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Where to Install a Gas Meter in the Kitchen

One more trick, or Hide the pipes above the furniture

If the pipe is located at a sufficient height, you can install a wide shelf under it. When it is filled with kitchen utensils, the pipe will not be visible at all. Naturally, the installation must be done very carefully so as not to snag the gas line. In this case it is better to paint the pipe in the same color as the wall.

Even less conspicuous the pipe will be if you install a system of cabinets under it. They are deeper than the shelves, which means that from below the gas line will not be visible at all. In this case, all requirements are met: if necessary, access to the pipe is free, and ventilation is not interfered with anything. Naturally, this method is suitable for masking horizontal sections of the pipe.

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How to Install a Gas Pipe Line to a Stove James W

Rules for installing a household gas meter in the kitchen

The rules for installation of a gas meter in an apartment or a private house (height of installation from the floor or the ground, space requirements and other regulations) for Belarus are laid down in paragraph 11 of TKP 45-4.03-267-2012 “Gas distribution and gas consumption. Construction Design Standards”.

According to this document, it is correct to install a small-sized household gas meter in heated non-residential premises adjacent to the kitchen (corridors, hallways) with an internal air temperature ≥ 5 ° C.

In order to prevent fire damage and protect the meter from mechanical damage during operation as well as to provide convenient conditions for meter maintenance and meter reading, the installation height and horizontal distance from other elements should be regulated.

At what height you can install a gas meter inside and outside (outdoors), you can find out from Table 1.

Table 1. Installation height of the gas meter from the floor and the distance to other devices

The minimum horizontal distance for installing a household gas meter

Where should the gas meter in a private home

Since the gas meter is an accurate device, which is usually installed on the current gas supply system, it is important to remember that their installation can only be trusted to trained professionals who are qualified and authorized to perform this type of work.

So, stage one: start looking for a company authorized to install gas meters. This type of work refers to the rearrangement of the gas supply system, so the law allows the representatives of a specialized organization.

Recently, the cases of unidentified people entering the apartments of Orenburg residents offering immediate installation of gas meters, gas alarms and other devices and systems have become more frequent. It should be remembered that the official gas distribution and gas supply organizations do not offer the installation of gas meters on the spot, but act according to the application. Therefore, yielding to enticements of “experts” of unknown origin. you can get unpredictable results in the form of overpayment for services rendered and installed device in the best case, and the gas leakage after the unskilled work of a layman. in the worst case.

So, with a company that produces the installation of gas meters determined. now it’s a matter of applying. For example, in JSC “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Orenburg” this procedure is very simple: you do not need to come to the office of the company to apply for the work. To do this, you just need to submit it using the electronic services of the official website of the company at: www.oblgaz.56.ru. Or by calling the “Single Window” gas service of the Orenburg region.

The third step is to install the gas meter.

When you apply, a specialist from the service “One Stop Shop” of “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Orenburg” must advise you on where to install the gas meter, choose the type and model of the device, and provide the necessary documents for preparing a project for the installation of the. Buy a gas meter You can also, without leaving home, in the online store gss56.ru. Sales clerk in the network of company stores “Gaztechnika” will help you decide on the model meter you need, and advise the most suitable options, based on your needs and wishes. On our site in the “Gas meters” you can see the range and prices, and descriptions of types and models of counters to choose what you really need. On the www.gss56.You can find materials about what is the test interval of the gas meter and how the test interval differs from the service life of gas meters.

You can also pay for the purchased meter online, and order its delivery. You do not have to live in Orenburg to place an order in our store. Buy a gas meter, located in Orsk, Buzuluk, Sol-Iletsk or, say, Kirov. easy!

The next step is to choose where to place the meter.

First of all you should understand that the location of the meter is determined by the project, based on your parameters and construction of the gas pipeline in your house. But there is a nuance: you can choose whether to install your meter outdoors or indoors. Specialists can advise you on the most appropriate solution, but you are free to make the decision that is most convenient in your case.

Often the kitchen is where to install the meter. But here we should consider the fact that the meters for a private house are more overall in size, respectively, a large meter in the kitchen can take too much space, and a more comfortable option would be to place it, say, outdoors.

An important point here is whether the meter has a thermal corrector. Meters with a thermal corrector have a special marking: the letter T in front of other designations. If you install the meter outdoors without a thermal corrector. you must keep in mind that in this case the gas supplier will apply the temperature factor when making calculations for consumed gas. Also, if you install the gas meter outdoors, you should take care of installation of a canopy or a special box to protect the meter from possible adverse weather effects.

