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Where to put a dishwasher in a small kitchen

Kitchen with a dishwasher. location options, features of choice and review of technical characteristics (105 photos)

A compact dishwasher is an excellent solution for a family living in an apartment with a small kitchen.

After all, the unit is able to not only carefully clean the dishes, but also supplement the interior, while occupying a minimum of space.

The device can easily cope with any pollution, leaving no divorces and quickly dried up loaded devices, so you should look closely at the new products and purchase one of the options proposed by verified brands.

Having studied the main functions and technical parameters of popular devices, even an inexperienced user can choose a successful model.

Advantages and disadvantages of small dishwashers

The main advantage of a small car for washing dishes is the possibility of installing it almost anywhere. Certain types of dishwashers for a small kitchen are similar to the microwaves with their sizes, and such equipment can be installed in the cabinet under the sink or installed on the countertop.

In addition to ease of use, a small dishwasher will perfectly complement your interior. We add that it will significantly reduce water consumption if it replaces the manual wash, since the average volume for washing six dish sets will be up to seven liters. The economic effect is created due to the re.use of water at any work stage.

A significant drawback of such a machine is a small capacity, which is only enough for families of two to three members.

Compact machine

Such miniature models are easily placed on any surface: whether it is a cabinet or table, a refrigerator or even their placement on the wall is allowed using special mounts (brackets).

The sizes of such miniature and compact models are 55x50x44. They weigh a little enough. only twenty kilograms. The following characteristics include their disadvantages:

  • They have limited functionality.
  • They have a small capacity.
  • If such a machine is used more than twice a day, water consumption will be more than it would spend a full.sized model of a dishwasher.

Compact dishwasher

You think how to place a dishwasher and refrigerator? Do not rack your head, everything is obvious. It is impossible to refuse the refrigerator and it is better that it is roomy, but you can refuse the usual floor dishwasher in favor of a compact model. Table dishwashers are a real find for those who are forced to live in constrained conditions. It can be put on tops on the table, for example on the table, and it will work great there. True, you will have to endure some disadvantages:

  • limited capacity within 6-7 sets of dishes;
  • the inability to wash large objects that simply will not fit;
  • loud sound during operation.

Excessive noise is the “disease” of most compact dishwashers. It is difficult to get rid of it, but if it does not bother you, then you can not bother.

Note that compact dishwashers are placed in the cabinets suspended to the wall or attached with special durable brackets directly to the wall. In this case, the machine does not take a useful space at all and will remain as functional as if it stood on the table. Compact models of dishwasher fit well in the sink sink. There they also do not bother anyone and function perfectly the same, there are no problems with the connection, since all the communications are nearby.

Now let’s talk about the installation method

Separately standing cars. Yes, with such an option you will not have to look for either a stand under the car or install a kitchen set with a niche for PM, but your disadvantages also have. For example, according to the recommendations for the correct location, the dishwasher should be as far as possible from the kitchen slab and, naturally, as close as possible to communications. Agree, it is not always possible to crank this. over, separate models, as a rule, are not small. If there are compact models, then these are only narrow units, but high. And a high dishwasher is also not always convenient.

Table dishwashers. the most compact option. Firstly, it is easy to endure. That is, if desired, you can either install the unit at any moment, or remove it, rearrange, move, etc.D. Yes, and you will not have to think about difficulties with communications.

  • The drain is carried out through the sink in the kitchen.
  • Water is typed through the crane.
  • You can put on any table or kitchen cabinet, as convenient. Some even put such PM under the table that saves space even more.
dishwasher, small, kitchen

Important! The main disadvantage of this type of installation is a small compartment for dishes. A model of such a design is a kind of mini-podgyr. At the same time, standing on the table, she will still occupy a decent space.

Built.in devices. These are favorites in the Russian market. As a rule, such a model is either partially or fully embedded in the kitchen set and plays the role of the tablespoons of the cabinet. In the first case, the dishwasher is selected in color, but has its own facade (you can see what it is), and in the second it is hidden behind the doors of the nightstand, as if it are just a kitchen cabinet.

All this is good if there is enough space for installing the model in the kitchen, because it is quite overall. And again, the problem with connecting to communications. But since there is a demand. there is a proposal. Now the market is replete with compact built.in units. It is convenient to put them, there is always a place and connect such a machine to electricity and sewage system is not so difficult.

Installation rules

The installation of a dishwasher should follow the basic rules:

  • Nearby are communications. a socket, drainage drainage, a pipe of water supply;
  • connection is made to cold water;
  • to heat sources, radiation, such as heating batteries, oven, refrigerator, microwave oven, a distance of 40-50 cm is observed;
  • The washing machine is isolated in a separate niche so as not to transfer vibration to the walls of the dishwasher.

