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Which babyliss or coifin is better?

Pros and cons of a hair dryer-brush

Most experts and ordinary girls agree that the hair dryer-brush. it is not a full-fledged hair dryer, but a styler for styling slightly dried hair. It is a big time saver, because you can start styling without waiting for your hair to be completely dry. But if the power and design allows, such a styler is quite possible to dry wet hair, as well as the usual hair dryer, just a little longer.

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For some girls, a hair dryer. is a daily necessity in the fight for hair beauty, for others. An emergency salvage tool, used only in extreme cases. But both want to have a quality and reliable device at hand, which can dry hair gently and quickly and will not fail at the right moment. Our selection rating will help you understand how and where to find the best hair dryer.

How to choose a hair dryer

When choosing a professional hair dryer, you need to rely on the following criteria:

  • Power. A high-wattage appliance dries curls faster. But anything over 2,000 watts can dry out your locks. It is optimal to choose a hair dryer with a power of 1800 watts.
  • Extra Functions. The device should have an ionization system, the supply of cool air. It is good if the hair dryer has several speed modes. The presence of a filter for dust and hair, noise muffler is welcome.
  • Weight and size. The hair dryer must have a good grip, a moderate weight and a long power cord.
  • Material. The best choice. durable plastic with heat resistance function.
  • Safety. A hair dryer must have a built-in thermoswitch from overheating.

The rating of quality hair dryers for professionals will help you to make a wise choice. It is based on these characteristics and customer reviews.

What hair dryer to choose: the rating and tips hairdressers

Elementary, dry hair and make a spectacular styling at home helps hair dryer, which is in the arsenal of many women. If you do not have one or the old one is not satisfied and bored. do not rush to buy the first option that appears. It is better to define clearly for yourself which hair dryer to choose, so as not to be disappointed in the purchase. Spontaneously chosen model can not only bad hair styling, but also damage their health. It is possible to choose a good hair dryer if you know the product characteristics very well.

The number of hair dryers on sale can easily make it difficult to choose. Devices differ in many parameters, which largely determine their appearance and technical characteristics. Sometimes it is more convenient to look at the rating of hair dryers and choose the best option for the house on its basis. Still, first we suggest getting acquainted with the parameters of the future object of purchase.

How to choose

Thinking about the best manufacturers, you can, without a shadow of a doubt, give preference to the company BaByliss. First, the brand conquered the French market, and then went on to conquer the whole world. But, even after determining the best manufacturer, we find ourselves faced with the criteria for choice, because most companies have a large range, forcing to think.

First, the power. Although it has no effect on the degree of airflow, but it determines its strength. There are two power options: low-powered (up to 1500 watts) and high-powered units (approximately 2200 watts). The most ideal option is to have the ability to regulate this flow rate.

which, babyliss, coifin, better

Secondly, pay attention to the modes of operation. It is great when the equipment is equipped with speed and temperature control settings.

Thirdly, look for the special features (ceramic coating, tourmaline, humidistat, ionization, etc.) to choose what you really need.д.), choosing what you need and sifting through the unnecessary ones. It is desirable to remember that additional chips will cost much more than their absence, so here you make a choice either in favor of improving the dryer or saving your wallet.

Fourth, an important point is the nozzles. If you need your dryer not only for the simple drying function, but also for laying, then please pay attention to the attachments included with the appliance.

Well, and the last point on which you choose your future helper is the ease of use. That is, focus your attention on such parameters as the weight of the device, the level of noise emitted, and ergonomics.

To find out what brand of hair dryer is the best, let’s go to the rating of quality devices from BaByliss.


The VALERA hair dryer is the work of a Swiss hair specialist that makes custom hair dryers. Shockproof, mechanically resistant body, extends the life of the appliance. Slip-proof, ergonomic grip.

  • Power. 2400 W.
  • Ionizer. is available.
  • Cable length. 3 m. Cord has an intermediate mount ROTOCORD, which allows 360 degree rotation of the cable without twisting.
  • Weight. 495 grams.

