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Why can the microwave stop work

Common malfunctions of the microwave and ways to eliminate them

The microwave has become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen and in offices. It saves time when heated by finished dishes and defrosting semi.finished products. We are so accustomed to the existence of microwaves that we begin to instantly panic if any difficulties arise in its work. Let’s try to figure out what malfunctions can occur in a working microwave, and what ways to eliminate this problem exist.

Before trying to find a breakdown yourself, you should study the device device and understand how it works. The microwave consists of: chambers, doors with a seal, magnetron responsible for generating energy, energy converter. transformer, diode, capacitor, fan. Auxiliary elements of the microwave are grill and pallet lamps, fan and pallet engines. Products in the microwave are heated due to the effects of electromagnetic radiation of high power.

Waves penetrate the contents of the camera and affect molecules, which, due to such penetration, begin to move towards the lines of the electromagnetic field. The movement of molecules provides heating of products from the outside and from the inside.

Magnetron. a diode that provides the generation of electromagnetic waves, when the flow of electrons interacts with the magnetic field. In the center of a copper anode in the shape of a cylinder is a rod cathode with a channel thread, it is he who releases electrons. The standard power issued by the magnetron is 800 watts.

Due to the fact that the magnetron releases a lot of heat during operation, its body must be placed in a plate radiator, constantly blown by air emanating from the fan. Also, due to considerations of magnetron protection, they are supplied with a special thermal subject warning.

Another important component of any microwave is the fan. The fan creates blowing a magnetron, grill, the camera itself, from which, thanks to the action of this device, air and water vapor come out. With the help of air ducts located inside the furnace, air is circulated from the outside.

Any oven has a shielded chamber protected by a metal case that prevents the penetration of radiation to the outside. The metal grid on the glass of the microwave doors is also not random. it does not pass the rays of 2450 Hz. The door itself should very clearly fit to the body, it is important to exclude any even the smallest skew. In a naturally forming gap, preserving the geometric shape, the so.called standing wave of electromagnetic impulses is formed, it takes a value equal to 0, and this prevents the penetration of radiation beyond its limits.

The control unit is designed to maintain the set power and turn off the device after the set time. These are two main parameters of functionality.

On a note! In modern models, the functionality of the block has expanded significantly, and now in microwaves there may be built.in hours, power indicator, standard preparation or defrosting programs, ending signal and some other functions.

Details the principle of operation, as well as the diagram of the device of the microwave, including the electrical circuit, are given in this article.

How to eliminate typical breakdowns of microwave oven

The user can eliminate part of the typical malfunctions and options for the microwave of the microwave independently. However, it is worth noting that this will require some skills to use measuring equipment and elementary attentiveness when disassembling and assembling the furnace. Basic knowledge about the device of electrical circuits will not be superfluous. And, of course, all work should be done only with the diet of the furnace. That is, it must be physically de.energized by pulling a fork from a 220V socket.

The microwave does not turn on

Without special skills, it is impossible to repair the power control unit. It is recommended to contact the nearest service to carry out such work. But some checks can conduct some checks on his own.

  • The socket is tested. You can elementarily include another electrical appliance in it. If there is no voltage, you need to eliminate this breakdown.
  • The microwave power supply is investigated. To do this, you will have to open the device case. On the board in special clamps there is a fuse. It needs to be inspected and checked for conductivity. If the element is burned, you can try to replace it.

Important! This must be done using the same fuse brand. Set parts with a large rating of current of the operation is strictly not recommended.

When there is power in the outlet, and the fuse is checked or replaced, you can try to warm up a glass of water in the microwave. If it still does not work, then the problems will have to be eliminated in the service center.

There are malfunctions when performing a given mode

It happens that the microwave does not turn off after the end of the timer, does not start or stops working directly during the heating cycle. This most often indicates the malfunctions of the door mocked. There are several of them. For a simple repair in domestic conditions, the door must be carefully disassembled, if necessary, clean the contact groups of microswallows.

microwave, stop, work

Another problem leading to failures when performing a given mode can be caused by problems in the power control relay for a power transformer. This element is not.free. If there is a position with incorrect operation when calling the contacts, the relay is changing entirely.

The most difficult situation is when malfunctions cause problems in the control unit. They are eliminated either in the service center, or by completely replacing the module with a new.

The device does not warm well

When the voltage drops in the power supply, weak heating by the microwave. normal phenomenon. It is typical for houses in rural areas or in areas with an overloaded energy system. Already at a voltage in the outlet in 205V, a sharp drop in the intensity of the radiation of magnetron occurs.

