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Which refrigerator is suitable for a white kitchen

Black refrigerator in the white kitchen: again a hit season?

Of course, a new refrigerator, whether it is white, black, silver or generally multi.colored. this is, in the first place, a complex and extremely useful device, therefore it should be correctly chosen, carefully analyzing all the parameters and functions of each attracted model.

But if there is an interest, let’s say, give the refrigerator the functions of one of the main elements of the kitchen decor, then why not imagine this option in not entirely standard color, namely in black?

Fortunately, for manufacturers, the craving of a potential buyer for unusual design solutions has not been in a curiosity for a long time, and black models regularly appear in the line of each brand: Bosch, Samsung, Beko, Indesit, Whirlpool, Smeg and others, you can see here. electrodim.ua.

Which kitchen is suitable for a black refrigerator?

Yes, this is how in this case this issue must be formulated. After all, a black refrigerator is not a neutral thing, with a background it will not merge in principle. And even quite the opposite: he will just catch the eye. But if this fact is perceived correctly (otherwise the idea with a black refrigerator simply does not make sense), then everything is not so difficult.

over, it is strictly not recommended to complicate. Here are a few options for designing a kitchen in which a black refrigerator will look perfect:

  • The so.called modern cuisine, sustained strictly in white and black colors with a predominance of the first (for example, cabinets and shelves are white, but with black elements, plus black/dark countertops, skirting boards pr.);
  • Modern kitchen in white with black and red contrasting elements (for example, red can be made one of the walls or part of it, preferably the one near which a black refrigerator is installed;
  • The kitchen in the Scandinavian style with a lot of white, plus narrow black decor elements and a little natural tree;
  • Kitchen in retro style kitchen with a predominance of white, but only on condition that the refrigerator is also made in a similar style (model a la 50, by the way, is in the current Smeg line).

Where to find a black refrigerator and which one to choose?

This is easier. There are not so many such models, and, nevertheless, they are not a deficit (see. link above). And secondly, here is a small list, so that there is where to start the search:

  • Samsung RB37K63612C. 200.7 x 60 x 68.9 cm, energy consumption of 314 kW/h per year, energy consumption class a, Full No Frost, ice generator, black gloss;
  • Bosch KGN39LB306. 200 x 60 x 64 cm, energy consumption 308 kW/h per year, energy consumption class a, Full No Frost, black gloss;
  • Beko CNA400E20ZDP. 201 x 60 x 65 cm, energy consumption 347 kW/h per year, energy consumption class A, water dispenser, black;
  • LG GBB940BMQZT. 200 x 59.5 x 66.9 cm, energy consumption 257 kW/h per year, energy consumption class a, Full No Frost, black glossy.


In the case of the black color, this nuance acquires special importance simply because the black surface, as you know, requires a special relationship. It is matte or glossy is a matter of taste, but since we are talking about a refrigerator that is constantly in the focus, you will have to make some efforts so that it always has a neat appearance. There is an opinion that on matte paint, fingerprints are not so noticeable, but they will definitely never be completely invisible. Equally, like scratches. So, we get used to think that a black refrigerator in the kitchen is not only beautiful.

What color is combined with beige?


Often people decide to choose a beige refrigerator, trying to create a warm cozy atmosphere. But in fact, thanks to the many variations (from light warm tones to dark cold), beige is called universal:

  • It will turn out great if you put such a refrigerator on a light wood kitchen.
  • The dark beige will soften the overall picture well, make it more harmonious where dark, or very bright, saturated tones of walls and furniture prevails.
  • Also, the shade of ivory fits in the white kitchen advantageous. The refrigerator will stand out profitably, dilute such an interior.
  • It is beautifully connected to dark blue, saturated green, bloody burgundy flowers.
  • You can perform a kitchen design in a monochrome style, using several shades of beige (egg shell, cream, light brown, coffee with milk).

Kitchen technique of cream tones is perfect for the country style, or Provence, where light shades will prevail.

This is the best option if you need to create a kitchen “retro”.

