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Which is more profitable an induction or electric stove

Which is better: induction or electric stove?

In order to decide what is better. an induction or electric panel, it is worthwhile to study in detail the characteristics of each device and choose the most suitable option for yourself.

Both types of devices are much more convenient than gas plates, but they work differently. The electric panel first becomes hot itself, and then heats the dishes: this is due to the thermal energy that the conductor transmits. For cooking, you can use dishes from a variety of materials, but always with an even and thick bottom, the diameter of which should coincide with the size of the burner (this will help to avoid heat loss).

The induction surface heats the dishes and its contents, and the bottom diameter does not matter. the main thing is that the material is magnetized. Cast iron and enameled pots with an absolutely flat bottom, as well as stainless steel capacities, are suitable.

Both types of panels, unlike gas, work quite quietly. But if the electric stove is absolutely silent, then the induction sounds specific sounds when the cooling fans are turned on. According to users, you quickly get used to them and stop noticing.

Electric and induction devices differ in the variety of dimensions, which allows you to integrate them in any kitchen set. The first type of product can have from two to five firewood, and the second. from one to six. Management can be either sensory and mechanical.

That an induction or electric hob is better: full analysis

Many new settlers in return for the old gas stove choose modern models of induction or electric plates. This type of hobs is often installed after overhaul or failure of the old kitchen furnace. They more than surpass the usual gas models of the kitchen slab, since it is much more effective and more convenient to operate. Also, new buildings are not always provided for central gas supply, so people decide to acquire an autonomously working stove.

At the time of purchase, a logical question arises: what is better to choose? In order to put all points over the “i”, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the principle of action of the induction and electric panel and the difference between them.

Induction vs Gas vs Electric

Induction and electric hobs. what is the difference?

These two categories have only one feature. both types of devices feed on the network. In design, the electrical and induction models of the hobs are quite significantly different. In general, five main types of domestic heaters are distinguished:

  • induction reel;
  • simple incandescent spiral;
  • tubular electric heater;
  • halogen infrared;
  • Subtle strip (Hi-Light).

Only four are used in the design of modern kitchen units. The difference between them is manifested in the features of operation and technical characteristics. You can’t say unequivocally which hob is better: for someone it is more economical and convenient to use induction surfaces, someone will seem more reliable and manufacturing electric models. Much depends on the brand and the ideas that he was able to realize. If we consider the products of well.known European brands, we can say that there are no unequivocally unsuccessful solutions among the units of both categories. Modern and functional models have more advantages than disadvantages, regardless of the type of heater.

In our article, we will analyze in detail and compare the principles of work, features of installation and operation, the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options. For some, our review will be an extra reason to choose an induction panel, and someone will finally make sure that he is a fan of electrical hobs. In any case, we will try to be as objective as possible in our article. Let’s start with a general analysis, and at the end we will consider in detail the products of Miele-the German producer of premium household appliances.


It is impossible to determine which hobs are better. electrical or induction, it is impossible without evaluating this parameter. It is believed that devices operating from current are safer than gas, you can not be afraid of fuel leakage. Are there any differences within this category?

Can you get a burn

Back to the principle of work again. The electric panel itself is hot from the heating element and heats the air around. She cools down for a long time. Touching such a surface, you can get a serious burn. This is especially dangerous for families where there are small children. To avoid incidents, the indicators of residual heat are installed. They show whether the stove has cooled down or not. In addition, in the risk zone there are devices near the hot panel. Do not leave plastic objects nearby.

Burning on the induction surface is very difficult. The fact is that it heats up only directly at the place of contact with the dishes, from the bottom of this capacity. As soon as you remove it from the stove, the latter cools down. The rest of the area even during cooking remains a little warm.

Turning off and timer

Now about other characteristics. The best modern hobs have a protective shutdown if the device does not receive any commands for a long time, or if it is overheated.

There are also models equipped with a timer. This allows you to set a certain cooking time. At the end of the burner, the sound signal is sometimes also triggered.

Recognition and blocking

Induction slabs boast a useful function. they can recognize dishes. That is, the burner begins to work when a pan or pan from a certain metal appears on it. This means that the device does not confuse them, for example, with a cup or other non.suitable capacity. And if the item is removed from the burner, it will stop warming.

One useful option is found in both models. blocking the control panel. It is especially relevant in the house with children and pets.

Safe connection

And finally, an important point. Any hob that works from current is a large load on the mains. Therefore, you need to properly organize its placement and connection. In the apartments where gas stoves are installed and the old wiring is laid, the cables are most likely not designed for loads from electric or induction models, and may simply burn out. This issue is better to solve in advance, update the wiring. We need a cable of a certain section. This type depends on the power of the technique. When using such plates, it is recommended to install a separate machine and a protective shutdown device in the distribution shield. A power outlet will also be required. Ordinary, household, will not work. And, of course, grounding.

An electric stove should not be mounted next to plastic items. As well as next to the refrigerator and other devices.

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Reliable hobs from Kaiser

The assortment of the German company KAISER presents the hobs of three types:

All gas models have an electric carpet that allows you to set fire to gas without the use of matches, and gas control, which serves as reliable protection against fuel leakage. Electric panels have advanced functionality: mechanical switches are replaced by modern Full Touch sensors, and traditional burners with electronic heaters with round and oval extensions for cooking in dishes of various shapes and with different bottom diameter. Additional bonuses are such options as a sound timer with auto disposal, indication of residual heat, protection from children and the automatic shutdown system Safety Guard. Induction hobs can boast of the ability to combine heating zones, an economical function of KEEP WARM heating, an increase in the power of the Power burner, as well as the fastest and more economical preparation of any dishes.