But if the voltage in the network is normal, the power elements of the microwave power system should be tested. It is also worth recalling the time during which the microwave of the stove is operated. If it is measured for several years, and the drop in heating intensity all this time has occurred gradually, then the magnetron lamp simply fades. This element has a final service life and must be replaced.

The microwave does not warm

With a working control panel, starting timers and modes, the microwave does not warm only when problems in the power system.

  • Check the voltage on the primary winding of the power transformer of the magnetron. In its absence, it is necessary to repair the control module.
  • If there is a voltage on the primary winding, check all the key points of the radiation formation system. Namely, the working capacity of the transformer, the characteristics of containers, diodes, magnetron.
  • The transformer is tested by measuring the conductivity of primary and secondary windings. If their resistance is close to zero, there was a short circuit between the turns. If to infinity. cliff.

Any person who knows how to use a multimeter knows how to check the characteristics of capacitors and diodes. With testing the magnetron is more complicated. Do several checks.

The first belongs to the lamp. If, when checking the resistance of its thread, the multimeter shows the extremely low parameter value, everything is fine with the element. Otherwise, inspect the coils of filters, contacts of their fastening.

If everything is in order there. the magnetron needs to be changed. The need for such an action will also indicate checking the passing containers, when the resistance when touched by one probe of the multimeter to body A to the other to contact resistance is not close to infinity.


The appearance of sparks indicates a violation of the insulation of the working chamber. This means that a mica plate that covers the window of the magnetron burned out. Or broken-shaped nozzle rotating a glass tray. It may also be that the user uses incorrect dishes. Sparks on metal bowls, for plugs and spoons forgotten in a plate. this is normal. It is worth remembering that the details from conductive alloys cannot be placed in the microwave.

The pallet does not spin

The pallet of the pallet is quite simple. If it does not work, the matter may be jamming. This is checked manually by rotating the plate. There may also be a cliff to the engine to the engine. The most difficult problem is a breakdown of the gearbox. It makes no sense to repair it, it’s cheaper to buy a new knot.

The device does not respond to the commands of the control panels

If we are talking about a model with mechanical switches. all of them are subject to mandatory cleaning, checking, replacing faulty elements. In microwaves with electronic control, the absence of a reaction means breakage in the power control module.

The main causes of the problem

When using a microwave oven in everyday life, it should always be remembered that even expensive models from manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Sharp, Bork, Bosch and others are subject to problems. If the microwave itself turns off a few seconds after turning on, then the reasons are as follows:

  • The fuse worked due to the installation of the highest power for a long time. The cooler could not cope with such a load, the microwave oven overheated and turned off. To resume the operation of the device, it must be turned off for a while. The problem may consist in incorrect work of thermallane.
  • The device does not work well due to the high environmental temperature. For example, in hot times or if the device is located near the plate and is very hot from the outside.
  • The fan electric motor failed. Symptoms of such a malfunction are the pungent smell of melted plastic, the formation of sparks inside. The element must be replaced, but it is unsafe to do it yourself.
  • Rotor and starter skew. It is necessary to look into the space between them: the remains of food or dust could get there.
  • Mantron leak.
  • Fan fan bearing. Urgent replacement of the part is required.
  • The fan blades are scrolled or broken. Attempts to repair parts usually do not give a positive effect. But the professional replacement will return the microwave to working condition.
  • Lack of regular cleaning of the device. The fan can start buzzing.
  • Failure of speed switch or buttons block. In this case, the cooler does not work, the device turns off ahead of time.

Correcting problems yourself is quite risky, since each model of the microwave of the stamps of Whirlpool, Daewoo, Panasonic and many others have their own design features. It will be difficult to deal with the device for a layman. It is much easier to order a service for repairing a microwave in.

Frequent reasons for turning off the microwave oven after the start

The microwave oven may turn off for the following reasons:

  • The device heats something from the outside. For example, in the hot season of the year, the cuisine’s space can heat up to the maximum temperature. If the device is in the immediate vicinity of the stove, the effect will be the same.
  • Fan motor malfunction that will have to be changed. This happens if when the microwave is turned on, the melted plastic smells and sparks are visible inside.
  • Violation of the interposition of the starter and rotor due to a slight distortion. It is worth taking a closer look here: in the space between them there may be pieces of food, accumulated dust.
  • Fan fan bearing breakdown, which requires its replacement.
  • Fan blades failed. They can either scroll or completely break off. You can try to restore them, but the best option will always be replacement.
  • When turning on, the stove fan begins to buzz. it is necessary to clean.
  • The microwave turns on and the fan is not. In this case, the cause of the malfunction in the damaged outlet or network cord.
  • The cooler blades do not rotate, which means a malfunction of the buttons block or speed regulator.

