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White hob in the kitchen interior

Matte or glossy. which fronts to choose?

Choosing matt or glossy fronts is not just a matter of taste, but often also of practicality.

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To weigh the pros and cons, we compared two types of fronts. The results are shown in the table below.

A comparison parameter Matte Glossy
Which ones are easier to care for?? It’s harder to remove dirt, especially from an embossed surface. It’s easier and faster to clean the surface.
On which dirt is more noticeable? Fingerprints are less noticeable. Fingerprints are easier to clean. The problem is solved by choosing well-chosen handles in which there is minimal contact with the surface of the fronts.
Lighting requirements No special requirements for lighting (other than sufficient lighting). Misdirectional lighting can ruin an entire interior because of irritating to the eye glare.
Room size Universal. Glossy fronts can visually expand the space in a small kitchen. But (!) with the right lighting conditions.
How to choose depending on style? Matte fronts are appropriate for any style. Glossy ones are irrelevant in traditional, classical interiors.
Where the window faces. on the sunny or shady side? Once again matte is universal. And in the kitchen with south-facing windows it is better to use matte surfaces. If there is a lot of sunlight in the room most days, the glare from the glossy surfaces can be irritating, but where there is a lack of sunlight, glossy surfaces will be helpful. it compensates for the lack of it.
Vogue The trend for naturalness dictates its own rules. matt surface looks more organic and does not irritate with its active shine. Frosted surfaces are more popular now. Becoming fashion-conscious is only worthwhile if it is not counterintuitive. If you just want to be flashy, or if the use of glossy finish is dictated by your chosen style (Art-DEKO, for example), then why not give it a preference??

White Korting hobs in the kitchen interior

Hobs of the built-in type have become a real hit in recent years. Sales of online stores and offline outlets have increased significantly. While previously many users chose combination stoves, recently more and more Russians have begun to pay attention to built-in appliances, which is very good. After all, the oven under the hob is not always convenient, and the hob does not have to be 4 burners.

Many users implement special islands in the kitchen and install additional cooktops on them. The possibility of separating these appliances gave an impetus to the development of different interiors and popularized designer kitchens, which are gradually replacing the purely utilitarian spaces.

Pros and cons of the white kitchen

Most people associate a white kitchen with cleanliness, freshness and a field for creativity. Any bright detail will bring a flavor to the interior. But this design has both pluses and minuses.

The pros of this design include:

  • the same ability of white to create the optical illusion of a spacious room. Therefore, such a kitchen will always seem larger than it actually is;
  • The white color reflects the sun’s rays. This is important for rooms with an uncomfortable layout in which there is little natural light, as well as for kitchens without windows. For example placed in the hallway. In white decorate not only the facades of furniture, but also the suspended ceiling. And thanks to the glossy sheen, they will perfectly complement the kitchen lighting;
  • White becomes the starting point for the rest of the palette. Designers advise to refuse exclusively white kitchen option, otherwise it will look like a hospital ward. The optimal option is to complement white with contrasting colors and close shades: ivory, milk, cream, peach and others;
  • To formalize the kitchen in white colors does not have to choose a particular style, because it will look interesting in almost everyone. Classic or modern. High-tech or modern. Scandinavian or Mediterranean. The choice depends on the wishes and imagination;
  • Thanks to its freshness and neutrality, white is a perfect match for any other color, as if adjusting to it, emphasizing or softening it. Depending on the added colors and materials the kitchen will seem warmer. For example, if you choose a countertop of wood, or strict and laconic. With masonry on one wall.

To dilute the extreme monotony of the kitchen can be used with a painted kitchen apron, mosaics, ceramic tiles of unusual or just a contrasting shade. Depending on the chosen style the original lamps or chandeliers in red, yellow, blue colors will be appropriate.

But do not be too zealous seeking to fill the room with bright spots. Otherwise the interior will be simply overloaded with details and it will be difficult to concentrate in the kitchen.

Of the disadvantages of white kitchens stand out:

  • White has long ceased to be a novelty rather than becoming a classic of the genre, so such a kitchen is sure not to surprise guests;
  • white is notable for its particular branding. On the matte fronts will be noticeable fingerprints, on the glossy any stain will come through. That’s why you will have to clean the kitchen more often. On the other hand pure black color is just as impractical as black. True, unlike the latter in the white suite will not be visible water droplets and dust.