If you install a meter in the house. you must take into account that the project will certainly provide for the installation of gas meters at a distance of three to five centimeters from the wall in order to protect the meter with anti-corrosion and anti-vibration protection. To ensure an easy reading procedure by you or the meter reader, it is important that the meter is not cluttered with furniture or furnishings.

Do not place the meter in places where there may be high humidity (in the vicinity of the sink, gas stove).

We remind you that the p. 21 of the Gas Supply Rules and p. 3.4. Public Gas Supply Contract stipulate the consumers’ obligation to submit readings of the GMS. Residents of the Orenburg region have the opportunity to send a reading using the official website of the blue fuel supplier at: http://www.orenburgregiongaz.The information will be sent to you by e-mail, through your personal account, the meter reading collection system, by SMS, when you pay the bill, or at the company’s customer service office in your place of residence. It can also be done via payment terminals, ATMs and special Internet services.

The gas supplier reminds: information on the amount of consumed gas Supplier will accept on the basis of transferred readings of meter, strictly adhering to the requirements:

Need a gas meter? We invite you to the network of company stores “Gaztechnika”! Here you will find a great selection of high quality gas meters at an affordable price!

On the issue of installing a gas meter you need to contact 104.ua Customer space in the community. Coordinates and working hours 104. ua Client spaces can be found in the Contact Us section of our services.

Consumers, who are registered in the Personal Cabinet on the website 104.ua, can also get advice. If you are not registered, go to.

If you’re not already hooked up to a gas supply, go to Join the Gas Network.

How to hide a gas meter and pipe in a small kitchen

For many, a sore point in shaping the design of small kitchens in hruschevkas is the gas meter and pipe. You want to disguise these unnecessary details for the appearance, so that the design looks stylish and cozy. There are three directions for solving this issue:

The first option will not suit everyone.

Calling gas workers and rewelding the pipe is a suitable option only if the kitchen renovation is in its early stages. When the walls, ceiling and floor have already been implemented, it will not be possible to move the pipe without damage. In general, the option is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive.

How to legally disguise the gas meter

In order for the gas company to not have a claim against you, you need to meet three main requirements:

  • You can’t move the meter yourself;
  • Safety rules must be respected;
  • appliances must remain directly accessible for repairs or maintenance.

Let’s clearly understand 6 ways to disguise the gas meter in the kitchen.

hidden in the closet

The most frequently used variant. In this case, a hinged cabinet without a back wall is designed for the counter. The doors of such a cabinet should not close tightly, and on the shelves you can place some things. If the shelf is located close to the meter, we recommend not to put anything there: in this case, the device will remain freely accessible.

A similar masking option is also recommended for other gas equipment, such as pipes or boilers.

a box of different materials

The counter can be hidden under a box, for example, made of plasterboard. Ventilation and easy access to the appliance, such as with hinges or a door, should always be provided.

This method of masking is quite practical, for the box you can use a material to match the color of the headset: thus you will maintain a uniform style of design of your kitchen.

This option has the only significant disadvantage: it may not be suitable for kitchens of small volume: it loses useful space that could have been used.

The decor from improvised means

If creativity is not alien to you, then you can make a cover for the gas meter from improvised materials. The case not only has a small size, but also serves a protective function: the chance of accidentally damaging the seal during cooking or cleaning is reduced many times over.

Such a cover can also be decorated with various applications or films. And most importantly: it is easy to dismantle if you need access to the device.

installing a new meter

If you’re just planning to install a gas meter, then pay attention to modern electronic models. They provide accurate readings in a small, modern design. These counters don’t even need to be hidden. they look great on their own and only add style to your kitchen.

In addition, manufacturers produce models in different colors. In this regard, the strongest stands out the Omsk manufacturer Elekhant. Their meters are equipped with special color plates that can be selected specifically for your kitchen.

If you have a diaphragm gas meter and do not want to change it to a jet, you can also choose a model smaller and more presentable appearance.

PIPELINE NATURAL GAS INSTALLATION | METER INSTALL | GI INSTALLATION | �������� ������ ��������������������| ������|����������

relocating a gas meter

For old stock it is quite typical situation when the only solution is to relocate the gas meter. For example, from the kitchen it can be placed in the corridor. There he will not disturb anyone, and the controller can quickly take readings and inspect the device.

For such a procedure, you need to develop a new project and coordinate it with the gas service. After going through this rather complicated “quest” still need to wait for the gasmen to perform the transfer and seal the device.

