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Which cassettes are suitable for gillette venus

Advantages and disadvantages of Venus female shavers

High-strength steel sharpened blades allow for a safe and high-quality treatment. This is the main advantage of Venus machines. Additional benefits:

  • The special technology of blade placement;
  • shave without cuts and scratches;
  • for all skin types;
  • gentle shaving without irritation;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • removable cartridges;
  • Large selection of instruments;
  • Number of blades from 2 to 5.

The choice of device will depend on your individual preferences and comfort of use.


If you want a particularly comfortable shave, you should consider the Venus Comfortglide Spa Breeze. An excellent choice for those without any requirements. the most common blades that cost less.

Venus Embrase replacement cassettes are sure to please all those who want to buy a blade that is not quite ordinary, but not too expensive.

There are other variations of removable blades Gillette Venus.

It is important to note that the packages vary in the number of products offered. Also, the cassettes differ in their color. If this parameter is important, it is also worth taking into account to use the product as pleasantly as possible.

Never neglect aesthetics, so that life is always in pleasure.

All about women’s razors Gillette Venus

The razor is currently the most popular and common option for hair removal. In today’s market there are a large number of manufacturers of such cosmetic products. Highly in demand among customers razors, produced by Gillette. Today we will talk about the features of these female razors.

How to choose a cassette for shaving?

Most men do not know how to choose a cassette for shaving and prefer inexpensive products, although in most cases the cheap blades spoil faster and there is no sense in such savings.

Good cassettes with blades should be expensive, because the production involves environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, quality and durable materials, as well as the latest production technologies.

The following criteria should be used to select replacement cassettes for your machine tool:

  • Manufacturer’s name. It is desirable that the brand of the machine tool and cassettes are the same, in any case, a man should trust the proven brands.
  • Price. As has already been said, cheap pens for looms are consumed much faster than branded ones made of quality materials, which can still be sharpened to extend their life.
  • Materials of manufacture. A good product will be the one that is made of durable steel, has protective coatings, and implies a long service life.
  • Skin type. For each skin type, manufacturers offer a variety of blade finenesses. The sharpest are suitable for men with oily or normal skin, and with experience in handling a razor. For dry or sensitive skin, it’s best to choose a softer blade.

Loom compatibility was also a deciding factor in my choice, as the wrong cassette might not fit properly in the head of the loom, increasing the risk of facial trauma. In the market for such products you can often come across a knockoff, so you need to choose branded cassettes with special care.

Gillette SWORD shaving blades

Today was the day I started testing the new blades and it took me a long time to choose which ones I want to use.

After platinum Gillette, blades of this company became interesting to me, so I decided to try their new product SWORD.

The envelope is nice and neatly made, apparently the designer tried.

But the back of the envelope is not thought out at all, the inscriptions can not read until you open it, I think it should not be, the impression that the Chinese in a hurry made, very suspicious.

When I removed the first envelope I was even more surprised. Very hackneyed, this does not look like Gillette products. I have never seen anything like this before, the second envelope did not even cover part of the blade itself.

The blade itself turned out to be black, the impression is that it is just painted, there is a sharp burr on the side, the edge already looks uneven. Definitely, it is something of a series of fakes, or technical blades. On sale are very similar to these blades, but to which people have few complaints. They have a similar name, but more complete Gillette “Wilkinson” Sword.

As I expected, shaving with fake blades without the word “Wilkinson” in the name was impossible, they did not cope with the hair at all, they just pulled on the mustache, shave something unable to. I had to immediately replace this blade with another. The result is 0 sessions, qualified as unfit for shaving, I do not recommend it, most likely a fake.

There are many ways to get rid of unwanted body hair. The most painless shave. Women often complain of irritation, itching, and lack of absolute smoothness after treatment. With Gillette Venus you can forget about these problems.

Razors with interchangeable cassettes

The range has a number of models in which you can change the cassettes and save a lot of money. These looms will be appropriate for those ladies who systematically depilate different areas on their bodies.

Venus Divine

This model has three gel strips that moisturize the skin. Venus Divine is suitable even for those who have a very sensitive epidermis.

The cassette has three blades that after one stroke do not leave a single hair on the treated area. The steel is of high quality, one cassette lasts long enough.

The handle of the product is rubberized, which is very comfortable.