Variety of shapes

For most customers the choice of cooker hob begins long before they get to know the catalog. First of all, you have to draw up a detailed kitchen plan and try to determine which shape of the hob would be optimal. Today in the market you can find a variety of options for hobs:

  • square or aspiring to a square;
  • Narrow rectangular, in which the burners are arranged in a single line;
  • Wide rectangular, with 4-6 zones of heating;
  • round;
  • Triangular angular hobs;
  • A small number of models of complex shape.

If we are talking about a family of two people or principled singles, it is quite possible to expand the kitchen space by installing a narrow cooktop. It can have only two burners (the classic “Domino” model) or as many as four. The small width allows you to embed this type of cooking surface in a narrow countertop, resembling a bar counter. This option is ideal for studio apartments or small-sized rooms, where the kitchen is very small.

Domino-type models also have another application option. They are quite often chosen as an element of a composite kitchen hearth. It’s nice when you have a choice of cooking on an induction, gas, or electric hob. There are also more interesting solutions. For those who have not yet found a pair or do not plan to do so, designers often install a cooking surface “Domino” with one burner of conventional type and one powerful, most often. Wok. Another option. an induction hob with two heating zones that can be combined. In addition to a small panel is an electric or gas grill, on which it is nice to prepare dishes for parties or for your own pleasure. Some brands, like Maunfeld, have models with only one Wok burner. If you already have a good cooktop, but it does not have a burner with a triple crown flame, it can be installed separately.

The next option is a model with three burners. Among them, there are triangular corner cooktops, to which you can pick up very interesting hoods, and square varieties. Three burners can provide a comfortable environment for a family of 2-3 people. If you decide in favor of this model it remains only to decide on the source of power: gas is cheaper, and electric and induction models do not produce soot and are considered safer.

Square or rectangular hobs are the classics. These models have from four to six burners and can meet the needs of large families. The classic shape is not as striking as a triangle, oval or arc, but it is easier to install, as the cutout on the worktop will be easier to make. the lines converge at right angles.

Square and rectangle. the embodiment of stability and balance, these forms evoke a subconscious tranquility. Using square or rectangular hobs is allowed in all kitchen interiors: from classic to high-tech.

A round or oval hob requires space. In a small kitchen it will be difficult to fit it seamlessly into the interior. But models of this type look very good on the island. For the kitchen-dining room you can find an interesting combination. built-in oval or round hob on the countertop and the same shape dining table. Round models are often chosen by contrast: darker on a lighter background, lighter on a darker one. Black and white varieties look elegant, black and red. stylish and a little aggressive, very attractive beige and chocolate, as well as all shades of white on colored countertops.

Those who like to emphasize the individuality of their home, suit cooking plates custom shape, such as a boomerang. Angular L-shaped cooking tops, which can accommodate up to five burners, are very popular. But too unusual solutions are rarely convenient, so designers warn against buying exotic varieties.

A balanced choice of cooktop for the kitchen: what you should pay attention to when buying

We offer a closer look at the hobs for the kitchen. When you create a functional area, these panels will be your salvation. In order to choose the right one, we suggest you consider the types of built-in stoves.

There are two varieties of innovative stoves by the method of heating. gas and electric. They vary in size (from 76 cm to 121 cm and more), and also vary in the presence of all sorts of options.

Modern household appliances come with self-control, that is, can operate autonomously. It is difficult to compare gas and electric panels, each of them has a number of distinctive functions.

Induction and electric cooktop. It is impossible to distinguish them at a glance. But the main difference is still: the way of heating.

Induction surface uses an electromagnetic field, it heats only the cooking vessel. Heats quickly and maintains desired temperature. Specialized cookware is required for induction stoves.

Electric heats and cools more slowly, but it does not need to buy special cookware.

One example of an induction cooktop is the 36-inch Masterpiece.

Gas cooktop. Most common in the home. Can control the heating power more precisely than electric ovens. The appliances are much cheaper than the induction ones.

The Drop-In system in gas stoves. This feature has special control knobs. The burner is not as powerful as in alternative hobs. They are usually available from 76 to 91 cm wide. No built-in grill grate, but it can always be purchased as an option.

Gas burner on top. Differs from the Drop-In system in that it has a rounded shape and no oven. Control knobs are on the front apron. Panels that have gas on top are more powerful than their counterparts.

A number of these surfaces are created by agreement. The 76 cm wide model usually has 4 burners, as a standard row. While the bulkier sizes include additional features, such as a grill. Manufacturers also give you a choice of either an indoor or outdoor version of the warmers.

