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Where to fill the water into the Endver steamer

How to use a clothing steamer

The stores represent a large number of models of this technique. But not everyone is familiar with its principle of work, pluses, and how to use the vestment for clothing correctly.

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The principle of operation of the steam generator

The work of any steamer, including Galaxy, Dexp HGS H, KitFort, Leben, Philips, Polaris, Tefal, Tobi (Toby), Kelly, Scarlett, Polaris, Philips, Master Grand is based on water heating and subsequent supply of steam outward. It is served with small snot, which are located on the plane of the evaporator. The supply of steam can be carried out by a pump or gravity due to the formation of excess pressure. In the first case, performance becomes much higher. Things are smoothed out by physical actions that are similar to those performed by a person when ironed with a simple iron.

The design of vertical steamers

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the steamer is as simple as possible. The device smoothes linen under the influence of steam. It is formed due to boiling water. The device is equipped with a heat.resistant fluid tank. There is a heating element inside, thanks to which water boils. Almost all steamers work from a standard power grid. But there are portable models that function from the battery.

A light indicator will light up on the device or a sound signal will be supplied after the water warms up to 98 ° C 100 ° C. Steam will be filed in the nozzle through the hose.

Vertical steamers can process different types of fabrics

Safety rules when working with a device

As when working with any household appliances, it is necessary to adhere to certain safety rules. In addition to the risk of electric shock, with improper operation, there is a chance of obtaining burns with hot steam.

In order to avoid such situations, simple rules should be followed:

  • Do not direct the device to pets.
  • Ensure the lack of contact of the power cable and hot surfaces of the steamer.
  • Make sure that the steam stream is directed only from the person.
  • Do not use the device with damage to the evaporator, electric cord, hose.

How to use a steamer correctly?

Check out the rules and remember how to use a steamer safely.

  • Do not leave a working device unattended.
  • Do not try to steam things right on the body, do not direct to people and animals.
  • Open the tank for the valve of the liquid only after turning off the power supply.
  • Pour clean filtered water if possible.
  • Choose steam power and distance to the fabric, based on tips for caring for the material.
  • Using a steamer, move vertically from top to bottom.
  • Keep the iron side, directing steam parallel to the surface.
  • Put on a heat.protecting mitten.
  • Always cool the technique after work, pour the remaining liquid out of the tank and wipe the dry.

How to turn on the steamer?

Before you use a conap for clothes, you need to prepare it for work:

  • collect a rack from sections;
  • We fix it on the case;
  • We put on a steam iron suspension on the rack;
  • We fasten the folding hanger on the suspension (tremple);
  • We tightly fasten the steam hose to the body, combining the connectors;
  • Fill the container with water;
  • We insert the power cord into the outlet;
  • Press the power button on the case;
  • We are waiting for the signal of the readiness indicator for work.

Best Travel Clothes Steamer

How to open a steamer?

When you learned how to use a vest of clothing correctly, and collected the entire structure, start practicing. To fill the tank, open it using a turning traffic jam. It is made of solid rubber, has an ergonomic handle, it is easy to turn it. Two turns of the turn were marked on the traffic: openly and closed. They will indicate the arrow on the flask housing next to the valve hole.

How to pour water into a steamer?

Having trained in how to disassemble the steamer, you can fill the boiler. water container. Do not pour above the “max” mark. Use a convenient glass from the kit. Turn off the device from the network before each valve. Want to know how to use a steamer without problems. Choose water carefully for work.

  • From the crane. the scale is quickly formed.
  • Polesy. Tempeys with microorganisms.
  • Mineralized from the bottle. not suitable.
  • Flavored liquid for the iron will spoil the steamer.
  • Distilled. this is the reverse extreme. It boils at higher temperatures than ordinary. In this mode, gaskets between the details are melting. Mix it from the tap to balance the properties.
  • The best choice is filtered water.

How to steam clothes with a steamer?

With experience, you will learn how to stroke any clothes with a steamer, because almost everything can be entrusted to a couple: from silk linen to a fluffy fur coat. The work goes through one scheme. Only time and processing mode varies. The overdred fabric will have to steam longer, but this is faster and more efficiently more than using the iron. You can clean the coat from dirt using the nozzle-knit.

How to stroke the shirt with a steamer?