Venus Swirl

The razor is characterized by the presence of five blades and technology FLEXIBALL The latter is unique to this model, thanks to it goes motion in different planes at once. Razor head can precisely follow all curves of the body. MoistureGlide serum on special strips. It makes shaving easy. Perfectly shaped handle.

Venus Snap

Features 5 blades with Embrace technology. They won’t miss a single hair. Handle is compact, comfortable. Water-soaked cleansing strip moisturizes the skin and makes the procedure smoother.

Venus Embrace

If you have extra-sensitive skin, opt for this razor. Five-piece floating blades and moisturizing strips minimize irritation.

The strips contain aloe and other substances that help the machine glide over the desired area.

Razors with foaming pads

Foaming pads enable extra-smooth gliding of the shaving head over your skin. With these machines, depilation can take place without shaving aids (foam or gel).

Venus Olay

One of the new features is the foaming pads. They are laced with Olay cream to help keep your dermis hydrated.

Smooth shave. The head glides smoothly. Five blades touch the skin flawlessly and do not leave behind any ruggedness.

Venus Breeze

No shaving foam needed to shave your hair with this loom. And it shows up on its own after the Venus Breeze blade comes in contact with water.

Perfect for women who travel a lot on business trips. The loom does not take up much space. The only thing is you can’t store it near water. Cassettes are easy to change. One can last up to 5 to 6 months.

Venus Spa Breeze

This machine has three blades and built-in pads that foam. They come with a special gel that promotes a closer shave. The skin after manipulation is not dry, smooth and silky.

Venus Olay with sweet berry scent

This razor has 5 blades, capable of foaming strips and comes with Olay cream. The distinctive feature. the pads have a sweet berry scent. No dryness, no irritation after shaving.

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Disposable looms

If you can’t buy a razor with interchangeable cassettes, you can buy a disposable razor.

Simply Venus 2

This machine has two blades. For better gliding, the manufacturer has made a strip on the head. Moisturizes, saturates and prevents inflammation. Designed to make it virtually impossible to cut yourself. Very handy to take on the road.

Simply Venus 3

This variant for single use has three blades. Thanks to this number, you can achieve a flawless smoothness of your skin. No cuts and no sliding of the shaver is necessary, the machine has a special strip. Its properties are revealed by contact with water. There is an elastomeric insert on the handle, which provides a comfortable grip on the machine.

Replacement razor blade cassettes

If you purchase a machine with interchangeable cassettes, then after using all the accessories that came with it, you do not need to buy a new one. To continue working with your existing model, simply purchase replacement cassettes.

The cassettes can fit a variety of models, but there are exceptions. In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is worth checking with the seller.

Business wisdom

The second most popular series of replaceable cassettes after Mach3 (link to article) at Gillette is Fusion5. fusion).

This series was born in 2007, and admittedly, really good shaves. Unlike “Mac3”, which replaced the “Sensor” and did not bring anything revolutionary to the process (do not count as such a lubricating strip), “Fusion” gillette fusion proglide cassettes buy, in fact, does a great job. And if I had to choose gillett blades, I’d go with the Fusion5.

There are six flavors in all: Fusion5, Fusion5 Power, Fusion5 Proglide, Fusion5 Proglide Power, Fusion5 ProShield and Fusion5 ProShield Chill. And every one of them goes with any Fusion machine, t.е. Interchangeability is complete.

5 anti-friction (whatever that means) blades, improved lubricating strip indicator, trimmer for grass on the back of the cassette for a precise shave, 15 micro ridges under the blades. that’s what the basic Fusion5. The blades are even thinner and sharper than before. I wonder what they’re comparing it to? With “poppy”, with disposable looms, or with third-party cassette manufacturers in general. The micro ridges smooth the skin better in front of the blades, and the lubricating strip lasts longer (better blades would last longer). The only major plus and innovation is the grass trimmer on the back of the cassette to trim hard-to-reach places.

