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Which side to insert glass into the oven Indesit

How to remove glass from the oven Hotpoint Ariston

Hello Glass. Does the difference have a difference in which side to put?

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I took it off to insert it, it does not work out on the Mensto

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Thank you so much!At first I shot the door on other videos and I didn’t succeed, I only injured my hand, and thanks to your video, I easily shot it and put it back!Thanks again and definitely 10 classes!

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Thank you very much, it seems so easy after your video so great to look at the pure oven glasses. Hooray, cheers cheers


Yes, so that you live happily all your life, but rich, milky! Today I learned how to make out this shaitan door!)))

How to remove glass from the oven Hotpoint Ariston

On the back of the glass during the prolonged operation of the device, fat and mud accumulate, which are infantry in the inside of the glasses. Can only be washed if you remove the door. The removed part is easier to clean. The door of the oven itself has a prefabricated design. Therefore, they remove the upper cost panel, the lower stops are eliminated and two internal glasses will leave the grooves.

Cleaning the door from dirt

Most of modern brass slafaners are equipped with an integrated self.cleaning function. In cheap more ordinary models, glass and wall surface are cleaned by steam. In the pan, water is boiled and put in it in the chamber, which is included at small power, left for 30 minutes. Next, you will have to be cleaned manually, but it will be easier to do, since fat and mud will soften.

The composition of lemonic acid and soda applied to the tarnished wet surface helps to cope with the mud.

The mixture is left for 2 hours, then wiped with a sponge moistened in a soap solution.

Another very valid recipe: soda is dissolved in water until thick gruel is obtained. Apply in a thick layer to dirty places. Wash off after a few hours.

Ariston oven. how to wash glass inside ?

A solution prepared from 2 glasses of warm water, 0 removes pollution, 0.5 hours. l soda and a small amount of liquid soap. Everything is thoroughly mixed, poured into a sprayer and sprayed onto the glass and walls of the oven. Leave for 30 minutes, wash off with warm water.

To eliminate soot and fat, it is recommended to use alcohol solutions. It is undesirable to wash the glass of the oven door with dry powders, after it there are microcracks.

The main malfunctions and their elimination

Breakage associated with the door does not allow it to be closed normally, to fix it or it generally stops holding. All these malfunctions have different reasons.

Wear of the door loops

It happens that the door begins to walk too free or stagger. The reason in the worn loops on which it holds. The loops are damaged due to prolonged sagging and physical exposure. They are not always conveniently located, and to find out if they are a problem, you will have to tinker.

Correct the screws with the help of an ordinary screwdriver. In some situations, the door is disassembled to change the loops. They are springs that change or pull.

How the loops are removed

The door may work incorrectly due to loops. If these details are faulty, it will not completely close or hard to open.

which, side, insert, glass, oven, indesit

The loops must be removed, and then install them in place or put new. To do this, remove the door and unscrew additional mounts. On some models of oven cabinets, springs are on both sides.

In order not to break the loops at all, they must be removed carefully, to be extremely attentive. You can’t crush much. otherwise they will bend or break. Manufacturers of kitchen technology of Darina, Zanussi, Kaiser, Curting, Samsung, Electrolux, HotPoint Ariston and others try to make ovens so that the process of removing and disassembling and adjusting the door is simple. If during work it is felt too strong resistance of devices, then disassembly is done incorrectly.

Certain rules must be followed and then the loops will not break. Before they are to be removed, you should make sure that all the screws are twisted. Even the remaining detail will lead to the fact that the mounts will bend, they will need to be changed. When you have to remove the door or glass, you cannot use force. Ovens have a design in which all mechanisms and elements as a whole are removed without difficulty.

You need to remove the loops carefully so as not to damage them

Necessary tools

Before you put the door of the oven, whether it is an electric or gas model, you need to prepare the following tools:

The latter will need when you need to install a new glass. When cleaning, put rubber gloves. While working with glass. dense mittens. The design of many models of modern ovens allows you to remove the door without tools, but they are necessary to repair other parts.

How to adjust the oven door

In any oven, including such famous brands as Hotpointariston, Bosch (Bosch), Candy, Gorenje, Hansa (Hans) Boew, something can break at any time. Most often, the problem arises with the door. Most of the breakdowns can be eliminated independently without involving specialists. Sometimes it must be disconnected from the case, but many do not know how to disassemble the door of the oven. And without this, eliminate the problem and correctly configure it will not work.

