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Which hair dryer brush is better rotating or not?

Pros and cons of the hair dryer-brush

Most experts and ordinary girls agree that the hair dryer-brush. it is not a fully-fledged hair dryer, but a styler for styling slightly dried hair. It is a big time saver, because you can start styling without waiting for your hair to be completely dry. But if your hair dryer is powerful and designed to handle it, it can also be used to blow-dry wet hair, just a little bit longer.

The appearance of this hybrid is a gadget-brusher with a handle. On this handle and are located and control spinning part of the button. The handle is the same as the one on your hair dryer. Another “origin” gives out the nozzle.

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In fact, this is a tube with teeth located on it (brush). Turn the device on, run it through wet hair. the spinning brush dries and curls (or straightens) them.

The modern rotating blow dryer brush uses two sizes of nozzles. this allows you to create curls of different sizes. Manufacturers promise that after getting acquainted with the device, the user will give up all previously tried styling tools. It is important only to choose a device according to its optimal parameters.

What is a hair dryer-brush functions and features

Before telling you how to choose a device, it is worth explaining in more detail what a hair-brush dryer is. Under this name hides a styler for hair styling, which simultaneously performs the drying of curls. In terms of design, the device has a body in the form of a handle, to which you can connect nozzles of different shapes and purposes. Depending on the equipment, there can be from one to six. The main nozzles on a blow dryer brush are:

  • The universal round brush, which has high teeth;
  • A diffuser to add volume How to use a hair dryer diffuser, read the link);
  • round brush, the surface of which is covered with natural or artificial bristles;
  • flat one-sided brush to straighten curly hair;
  • Smooth round curling iron-shaped extensions for curling (follow this link to learn how to curl hair on a curling iron;
  • Comb for volume while drying;
  • metal brush with retractable teeth to prevent tangling.

Figuring out what a hair dryer-brush is and how to choose this device, it is worth noting that it comes in a rotating or non-rotating. Some models are equipped with ionization function, which removes static, gives silky hair. You can read more about ionization in your hair dryer in our article at.

If you do not know how to choose a hair dryer with a rotating brush and which one is better, pay attention to the hair dryer-brushes from the company Brown in our online store. We offer a wide range of quality stylers that help dry, style and refresh with the power of steam. The specially designed filters in the dryer brush prevent hair breakage, and the three temperature settings let you choose the perfect setting for your hair structure.

Warp dryers are often purchased directly for curling hair. They effectively cope with hair regardless of length and thickness, creating wavy curls or playful little curls. To that end, it comes with brushes of various diameters. Most of the products are equipped with a nozzle, which curls the strands in a special chamber, where they are dried and curled. The result is straight and bouncy curls. This segment contains the best curling models recommended by users.

GA.MA Turbo-CX (GH0101)

A compact product is sure to be on the list. The device has a good functionality, a large number of different nozzles, low weight. such parameters are liked by the majority of users.

The product combines a curling iron, straightener and hair dryer. When choosing such a model, it is possible to abandon the use of devices that perform only one function. Special technology will create an antimicrobial effect. There are several modes of operation and cold blowing, which makes it possible to do different hairstyles.

The device provides an inclusion indication. The product has a modern style, made in black with red details. Most people say that a brush with such features will be cheap, while the quality and durability will be of a high level.

  • Increased productivity;
  • adequate price;
  • unusual style;
  • antimicrobial effect;
  • Different types of nozzles;
  • Small size and lightweight.

Philips HP8668 StyleCare

Thanks to the product under consideration, it is possible to make a variety of hairstyles that are created in salons. Several nozzles are included. 5 cm diameter brush helps create volume. The attachment for auto-curling allows you to get wavy strands out of straightened hair. You need only press the button, and pre-dried curls will be curled in a special chamber for treatment.

Drying nozzle directs the airflow on the hair and makes it ready for the next styling. Ionization function makes them bright, smooth. Static stress is reduced, split ends are smoothed out. The product offers several different modes. All product features are positive. Most people like the lilac-colored style.


