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Why does a metal stove smoke in a bathhouse

Why does the iron stove smoke when the door is opened in the bath

To decide on further measures to eliminate the smoke of the furnace, it is necessary to check the quality of the thrust in the smoke.casing system. The check is carried out in one of the following methods:

  • Using anemometer. High.precision professional device for determining smoke traction.
  • The ignition of the flammable material. Burning material is brought to the chimney. with good traction, the flame is directed upward, with poor traction or its absence. remains real estate.
  • Visual verification. If a dark red tint acquires a dark one when trampling a stove, this indicates a decrease in traction. Good traction provides a bright, almost white flame.
  • The presence of the pungent smell of smoke. If pungent odors appear with an open firebox, this indicates mechanical clogging of the chimney system.

A complete list of reasons why the heating furnace begins to smoke is large enough. In each individual situation, it is necessary to take into account: the nature (temporary or permanent) and the duration of smoke, the temperature regime indoors, weather conditions, design features and the life of the equipment.

Subject to the technology of arranging and kindling of the furnace, the probability of smoking the structure is minimal. But if the problem is nevertheless discovered, then timely diagnosis and elimination of problems will ensure a long service life of heating equipment.

Smoke of the furnace can be caused by the so.called overturning of traction. It usually occurs after the stove has not drowned for several days. At the same time, the traction was great earlier. Such a idle leads to the fact that the air flow changes the direction to the opposite and does not go outside, but falls into the dwelling.

To eliminate reverse traction in the chimney, it is necessary to quickly increase the air temperature in the chimney pipe. This can be done in several ways:

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  • through the highestly located chimney cleaning door;
  • opening the bors in the attic;
  • Throwing lit paper at the outlet of the pipe. This method is used if the first two did not bring the result. He must lead to restoration of traction.

Когда нормальную тягу удается восстановить, она сохраняется в дальнейшем при регулярном протапливании печи. Cipping traction should no longer bother. You can find one more. folk. the name of this phenomenon. “air traffic jam”. It is completely unfair of his occurrence to accuse the stove. This absolutely does not depend on his work, and the thrust can occur in any stove.

Why smoke

Smoke in the bath is not only unpleasant. It is also very dangerous. Any schoolboy knows: in the process of combustion, a carbon monoxide is formed. a strong poisonous substance. So you need to carefully ensure that in the room where you like to have a pleasant time, only steam and heat are preserved, and do not smoke in any way.

So, for what reason does the stove smoke in the bathhouse and what to do with it?

  • The simplest reason (it may arise if the bathhouse and stove equipment was designed and not mounted)-the stove “does not pull” due to too small the internal diameter of the smoke pipe. If this indicator is less than 120 mm Change the pipe.
  • This reason is more difficult to eliminate (and most likely, you cannot master the process yourself), but you still have to do something: if the metal bath stove is smoke at the first firebox-it is highly likely that you incorrectly installed the unit or made errors in the design
  • However, do not rush to panic! Perhaps the point is not in the design of the furnace, but in the pipe, and then it will be possible to correct the situation relatively simply.

Sanging sticking

The most common source of traction deterioration is soot sticking on the walls of the chimney. The inner diameter of the pipe becomes so narrow that the smoke, accumulating, goes through any cracks in the aggregate case. The degree of soot sticking does not depend on the location of the furnace: in the bathhouse or in the house. Incorrect operation and certain varieties of burned wood contribute to its formation more. The first factor includes insufficient. and to the second. the burning of coniferous logs. The only way to repair is in this case is to clean the chimney.

How to clean a chimney?

For the mechanical method of cleaning, special devices are required:

First, a weight attached to the cable is lowered into the chimney. So you can find an obstacle or place where the pipe narrowing occurred. If you need to push any object that overlap the channel, the weight is thrown down with force. At the next stage, the pipe is cleaned with a ruff. It has the shape of a square or round brush, its dimensions should be slightly larger than the opening of the pipe. The chimney is cleaned down/upward from soot and accumulated fine garbage.