This range with grill or grates in widths from 91 cm to 152 cm. Cooker arrangement is also fully configurable. The 91 cm hob has a 30 cm burner. And in slabs ranging from 121 cm in width to 61 cm in width.

Wolf SRT484FX 121 cm Pro-Style gas stove. Some manufacturers offer 121 cm wide with a French top that has concentric rings. They are necessary for stewing, cooking sauces, because the heat is distributed throughout the space, in the center the hottest point, on the edge. the coldest.

BlueStar Heritage Classic Range Top. The stove for those who cook on the frying pan and grill at the same time.

Modular hobs. Ideal for kitchens with small square footage. As a rule, they come in widths of 30, 38 and 61 cm. The built-in features are pretty impressive: standard gas burners, stove, convex-bottom pot, grates and burners.

Gaggenau Vario cooktops. The ability to combine different table tops made of environmentally friendly materials, in order to zoned elements for cooking.

These tables are quite popular for fans of ecological products.

Designing a white kitchen: practical tips, photo examples

White was not used at all in Soviet and post-Soviet period apartment decoration. Because it’s too dirty, requires constant maintenance, and in general, it’s not customary. But times have changed, and now it is fashionable to move away from stereotypes, listen to your desires and apply original design solutions.

Light shades in the interior are gaining popularity for their freshness, their ability to harmonize with any colors and styles, visually expand a small room. Today we will talk about kitchens in white.

Features of the kitchen in white

Any idea used in the decoration of the house has its pros and cons. This also applies to the use of white.

  • white is almost synonymous with sterility and neatness, gives the impression of cleanliness and freshness when used in the kitchen;
  • Its peculiarity is that it visually increases the volume, the room seems spacious and filled with air;
  • looks very original, solemn and aristocratic;
  • Creates a feeling of coolness, which is good in rooms facing south;
  • Combines with all colors and styles in the interior;
  • is an excellent canvas for decorating on its background objects look more expressive;
  • is always relevant, regardless of interior trends and trends;
  • Dust is almost invisible on white, and cleaning can be done less often.
  • No matter how you look at it, serious dirt on white will be very noticeable;
  • Can make the room visually cold and uncomfortable if not used correctly;
  • Furnishings in a light color can look impersonal, and it is necessary to diversify it with accessories.

How to choose furniture for a white kitchen?

To begin with, white, like any other color, has many variations. The shade of furniture should be selected in accordance with the general temperature of the interior.

Warm colors of alabaster, cream, eggshell, ivory work well with classical and ethnic styles. It is advisable to support them with beige, yellow, green, brown, orange colors in the interior. Household appliances should be chosen a la copper, bronze or brass.

Cool shades of pearl, platinum, milk, bubbly white will play well in a modern, futuristic design environment. They will perfectly agree with black, gray, red, purple, blue. Oven, cooktop and hood in such a kitchen should be chosen steel or chrome.

When contemplating the choice of kitchen set fronts, prefer one of the most current and fashionable options:

  • shining glossy surfaces visually increase the space;
  • A matte finish looks noble and is less demanding to care for than a gloss finish;
  • wooden fronts trend in recent years fill the interior with coziness;
  • Models with glass and plastic elements look original and serve as a highlight of the interior.

Since the set in white tones has a high compatibility, you can surround it with absolutely any companions. You like monochrome? Then choose a light finish of the room, and the table, chairs and other furniture are also white. Prefer contrasting combinations? So, boldly complement the interior with a bright sofa, curtains and accessories.

The choice of countertop for a white kitchen

Since the white kitchen is loyal to any color, the countertop can be any. It is important to consider the practicality of the material.

If you cook often, give preference to durable, hard-wearing versions of:

  • acrylic they are lightweight, hard-wearing, unpretentious in care and easy to repair;
  • Composites based on epoxy resin are resistant to mechanical damage, moisture resistant and are not afraid of the aggressive effects of most chemicals.
  • If appearance is more important, choose a countertop made of:
  • natural marble or granite they are beautiful and durable, but difficult to care for, require regular treatment with protective compositions;
  • wood is not durable, but the most spectacular and environmentally safe material.

If you want to choose an inexpensive model, look at Fiberboard with plastic coating.

Traditionally, the countertop differs in color from the fronts. So the kitchen furniture looks more contrasting and expressive. However, the monochrome design of a white kitchen allows the use of a light vertical surface this will create the lightest, airy space possible.