White kitchen technique in the American style

American cuisine with a white separate technique

American cuisine, this is a special type of interior. by its own laws. I wrote about this in the article “My big American cuisine”. One of these rules is not to hide the facades of kitchen equipment. Of course, in 90% of cases, the technique has stainless steel facades. It is from unwillingness to bother with the selection of the color of the facade and the color of the technique.

But the desire to have perfect white kitchen with white technology has not disappeared anywhere. Look at the photo. The shape of the pens, the color of the facades, the technique is carefully selected. The stainless steel countertop combines all the details of the interior, without weighting it. By the way, American cuisine very often has painted facades. Paint of excellent quality, it is easy to care for it. Read “TOP 6 best colors for the interior”. The color palette is so wide that to choose the desired color, even white, is not at all difficult.

which, refrigerator, suitable, white, kitchen

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What colors are combined with white


The universal color gets along well even with the most unusual and bright. The kitchen is finished in retro.resistance and decorated with a rich lemon tint, feel free to select a white device. It’s good if it is stylized under the fashion of the 50-60s of the last century.

In the kitchen in the style of Provence, equipped with a head of a beige or pale purple shade, it will also look attractive. A bright spot that still does not stand out against the general background. It looks no less beautiful in contrast with a black or coffee tone kitchen. Design options are an infinite number and everywhere a household appliance gets along well.

Refrigerator and kitchen appliances

In our life, the stereotype that says. all household appliances in the kitchen area must be a single color. However, no one remembers where this axiom came from? And in connection with which everyone is obliged to fulfill it? If a large number of kitchen equipment, this monotony can make the room dull. In addition, sometimes the dominance of any “powerful” color can generally harm the interior design.

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The main rule that should be followed. the entire kitchen technique should be harmoniously combined with the design of the kitchen. In this case, the devices can be selected in different color design. For example, a black refrigerator and a stove can be supported by a hood, an oven and a microwave with a metal tint. This is quite allowed, and sometimes even supported.

The color of the refrigerator is allowed to choose a different kitchen technique differing from the tone

The refrigerator is allowed to purchase brighter than other kitchen equipment. In this case, he will play a dominant role or act with a duet with another interior item. For example, a red refrigerator in a creamy kitchen with a snow.white technique can perform the image of a lone accent or play in a pair, suppose, with red bar chairs.

Refrigerators are combined with the color of the countertop. “Kitchen apron”, table. flooring, curtains and others.

So, the color of the refrigerator is not obliged to obey the color palette of other kitchen appliances. There is only one exception: a metallic.colored units are customary to maintain at least one device of equipment in such a design. This refrigerator, of course, will not be accent.

Refrigerator in combination with facades

The refrigerator of white looks great in the kitchen with fairly light facades. So that you do not get the blur effect, it is better to choose the rest of the kitchen technique or some part of it in another color version.

The above solution is also suitable for beige and cream tones refrigerators, they go well with beige facades and do not at all require the support of other kitchen equipment.

In stores, it is really possible to find refrigerators decorated under the texture of wood. There are a similar story with such products: they are great for kitchen sets with identical facade design and do not require the help of other kitchen devices.

If the refrigerator is selected under the shade of the modules, then there is no need for complete identity. The main rule is to adhere to a monochrome palette.

White refrigerator in the kitchen

In standard kitchens of light tones, the refrigerator in normal white fits best. The unit with another design is able to violate style unity in the interior of traditional cuisine.

In addition, a white refrigerator is an excellent version for ultramodern kitchen with snow.white wall structures or modules.

Black refrigerator in the kitchen

This solution is suitable for premises in a modern style, excluding their color design. Black color is often reinforced with various interior elements, for example, a apron, stool or a dining group.

A black refrigerator can coincide with kitchen modules if, in general, the room is preserved rather bright.

Steel and light kitchen appliances, as well as glass, are well combined with a black refrigerator. Various options are possible: for example, a refrigerator and a stove. dark, oven. light, hood. metal and glass.