The best hair dryer in this price segment. Helps you create perfect strands and curls without going to the beauty salon. It provides several temperature and speed modes. Cold air blowing helps fix the hair.

Comes with a brush attachment for drying, and a curling iron to create curls. Ionization function makes hair shiny and smooth, removes frizz and smooths split ends. Users highlight the ergonomics of the device, it is convenient to hold in the hands during manipulation. A rotating cord helps prevent entanglement. A loop for hanging up keeps your hands free when you need them and allows you to store them comfortably after use. Women commented positively on the functionality, convenience, most liked the unusual style in black with pink inserts.

which, hair, dryer, brush, better
  • Increased productivity;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Swivel cord and eyelet for hanging;
  • ionization function;
  • unusual style.

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How to choose a hair dryer brush?

All blow-dryers are similar to each other. Inside the handle hides the motor with heating elements, outside. the buttons to control the device. All products are equipped with nozzles, their number determines the cost, but you will definitely have 1-2 nozzles at your disposal. The nozzle has multiple holes through which hot/warm/cool air comes out. The shape of the nozzles is very different, as their purpose is radically different: some are needed to create curls, and some. on the contrary for the alignment of the strands. Some heads can rotate. It looks like you’re holding a hairbrush with air blowing out of it. Convenient!

Most girls admit that the first attempts to style with a hair dryer-brush are not very pleasant and sometimes even disappointing, but it is worth just to get used to, and you can quickly create a style that would have taken several times more time using standard tools. A good example can be seen in the video.

We should be honest and say that many girls say that their hair gets smoother with a blow dryer rather than a blow dryer and that curls get flatter with a curling iron. Some may argue with this, accusing of crookedness and proving the effectiveness of the hair dryer-brush. But! Be that as it may, the hair dryer-brush can replace a mountain of other tools, and on a trip it is indispensable. If you pay attention to the choice, but not grab the first caught model, then the impressions of the use will be excellent.

Ok, enough lyrics, let’s get down to business and find out what we need to consider when choosing a hair dryer-brush.

  • Weight and ergonomics. The model should first take in your hands, to check whether it is not heavy for you, as lies in your hand, and then compare similar devices on the parameters. Otherwise you can buy a very good device that you will not be able to hold on the weight and minute.
  • Power. Everything depends on the length and thickness of your hair. If you have a short haircut, you can safely take a hair dryer-brush power of 400 watts. The same devices are suitable for owners of sparse and thin hair. Hair dryers up to 800 watts. this is a good choice for those who have medium length and medium thickness of hair. These devices are the most popular. Hair dryers from 800 to 1100 W are the choice of the owners of thick and/or long hair.
  • The number of heating modes is rarely more than 3 (hot, warm and cool air), and the number of airflow speeds is more than 2. The more modes, the more functional the device and the higher the price.
  • You can have 2 nozzles in a kit, or you can have 8. As a rule, all the products are equipped with round bristle nozzles. They replace the comb during classic styling with a hair dryer and allow to create a small volume at hair roots. If you use the same nozzle, but with a smaller diameter, you can get soft waves. Some models have rotating nozzles. In addition, the kit also includes a comb attachment for smoothing hair, curling attachment-pincers, concentrator attachment for drying strands, diffuser attachment for working with curly hair, attachment with retractable teeth for the most gentle preservation of the resulting curl and others. The more different attachments, the more you can do. But there is a chance that some nozzles won’t work for you. Many girls use only one nozzle and do not overpay when buying. If you have a lot of nozzles in the set, it is desirable that the manufacturer gave more and bag for their storage. Do not forget to test in the store, how firmly attach the nozzles to the base.
  • Their Their coating is either ceramic or tourmaline, both are great and you can hardly find anything else these days. As for the bristles on the brushes, it is better that they were natural or mixed. so the hair will be more shiny and smooth.
  • The power source in most of the devices is the network. The wire should be longer than 1.8 m, then it will be convenient to use a hair dryer. There are battery-powered models that are convenient for travel, but the problem of constantly replacing or recharging the batteries negates the convenience.
  • As an additional feature, many hair dryers have ionization, which is designed to remove static electricity from the hair. Some models have a steam humidification.
  • To use a hair dryer-brush was comfortable, pay attention to the following points. It’s a rotating cord, loop to hang it up, and overheat protection. Many manufacturers make the legs, so the device does not slip on the surface.
  • The best manufacturers include Babyliss, Rowenta, Philips, Braun, Remington, Bosch.