The choice of apron for the kitchen in white tones

The apron can be made of a variety of materials: smooth tile or tile with a textured surface, natural wood, decorative plaster, glass, plastic, brick, concrete. The main thing is that it protects the walls, matches your taste and the overall style of the room.

In the visual perception of the kitchen room apron can play three roles:

Apron in pearl, milk or bubbly white color will advantageously set off any colored garnish. In recent times it has become popular to make it from a rectangular tile type boar is a good, but not the only way. It can also be glass, plastic or special panels.

If you decided to keep your kitchen entirely in a light color scheme, we advise you to introduce a variety of textures: let the floor and doors be under wood, refrigerator and built-in appliances smooth glossy, and the apron, for example, white brick.

The contrasting apron will play in a room decorated entirely in white. It will be a bright accent, emphasizing the modern kitchen design and originality of tastes of the owner. Also contrasting solutions are good for performing zoning in studio apartments: So you can visually highlight the cooking area.

The multicolored apron will be a striking detail that attracts attention. For a space in a classical style should opt for a mosaic panel or tiled patchwork, and for the modern prefer a panelled panel of tempered glass with a photo print.

The latest in interior fashions metallic apron. Metal is not so long used for the kitchen area, but it has proved to be a durable and aesthetic material. It will be especially good in modern apartments with bold design finds.

How to pick up wallpaper?

Kitchen in white looks very refined and stylish. In order not to depreciate this effect and emphasize the advantages of furniture, you need to choose the right wallpaper. During cooking, they can absorb odors, be exposed to steam and get dirty, especially in the area of the stove and sink. So it is better to avoid cheap paper options, which will quickly fall into disrepair. Premium textile and acrylic wallpaper has no place here, either.

The most durable options are vinyl and fleece with a uniform texture. Choose ones with a picture of three waves on the package and bristles on the label, which means you can regularly wipe the coating with a damp sponge.

Fleece wallpaper is made from synthetic fiber and cellulose, it is durable, easy to stick and is not subject to warping. And vinyl has two layers: the base is paper, and the top layer is polyvinyl chloride, which resists dirt and wear and tear.

The choice of color depends directly on the characteristics of the room and the style of decoration:

  • cloths with a large print visually reduce the kitchen space;
  • small pattern on a light background visually enlarges the room;
  • vertical pattern or stripes will raise the ceiling;
  • horizontal stripes in combination with a light garniture will expand the room;
  • geometric subjects in the form of intersecting lines or patterns will create a sense of continuity of space (a good example in the photo);
  • dark-colored walls will help to make a narrow and long room more harmonious;
  • textured wallpaper will be good in a monochrome interior;
  • Three white walls in combination with one bright wall will help to create an interesting “color spot” effect.

How to choose curtains for a white kitchen?

Curtains are one of the main elements of decor in the kitchen. They create a cozy and homely atmosphere. Let’s run through the main colors that can be used for the kitchen interior in white tones.

  • Black is great for bold, graphic interiors.
  • An unusual silver shade will add to the interior space and metal.
  • Spectacular red will create a sense of celebration every day.
  • Collaboration with green is associated with naturalness, nature.
  • Beige is for the classic design trends.
  • The gentle blue will unobtrusively remind the sky, sea and air.
  • Muted pink will make the interior tender and feminine.
  • Affirmative yellow or orange will add optimism.
  • Violet will shine in all its glory in luxurious interiors.
  • The brown shade will make the room contrasting, but also very cozy.
  • Cool refreshing blue looks expensive and stylish.
  • Gold will perfectly complement classic, oriental and bohemian designs.
  • The snow-white combined with a light environment will create a feeling of freshness and purity.

If we talk about the model of curtains, for large kitchens you can safely choose portieres, complemented by tulle, and in small rooms will be more appropriate roll-up and Roman blinds.

In the new apartment I had the burning desire to buy a white kitchen, and in this regard began to choose with my husband what to cook on? Our apartment is on the 23rd floor, and due to the fact that there is no gas in the house and can not be, we chose the induction. The choice fell on the induction hob firm Bosch PIB672F17E white, we bought it in November 2014 for 31000

I wondered at first which would be better: the white or the black induction hob? And now I can say that the white is better, as it is not so noticeable stains and stains after cooking. (I made a conclusion after watching my friend cooks on a black induction).