How to remove the door of the oven ariston

How to remove glass (door) from an oven

After prolonged use of the oven, its door requires thorough cleaning. This applies not only to external surfaces, because pollution penetrates under the glass. But to remove it, you will have to completely separate the door from the closet.

how to remove the door from the oven.Ariston

To remove the door of the oven, no special devices are needed, almost any can cope with this. First you need to completely open the oven completely. After that, carefully consider the places where the loops are located. It is there that the mounts are located. On both hinges, you can notice small levers that rise and move towards themselves. To remove the door of the oven, it must be directed up and pull in the horizontal direction, after which it is easily disconnected from the case. At the same time, it is worth considering its severity so as not to break the glass or harm yourself. After removal, the door must be put on a soft surface so that there are no scratches or damage left on it.

The oven door is usually equipped with two glasses, one of which can remove the equipment owner independently. The second is attached to the body, which is noticeable in the photo. Removing glass from the oven is completely easy, but it is worth keeping in mind that to ensure safety, you need to remove it when the door is removed. This is due to the fact that she may slam off from accidental touch and harm a person. Another warrence described in the instructions for Ariston cabinets, burning, Electrolux, Samsung, Bosch, is a reminder of the force of exposure to the front glass, which may crack with inaccurate actions of the user.

Connect the wires n and.

with a circuit (cm. picture) and to stop the crap of the clamps.four. Connect the remaining wires to the clamps1-2-3 and tighten the screws.5. Fasten the power cable by a special cable oil seal.6. Close the lid of the clamp box, tighten v.

Cable connection to the power supply network

Install a normalized fork in a power supply for a power cable, designed for the load indicated on the factory product plate.In the case of direct connection to the network.electrical network between the kitchen tile and the network, it is necessary to install the multipolar switch with a minimum distance of 3 mm inter.contacts, designed for this load corresponding to deizing standards (the switch should not open the surgery). The power cable should be in such a way that in no need its temperature exceeds the temperature of more than 50 ° C.

Before connecting the cable, check the following: the electric outlet must be connected to

grounding and comply with the standards;

An electric outlet should be calculated

on the maximum power consumed, indicated at the factory table;

correspond to the electrical data of the product;

The electric outlet should be compatible

with plug.in. Replace the outlet or fork in the disgusting service; unused extension cords or trinics.

! The product should be installed as the same so that the electric cable of the iElectro.star is easily available.

!The electric and the product cable should not be bent or compressed.

! Spend the condition of the cable.elected and if necessary to entrust the replacement of only to authorized techniques.

! The manufacturer is not responsible for the constitution of non.compliance with the listed.

The overall dimensions of the oven of VHSHHGG

Working dimensions of the box for heating food

Width 42 cm. depth 44 cm height 17 cm.

cm. Technical characteristics plate

Ceramic hobal panel front left back left back right front right max. absorbed power with ceramic hobs

Directive 2002/40/Ce on labels of electric ovens. EN 50304 standard

Electricity consumption for natural convection. Heating function:

EU Directive: 06/95/EC from 12/12/06 (low voltage) with subsequent changes. 04/3108 from 15/12/04 (electromagnetic compatibility) with subsequent changes. 93/68/it from 22/07/93 Subsequent changes. 2002/96/EU. 1275/2008 (Stand-by/ Off Mode)

Description of the product

! When the wind cabinet is first turned on, we recommend calculating it for about 30 minutes at the maximum temperature of the doorbroken door. Then turn off the oven, open the door and ventilate the room.The smell with which you can feel are caused by the substances used to pre.preserve the oven.

! Before starting operation, it is necessary to remove the sales taped from the sides of the product.

Select the desired program for the reconnaissance of the program handle.2. Select the temperature recommended for the process of the program or the necessary temperature to help the handle of the thermostat.The special table provides a list of preparations with appropriate.recommended temperatures (cm. Preparation table in the oven cabinet).

In the process of cooking at any moment you can: change the cooking program using

change the temperature with the handle

program cooking and time

interrupt the preparation by turning the handle

! Never put any items on a dredged cabinet, as they can damage the emphasized coating. Use position1 oven setting only to prepare on a spit.

! Always put the dishes on the attaching steamer.

The inclusion of this indicator means that the cabinet is heated. The indicator goes out when the temperature is achieved inside the oven. At this stage, it lights up, then goes out, showing that it is turned on and maintains the temperature and maintains the temperature.

It will be included when the program handle is employed in any position except “0”, it is turned on as long as the cabinet works. When choosing a position

handle help lighting turns on the non.reduction of heating elements.

Backstage protection from damage

Replacing glass in the oven of a gas stove obliges us to have forced waste, and to avoid them, pay attention to some tips for operating equipment:

  • Wash the doors only after cooling the oven. The minimum hit of the cold fluid onto the preheated surface leads to temperature fluctuations, and this destroys the glass.
  • Avoid mechanical damage.
  • Improte the oven in room temperature at least 15 degrees. Cold weather affects the formation of condensate between the glass of the door and leads to damage.

