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Whether the mash will handle on an induction stove

Rating of the best induction plates for moonshine

Today, the induction plate is considered the most promising source of heating of the device. It has a high efficiency, convenient in management, compact, durable, safe. A brilliant set of qualities. However, choosing a model “for yourself” is not so simple, since the design is quite complicated, and there are not permissible manufacturers.

If you have difficulties with choosing a slab for your moonshine, read the material. In it, I will briefly tell you what to pay attention to when choosing the device, I will tell you on a specific example how to choose the device “for yourself” and give a list of the most promising models today.

Useful action coefficient (efficiency)

In a standard gas stove, maximum combustion power of the fire 2 kW. Efficiency of such burners is only 50. 60%. When the burner burns, a significant part of the power is spent on heating the air of the kitchen, then heating the pots, and only then begins to heat the liquid in the tank, but without ceasing to spend energy on heating your kitchen.

In an electric stove, the maximum burner of 20 centimeters has a power of 2 kW. Efficiency of electric stoves with glass.ceramic coating is ± 50%, efficiency of classic electric plates 30. 40%. When the electric conform is turned on, for some time the entire power is spent on the heating of the heating element of the plate, then part of the power is also spent on heating the air of the kitchen, then heating the pots, and only then begins to warm up the liquid in the tank.

Everything is much better here, in the tested power industry, the maximum power of the burner of the burner is also 2 kW. Efficiency of such burners ± 90%. When an induction stove is turned on, an electromagnetic field is formed in the burner, which, in turn, creates vortex currents in a special bowl of ferromagnetic materials. The bottom of moonshine devices is made of ferromagnetic stainless steel AISI 430. Accordingly, the entire power of the plate goes only to heating the bottom of the tank directly, and the bottom itself begins to heat the liquid in the tank. In this case, the burner of the slab remains cold, and the energy of the plate is not spent on heating the air of the kitchen room.

As I already said at the beginning, almost all manufacturers of modern moonshine devices produce devices with a flange for connecting a heater. Well, or this useful option, (weld a flange on the tank), you can order in stores for the sale of moonshine apparatuses.

For a commensurate comparison, take a 2kv hydraulic. Efficiency of work on the heating elements 99%. Everything is better as possible here. Tenes do not warm the air of the kitchen room, they do not spend the energy of heating the dishes, all the energy summed up to the heater in a matter of seconds, the heater gives energy immediately and all the liquids directly in the tank.

How to distilty moonshine. temperature regimes

To accurately decide on the importance of temperature indicators, you need to determine exactly what to follow in some stages. And also you need to figure out what will happen in case of significant deviations. Most attention to the thermometer must be paid during the first distillation, intermediate cleaning, second distillation. This will allow you to correctly select the fractions in order to further use moonshine without harm to health and make the best drinks out of it. Also compliance with the regime requires the process of upholding.

The first distillation

The expression “how many people, so many opinions” relate to absolutely all areas and directions. To get a clean drink, the fractions department accompanies two stages of distillation. But in some recipes, Vinokurs advise to make the first distillation without departments, but rather quickly. Actually, the temperature that should be achieved during the separation does not change.

The main task at this stage is to separate the evaporated from not evaporated. But temperature decrease is not required. However, there are some nuances that are associated with the types of mash. Grain and sugar are driven “leisure”, but up to 25% of the fortress work with fruit.


Cleaning does not require strict temperature observance. It is produced mainly by adding to distillates of coagulant products. Raw egg protein, milk, caracade treat them. Among the most famous methods are the use of potassium permanganate, vegetable oil, bentonite, activated and charcoal. In this case, the liquid should be room temperature. It is also recommended to take away the “body”, immediately passing it through a filter of charcoal and gauze. This method will help cleanse the liquid of most impurities.

Important! Even the best recipe does not guarantee a quality drink. Therefore, cleaning should be taken responsibly.

The second distillation

So that the maximum impurities remain in the head fraction, the selection must begin at a 30%fortress, no more. When the first drops appear, you need to closely monitor the temperature indicators. On thermometer 78. you need to safely change the container, begins to drip “body”.

Important! At this stage, you need to replace the dry.partner.