And now I will tell you about this induction hob:

1) the color of this model is not white, but light gray with a bluish cast. But in combination with a white kitchen this hob would look great compared to the black induction.

2) 9 modes of heating the hob. In order to turn on the panel, you need to select a burner and set the mode from 1 to 9. In addition to these modes, there are intermediate settings, such as 8.5 or 6.5 etc.

The water in pots at maximum setting boils for about 1-2 minutes, and then I set the mode 5.5, so that the water continues to boil.

There is also a cool boost function. When you turn the power off, it’s when the heat from the burners that are not switched on goes to the burner where this feature is enabled, so that the water boils faster)))

In the old apartment, we had gas, so compared to the gas induction heats the water much faster! My mother-in-law was on a visit to cook on our hob and after she returned home (her house has a glass ceramic hob, not an induction hob) she also said that the induction boils water much faster.

3) timer to automatically switch off the stove after the required time. Very convenient function. For example, when you cook eggs, the water boils, and not to remember the time when it happened, you set the timer for 15 minutes and after 15 minutes the burner will turn off itself and gives a sound signal that it happened.

4) 4 burners: 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small and 1 oval for the duckbin. You need a fourth burner for the duck-burner? I’ll be honest, I don’t use it at all, I just cook on the other burners. But in fact, you can cook on an oval burner with an ordinary pan with a round bottom, the essence does not change from this. It’s just that I have probably psychologically, since the round bottom, I must put it on a round burner.

5) About the cookware! Do you need a special pot for the induction stove?? I have a lot of old savdep pots that I used for cooking with gas. Plus, a cast iron skillet fits. It’s very easy to check if the cookware is suitable for this induction hob. take a magnet and put it to the bottom of the cookware, if the magnet is held anywhere on the bottom, then it will fit this induction. Or you can check directly on the hob.

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Only the bottom of the old pots should be flat, without jagged edges, otherwise they can scratch the induction!

Also, for the first time bought an inexpensive set from Ikea 365, which includes three pots with lids and a pan without a lid. Good kit, I recommend it.

6) Care of the Panel. Many people write/say that immediately after cooking it is necessary to wash the hob, otherwise it will be hard to remove and traces of cooking can be seen, this is not the case with me. On the contrary, it is necessary to wait a couple of minutes for the panel to cool down after cooking.

Very often after cooking I have no traces left on it, and even if there is some, I take a normal dishwashing sponge, moisten it with water, run it over the panel, and then wipe it dry with a paper towel, and the panel is as good as new.

I tend to get cooking marks if I’m frying something and turning the pan a lot out of habit. Then I use Top House cleaner.

So, this induction hob has only pluses! I haven’t found any minuses. If you’re still thinking about it, don’t hesitate. It’s awesome!

P.S. Adding a review. I have been using this induction hob for 4 years now.5 years and so far very happy with it. This is my lucky purchase. The panel has not yellowed during use, has not changed in appearance, looks just like new. Cooking in the same mode.

And after 5.5 years of use, one of the burners failed. Stopped seeing the dishes, gave an error. Called a technician through an official representative of the brand Bosch and the replacement of the internal element cost 16,000. But in the end it was still cheaper than if we had bought a new induction hob. The warranty for the part seems to be 2 years.

That is, in our case, the induction has served for 5.5 years without complaint. And now a replacement part has been replaced and it’s working again.

We choose the color

Now that you know the basic technological requirements, you can move on to a more interesting stage. choosing the design of the oven. First we need to decide on the color you want. At first glance it seems that this is purely a matter of taste, and advice is basically irrelevant here. But we hasten to convince you of the contrary: the right color must be chosen, because it determines the harmony of the interior, the ease of maintenance of appliances.


Cream tones go well with almost all colors, so beige ovens are very popular. They fit harmoniously into any interior, this shade has no reference to any particular style. Warm beige is usually combined with wood and dark brown colors. And cool. with dark blue, gray. If your kitchen has too many dark colors, a beige oven is a great way to “dilute” them.

There’s also this nuance: household stains are not as noticeable on the beige finish, especially on the glossy. This oven doesn’t need to be taken care of too extensively.


Regulars often confuse this shade with black, but there are differences. First, anthracite is much softer, closer to dark gray than black. Second, some manufacturers’ anthracite models have a grainy finish with small specks. They imitate real anthracite, imitating the texture of coal. Such an oven does not attract attention, but also serves as a stylish addition to the interior. The color anthracite looks especially noble and refined, and even more practical compared to black.