The dishwasher next to the refrigerator will rather harm the last. PMM walls are very heated, and the work of the refrigerator is designed for a certain ambient temperature.

  • to the surface with a slope;
  • close to the wall;
  • in the extreme cabinet without lateral fastening;
  • with an extension cord;
  • Without grounding out an outlet.

Professional furniture installers traditionally give a place for PMM next to the sink. If the pipes of water and drain are built, you can place it in any convenient place. It is not recommended to lengthen the hoses. In this case, the manufacturer does not guarantee reliable operation of the equipment.

Installation procedure

After preparing the selected site, careful reading of the PMM instructions, you can proceed with the installation with your own hands:

  • In the walls of the niche, the cabinet drill the necessary holes for laying the cable and hoses.
  • To protect the material of the countertop from swelling directly near the future location of the car door, a protective film is glued.
  • Communications are laid to the place of connection.
  • The built.in dishwasher is installed in a niche. The height of the legs is adjusted to achieve correspondence to the horizontal level and a dense connection of the lid with the countertop.
  • After hermetic connection of the hoses, fixing the mounts to the countertop and the side panels of the cabinet, the decorative door cover is hung.
  • After checking the connections, checking the alignment of the machine can be tested without load.

Separately worthwhile, sometimes I want to hide. The box for PMM should contain not only the case and hoses. Often do not take into account door loops for furniture, and they can deliver a lot of trouble.

Schemes and drawings

Before buying, the dimensions and weight of the car are pretended to be in relation to the location. To do this, remove all sizes in place. The closet to the built.in PMM should be more, but not too spacious. Example on the plan below.

The connection place to the network is chosen in advance, no further 1.5 m from the car. The optimal location is a socket for a dishwasher on the right or left at an altitude of 30–40 cm from the floor.

The diagram below shows the view of the traditional location of the equipment next to the sink.

First, we will sign the easiest and most convenient option for the location of the dishwasher and washing. The easiest way will be to put cars on the left and to the right of the module with the sink. The advantages of this placement are obvious:

  • Minimum efforts when connecting devices to the water supply and sewage. You do not have to build communications;
  • No need to think about how to disguise the bulk and drain hoses stretching throughout the kitchen;
  • It is very convenient to load dirty dishes from the sink right into the dishwasher.

The built.in technique will more organically fit into the interior of the kitchen. the facades of the headset will hide the devices, the appearance of the room will be preserved.

There is no fundamental difference on which side of the sink to put a dishwasher or washing machine. Focus on your preferences. Think about what placement for family members will be more comfortable. In the case of a very small kitchen, you will have to show ingenuity. A washing machine with a vertical type of load can be hidden under the working “island”. Countertop. It all looks as follows:

In the closed position, this part of the kitchen set will be the working surface. It is convenient that even with such a placement, a washing machine is not far from the sink, and you will not have to build up communications hard. As for the dishwasher, it can be put between the sink and the stove. Do not forget to put thermal insulation material between electrical appliances. This will ensure the correct operation of the equipment.

Another option for the location of the washing machine is in the working island, but from the opposite side of the kitchen, by the window. The stand can be used instead of the dining table. This placement method is also relevant for small rooms, 6 kV. m. We also put the dishwasher near the sink.

dishwasher, small, kitchen

Another option is the location of the washing machine under the window. In this case, the windowsill is expanded and turned into a working surface. Dishwasher, for more convenience, put near the module with a sink. With this placement, a built.in technique will be required. Furniture set will have to be ordered by individual sizes.

dishwasher, small, kitchen

If there are no other options, except to put a dishwasher and washing machine nearby, make sure that a sufficient gap remains between the electrical appliances. Each unit is installed in its own module. Between the cabinets you can make an anti.vibration layer, a silicone rug with the same properties must be put under a washing machine. Then the impulses published by the automaton when spinning will partially drown out. In fact, even in a small kitchen you can place a dishwasher, and washing machine, and a refrigerator. Competently approaching the organization of space, you will definitely cope with this task.

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Good question: how to choose a dishwasher for home

Live and not wash. this is possible ruthless statistics: 220 hours are spent on washing dishes annually or about 36 minutes a day. over, when I did not have a dishwasher, I personally spent exactly more: not on forks and plates, of course. on pots and hated frying pans. By the way, when washing, you use a bucket of water, and the dishwasher is only a third, while the quality of the sink is always impeccable (your task is only to correctly put and choose the right program). And energy is required as a TV. approximately 215 kW per year.