Any heated object cools over time. one quickly, the others. for a long time. This process is called “inertia”.

The induction stove in this regard is similar to the gas: turned off. and the dishes immediately stopped basking. It is very convenient if your milk runs out or pancakes are burning.

But what to do if you need to freeze the dish a little?

Dear high.quality models can work at “low speeds”. They successfully maintain a low temperature, and the dish is slowly extinguishing. But in inexpensive panels, this mode fails: the generator either turns on, then turns off. As a result, you either digest a dish or undergo it.

The electric stove cools for a long time. This is very inconvenient if you run away too much boiling borscht. But wonderful if you steamed oatmeal in hot milk.

which, induction, electric, stove

Comfort of cooking

There is no obvious leader in terms of comfort, because except for cast.iron models, everyone else has sensory control, thin settings and various functions. Indicators are built into the hobs of all types that help determine the current temperature and set its subsequent value.

Induction hobs, due to their functionality, have some advantages over non.induction models.

We select a suitable plate

Each of the mentioned models is a type of electric slab. Outwardly, they are very similar to each other: in both the hob is made of glass ceramics. But at the same time, the tiles have a completely different heating system. To understand what to buy in the end, you need to figure out how the induction stove differs from the glass.ceramic.

Glass ceramics

In fact, this model is almost no different from the usual electrical stove: its heating system is exactly the same. Heating occurs using a tubular electric heater (Ten), which can be ordinary or double.bonded. The latter is needed to create firewood of different diameters. for large and small pots. They can also have any shape, not only round.

In addition, several types of heating areas are distinguished: halogen, rapid, induction. The former are considered short.lived, consume electricity, but the process of cooking is much faster. The latter heat up for a long time, but serve the user much longer. The latter help heat only the desired burner, while leaving another surface of the technique of cold.

Choosing the hobs: manufacturers rating

When choosing a hob, it is very important to pay attention to the manufacturer of the equipment. All manufacturers who produce induction and electric hobs can be conditionally divided into three categories depending on the quality of the product:

  • The professional models of the elite class are produced by Miele, AEG, GAGGENAU, KUPPERSBUSCH;
  • Products of the middle category, which are characterized by an ideal ratio of price and quality, belong to Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool, Gorenje, Zanussi, Electrolux;
  • The budget series of good quality is offered by manufacturers of Hansa, Ariston, Ardo.

The most demand is the hobs of the middle price category of world manufacturers

Elite class models are most often purchased for cafes and restaurants. They are characterized by the maximum number of heating zones, have high power and expanded functionality. The main feature of such models is the high cost that is not justified for the use of products in modern kitchens.

Based on numerous reviews, hobs of the middle price category of world manufacturers are in greatest demand. This is due to a wide range of reliable products that the average family can afford. Models are distinguished by a decent quality of performance, an expanded set of necessary functions and programs used in constant everyday life, and an original design, so that products fit perfectly into the modern interior of the kitchen.

Models from the budget category are characterized by good quality and affordable cost. Products equipped with a minimum set of functions are mainly represented here.

which, induction, electric, stove

Three water heating systems in comparison

Which hob to choose: distinguishing features of world brands

Judging by numerous reviews, Bosch and Siemens hobs are most popular. This is explained by a wide range of induction and electrical models, which are characterized by high quality, attractive appearance and expanded functionality of products.

which, induction, electric, stove

Bosch produces plates with glass.ceramic surface High Speed, which is characterized by high strength, wear resistance and durability

Bosch produces models with glass.ceramic surface High Speed, which is characterized by high strength, wear resistance and durability. Both firms offer several varieties of models for 2 burners. The cooking panels of manufacturers have one total drawback. the high cost of the product. An electric stove can be purchased for 25-30 thousand and induction-for 35-70 thousand.

Multifunctional devices with convenient control mode, pleasant design and relatively affordable cost are produced by famous Gorenje and Electrolux companies. Electric hobs of burning have a proprietary technical option Super Power, thanks to which you can increase the level of heating on all burners at the same time. This helps to reduce time spent on the cooking process.

Some induction panels of Electriculox have a burning fire with a special deepening Wok in a glass.ceramic surface for the location of the pan. The company specializes in the production of combined panels with gas burners and induction burners. The price of induction type hobs from Gorenje and Electrolux is in the range of 25-30 thousand and electric-15-20 thousand.

Gorenje plates are equipped with a Super Power technical option, thanks to which you can increase the heating level on all burners at the same time

Among the budget models, the most popular are the hobs of Ariston and Hansa. The cost of induction surfaces is 15-18 thousand and electric-10-12 thousand. The slabs are equipped with a necessary set of functions and have an original design.

When choosing an induction or electric panel, it is important to study the features of each option that differ in the principle of operation, functional capabilities and price. The induction stove provides more efficient work with less energy costs. However, such a surface requires special care, the use of special dishes and is characterized by a high cost.

You can’t say unequivocally which plate is better. If you have not been able to decide on the choice, you can give preference to a combined version of the hob with electric and induction burners.



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