Oven white. it’s a classic for the kitchen interior, relevant for many decades. If you don’t know which shade to choose, white is always a good solution. It harmonizes with any color, can create a contrast Accent in the working area or, conversely, emphasize the light colors of the room. Only if you are used to keeping your kitchen perfectly clean, you will have to clean the oven often. White surfaces are particularly staining, and even more so in the case of cooking appliances.

In some models, white can be successfully combined with other colors: black, gray, steel and so on.


Classic black is also one of the win-win options to buy. The black ovens have a dark glass front which looks classy and trendy. The case material can have both glossy and matte finish. Glossy finish looks great, but matte finish is easier to get dirty. Black ovens are available in both laconic standard design, and in more specific styles: retro, country and so on. If you’re looking for a minimalist interior, we recommend you look at touch ovens. The worktop of such models is almost invisible while the technique is off.


Ivory, or ayvory, is a slightly darker color than white and can have both a warm beige and a cool gray hue. Ivory-colored oven is usually purchased if the set is decorated in the same colors. Then the equipment does not stand out from the work space, visually the interior is holistic and harmonious. Ivory is usually combined with dark green, burgundy, black gray and brown shades. You as the owner can show maximum imagination.

Stainless steel

Ovens in stainless steel colors fit harmoniously into any kitchen, but you don’t have to worry about the practicality of the material at all. Stainless is not deformed by shocks, heat-resistant, does not retain dirt. In the past, stainless steel appliances were quickly covered with fingerprints, but modern technology solves this problem. Many manufacturers use anti-fingerprint treatment: stainless steel is coated with a special antibacterial layer. And thanks to the coating, steel has a nice matte finish.

The range of stainless steel ovens is very wide: there are gas and electric models with different functionality and energy efficiency class.

Creating an interesting kitchen design with white appliances

Kitchen design with white appliances has been gaining in popularity lately. We’ve put together some examples of kitchen designs in this color for you.

A few years ago, many manufacturers created kitchen appliances in metallic colors, but they soon switched to white. There is certainly nothing innovative and unusual about white appliances, but advances in manufacturing technology have made this appliance design popular again among designers.

The smooth white surface of the objects resembles glass and thus gives an elegant and modern look to the kitchen.

A mix of metallic and white in kitchen design

White appliances give a modern look to the space

Despite the fact that white is usually considered a cold color, in combination with warm shades it can give coziness and comfort in the kitchen.

Mixing white with beige makes the kitchen feel cozy

Brown flooring accentuates white kitchen appliances

That said, cool white can “soothe” the bright and eye-catching colors of kitchen surfaces. For example, the orange of the worktop surfaces harmonizes with the white appliances and is no longer too conspicuous.

Combination of orange surfaces with white appliances

White appliances soothe the garish orange color of the walls

In some cases, white kitchen appliances can become the main subject of the interior, rather than being a complement to the bright colors.

The white stove can be a great detail

Thus, the use of white kitchen appliances and white in general can advantageously emphasize the design of the room and make it stylish and cozy. And the combination of white with other colors can make the kitchen design diverse and interesting.

A kitchen with white appliances looks very attractive, even solemn. Looks great with a few bright accents. However, I think that such splendor requires constant and thorough cleaning.

Kitchen with white appliances looks very smart and fresh. But if you have such a kitchen, you need to be a very careful hostess and stock up on a lot of detergents).

A kitchen with white appliances is pleasing to the eye.It creates a sense of lightness and comfort, because white as a psychological color has such an effect since ancient times. That’s why doctors wore white coats. It is also a plus in a white kitchen that is easy to see all the dirt and it reduces the risk of your guests to notice the stain that you have not seen during the cleaning.

Kitchen with white appliances is certainly dangerous, but so beautiful! In the photos, you can see echoes of the Scandinavian style, which makes me very happy, as a lover of light. The only downside, a very foggy color. It was rightly noted, you need to stock up on detergents galore.)

The kitchen with white appliances is certainly dangerous, but so beautiful! You can see echoes of the Scandinavian style in the photos, which pleases me very much as a lover of all things light. The only drawback is that the color is very dirty. It was rightly noted, you need to stock up on a lot of detergents)

White seems to me somewhere cold, and in our climate we want something brighter and warmer. Although with orange and beige trim is very nice. liked not the color itself, but the simplicity of the interiors, so homely, like a grandmother.

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