The temperature when approaching 78 must be very slowly increased. Gradually, the indicator will begin to exceed 83-85 degrees, at this moment they stop selecting a suitable for drinking fractions. The evaporation of impurities begins.

Important! The optimum selection temperature of drinking distillate is 78-85 degrees.

Induction cooktop.Trick for use any utensil.Induction hack.

Induction heating and household plates based on it

Induction heating is a method of non.contact heating of conductive bodies of high frequency and strength currents sufficient to create a powerful electromagnetic field. In fact, this is an almost direct conversion of electric energy into thermal, so it is possible to minimize losses and accelerate the heating of the working element.

The household induction plate warms the contents of metal utensils using induced vortex currents, which are created by a magnetic field with a frequency of 20-100 kHz. Its typical design looks as follows (photo on the left):

Here you can see a control board with a microcontroller that receives data from a temperature sensor and subsequently forms control signals for the power part. The power part itself has a powerful rectifier and a pulse regulator. The heating power is adjusted continuously, and the highest frequency (~ 50-100 kHz) corresponds to the maximum power, and the magnetic field frequency also drops with a decrease in temperature. This dependence remains to the barrier of 20 kHz, after which a person can begin to hear a characteristic unpleasant sound. To prevent this from happening, the stove works on the threshold of the specified frequency in pulsed mode: the burner turns on once in a few seconds and turns off. Accordingly, the temperature of the working surface depends on the time of inclusion.

The induction technology of heating is noteworthy in that heat occurs in the bottom of the dishes itself, bypassing intermediate elements. To achieve maximum efficiency, the dishes should be made of special material with high magnetic permeability and low specific resistance.Manufacturers indicate such products with a sign:

Of course, if there is no such sign, then this does not mean at all that dishes with the stove are not compatible. The most suitable material is ordinary steel with a ferromagnetic bottom, but it is it that lies under the enamel of the dining rooms familiar to all. The only nuance is in the form of a bottom. an old.style pots have a small elevation in the central part, which can cause a kind of sound. However, he can only damage your nerves.

Which plate to choose for a moonshine

There are several models that are most suitable for those who produce moonshine at home. Briefly consider some of them.

  • Gastrorag TZ BT-180K is a light model that can withstand up to 15 kg of weight. It has a special display and light indicator. Has an automatic mode and overheating protection. Ideal for those who do not in very large quantities.
  • – a model with a timer that has a rather large heating rate, as well as a stainless steel case. A large temperature range is also provided, which will be very useful for the moonshine.
  • Indokor In8000 is a device for those who want to produce a lot of moonshine in a short time. It is able to withstand weight up to 100 kg, and also has high power. Also has overheating protection and powerful processing function.

Now you know what an induction stove is, for which the moonshine may be needed and what should be paid to when choosing.

What are the advantages of an induction stove for moonshine

A similar approach, when heating is carried out directly, has a lot of advantages:

  • The level of efficiency of induction plates reaches 90%. While on gas and electrical devices it barely reaches 50%. The generated energy on induction is consumed for its intended purpose, which accelerates the heating of the mash and can save on the cost of electricity.
  • The induction stove is fireproof. An experienced moonshine will tell you what happens when the distillation accidentally falls on the open source of heating during distillation. So, this will not happen with an induction stove. It does not heat up in itself, only the glass.ceramic surface of the tile is slightly warmed up by a hot tank.
  • The induction stove has very accurate power adjustments. When we begin to heat the tank with the mash, these parameters do not play much importance. But during the second distillation, when it is necessary to force the column to work for yourself, or to select your heads, the power adjustment step plays a decisive role. As a rule, a small step of power adjustment is required at small capacities of 120-1000 watts. It is with such parameters that selection operations occur. With a capacity of 1000 watts and a more common power change of power at 200-300 watts.
  • Induction slabs have high power, which significantly reduces distillation time. On sale you can find devices with a capacity of 1.8 kW to 7-8 kW. But do not take the most powerful tile from the counter. The price of them is high, and the effect for overpayment will be minimal. There is a ratio according to which a tile for 2 kW is suitable for a tank with a volume of less than 35 liters. If the volume is larger, it is better to buy devices at 2.5-3.5 kW.
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Electric slabs and their varieties

Electric plates are connected to the network, hence all their properties and restrictions. We will consider portable electric plates, which are usually used for summer cottages, country houses or garages.