Metal refrigerator

The aggregates of a silver, metal, gray shade are quite multifunctional. They are able to approach almost any kitchen interiors: light, and dark, pastel and multi.colored. Maybe only a design in a chic antique style or with a country direction will not accept such a technique, and then not always. The ultramodern fridge of a metal shade is able to dilute the traditional interior, introducing an original note into it, which will make the kitchen premises more cheerful.

Color refrigerator in the kitchen

Many successful brands produce refrigerators in different color design. both in the juicy and neutral. Individual manufacturers have complete sets, which makes it possible, together with the refrigerator, choose the right oven, microwave and other.

Although, as we wrote above, it is not necessary to collect a collection. The colored refrigerator is quite self.sufficient. If you place a number of large elements of identical color in the room, Accent is able to lose its effectiveness. The color of the refrigerator is better to combine with small elements: for example, a chandelier, a vase. dishes.

To design a calm and air interior, it is better to choose a refrigerator of a lavender, turquoise. mint color.

Active units-for example, juicy-red or saturated-blue-are suitable for cheerful and “male” industrial style designs.

which, refrigerator, suitable, white, kitchen

Dishwasher in the interior of the kitchen

The design of the apparatus will only worry you if you install a separate or partially built.in model. a full.armed dishwasher in the interior is almost invisible, as it is closed by a furniture facade. Unfortunately, so far the variety of color solutions is small, but it is still possible to find an interesting option.

The most popular colors of dishwashers are white, gray (“stainless steel”) and black. White color, like its shades (beige, “ivory”) is universal and can be used both in modern and classical interiors. The white dishwasher is found in the assortment of any manufacturer, beige are less common.

Now buyers are increasingly preferring black dishwashers. This technique looks stylish and luxurious, emphasizes the stylistic orientation of the modern interior and indicates the delicate taste of the owners of the apartment. Black dishwashers go well with furniture and technology of contrasting shades. Their only minus is the difficulty of leaving. On the dark surface, especially glossy, traces of fingers and drops of water are visible, so after each use, the facade part of the equipment must be wiped.

which, refrigerator, suitable, white, kitchen

If the kitchen is decorated in light colors, it is not necessary to buy a white dishwasher at all. The interior will perfectly complement the model of gray (silver) color. Such a facade will look interesting and original. Other household appliances can be made in the same shade, for example, a refrigerator.

The color of stainless steel is stronger and brighter than gray, which affects the choice of the design of the elements surrounding the dishwasher. We emphasize that the steel facade should be supported by other items made of the same material, but there should not be too many of them. It is also worth considering that the shade of stainless steel belongs to cold, so such a dishwasher will not look very harmonious in the kitchen, the interior of which is made in light colors.

For a retro kitchen, dishwashers produced by the Italian company SMEG are perfect. Red, yellow, blue, pink or orange dishwasher will become an effective accent of interior. In the design of the devices, the elements characteristic of the vintage style found their place: a massive handle, rounded faces of the case, a stylized logo. The functionality of the dishwashers is quite modern. But original models are expensive, as they relate to the premium segment.

Successful combinations with gray color

The presence of many colors in one room is unpleasant for perception, and the interior looks tasteless. The kitchen will look beautiful and stylish, where there are no more than three colors and five shades. Must be dominant and additional colors diluted with a minimum of bright accents.

Reference! Gray color is rich in palette shades. from mother.of.pearl, pearl and silver to steel and coal flowers. Noble and unobtrusive, he got into leaders among basic flowers and became a favorite of designers.

It goes well with dark pink and red, purple and bright blue, orange and yellow colors. The fashionable combination of facades of furniture of golden sunny shades and household appliances of lead.colored creates a positive mood. A harmonious union of a silver unit with orange walls forms an original game of colors. Attractive, boldly and unexpectedly looks like a gray tint duet with purple or blue. The correctly selected palette gives an aesthetic look and has a positive effect on the psyche. Home factory of the cold of gray Spectra will be in perfect harmony with the red countertop and light facades of furniture, will also fit perfectly into the interior with gray-white tones.



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