The chimney clogged

Another thing is when the stove began to smoke unexpectedly: last week everything was fine, and on this one. some problems. The reason may be simple enough. soot scored a chimney. Claring the situation will correct the situation. It’s good if the pipe has no bends. In this case, you can tie a brush with a load on the rope and using this design to clean the chimney.

If the furnace has been operated for many years, smoke may indicate that it has exhausted its resource.

Sometimes the cause of poor traction is hypothermia. This happens when the bake was not operated for a long time. To solve the problem, you need to light a rag in the chimney, after moistening it with kerosene. The pipe warms up and the furnace will work again as before. Soot can accumulate on the internal walls of the chimney. This happens because of the poor quality of firewood. To prevent this from happening, firewood needs to be thrown already into the melted stove.

Sometimes it was blown out occupied a fairly large place. in the entire width of the device. The air, getting from the blowing into the furnace, is pushed away from the back wall and rushes out. To solve this problem, you need to lay part of the blow. The negligent owners smoke due to the fact that Sazha scored. There is only one way out. clean it. Return

Chimney maintenance

Rules for installing a stove

At the stage of designing a steam room, you need to purchase an oven. Depending on the features of its design, the bath itself is built. In addition, the furnace affects what thermal insulation of the room to organize, which structure to make the roof of the building, where to remove the chimney.

does, metal, stove, smoke, bathhouse

The furnace should be installed on a reliable and fire.resistant base. It is best to install the oven on concrete. Thermal insulation should be laid in front of the stove door and covered with a metal sheet. It is strictly forbidden to place the furnace near wooden walls. Usually a separate room is dedicated for her.

After the stove takes its place, they start installing the chimney pipe. The best option is a straight pipe, since it provides reliable traction and there is no reason why the stove smokes in the bath. The best option will be if the installation of the chimney is carried out by a specialist, as this is a rather difficult task.

The stove smokes in the bathhouse. what to do?

At the stage of designing a steam room, you need to purchase an oven. Depending on the features of its design, the bath itself is built. In addition, the furnace affects what thermal insulation of the room to organize, which structure to make the roof of the building, where to remove the chimney. The furnace should be installed on a reliable and fire.resistant base. It is best to install the oven on concrete. Thermal insulation should be laid in front of the stove door and covered with a metal sheet. It is strictly forbidden to place the furnace near wooden walls. Usually a separate room is dedicated for her.

The stove in the bath can be blocked for the same reasons as the brownie, see. Further. But there are also specific reasons for its smoke. The bath stove, firstly, feeds on highly moisturized air. Secondly, the bathhouse will not be drowned all the time and the furnace from washing to washing is protruded with it. Thirdly, the best bath stove is cast-iron, but in many baths there are steel welded stoves. Baths of new buildings are rarely supplied with bricks, and in old brick stove from the furnace to the furnace damps.

A chimney to a brick furnace in an old bath is often attached in the same way as in residential buildings for the sake of saving on construction work (pos. 1 in Fig.): A brick booths are built in the attic (a sunbed, horizontal chimney knee), and a steel pipe is removed from it closer to the roof skate. The bathhouse is low, small, and it is difficult to put a high pipe on it.

The deposition of fluffy soot in a metal chimney and insulation of the chimney to eliminate it

All this together leads to increased precipitation of fluffy Amon of soot (pos. 2), quickly clogging the chimney. If you load then brown coal or raw firewood into the furnace, then the soot can tighten its entire clearance for one fireplace, pos. 3. In addition, in a chimney of this design, an air cork easily occurs (see. Further): horizontal column of cold air in the wow perfectly supports it.