On the example of a shirt, we will consider how to properly stroke cotton items with a steamer.

  • Pour the shirt on the hanger.
  • Pour water and turn on the mechanism.
  • By smoothing cotton, pull the fabric and press the steam iron to it, moving down from top. Use a heat.resistant mittens so as not to burn your hands.
  • For collar, cuffs and s. Put a solid triangular lock from the kit under the detail.

How to make arrows on trousers a steamer?

Classic lovers in clothes can ask how to make arrows with a steamer. This is much easier than smoothing an iron.

How to steam a wedding dress with a steamer?

A confident user who already knows how to correctly steam things with a steamer, even a wedding outfit can tidy up. It is dangerous to iron a chic dress, because it has its own subtleties:

At safe power, you refresh and smooth the chiffon, atlas, organza, lace and tulle ferry with steam.

  • Pour a dress for tremple or mannequin.
  • Study the requirements for the label. Delicate fabrics must be treated from distance up to 40 cm. The atlas is steamed from the inside to prevent water divorces. Fatin. at minimum power and maximum distance.
  • Start with the lower layers of the skirt, add splendor to the dress.
  • The smooth model is steaming first large details. Skirt, train, next sleeve, corset and belt.
  • If the corset is abundantly decorated, start with it. And only then steam smooth parts.
  • Leave the dress hanging until dry.

How to steam curtains with a steamer?

Steam cleans, smoothes and disinfects fabrics. Those who know how to stroke the curtains with a steamer, caring for draperies will not be difficult. You will achieve the perfect type of dense shadow curtains in 10 minutes. Tyul will need half the time.

  • Decide how you will use the steamer to process your curtain, based on the requirements for the care of the fabric.
  • Fill the tank.
  • Turn on the mechanism and set the desired mode.
  • Pull the fabric slightly in the middle and steam the upper part, moving vertically. The thinner the material, the further keep the iron from the surface.
  • Repeat with the lower half, gently pulling the edge.

How to clean the sofa with a steamer?

Applying a home assistant “one hundred percent”, find out how you can use a steamer in furniture care. It is useful to refresh, disinfect, remove dust ticks and stains from upholstery once every few months. Delicate materials, such as horned, phlock, Shenill or velor, require careful handling, and it will be very useful to use the steamer in this matter.

Pollution from the sofa must be removed immediately, otherwise you will admire them for years. In difficult cases, the pairs will help to “revive” the dried spots and carefully remove them.

How to clean the steamer from scale?

The use of tap water threatens the formation of lime plaque. Its small fragments will spread through steam channels and clog the steaming holes. So that there are no dirty splashes on things, find out in advance how to clean the vests for clothing from scale. A simple device without a pump can be cleaned once a month to choose: vinegar (1: 1 with water), citric acid (25 g per glass of water), mineral water, domestic agent from scale.

  • Pour 2 cups of solution into the water tank.
  • Put in a horizontal position on the base.
  • Let the connection act within 40 minutes.
  • Instead of p.P. 2 and 3 you can turn on the device on the maximum and the resulting steam is released above the sink without a trace.
  • Rinse the container with water until the smell of the cleaner disappears.

Designs with a built.in pump need special care: the scale in it is also formed in the pipes and on the pump itself. Acid from home funds will damage it. Such a device is cleaned in service centers, analyzing the details. There is another option: the function of self.cleaning is built into modern pompom steamers. Steam blow for cleaning the device under pressure from the inside. Excellent scale prevention.

Having bought this device, you will not only forget about creases and divorces, melted edges and burned holes. Come up with how to use a steamer in addition to working with textiles. Observing the general rules, clean the toys, wash the windows, carefully take a look for flowers or refresh the cracks in batteries. The nozzles in the kit will tell you that you can easily bring into the perfect look.

A portable refrigerator serves to cool drinks and products outside the house. Having studied the features of thermosumkok, thermal containers, electrical units for the car, it is easy to choose the best option for long trips or short travels.

Information on how to choose a dryer for vegetables and fruits will be useful to people who make blanks. There are different devices with their pros and cons of. The drying process is carried out according to a simple scheme, and the treatment time of different fruits is different.