After all the work is done, keep all the documents and the certificate of acceptance. Only in this case you can avoid the fines that gas inspectors will want to impose when they see the non-standard location of the meter.

rejection of the meter

Also possible radical solution to the problem: the rejection and dismantling of the meter. This option is suitable only for apartments that do not use gas for heating (in this case the installation of a gas meter is obligatory, see Federal Law 61). Leave a request to refuse the meter and wait for gasmen who will dismantle the equipment.

Gas meter registration documents

The meter installation procedure requires you to provide originals and copies of the following documents:

If you install the meter at your own expense, you will need to sign:

When you install a free gas meter, you need to sign:

If you have a difficult apartment to install a meter. Will have to pay extra for the extra cost

Can you install a gas meter without disturbing the furniture ensemble?

images/stories/novosti/2017/01/05/schetchiki.jpgAfter the article “Pavlograd citizens do not want to install gas meters” was published on February 18, our readers started to call to the editorial office of the Herald. People said they wanted to have gas meters in their apartments, but were afraid that the kitchen furniture would be damaged during installation (as many acquaintances and relatives have had this happen), similar Комментарии и мнения владельцев appeared on our page.

“A person has furniture in the kitchen, which was “adjusted” to the millimeter, taking into account the design of the gas pipeline, so that it was beautiful And this furniture costs a lot, and to install a free meter, it will have to “dismantle”, and Pavlograd residents can be understood. Today furniture is an expensive pleasure, and the family, buying a good set, expects it to last for many years. Acquaintances told me that all the apartments in their entrance hall had meters installed. And all the residents were outraged that they had to repair the furniture in the kitchen afterwards. The gas workers came, did the job, installed the meters, and they don’t care about the rest. That’s why people are outraged,” writes Elena from Pavlograd.

“But you can negotiate with the locksmiths and ask that the furniture be treated with care, and the meter was installed in a more appropriate place for the owners of the home,” parried Pavlograd Tatiana.

“But not everyone knows that this option is possible, and the employees of the state gas station, when they installed our meters, did not say anything about it,” says Elena.

How to reach an agreement with the gas company

Is it possible to avoid furniture changes when installing a gas meter and agree with the specialists of the gas meter to install the gas meter in a convenient location for the owners of apartments, the “Herald” asked the chief engineer of the department of gas economy operations Pavlograd Victoria Timkova.

According to the Law of Ukraine “On the commercial accounting of gas” 533-VI and the investment program of development of gas-distributing system for 2016-2025, the requirements for installation of a meter are to be observed., Pavlograd residents install gas meters free of charge. This service is paid by the state. But, to install the meter “where I say” is not possible, she says.

Domestic gas meter is an element of gas supply system and it is necessary to meet technical requirements for its installation: in height, in location relatively to the window, gas stove, instantaneous gas water heater, etc. These requirements do not always coincide with the desire of the subscriber. In most cases, gas pipelines are within the kitchen furniture, where it is necessary to carry out gas-welding work. That is why it is necessary to remove some of the kitchen furniture. Unfortunately, in world practice has not yet invented a way to cut the internal gas line in the kitchen cabinet or behind the hood over the stove without removing them, notes Victoria Anatolievna.

This work is not only flammable, but also gas hazardous. During their implementation, they must comply with fire safety requirements and take into account the physical accessibility of places of welding work. To this end, according to the rules of installation of meters, customers are informed in advance about the work, and the teams of mechanics begin to work only in prepared places. Т.е. people remove cabinets and hoods themselves. Meter installation crews have nothing to do with dismantling furniture, assures the chief engineer. When installing a free meter, the subscriber (if there is such a need) pays for the materials that are not covered by the program. Namely: additional pipes for reassembly of the gas supply system in the apartment, details that need to be replaced taking into account safe operation (tap on the gas stove branch, flexible hose for stove connection).

According to Viktoria, every apartment should have a gas meter. But if the homeowner refused to install a gas meter, the article of the above Law states that such a subscriber will be disconnected from the gas supply system from 01.01.2018 г. and then, in order to have access to gas again, will be obliged to install a gas meter at his own expense.

By the way, according to the executive committee of Pavlograd, this year, in 218 apartment buildings of Pavlograd will be installed free gas meters.

You can view the schedule by clicking on the link

The rules for installation of gas meters may be changedThe Verkhovna Rada had draft law 722, which includes several key innovations: the household meter should be installed only with the consent of all owners of apartment buildings, individual meters Ukrainians can install at their own expense on future payment for gas, suppliers have no right to cut gas supplies to apartment buildings, even if the owners do not agree to install a meter.

If you find a mistake, please highlight a fragment of text and press CtrlEnter.

