

The heating mode has been set, but the split system does not open the grill and does not want to work

If the air conditioner does not warm the air, the reason may be that the temperature outside the window is below recommended. Protection from use in the cold is triggered. The operating instructions indicate the temperature range allowed for the air conditioner.

The device works on heat in normal mode, but cold air occurs periodically

When the air conditioner works for heating, heat is taken from the external unit. As a result, it is covered with ice. In such a “fur coat”, the system cannot work normally, so gets rid of icing. The cooling mode is launched, the external unit heats up and thaws, and then the heating is turned on.

Operation of the air conditioner in winter for heating

In order for the split system to work correctly, it is important to comply with a number of conditions:

  • Follow the temperature regime indicated by manufacturers.
  • Do not try to cover the external block with a casing to warm it.
  • Turn on the device at the indicated starting temperature, and not at the temperature that is allowed for operation (indicated in the instructions).

For our latitudes, the best solution is to use the air conditioning in the off.season (at T from 0 and above), until the central heating has been turned on. In this case, the efficiency of the split system is maximum, there is no risk of breakdown due to low temperatures.

If you still have questions about the use of the air conditioner in winter or there are problems in his work, contact the phone 7 (495) 762-62-28 and 7 (495) 766-29-82.

Reasons why the air conditioner does not cool the air

The reasons why the air conditioner does not cool the air can be both harmless and quite serious. If the device does not work as it should, you should try to find the problem yourself. Sometimes, you can fix the problem with your own hands and in a short time.

It happens that the new air conditioner does not cool the air, and the reasons can be completely banal. For example, after the device is turned on, the room did not become cool. Here the fact is that the system needs some time to catch up with the specified parameters. Measure the temperature at the entrance and output. The difference between indoor air and the blinds blown out should be 6-12 degrees. If the split system works at full power, and the difference is less, call specialists from the service center.

To get the consultation:

Trying to understand why the air conditioner does not cool, first of all look at the settings. It may be set too high temperature, and you just need to set a lower value. If the modes are selected correctly, but cooling is still ineffective, it is worth continuing to search for a problem.

If the air conditioner does not cool the air, the reasons are as follows:

Blowing goes, but it is not cold enough. The indoor unit leaks and there is icing.

Air filters are very contaminated, because of which the radiator does not give the cold. If the pollution is serious, the evaporator tubes can be covered with ice. Blok can leak due to a clogged drainage tube.

Clean filters. They easily get and wash in warm water (not hot!). It is necessary to rinse the pallet and drainage tube, treat them with an antiseptic.

The split system blows with a barely cold air stream, the compressor of the external unit turns off after a while.

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The radiator of the street unit is contaminated. If there are flowering plants near the house, they quickly clog the heat exchanger with fluff. This significantly worsens heat transfer, and the compressor turns off due to overheating.

Wash the radiator with a high.pressure sink. It is possible to do this yourself only in a private house or if the block hangs on the ground floor. In other cases, specialists with auto.items will be required.

Warm air comes from the blind. The compressor of the external unit turns on for a few seconds or minutes, and then turns off.

Perhaps the case is a low network voltage.

You need to put the voltage control relay.

If you examined everything, and did not break down, the help of specialists will be required.

What is part of the split-focus?

Splitcontusor-a system divided into external and internal blocks. That’s why it is highly effective. Window air conditioners could not boast of this property.

The composition of the inner block includes an airfilter, a fan and a coil with a radiator, in the pipeline of which Freon circulates. In the external unit, there are a compressor and a second coil, as well as a capacitor that helps the converting a freon from gas back into a liquid.

In all types and varieties of air conditioners, Freon absorbs heat when evaporating the inner block in the evaporator. He gives him back during condensation in the capacitor of the external unit.

Split controlors vary in type and power:

  • with a wall inner block. up to 8 kilowatts;
  • with floor and grounding-up to 13 kW;
  • cassette type. up to 14;
  • Column and channel. up to 18.

The central and systems with an external unit placed on the roof are considered rare varieties of splitting.

Main elements

So, in the coil (circuit) circulates the evaporating and condensing freon (refrigerant). Both the internal and the external blocks are equipped with fans. so that the absorption of heat in the room and its discharge into the street takes place several times faster. Without fans, the evaporator of the inner unit would quickly score the coil with ice traffic jams from the same freon, and the work of the compressor in the outer block would stop. The purpose of the manufacturer-to reduce power consumption of both fans and compressor-they consume more current than other blocks and nodes.

The compressor drives Freon according to the closed system of air conditioning pipelines. Freon vapor pressure is low, the compressor is forced to compress it. The liquefied freon heats up and gives heat to the outer unit, which “blows” the fan located there. Having become liquid, Freon goes into the internal unit pipeline, it evaporates and takes the heat with it. The fan of the internal unit “blows off” the cold into the air of the room. and the freon goes back to the outer circuit. The cycle closes.

However, both blocks have a heat exchanger. He accelerates the removal of heat or cold. It is made as large as possible. how much the main space of the block allows.

“Track”, or a copper tube, connects an external unit with an internal. There are two of them in the system. The diameter of the tube for a gaseous freon is slightly larger than for a liquefied.

Situations in which the solution to the problem is only a specialist

Unfortunately, not all the malfunctions that occur during the operation of air conditioners can be solved independently. In some situations, the help of the repair master is simply necessary.

does, conditioner, blow, cold

Freon evaporation or leak

Freon is a substance due to which climatic equipment cools the air. Even if the integrity of the system is not violated, normally it evaporates from air conditioners up to 7% per year. It is possible that over a few years without maintenance, the split system has lost a large amount of freon.

After violation of the integrity of the system, the air conditioner begins to blow with warm air, and then completely ceases to turn on.

Solution: In the case of natural evaporation, the specialist conducts refueling by Freon. If depressurization of the system has occurred, the master finds the place of breakdown, eliminates the leak, and also refueling by Freon.

The blockage of the capillary pipeline

Due to the blockage of the capillary pipeline, the difference in the input and output of the capillary tube arises. As a result, Freon evaporates, giving the cold even before he enters the evaporator. Cooling ability falls, the compressor makes attempts to compensate for this with its continuous work.

Solution: depending on the degree of pollution of the capillary tube, it is either cleaned by purging or solvents, or replaced by a new.

Damage to the switching valve

The switching valve controls the operation of climatic modes. If the technique has stopped cooling the room, then it cannot switch to cooling mode.

Solution: valve replacement. Repair is also possible, after which the equipment begins to work only for cooling. This is much cheaper than replacement and profitable for those who do not need a heating function.

In cases where there was a breakdown of other components of the air conditioner, they need to replace them with new ones: as a rule, they are not subject to repair.

If the air conditioner stops cooling the room, this can cause panic, especially on a hot day. However, it is worth calm down and double.check everything: perhaps in the settings the inappropriate mode is simply set.

If it turned out that all the options were selected correctly, and the split system still does not work properly, you need to contact a company engaged in the maintenance of climatic equipment.

The main thing is to find the reason for the problems and quickly resolve the issue, keeping a good mood at all costs!



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