I figure out how to use a sewing machine, it is worth before you sit down for work. incorrect treatment can ruin not only fabric or product, but also equipment. The rules are to adjust the thread and take into account the features of the material.

A small microwave oven has long ceased to be a novelty in our kitchen. With the help of this household appliance with different functions, you can warm food, defrost the meat, cook sandwiches, and it takes up very little space in the room.

Manual steamers

Small size and light weight of manual steamers make them indispensable for those who travel a lot or often go on business trips. Such models are more affordable and present in the grocery line of most popular brands: Polaris (Polaris), Tefal (Tefal), Maxwell (Maxwell), etc.

A manual steamer is a small water reservoir (like a mini-electrolyte), having a nose-header with holes through which steam is supplied

In manual models, the reservoir is located in the device of the device, respectively, has a small volume (80-450 ml) and an average of 1.4-1.6 kW power. This provides a rather brief duration of continuous work (up to 15 minutes) and does not allow you to ironly iron some things (dense jeans, outerwear).

Manufacturers of various models offer to use a context for clothing in several modes (from 3 to 10), in which the working pressure and the level of saturation of the submitted steam are regulated. Multifunctional steamers with a capacity of more than 1.8 kW are considered universal and semi.professional equipment. They are widely used in an atelier for smoothing out clothes or on car wash when cleaning the upholstery of seats.

The complete set often includes nozzles that allow, when steaming, clean the surface of pollution (brushes) or change the intensity of steam supply

To make your own impression, look at how to use a vest of clothing in a video that we offer:

Vertical steamers (floor)

Such devices are more reminiscent of vacuum cleaners having a spacious (up to 3 liters of water) a reservoir placed in a housing on wheels for the convenience of transportation, and a long hose to which the iron is attached. Among the most popular brands: Philips (Philips), Vitek (Vitek), Rolsen (Rolsen), Kelli (Kelly).

The floor vertical steamer resembles a small vacuum cleaner

Although it takes more time to heat the water in such systems, but with high steam supply power, prolonged and efficient operation of the steamer is ensured. He is able to smooth out persistent folds and rigid creases on dense fabrics of outerwear, curtains, upholstery, etc. D.

Both manual and floor models are designed for vertical steaming, that is, they are ironed in an open form. Clothes are placed on the shoulders and steamed on both sides, leading the iron vertically from top to bottom.

Having turned on the steamer, let the water warm to the set temperature so that the steam in the iron enters the right pressure.

Practical and convenient accessories are often attached to floor models: brushes, nozzles, clothespins, telescopic stands, folding shoulders, mittens from heat protection fabric

Both manual and floor models are designed for vertical steaming, that is, they are ironed in an open form

Security measures

To safely and correctly use a steamer, adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Use the device strictly for its intended purpose. Do not direct a stream of hot steam to people, animals or plants;
  • In no case do not try to iron the clothes worn on the body;
  • Do not leave a working or cooling device unattended;
  • Do not suspend the device for the steam supply hose, do not disconnect and do not fix it during the steamer;
  • Do not add water to the tank when the device is included in the outlet, make sure that the cord is not on a hot surface or in water;
  • In the process of steaming, put on a special thermal protection mitten to protect your hands;
  • After each use, wipe the surface of the iron with a soft rag and dry the tank when the device has completely cooled.

With the help of a steamer, things from any fabric are effectively ironed

Step-by-step instruction

  • Training. Before starting work, the device must be assembled: insert and fix the telescopic rack, hang a steam iron on the mount designed for it, attach a steam hose. (The assembly process differs depending on the model of the steamer.)
  • Filling out the tank. It is advised to fill in cold purified water (filtered, distilled), focusing on the marks of the recommended volume.
  • Inclusion. By installing the tank in the case, pull the cord from the device and include it in the outlet. After a few minutes, the water will heat up and after the indicator lights up, you can start using a steamer.
  • Examination. Click on the steam supply button by directing it from yourself.
  • Ironing. Take the iron iron on the fabric smoothly and slowly, vertically from top to bottom. For additional cleaning or ironing, use overlays and brushes with fixators.

You can install and remove nozzles or latches only when the device is turned off in a cooled state.

After the end of the work, you need to turn off the device out of the outlet, wait until it cools down, and then disassemble. The container for water and the holes through which steam comes out on the ironing, it is periodically required to be cleaned of lime plaque. The presence of scale leads to spraying drops of hot water (which is dangerous for you) and the appearance of traces on clothes.