Cons of electric plates

  • Form factor restriction. Electric stoves usually have a standard size. But if the heating disk of the plate overlaps less than 50 % of the diameter of the distillation cube, then heating will be very slow and ineffective.
  • Power restriction. The standard power of electric tiles is 1–1.5 kW. This is not enough if your distillation cube has a capacity of 30 liters and above. To heat it, you need a power of at least 2 kW. If the cube contains from 40 liters or more, then it is extremely difficult to heat it on electric tiles.
  • Heating adjustment occurs with a delay, not instantly, as in gas burners.
  • There are overhead costs in the form of payment for electricity.

Electric stove is a faithful assistant in the country, but not suitable for the preparation of a craft distillate with a large volume of distillation cube

Induction tiles

They belong to the class of electric, since their operation requires connection to the network. Have their own use of use.

  • Induction slabs in power are higher than standard electric stoves. As a rule, models have a power of 2 kW.
  • Their efficiency is 40 % higher than that of ordinary electric and gas plates, which ensures high efficiency of use. For example, a cube of 40 liters can be heated on an induction stove with a capacity of 2 kW, while it is very difficult to do it on an electric tile.
  • High level of security.
  • Multistressivity with the adjustment of the degree of heating. Facilitates heating and choosing the right mode. Some models with automatic control have a heating control mode.
  • You can not heat a distillation cube that does not have a ferromagnetic coating. Copper, aluminum, steel do not heat up on the induction stove. In the event that your cube is not suitable for an induction stove, you can use an induction disk-adapter. He will transfer the pulse from the slab to the cube from any metal.
  • If the heating zone of the plate covers less than 70 % of the diameter of the bottom of the cube, then the stove will not work. In this case, it signals an error and does not go. Output. take another dishes with a smaller bottom diameter.
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Life hack: If you want to check whether your cube will heat up on the induction stove, take any magnet and try to attach it to the outside of the bottom of the cube. If the magnet is attracted to the surface of the dishes. it is suitable for an induction stove. Not attracted. not suitable.

The model of the induction slab with automatic control controls the temperature of the liquid and regulates the heating

Electric stove with glass.ceramic coating

At its core, this is the same electric plate with all the pluses and minuses inherent in it. A feature is a modern coating of special material and form-factor of heating disks. They are located under the surface, and do not protrude out, as in classical models of electric stoves.

When choosing a glass.ceramic slab, it is worth remembering the additional specifics of handling it.

  • Aluminum dishes can leave a mark on the surface.
  • Glass ceramics is afraid of sugar traces, that is, burned sugar syrup can ruin the surface. If there are frozen streams from sweet mash, then it is better to put a very wet napkin on a problematic place to dissolve sugar, and only after softening the pollution can the stove can be wiped.
  • The price is higher than that of a conventional electric stove.

Of the pluses, you can note a convenient heating system adjustment system.

How to cook moonshine on an induction stove

The necessary object for those who are going to cook moonshine is an induction stove. But the quality of the resulting product depends on how true it is. That is why it is so important to understand how such an assistant works and learn about the features of each type. You will learn all the most necessary about the induction stove for the moonshine in this article.

When choosing a model, you need to pay attention to its functions and features, what to choose what will be perfect for you.

For example, many plates have such useful functions:

  • Fast start. when turned on, it itself determines which of the firewood there are dishes;
  • Timer. it also happens that standing next to the stove does not work or just don’t want to. In this case, you can put a timer with an automatic shutdown and calmly go about your business;
  • Protective shutdown. if a liquid or any other dangerous substance falls on the surface, the unit will turn off on its own;

These functions are useful not only when preparing moonshine, but also for ordinary food, this is another plus of purchasing such a device. Keep in mind that the more features and “skills” in the stove, the more expensive it costs. So it is better to immediately decide what exactly you need from the device and what you really will use.

Ten or induction stove for moonshine? Will there be enough tile power to distill moonshine?

Ten or induction stove for moonshine? Will there be enough tile power to distill moonshine?

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