Installation of a gas meter

In accordance with the requirements of Art.13 Federal Law of 23.03.2010 On Anti-Gas Meter.11.2009г. 61-FZ “On Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” owners of residential buildings, owners of premises in apartment buildings must ensure that such buildings are equipped with individual and shared metering devices (for communal apartments) for the natural gas used, as well as commissioning the installed metering devices.

Is it compulsory to install gas meters in apartments and houses??

There is no obligation to install gas meters in apartments where the maximum volume of consumption of natural gas is less than two cubic meters per hour. This exception is stated in paragraph 1 of Art.13 Federal Law of 23.11.2009г. 61-FZ “On Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation. This includes homes and apartments where gas is used for cooking and hot water, i.е. Only gas stoves or gas stoves and flow-through water heaters (columns) are installed.

But in homes and apartments where gas is used for heating, a natural gas meter is a must. The law requires you to do it by January 1, 2019.

How much does it cost to install a gas meter?

Before you decide to install a gas meter, you need to know how much it will cost and how soon it will pay for itself.

It should be noted right away that you will have to pay not only for the meter itself, but also for its installation. To avoid trouble and even danger, only professionals, i.e., those who have special training and skills of work, should install a gas meter. As the most suitable performers for the installation of the meter are employees of specialized organizations that service gas networks and gas equipment.

Installation of a gas meter in our organization will cost 4100 (price valid at the time of publication) not including the cost of the meter itself. This is assuming that no additional work is needed to rewire the gas line or relocate the gas appliances.

GAS METERS, a gas tutorial on all you need to know about gas meters for trainee gas engineers.

complicated installation involving the transfer or replacement of internal or external gas pipelines is more expensive and requires a preliminary design. The cost of this work is determined individually after the examination of the house or apartment and the preparation of estimates for the expected work, which is provided to the customer for approval.

In addition, there is the possibility, and in some cases, the need to install a gas meter outdoors (outside the heated room). To install gas meters on the street use devices with built-in thermal corrector. Installing the gas meter outside is considered by many to be a much more convenient option for many reasons: there is no risk of damaging wallpaper and furniture during welding work, and you do not have to think about how to fit the device into the interior. Some owners of private homes want to install a gas meter outside, saying it is not desirable to let strangers into the house to take readings. But then you have to pay extra costs, because a humidifier is just the right tool for you.к. Gas meter with a thermal corrector is more expensive than a standard one, and you will need to buy an additional protective device for its installation.

Pluses and minuses of installing a gas meter.

Compliance with the requirements of current legislation in the field of energy conservation. The pluses may seem very questionable, especially since there is currently no penalty for non-compliance with this law. But how will it go in the future and what will happen, for example, in a year??

Payment for actual volume of consumed gas. It is necessary to note, that the use of the gas meter, even if indirectly, forces the consumer to use gas more rationally that results in gas saving and as a result the sum of the monthly payment decreases.

The presence of seasonal factor. In summer, early autumn and late spring, in our climate, heating is not used in full, which makes it possible to significantly reduce payments in these periods. It is also relevant during the vacation season, when people are away from home for a significant period. In this case there is no need to pay for gas that is not actually consumed at an average tariff, and there is no need to apply to the gas supplier for recalculation of the cost of the tariff for the period of absence.

The need for the owner to monitor the periodic verification of the gas meter. Gas meters produced today have a longer time between checks, with some models up to 15 years.

The solution is found. What’s next?

According to information of “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Astrakhan”, Astrakhan and Astrakhan oblast, over 5 thousand houses and apartments heated by natural gas which, in spite of the requirements of the law, are still not equipped with gas meters. Mostly it is a private housing estate in Astrakhan.

Now the company offers special conditions for these residents to install gas meters. the procedure has been greatly simplified.

What to do in order to install a gas metering device in your house.

To apply for installation of a gas meter to “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Astrakhan” at.To get a gas meter installed in your home, please contact “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Astrakhan” JSC.Akhsharumov d.76, tel. (8512) 50-02-35, fax (8512) 35-15-03, 49-82-00 e-mail: info@astroblgaz.ru. After accepting the application, a specialist from our organization will contact you shortly to arrange a time for an on-site consultation.

On the agreed day to wait for a specialist who will assess the technical feasibility of installing a meter.

The final step is to install the meter. The contract for the work will be concluded on the spot. There are several payment options. Employees of Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Astrakhan immediately seal the device; they also pass information about its installation to the gas supplier.

That is, you do not need to go anywhere, just call, specialists will come and do everything.



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