The jump in the tension

If voltage surges in your apartment. common occurrence, then be prepared for the reaction to them and microwaves. In some models, protection against voltage drops is installed: after that, within a few minutes, the device does not turn on. But if after 10 minutes the microwave did not work, then the accident did not pass for it without a trace:

  • one of the fuses burned;
  • Due to a short circuit, wiring could fail;
  • The electronic control board has broken: electronics is especially sensitive to voltage drops.

In any case, in such a situation, you should contact a specialist, even if it comes only about a blown out fuse: firstly, there can be several in modern microwaves, and, most importantly. Do not climb into a modern device that works under voltage, without special preparation.

And also good advice: if you are constant, you are faced with tension changes. Buy a voltage stabilizer and connect the microwave and other sensitive household appliances to the mains through it.

The fuse burned

One of the most common reasons why the microwave does not work and does not turn on. Bruttered fuse. The problem, however, is that the fuses in the microwave print, as a rule, are several. In addition, some of them are in hard.to.reach places.

The usual network fuse is easily replaced: you just need to find a similar new.

microwave, stop, work

It is already more difficult to get to a fuse on the transformer, but it is quite possible: its replacement also does not represent difficulties.

With a high.voltage fuse is much more complicated: you need not only to remove the rear casing, but also to discharge the high.voltage capacitor. There are some more nuances when replacing this fuse, so we still advise in this case to contact specialists.

How the microwave works

Below is information about the internal device and parts of the microwave oven. Although everyone accepts them for granted, they are one of the most dangerous devices in any modern house. Do not underestimate the microwave oven. Even in the disconnected state, a high-voltage capacitor can hold enough energy to kill someone.

The classic stove consists of such details:

  • transformer;
  • magnetron;
  • capacitor;
  • wave antennas;
  • lighting lamp;
  • control panel from the outside;
  • ventilation holes;
  • a separator with rollers;
  • drive unit;
  • door latches;
  • A rotating pallet.

The magnetron connecting to the waveguide camera is responsible for the production of microwaves. This part in some microwaves is closed with a plastic panel or a piece of mica. Diode, capacitor and transformer are responsible for the power of magnetron. The high.voltage fuse is installed in the design to protect the working parts from overload. The magnetron is cooled with a fan. Warm air partially enters the working chamber, helping to warm up faster than food.

It is necessary to tell separately about the switches for fixing the closed door. When the microwave stopped warm, it is worth checking if the door is tightly closed. Power is supplied only after the lock works. When the opening button is pressed instantly, the supply of power is stopped. You cannot write about the control panel specifically, because each manufacturer offers its own option. There are models with grilled, with baking and defrosting functions.

The simplest causes of malfunctions and advice to eliminate them

The microwave stove the disk, but does not warm food? In addition to the lack of heating, pay attention to additional signs. for example, a microwave is buzzing or greatly noisy.

First of all, it is worth seeing the instructions, because there are tips that can help to deal with the causes of a malfunction of the technique. But the main problems are similar, so we will analyze them. Let’s start with the simplest breakdowns that can be fixed at home.

microwave, stop, work

Insufficient voltage

The required voltage in the network for the proper operation of the microwave. 220 V. If this figure is below even by 5-10 V, then the technique will warmly heat, weakly or after time. depends on the voltage value. In order to prevent such jumps, it is necessary to install a voltage stabilizer.

Another option, in which a lack of voltage can happen. connecting to the same outlet of large household appliances like a refrigerator or washing machine, or even using a double/tee. Such actions are unacceptable, since the microwave oven should have its own free socket.

Technical difficulites

It happens that the problem is not in the microwave itself, but, for example, in the wire or outlet. To make sure that the problem is exactly in this, just connect the equipment to another outlet and carefully inspect the cord. If problems are detected, it is necessary to replace either a socket or a cord.


The microwave is arranged in such a way that it will never turn on with the door open. This is facilitated by special latches on the doors. If they broke or just do not fit, then the microwave can warm it worse or not at all heating food. In this case, there are only two options. to change only latches, or the whole door.

Incorrect mode

The fault that heating does not work in the microwave, there may be ordinary human inattention. This happens if the previous action of the microwave was defrosting, and then the function was forgotten to turn off or change. In this mode, food will never warm up. Everything that is required in this case is to set the warm.up mode and, if necessary, increase the power.