Symptoms of deposit of fluffy soot in a chimney of a frequent stove are quite characteristic:

  • Checking the thrust before trampling (see. an article on the furnace of furnaces) shows its sufficiency; It is impossible to check the traction on the treatment door behind the absence of such.
  • The kindergarten passes normally, but the initial fuel load is flared up for a long time.
  • When loading fuel, the flame immediately blushes and the stove begins to smoke.
  • When trying to increase the supply of air, opening it, it was blown up, the stove is blushed, thick smoke fells out of it, and there is a frenzy.
  • With a firebox, unconnactive fuel is possible to swell and smoke a properly melted and launched furnace on the go.

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does, metal, stove, smoke, bathhouse

Cleaning the chimney of the bath furnace, as a rule, does not cause serious difficulties: its knee is short and they can be “torn” with a broom with a long stick (a broom of rods without leaves). A radical way to get rid of a fluffy soot. insulation of a steel chimney, pos. 4 in Fig. Fluffy soot begins to depart at a chimney temperature below 80 degrees, and then increases, so to speak, itself. If at least 100 degrees on the mouth of the chimney, a fluffy soot can be not particularly afraid.

With the structure of the furnace is more difficult. To at least inspect it from the inside, you need food doors (cleaning). But in a complex stove they may need so much that they will spoil the appearance of the room, and the elongated cleaning, which is forgotten by a ajar or blatant, can cause smoke and furs. Therefore, in many house furnaces, food doors are replaced by treatment bricks sitting in the masonry dry.

By the way, according to the same professional ethics, a conscientious stove, handing over the bake to the customer, was supposed to show where the treatment bricks. And under the pre.revolutionary legislation, non.ordering the previous owner of the furnace of the new location of the food bricks could also entail criminal liability.

If there are no necessary cleaners, then the bricks replacing them are easily byproofing. And, what is important-suddenly the treatment bricks (brick) showed themselves externally, this is a sure sign that something is wrong with the stove, even if it is still quite on the move.

“To manifest” a food brick can be a hollow on the wallpaper (pos. 1 in Fig.), their bulge or color change. On whitewashing under the plaster, an outlining brick appears a ratio (pos. 2), according to which the air can be sucked into the oven. Further. dirty and heavy, but simply, pos. 3-6.

How to increase traction in a bathhouse

If the inspection of the furnace in the bath did not reveal malfunctions, and the thrust is still weak, you can resort to additional methods:

  • Instead of a conventional cap, a chimney or deflector is mounted on a chimney, this device allows the wind to use the wind as an additional hood;
  • An electric smoke fan can be set in a chimney canal, it creates forced traction under any conditions, the disadvantage is dependent on electricity and the need to protect the cable.

Homemade craftsmen independently develop fluigns, traction amplifiers of various designs.

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Smoke pipe. in itself is a natural hood. To create the movement of warm air up, a full tributary from the outside must be provided.

However, often, arranging a forced ventilation system, the owners make only a forced extract (in the kitchen and bathroom, for example). If some factors influenced a reduction in the chimney, a powerful forced extract through a separate channel will become an additional interference with a normal movement of smoke from the furnace.

Competition for the chimney can make up the second floor. If there is a staircase and a hole to the top nearby, the air sometimes more willingly rushes there, especially if in those moments when the window opens on the second floor.

Temporarily turn off the hood, close the windows on the second floor, open the window or door at the oven level so that fresh air enters the room. However, one cannot allow other extremes. drafts.

Ventilation holes are not enough

If the fire does not receive a sufficient amount of oxygen for combustion of firewood in your furnace, then it may begin to smoke due to ineffective combustion.

  • The lack of oxygen may be the result of closed or insufficiently open ventilation holes in the furnace.
  • All ventilation holes in a wood stove should be completely open before ignition of fire and remain completely open until the fire covers firewood.

As the fire burns through the initial pieces of wood, forming a layer of hot coal, you can add more and larger logs to the fire to obtain larger heat.

To increase the efficiency of the fire, the ventilation holes must be closed until the fire calmly burns through the firewood, without causing smoldering and the formation of smoke.



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