These simple recommendations will extend the service life of your technical device, protect it from breakdowns and explosions. If this happens to you at home, you will know what to do.

DIY gas stove repair

There is a gas stove in every house. The plate is rarely broken, but there are small breakdowns that can be eliminated with your own hands.

For example, replace the burner, the glass of the oven, the module of the ignition, etc.P.

How to remove oven door?

There are several options for fasteners of the oven door, the mounting principle is approximately the same.

Completely open the oven door Find the latches. They need to be back to the end, so that they come out of the hook.

Close the door slowly until the latches are elastic in the slot of the metal frame of the oven door.

Be sure to throw off both fixers. The thrown levers do not allow the door to completely close (50 %). With the right hand on the right, left on the left, holding the door, click on small white plastic stops on the articulated mechanism and begin to pull the door to ourselves simultaneously.

We take out the door from the guides, the length of which is 10 15 cm.

Installation of the door.

Install the door in the reverse order. Insert the door at an angle of 15 ° into the nests of the hinges on the front wall of the device and push it forward and down so that the hinges stand in the nests. Check if the excavations on the hinges sat in the nests.

Completely open the oven door. On both sides of the oven door, raise the latch on the lower hinges in the original position and put them on the tongues of the upper brackets.

Close the door slowly, while watching if it closes correctly. If the door opens and closes incorrectly, check if the recesses have sat down in the nests of the hinges.

How to remove glass in the oven?

To remove the smudges on the inside of the glass, it is necessary to remove the glass in the door of the oven.

On some models of the internal glass plates are not glued and has no gaskets. It holds on several latches.

First we remove the lower part of the glass from the door of the door. Put up a wooden or plastic tool.

Then raising the lower released part of the inner glass we pull all the glass up. At the same time, the three upper M-shaped canopies come out of the hook with the door body.

There is still intermediate glass inside. It is placed on four rubber corners.

How to glue heat.resistant glass in the oven?

On some models of plates, heat.resistant glass are glued with a special sealant. There is such a need when the inner glass of the oven, over time, can peel off and break.

You can try to disassemble the door and glue the glass to glue or sealant, but it will be better to change the glass along with the metal frame, in which the heat.resistant glass is already glued at the factory using special technology.

If the burner does not work?

First of all, check the jackets, they clog when filling the stove during cooking.

If the burner does not work and you are sure that the reason is, then it can be replaced with your own hands.

There are cases when a breakdown is not in the burner, but in the module, switch of burners or conductions with connectors. This applies to electronic fire control models.

F085291 Indesit cooker review

Electro.fire does not work

Many plates models are now installed by electrical.glass modules. They are a high.voltage voltage converter, which is supplied to ceramic electrodes installed in fireplace.

Is the module under the top cover. To raise the lid, it is necessary to unscrew the screws at the burners. 2 screws on each burner.

High.voltage module

Electrical circuit of a gas stove with multiple sparking

Due to the scheme on the thyristor from a high-voltage transformer, a series of high-voltage discharges with a frequency of about 1-2 Hz is removed.

Electric circuit of ignition of a gas stove with single sparking

In this case, with the help of switching contacts of the ignition button, the capacitor charge/discharge of the capacitor and a high.voltage pulse of high voltage is removed from the high.voltage transformer.

When you press the button, the high.voltage discharges occur in all firewood and oven at the same time. If the ignition does not work or some of the firewood works, but some of the confer or the oven does not, then it is necessary:

Rating of ovens with 3-steel doors

Beko BCM 12300 X

volume. 48 l;

energy consumption class. a;

maximum temperature. 280 ° C;

The number of heating modes is 8;

grill power. 2200 watts;

Dimensions (HSS). 45.559.456.7 cm.

Weissgauff Eoy 451 PDW

volume. 50 l;

energy consumption class. a;

maximum temperature. 250 ° C;

The number of heating modes is 8;

Dimensions (HSS). 59.54556.5 cm.

HotPoint-Ariston Fi7 861 SH BL HA

volume. 73 l;

energy consumption class. a;

maximum temperature. 250 ° C;

the number of heating modes. 9;

Grill power. 2450 W;

Dimensions (HSS). 5959.556.4 cm.

Bosch HBJ558YS0Q

volume. 66 l;

Indesit Aria IFW65Y01X

energy consumption class. a;

maximum temperature. 275 ° C;

The number of heating modes is 8;

Dimensions (HSS). 59.559.454.8 cm.

Maunfeld EOEM.769b2

volume. 76 l;

energy consumption class. a;

maximum temperature. 250 ° C;

the number of heating modes. 10;

grill power. 1100 watts;

Dimensions (HSS). 59.559.554.7 cm.