If all of the above points are checked, and the microwave still does not warm food or does it badly and for a long time, then most likely there was a really serious breakdown, which is not always possible without a professional.

Why doesn’t the microwave oven LG turn on?

The microwave oven can be found in almost any kitchen. It facilitates daily everyday worries: in a few minutes it can warm up food or defrost food. However, like any other household appliances, it can suddenly fail. The most obvious reason that the microwave failed is a situation when the device does not respond to pressing the power button, the light inside does not light up and the indicators do not burn. The reasons can be both the simplest, which can be solved independently and complex, when you need a calling master from the LG service center.

First of all, we consider the possible problems that do not turn on the LG microwave and which can be solved independently:

  • First of all, it is necessary to check if there is a current in the electric network and whether the outlet is good for. To do this, you need to turn on the plug of the device in another outlet. If after that the microwave works, then the problem is really in the outlet. And check that the fork does not leave the outlet.
  • The next step should be checked by the network cord. He should be whole and without excesses. If the cord is damaged, it will need to replace it.
  • The microwave may not turn on if you quickly closed the door. In this case, the inclusion will be blocked by the device. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to close the door tightly. If the locking device is broken, you will need to contact the master to replace the lock.
  • There was a jump in the tension. In some models, protection against voltage drops has been established and after the difference the microwave will not be turned on for some time. But if even after 10 minutes, the microwave does not work, this is an occasion to call the master. Perhaps, when a voltage jump, one of the fuses burned down, and it will need to replace it. Either because of a short circuit, the wiring was burned out. Either the electronic control board was out of order. If the house is constantly observed in voltage surges, then we recommend that you purchase a stabilizer.
  • Perhaps the wrong mode is chosen. For example, if before that you put the stove for defrosting, after which you forgot to switch back, then this function will not be able to heat the food to high temperature.

In all other cases, except for the above, it will be necessary to call the master from the LG service center, it will help to find the reason why the microwave oven does not turn on, and also help to eliminate it:

Let us summarize

To the actual question: what to do if the microwave oven does not turn on to eat several answer options. First, it should be examined at home for external or internal mechanical damage. If there are no one and there are no problems with food. it is best to contact the service center. If you are guided by the topic of repairs, it is worth applying your knowledge, but only within your competence.

Why the microwave sparkles and cracks inside. the causes of the malfunction, methods of recovery and prevention

Prevent a breakdown

How to determine the cause of faulty work, as well as carry out repair of the microwave of the scarves with your own hands, examined. Now is the time to talk about prevention, which allows you to prevent failure of basic components of the furnace. You can avoid serious breakdowns, adhering to several simple tips:

  • In no case should you warm up food in a metal bowl;
  • Do not turn on the oven without placing a dish or product in a thermalmaser;
  • you can not warm the eggs;
  • Heating dishes in plastic containers with lids.

These are the basic rules for the operation of microwave ovens. useful information can be found in user instructions and technical documentation.

Microwave care rules

In order not to understand after short operation, why the microwave oven does not work, you need to properly care for household appliances. Rules for the care of the microwave:

  • Heat.resistant glass tray must be washed with liquid soap.
  • Do not use abrasive powders to clean the grilles, they just have to “get wet”.
  • Timely remove the remains of fat, food from the surface of the chamber.
  • The most unpretentious in leaving is a microwave with internal walls of stainless steel, they can even be cleaned with abrasive means.
  • In any case, you can not clean or wash the turned on the oven.
  • After cooking food, wipe the thermal chaamer with a microfiber or a tissue without a pile moistened in ordinary water.
  • To remove condensate from the walls of the microwave oven, wipe them with the most ordinary cloth.
  • If the oven is strongly polluted, refuse to use the technique in grill or convection mode, otherwise fat will turn into brown spots.
  • Use cleaning products with the corresponding marking “Microwave Cleaner”.
  • No need to touch ventilation, as well as the compartment in which the magnetron is located.

These simple tips will extend the work of the microwave.

Causes of problems with the inclusion of the microwave

Problems with the inclusion of a microwave arise arise due to natural wear. In the device, which has worked from 10 to 15 years, the details begin to fail.

Often in breakdowns the users themselves who do not comply with the operating rules of household appliances are to blame for the breakdown. They are indicated in the technical documentation. When they are performed, the device will last many years without repair and breakdowns.

Basic rules of operation:

  • You can not put metal dishes and containers with gilding in the camera;
  • only allowed products must be heated;
  • You can not turn on the device with an empty camera;
  • The mode for cooking should be correctly selected;
  • It is important to avoid mechanical damage;
  • It is necessary to correctly clean and process the technique.