To hair dryer-brush does not entangle the hair, choose the correct diameter of the nozzle. The longer the hair, the larger the diameter should be. The nozzles can be from 18 to 50 mm in diameter.

Review of rotating hair dryer brushes for hair styling. 2020

Many women make do with a universal hair dryer with a couple of nozzles. exactly until they decide to complex haircuts and styling. A bob on a leg, a torn asymmetrical square-cut, a pixie, a multilevel Cascade or a spectacular perm. each strand here should be in its place, so as not to spoil the overall impression.

In stores, you can find devices with heads in the form of combs. The devices, according to the manufacturers’ statements, facilitate styling and will help those who lay down every day and are not ready to spend a lot of time on it. But which is better: a hairdryer or a hair dryer-brush??

The classic appliance allows you to slightly straighten your hair and give it volume. For more advanced styling it is necessary to angle the strands and twist them into the comb, pull it in different directions and blow it off immediately. two hands are not enough.

DIY blowdrys and blow dryers that speed up styling and save you anxiety. All things you can do with one hand at a time.

What is a hair dryer with a comb?? Adopted name. blow-dryer-brush. The device performs two functions at once: the working part rotates, giving a shape to curls, and the hot air dries, fixing the result.

Hair dryer differs only in that its nozzle is not equipped with a rotor, so you have to curl the strands yourself.


Learn more about what a hair dryer-brush is and what to look for when choosing it, you will learn from our review.

Technical tricks

Ceramic actuated nozzles are said to distribute the heat more evenly over the surface, and contact with ceramic is less harmful to the hair than contact with metal. However, the big difference is not felt: all the hair dryer heads after 5 minutes at full power are so hot that you need an oven mitt or a towel to replace the head.

Ceramic is claimed in all models except the Lamark LK-1245. Similar story with ionization (a stream of negatively charged particles, responsible for removing static electricity from the hair). The function is declared in all models, except Lamark LK-1245, but again, no one noticed a big difference.

A hair dryer brush for styling hair

The hair dryer-brush is effective for styling both short and long hair.

Comparing Revlon to Revolutionary Hair Dryers & Stylers | Milabu

It effectively combines the functions of several grooming tools. With this model you don’t need curling irons, electric curling irons, and electric hair dryers. Give short hair volume and lushness, arrange the long hair in beautiful soft curls or make a classic smooth hairstyle. with all of these tasks rotary dryer copes with excellent. Because of the high popularity enjoyed by this device, it began to produce almost all major manufacturers of household appliances. How to understand the variety of models, which hair dryer with a rotating brush is better? Let’s try to understand.

Hair dryer-brush attachments

To understand which hair dryer-brush will better cope with daily tasks, you should pay attention to the number of functions and attachments in the standard set.

  • Round rotating brush. brushes of different diameters to pull strands.
  • Comb and flat brush. for simultaneous drying and combing hair.
  • Concentrator. for fast drying similar to the hair dryer.
  • Curling tongs. for curling or straightening.
  • Movable teeth. which can be removed after creating a curl so as not to ruin it.

Also among the capabilities of a hair dryer-brush can be additional functions:

  • Ionization. a special mode that removes the static charge from the hair.
  • Steam moisturizing to prevent over drying.
  • Reverse rotation of the nozzle.
  • Cold blast for locking the curl.
  • Auto shut off in case of overheating.

To find out which hair dryer brush is best, look at user reviews. they will be the best source of real information about the quality and functionality of the device.

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