Cleaning external glass

When cleansing external glass, it is also impossible to use hard abrasives or alkaline detergents. In most cases, this part of the oven does not have strong pollution. Therefore, to cleanse it, it is enough to wipe it with a soft sponge moistened with dishes for washing. At the end, be sure to rinse with clean water and wipe dry.

The assembly of the door must be done only after thorough washing and wiping all the parts. Even small drops of water left inside can form condensate and nullify all efforts to clean.

The assembly is carried out in the reverse order, by analogy with the stage of the door analysis. First, the glass should be installed in place. Then return and close the mounts that held it. When screwing the bolts and closing fasteners, it is important not to make excessive efforts so as not to damage the details.

You can wash the glass in the door of the oven from the inside, only after having previously dismantled this part of the device. Most manufacturers of household appliances have provided such an opportunity, therefore, the housewife can cope with this procedure without outside help.

We clean the oven with vinegar

The joy of cooking culinary masterpieces is overshadowed by the fact that after cooking on the walls and glass the oven remains a layer of fat, soot. Over time, instead of a pleasant aroma of the oven pies, the smell of burning will proceed if you regularly do not clean the surface from food residues.

The causes of breakdowns

Even if you have an expensive, high-quality and fairly strong plate, the glass of the oven can still fail. There may be several reasons for this fact:

  • Marriage. Modern models are made according to strict standards, and production defects are quite rare, but sometimes such a problem also arises. For example, in the manufacture of the sheet was not enough hard. If the breakdown is triggered by marriage, then the glass on the oven will be replaced according to the warranty. But if it crashed or burst after a couple of years of intensified operation, then you should not hope for a free replacement.
  • Incorrect transportation. The technique during transportation is often damaged due to incorrect consolidation or complete lack of fixation in the body. Also, mechanical damage can appear through the fault of the movers during loading and unloading. And it’s good if you immediately noticed and demanded to compensate, and Mover agreed to pay for the damage without question. But most often, the pens for the gas stove and other broken spare parts have to be bought yourself.
  • Illiterate installation. It can provoke the wrong position of the technique, which will inevitably lead to damage to the surface of the glass.
  • Incorrect operation. With a temperature difference, even hardened glass bursts. This happens when cold water falls on the heated door. For example, you cook baked chicken and install an additional container with water or make vegetables for steam. Cracks also easily appear if you wash the oven immediately after cooking while the device is still hot.

What will be needed before replacing glass in the oven and how to produce it?

Immediately before starting the replacement of the glass of the oven, you should de.energize the device, turn off the gas supply. This will make the process as safe as possible to health and life.

Remember that it is necessary to replace a broken part with the same original or analogue production. It doesn’t matter whether you choose handles for a gas stove or fastening the door, it is better to consult a store consultant. He will tell you if a specific spare part is suitable for your model. This is especially true for models that have multi.layer glasses for each of them its own article, location, dimension and other features.

A set of tools for replacing the glass of the oven may differ slightly, depending on the configuration of the plate of a particular trademark.

Components and functional features, accessories

The buyer can choose the material and color of the front panel in his

discretion. Stainless steel, white and black are offered a choice

Color, glass. In order to improve the quality of the product, the external decoration of the front

The panels can change without prior notice to customers.

All accessories must be correctly inserted into the side

guides.The gap between the enemy and the lower surface of the wind

the cabinet should be at least 2 cm., Otherwise, enamel may be damaged.

When extracting the prepared dish from the oven, be careful,

so as not to burn on hot dishes and surface.

Составные части и функциональные особенности

BF3N, BF641 Series_BWT_DG68-00263A-10_RU.INDD 13

Before starting work, setting time, setting the timer

Child Safety Function

If the power is connected for the first time, set the time before using the device.

During the timer operation, the symbol “” on the left side of the display will begin

If you want to stop the timer, set the time on a value of 0:00.

If during operation, press the time setting button, then on

Child Safety Function (Функция блокировки)

BF3N, BF641 Series_BWT_DG68-00263A-10_RU.INDD 14

Is it possible to clean the door inside the door without analyzing it?

If the analysis of the door is impossible or complicated, then you can try to clean the glass without dismantling.

Cleaning without disassembly occurs through ventilation holes from above and below the door. This method is suitable for removing dirt from the end openings, but in the presence of large subteces on the glass it will be ineffective.

How to clean the inner glass of the oven without analyzing the door, tell

Tips and recommendations

The following recommendations will help to facilitate cleaning and avoid the appearance of new spots:

  • When baking products, use a sleeve, foil or parchment that prevent fat spraying.
  • Immediately after cooling the oven, thoroughly wipe the door from the inside to remove fresh pollution and condensate.
  • When processing the main part of the oven by the products against fat, glue the ventilation holes on the door with building tape or wide isolation.
  • To soften the fat and rapid cleaning of the drones, you can use a steam generator or a steamer.



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