The line overload of the line affects the device. When several devices are connected to one outlet at once, the microwave oven may not start working due to low voltage. To correct the situation, you need to disable other devices.

When voltage drops constantly occur on the network, the relay may not cope. Swear after the jump leads to the fact that household appliances do not turn on. From the next jump can burn out details of the device.

Advice. If the voltage in the network is unstable, it is recommended to connect household appliances via a stabilizer.

Detection of malfunctions

Many people think that they are obliged to independently fix the device. We are accustomed to the fact that a man should be able to do everything. In fact, everyone will do only what they can.

If you really want to look for the cause of the microwave breakdown, then you can do the following:

GE Microwave ‘Typical’ Problem & Repair when it Doesn’t Work

  • Measure the voltage in the outlet.
  • See how the latches work on the microwave door. They must close tightly.
  • De.energize the device and remove the top cover to look at the internal details.
  • Inspect fuses. If something is wrong with them, it will be immediately visible. Parts blackened or swollen.
  • Check the resistance by the tester.
  • Measure the voltage in the condenser and diodes.
  • Make the diagnosis of magnetron and its contacts. Evaluate the current resistance.

If the problem of malfunction is not clear for you, contact specialists in the service center.

Microwave Panel Not Working. Cost to fix? 0.00

Wash the microwave regularly

I would like to warn those who have not yet decided to buy a new furnace. If you choose samsung, then know, they are breaking extremely rarely. Mechanics here are good, malfunctions are only in electronics.

Panasonic. a budget brand that has proven itself in the market well. The only clear drawback is the appearance of rust. This will not lead to a breakdown, but for the life of operation it will affect well.

LG. good choice. These devices are durable and work properly. The weak side in microwaves. convectors and fuses. They can be easily replaced to continue to use the technique.

What to do if the microwave does not turn on

Microwave oven greatly facilitates daily everyday concerns. It allows you to warm up food in a few minutes or defrost products. However, the device that we are so accustomed to, as well as any other household appliances, can suddenly fail. The most obvious evidence of the malfunction is that the microwave does not turn on.

The main reasons why the mechanical type device ceased to turn on are:

  • disconnection of the network and other malfunctions associated with the supply of electricity;
  • fuse of fuses;
  • transformer breakdown;
  • Indicator malfunction.

Dot in the power supply system can be one of the reasons why the microwave does not turn on, so before panic, it is worth checking if there is light in the house. In addition, it will not be superfluous to make sure whether the cord is reliably attached to the outlet. This often happens with models of some manufacturers (for example, Samsung microwaves) having volumetric forks with a fuse built inside. With an insufficiently good attachment of the outlet, such a fork can elementarily move away from the wall, creating problems with power supply.

Flushing fuse is another common cause of problems associated with the inclusion of a microwave oven. The only way to restore the fuse is to change it by buying it in a service center or store. Some brands, such as Samsung, LG, SIEMENS and others, have a developed network of service centers throughout the country where you can freely seek help with any problem associated with the work of a microwave.

Dot in the work of a transformer is a much more serious reason, which independently, as a rule, can not eliminate. The most correct solution will be the appeal to the service centers of manufacturers for qualified help, especially if the device is under warranty. The guarantee can almost certainly be lost if experts find that Samsung, Supra, Bosch or any other, “got into” their own, have “got into the microwave oven.

Damage breakdown is the easiest case of all of the listed, however, this option of malfunction occurs often far from immediately. Only after going through all other options, the user of the device guesses that the true cause of the breakdown was on the surface.

When the indicator fails, the diode simply changes, while the stove functions perfectly and without it.

Even such high.quality models of microwaves as Samsung are not safe from such troubles.

Useful tips

You can identify the cause of the malfunction yourself:

  • First of all, it is worth examining the device outside and inside, for a more detailed study, you can use a small flashlight.
  • Must be alert for: bloating of the capacitor, the appearance of subtexts and extraneous microcracks and holes.
  • The unpleasant smell of oil or burning insulation materials will be a clear indicator of faults.

In order not to ask the question of why this or that household device does not work, why the microwave oven does not turn on, it is worthwhile to initially carefully consider your choice in the process of acquiring technology. Remember that, as a rule, all the equipment is bought for a long period of operation, so you need to carefully read the recommendations and reviews of real users of a particular brand, and only after that, weighing all the arguments for the “pros and cons. It is also important to study the rules of operation of the device.



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