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Where to pour the gel in the washing machine

How much laundry detergent is needed for washing

All bleach makes things cleaner, eliminates grayness and yellowing. Therefore, it is added to the washing machine. But not all bleach can be poured into an electromechanical washing machine. Today we will tell you what bleach can be used for automatic laundry.

We also advise you how to use and where to pour bleach in the washing machine.


The volume of liquid powder is determined by the strength of the soiling of things and the hardness of water. The manufacturer specifies the recommendations on the label.

Tip! To achieve optimal results, it is advisable to adjust the dosage for each type of thing by experience. Lack or excess of gel can cause unsatisfactory results.

The manufacturer may make other recommendations which must be followed.

Why do you need liquid powder and where to pour it

Many housewives do not even pay attention to the shelves with liquid laundry detergents and habitually buy dry powder. The reason is not only their cost, but also the lack of idea where to pour the liquid powder in the washing machine. This question requires consideration, since the washing method depends on the type of clothes, the machine and the powder itself. How to choose a good product and how to handle it, you will learn from this article.

Machine manufacturers offer to measure the required amount of liquid detergent with a dispenser and pour it into the drum. In terms of operation, there is no difference between the gel and liquid detergent. they can both be poured into the drum, having previously measured the desired dose according to the instructions.

The front-oriented washing machine has a tray at the top. It is usually located just above or on the side of the door. If the machine is vertical, the tray is in most cases located on the inside of the lid.

LG Washing Machine Detergent Drawer Symbols & How to use Detergent & Fabric Softener Compartments

If for the main wash, then in the compartments for powders and other detergents. Open the hopper door of the washer and dryer. Load the dishes by clearing the food. Pour as much gel into the dispenser on the door as directed.

Two options are possible: in a cuvette with compartments and directly in the drum. The cuvette (tray, powder hopper) in front-loading machines is located on the left, sometimes on the right on the top of the front panel. In dispensers with vertical feeding, it is centered on the inside of the cap.

  • – Pre-treating stains before washing for heavy soiling;
  • – encapsulated gel directly into the drum;
  • – The bottled product in a special compartment or on the clothes in the drum.

Ariel Color Color Deep Dye Gel Concentrate

For best results, place the cap filled with laundry detergent in the drum of your washing machine. For extra freshness and softness, use it with Lenor fabric conditioner.

Is it possible inside the drum??

Most manufacturers sell a special dispenser container with the gel. In it you can measure the required amount of detergent and place it in the drum of your washing machine.

There are several advantages to using the dispenser container:

  • The gel starts working as soon as the drum is filled with water;
  • the detergent does not remain at the bottom of the powder tray after washing (this may happen if the water pressure is too low);
  • Just like balls for washing, a container-doser with a gel agent helps improve the quality of washing wool, knitwear, knitwear.

In the absence of a special dispenser, some detergent manufacturers allow pouring the gel directly into the drum on the clothes (see the label for exact information). At the rinse stage, the detergent is perfectly washed from the fabric, leaving no streaks.

General rules for use

If your head is spinning from the abundance of information. let’s highlight the essentials:

  • When in doubt where to pour the liquid powder in the washing machine, more follow the instructions to the machine;
  • The dosage on the label is relative. 2 tablespoons of concentrate are enough for a standard 5kg drum of the machine. Try doing the wash at the minimum and see how much the stains disappear. Afterwards, you can increase the amount;
  • Liquid powders and gels are effective at temperatures up to 60 degrees.Take this into account when machine washing and set the appropriate mode;
  • Gel capsules are only applicable in the drum;
  • Bleach, stain removers, and conditioners can be poured into the special trays in the drawer.It is forbidden to pour them into the drum. it can ruin things;
  • To avoid wasting time soaking for a long time, apply the powder directly to the stain and let it soak for half an hour.Afterwards, simply wash the thing with water;
  • Do not fill the detergent compartment and the drum at the same time.

A concentrated formula can cause deterioration of clothes and the machine itself.

Advantages and disadvantages of pouring the product into the drum

If you yourself (or it is the indication of the washing machine manufacturer) have decided to load laundry gel into the drum of the washing machine or to use capsule products, you should study some points:

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  • With this loading option, there is a possibility of less consumption of the product, i.e.к. it will immediately be directly on the laundry, but because of the wrong dosage of the powder, things may be left in soapy streaks and poorly washed;
  • Carefully read the instructions for use, because.к. Some brands should be diluted with water because of the high concentration;
  • If you add bleach or stain remover to the drum, the concentrate should not be loaded into the machine. otherwise your clothes will be bleached or stained;
  • If you have purchased a liquid powder with descaler additives in it, it must be loaded into the intended compartment, t.к. in the drum, the product will not activate its work without preventing the formation of lime deposits on the internal parts of the machine;
  • It is unacceptable to pour the concentrate into the drum if the trays of the machine are already loaded with detergents, i.e.к. there will be a heavy load of different substances on the laundry, and an unforeseen chemical reaction may occur.

Before using liquid powder and loading it into the drum, it is necessary to study the instructions for its use.

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