You can’t tell the difference between Fusion5 and Fusion5 Power cartridges except for the color (even the price is the same): only the tools are different, and the blades are interchangeable. “The Fusion Power is a battery-operated AA machine that creates microvibrations. Magically it has some effect on no irritation if you have sensitive skin, but there’s no proof of that, of course, so let’s take the manufacturer’s word for it. By the way, our inquisitive mind did find an insignificant difference between two cassettes: the indicator strip in Fusion5 Power contains avocado oil and grape-seed oil. This, of course, changes a lot! (sarcasm)

Fusion5 Proglide blades. glide) are already at least somewhat different from the basic model: the indicator strip is wider; micro combs, on the contrary, are smaller (there are 10 of them) and softer; and the grass trimmer blade is now easier to wash due to the redesigned. Besides, from the advertising booklet we read that 4 out of 5 blades (and why not all 5, I wonder?) is thinner and sharper than the standard Fusion. According to subjective sensations, the Proglide is really better than the basic Fusion, but maybe it just seems like. It costs a bit more too, though. the price difference is about 20%.

The Fusion5 ProGlide Power blade has significant external differences from the stock “proglide”. Subjected to rolling, micro comb, which became smaller and now has 5 strips; also directly under the blades appeared micro-comb, which is designed to guide the bristles to the blades for a cleaner shave. In reality, the same cassette on average, 35% more expensive than the basic “proglide” and almost 60%. standard “Fusion” and the difference in shaving quality with Fusion5 ProGlide is not felt.

Gillette Fusion5 ProShield (photo from the official website of Gillette)

The Fusion5 ProShield blade is. shield) are very similar to ProGlide Power: the first similarity. the price, both cassettes cost the same; the second thing they have in common. this little micro comb, and the third. the presence of micro comb. By the way, this comb came to the best advantage here.

ProShield cassette has two lubricating strips (and this is its main difference from ProShield Paeur), the first of which is located in front of the blades. So when the machine is on the skin, this strip simply presses the bristles, while micro-comb detaches hairs, lifts them and directs them precisely under the blade blade.

Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill (photo from the official site Gillette)

Fusion5 ProShield Chill. chill) differs from the previous model the presence of menthol in the lubricating strip, which gives a feeling of coolness on the skin after passing the blade. Chill costs 65% more than the stock Fusion5 in Russian stores, but at the same time is on par with the basic ProShield.

In the end it’s impossible not to mention the looms. Fusion5 ProGlide and ProShield, and their Power variants are machines with FlexBall technology that allows the head to rotate not only up/down like the standard Mach3 and Fusion, but also to the right/left. Thus, the blade swings in four directions and, in theory, should easily pass any curves in the face and neck. In reality, our testing showed that the benefits of this “feature” is sucked out of thin air and only raises the price of the machine.


What would I choose if I were you? Definitely, the Fusion5 ProGlide. it’s not much more expensive than the basic “fusion. If only the fact that Bolin Webb and Muehle machines come with these blades by default speaks in favor of these cassettes.

Muehle Sophist shaving set with faora handle

Let’s be fair. the Fusion5 shaves cleaner and more comfortably than the Mac3, Sensor, and Slalom. Another thing is that it, like all other Jillet blades, lacks longevity. The manufacturer claims one month of confident use. I don’t know if you shave once a week, it’s good for a month, but not really. Here we were already lamenting the fact that Gillette’s replacement cassettes aren’t what they used to be. And definitely, all these “proshildy” and “Power”. clearly a marketing strategy of Gillette to pump money out of men, and all the extra “pluses” is simply not necessary.

Inexpensive cassettes for a family of looms Gillette Fusion. There are nuances

Hello, folks! A long time ago, in the days of greener grass and the dollar at 30, I used to shave with the most sophisticated loom at the time. Gillette Fusion Power (the one with 5 blade cassettes and a vibrating action). But then dark times came, and the price of the cassette was too biting. I had to switch to something easier.

As suddenly, just after New Year’s Eve 2021, comes my push ad for a super discount on cassettes for Gillette Fusion: 20 cassettes for a little over a thousand. How can I refuse, when the supermarkets for that money can not even buy a pack of 4 pieces? Especially the machine itself was carefully lying around somewhere in the toolbox. So the order was placed without long deliberation.

After 17 days, the standard yellow package arrived at the post office, with no additional packaging, inside which were 5 standard plastic boxes, 4 cassettes each, packed in plastic bags.

Boxes are pretty strong, and the cassettes themselves are not fragile, for this reason, the seller probably did not bother with the bubble wrap. The absence of Gillette logo on the box is immediately apparent.

Also missing the back cover. This shows that the cassettes in front of us are obviously not original cassettes.