Metal air filter can be removed for cleaning if necessary. It comes with 2 concentrator nozzles made of non-heating material, which makes styling even more comfortable.


which, babyliss, coifin, better

Rating of hair dryers: good companies and the best models

Every woman’s dream. to have a great style. Only to get the desired beauty hair is not so easy, especially the owners of thin and unruly curls. The solution to this issue is a hair dryer. This uncomplicated device is present in almost every home.

Modern models have a lot of interesting features. For example, 30 years ago, women used the hair dryer only for drying hair, and today the fairer sex with the help of this device for only 20 minutes to create unique hairstyles. But even such a simple invention of mankind should be chosen carefully. And so that when buying there are no doubts, we propose to get acquainted with the popular manufacturers of hair dryers and learn the rating of the best products that create the volume of hair.

Distinguishing features

All products sold by the manufacturer to work with the hair are notable for a number of distinctive qualities. For the convenience of consumers, the brand has divided its devices into several categories, each with distinctive features.

Devices for home use

Such units are characterized by low power. As a rule, the hair dryers of this line are small in size. Most often the kit implements a minimum of nozzles, most of the appliances have a telescopic handle.

All-purpose hair dryers

Multifunctional devices for work in beauty salons or for use at home. Thanks to such a device will be able not only to dry curls, but also to align them, set the volume if necessary. Also, brushes can curl curls, replacing several units at once, such as a curling iron, curling iron and hair dryer.

Professional varieties

Products that the manufacturer refers to the category of devices for work in hairdressing salons, stands out among the other products by the high power of the motor, the presence of a number of different attachments in the standard package. Modern models of professional hair dryers have an additional ionization function, a long cord.

In addition, such devices are notable for their high cost in comparison with household and travel models of hair dryers brand.

The unifying features for each category of hairstyling and styling appliances from this manufacturer are as follows.

Ergonomic form

The developments of the brand concern not only the improvement of such indicators as power and speed of operation, but also the external features of the devices, which affect the comfort of using the hair dryers. The bodies of the devices are therefore designed to minimize the strain on the muscles of the user, even after prolonged use. This refers to the competent distribution of the entire weight on the body and handle, as well as a comfortable shape for placing the hair dryer in the hand.

MOTOR power

The proposed French hair dryers are equipped with motors, the performance of which usually ranges from 1800-2400 W. Devices with minimum power values are recommended for home use.

As for professional devices, they usually work at maximum values. Such gradation makes it possible for the consumer to choose the optimal degree of heating of the air stream for any needs. The devices operate in several modes, with an ionizing air function, as well as with the filing of a cold stream to consolidate the styling.

Additional accessories

All modern models, regardless of the category to which they are assigned by the manufacturer, are capable of working with various attachments. As a rule, the manufacturer offers at least two nozzles with different nozzle diameters, professional models are equipped with a removable diffuser, the kit can go brushing, curling nozzles.

which, babyliss, coifin, better

Among the positive features of the brand’s hair dryers should be highlighted:

  • the ability to dry even long and thick curls in a short period of time;
  • comfort of operation;
  • Attractive design: the hair dryers are available with a matte or glossy surface in a variety of colors;
  • the low weight of household and professional hair dryers;
  • long cord;
  • a wide choice of additional nozzles and temperature modes of airflow.

Among the weaknesses of BaByliss hair drying products it is necessary to note the following nuances:

  • the use of devices at maximum power, even with an ionizer can damage the structure of the hair;
  • professional models require compliance with a number of rules for home use;
  • on sale there is a large number of low-quality fakes of the original brand products, in light of which before buying must be carefully checked the quality level of the selected model.

Coifin hair dryers: characteristics, models and choice

Today in women’s households there are a large number of different devices, not the least of which is a hair dryer. These devices on the market are represented by a large number of brands, where the most popular is the production of Italian brand Coifin, used by professionals in beauty salons, as well as in the home.



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