So many benefits. So why do we still doubt?

The question, as it turned out, does not lie in the plane of water or electricity saving. rather, it is about the fact that “there is nowhere to put a dishwasher”. Or we do not see enough grounds to replace one of the lockers when planning the kitchen. We correct the situation.

On the

Built.in, stationary or portable dishwasher. how to choose a constant one that is not visible in the kitchen set. the machine facade is hidden by the kitchen facade or only the control panel is visible. Such cars are mounted on their own legs between two separate stands. A kitchen facade is hung on the door opening door. Built.in machines are most often chosen for new kitchens.

The stationary can be built partially (that is, do not hang the facade) or put separately. The control panel is located on the door. you can run it and monitor the timer without opening the lid. Such a car can be put in a finished kitchen instead of an old cabinet or for any free space. If desired, a stationary dishwasher can also be hidden by ordinary furniture facade (for example, the one that you removed from the cabinet).

Portable story car is very small, a little larger than the microwave. It is suitable for a summer cottage or studio apartment. But the volume of such a dishwasher will be enough for one or two, a large family will not be enough.

On the

For a finished kitchen, choose a model without large external buttons. Typically, manufacturers do not take into account their dimensions when indicate the depth of the machine. So, an unpleasant surprise can wait at home: the dishwasher cannot be closed with a decorative facade.

The depth of the dishwasher is usually 55. 62 cm, and the height varies from 81 to 85 cm. If the countertop is mounted at a non.standard height (for example, for high.growth owners), the dishwasher is lifted on screw supports.

Small.sized dishwashers usually have 45. 46 cm wide and height at a standard depth. They can be put on the floor or on a stand, hidden behind the facades of the kitchen set. Small.sized machine, for example, is easily placed under the sink in place, which is usually occupied by a bucket (buy a model with a lid from the pedal).

On the

Tip: pay attention to the dimensions indicated in the mounting scheme. On the price tags the width and height sometimes round. This is critical for built.in or stationary machines that are placed in a narrow space. For example, the width of the dishwasher can be 46.6 instead of the usual 45 cm. And the car does not fit between the two side elements of the headset.

On the

Where to put a dishwasher projecting the kitchen, it is easier to “dance” from built.in technology, including dishwashers. The most important aspect is access to communications, the optimal location is next to the sink. There is usually a dryer cabinet above it, and if you store everyday dishes in it, it will be convenient for you to clean it in place. you will not have to take extra steps.

How to place a machine correctly: left or right of the sink? There is no only right answer. If you only plan a built.in dishwasher, try to imitate a household script. Rightie usually takes the plate with the left hand, and with the right. it cleans the remnants of food. Do you have a desire to transfer the plate in the right hand to put it in the dishwasher, or is it more convenient to act with the same left? Here is the answer to the question where it is better to put a dishwasher.

IMPORTANT: Evaluate the distance from the door to dishes boxes. If you cannot open both the dishwasher and the cabinets where you put the dishes, you will have to first take out the wardrobes on the countertop. In a small kitchen, this is sometimes inevitable, but if there is enough space, it is better to calculate everything in advance in order to perform less actions daily.

However, the location of the sink is not an axiom. over, the dishwasher may not stand on the floor, but, for example, occupy the central position in the kitchen pencil case (as in the photo above). So it will be more convenient to load it, especially people aged. you will not have to lean ten times and get up ten times.

Elmira Maksutova, designer of Ulyanovsk Kitchen: “A dishwasher can be placed over a drawer. But the door of the dishwasher usually opens down, and it is important that it does not hurt the box facade. In most cases, an empty space leaves between them. And you decide whether you need a “gap” in the penalty.

On the

What is protection against leaks of any modern machine there is protection against leaks. But the more progressive the technology, the higher the cost of the dishwasher. There are two systems: overflow protection and complete protection against leaks (the second is more expensive).

Finding space for a dishwasher

How to install a dishwasher

It remains to put PMM in place and connect to the water supply and drain. If the legs of the dishwasher were adjusted before delivery, then lower them. Put the body into a prepared place. Twist the legs in height. Use fasteners that are included in the kit to additionally fix the car and immobilize it during operation.

  • Connect the drain and pouring hose to the body.
  • Take them into the holes made.
  • Connect the drain hose to the siphon.
  • Connect the fence hose to the water supply. Seal all compounds with fum tape and clamps.
  • Connect the fork into the outlet and make a test launch.

Conclusion: you can install a dishwasher in the kitchen with your own hands in a few hours. During the first launch, follow how the water is poured and merged, whether the technique is firmly fixed. Watch the video :



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