Although the machine fits as native. The cassette clicks and locks firmly into place. Nothing wiggles or snaps.

In fact, here’s how it sits on the machine. A perfect fit for the contour. But it’s definitely not the original cassettes.

Except for the lack of a logo, the cassette has no extra blade on the back side. Although it’s a very important blade that’s good for trimming the area just under your nose. I can’t shave well with a 5-blade cassette. And besides, on the front side above the blades, the usual plastic nape, instead of the soap composition, which should provide additional sliding.

Otherwise, the cassettes are identical to the original. Almost identical. During use it became clear that the blades themselves are of inferior quality to the original. If the original cassette enough for 4-5 comfortable shave and as much more uncomfortable. That these blades blunt for 3-4 shaves to the state at which they no longer shave, and pull bristles.

If you shave no more than twice a week and don’t have stiff bristles that are comparable to wire, you can buy the cassette without a problem. Even if you have to change the cassette more often, it’s still 30% cheaper. Otherwise, one cassette will be enough only for weeks or less. Then the price will be comparable to the original.

“The first blade shaves cleaner, the second even cleaner, and the 25th polishes the bone.”. It was in the KVN back in the early 2000s.

Подробный обзор женских лезвий Gillette Venus на 3 и 5 лезвий.


Which Gillette blades fit my razor?

For best results, we recommend using blades specifically made for your loom. To find out which blades are suitable for your machine, please visit the information page of the respective machine. Or if you’d like to know more about all the blades you can use with your machine, check out the information below or download the full list.

What’s the difference between Gillette Power razors and manual machines?

Gillette Power razors have the same basic elements as regular razors, but they vibrate when turned on. Gillette Power shaver requires AAA battery. Press the button on the handle to activate vibration mode. The razor automatically stops vibrating after 8 minutes, but you can turn it on again. All Gillette Power razors are suitable for use in the shower thanks to the Shower-safe system Furthermore, all Gillette Power razor cassettes are interchangeable with regular razor cassettes, and the Fusion5 family razor cassettes (Fusion5, ProGlide, Styler) fit all Fusion5 looms. Learn which blades fit your razor.

How to contact customer service or leave a comment?

If you have questions or Комментарии и мнения владельцев about Gillette products, give us a call at 8 (800) 200-20-20 or send us an email.

Which Gillette razor is best for shaving and styling your beard??

Every Gillette razor is suitable for grooming your beard, but using a more specialized razor makes facial hair care much easier. In a multi-blade razor system like the Gillette ProGlide Power Razor with FlexBall technology, the blades are closely spaced, reducing the pressure on each blade, as well as increasing comfort and reducing irritation.

If you need a tool for finer work, consider the Gillette Proglide Styler.Acting as a beard grass trimmer and Power razor. This 3-in-1 Styler cuts and shaves evenly, shaves smoothly and trims neatly with Braun’s flexible and precise grass trimmer

For ideas and inspiration for the perfect beard, watch Gillette’s video on beard and mustache styles.

How long do Gillette ProGlide blades last??

Each ProGlide and ProShield blade lasts up to months. To keep the wetting bar longer, either store your razor in the tray that comes with it, or place it upside down so it doesn’t touch the wet surface.

Is it possible to recycle Gillette blades and looms?

Currently our shavers and cartridges are not suitable for recycling. To learn more about PG’s sustainability work, visit our corporate sustainability website.

Can Gillette share advice on how to shave better?

Gillette has been creating innovative shaving products for over a century. So if you need advice on the best way to shave, you’ve come to the right place! First check out the articles and videos on how to shave your facial hair available on our website. After learning the basics, watch a video on beard and mustache care.You’ll find even more videos on the Gillette YouTube page

Where Gillette products are made?

Gillette blades have been made in Boston since 1905. As global demand for our products has grown, we have opened production in several countries around the world. However, we still proudly manufacture the best Gillette blades in Boston, Massachusetts.

What ingredients are used in Gillette deodorants and antiperspirants?

On our website, every page with information about Gillette deodorants and antiperspirants includes an “Ingredients” section that lists the active and inactive ingredients in the products. In addition, you can find information about all the components of the fragrances in the PG fragrance list.

Where to find information about Gillette jobs?

You can find out about job openings on PG’s dedicated corporate website for job openings.

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