The very process of steaming of special difficulties is not, it is most important to observe caution and use the steamer safely for yourself and others.

Expert in the field of households and master of culinary masterpieces (according to relatives and friends). Used to rely on common sense, everyday experience and female intuition.

Found a mistake? Select the text with the mouse and click:

The threads of gold and silver, which were embroidered in the old days, are called a gimp. To obtain them, a metal wire was pulled for a long time with ticks to a state of the necessary subtlety. Hence the expression “pull (breed) gimp”. “engage in a long monotonous work” or “delay the implementation of the case”.

Removing a scale and a pile from the sole of the iron is easiest with salt. Pour a thick layer of salt on paper, heat the iron to the maximum and several times, pressing slightly, draw on the salt litter with an iron.

There are special traps to combat moths. In the sticky layer that they are covered, added females that attract males. Sticking to a trap, they leave the propagation process, which leads to a decrease in the population of moths.

Fresh lemon is suitable not only for tea: clean the pollution from the surface of the acrylic bathtub by rubbing the half-cut citrus, or wash the microwave quickly by placing a container with water and lemon slices for 8-10 minutes with maximum power. Softened dirt will just wipe it with a sponge.

What water can be used, and which

Manufacturers are equipped with their devices for smoothing things with various cleaning systems. They help reduce the influence of harmful impurities. But the question of what water is needed for a steamer is primarily arise. If you use the correct liquid, the device will last much longer. Having bought household appliances, you should know which water is allowed to be poured into a clothing steamer and which is prohibited.


Mineral impurities that are originally present in water are preserved in hot boiled hard fluid. They can boil into details during work. They do not advise pouring it into the tank.

From a well or well

Natural water is not purified, so it is unacceptable to use it. If such a liquid is poured, stains will appear on things, lime layers will accumulate on the details, the steam generator will fail faster. Water from a well or well needs thorough filtration.

From under the cooler

Some reason, pour from under the cooler, nothing will happen to the technique anyway, but this is not so. This liquid has a large number of minerals. With regular use on the walls of the tank, a white layer of deposits will appear.

Well and melt water

Sometimes users believe that meltwater is useful for all occasions. However, she will not bring the benefit of the steam generator. Such a liquid is not cleaned, therefore it contains undesirable impurities, organic acids. If you pour it, and then smooth out clothes, then spots will appear on the fabric. Due to the low-quality composition, a precipitate forms on the surface of the device, which will gradually become thicker, a scale will appear. The work of the device will deteriorate.

Diluted demineralized

It is obtained by deionization. drive away through special organic resins that exchange ions with metals. For use, it is best to dilute in half with ordinary tap water. This option contributes to a good couple formation and extending the life of the equipment. As a result of the fact that salt is eliminated from the liquid, the scale does not appear, and the generated pairs do not leave stains.


In the tank of the steam generator, after smoothing things, the liquid often remains. It does not recommend leaving it for a long time. It can be in the tank for 2-3 days. It is best to drain the water, and rinse the container. And as soon as you have to steam clothes to pour fresh clean water.

The operating instructions indicate the necessary volume of water poured. For use at home, capacities of up to 1 are recommended.5 l. This amount is heated in 5-7 minutes, enough for steaming for half an hour. If there are many things, you will have to add. You can not pour water more than written in the instructions. The water should be added carefully, because the air in the tank is hot, and it is under pressure. When opening the lid, you can burn yourself with a steam.

Clothing Dresser Endever Odyssey Q-509. review

I looked at the steamers for a long time. For six months I studied the goods in local stores of household appliances, was interested in models of steamers that my friends have, visited information on the Internet. I did not want to purchase “anymore” for not so little money.

Having studied the materiel, I realized that you need to choose a riser with high power. I did not initially take into account the manual steamers, the toy, not the steamer. With the same success, you can steam with a kettle) but steamers with great power are not cheap. And by chance, on Wildberries, I saw a steamer that fully comply with my requirements. Both power and functionality and price 3 800 ! I do not like to order equipment in online stores. But I really wanted to buy the desired.

Three days later my package arrived at the issue point. At the point, we did not open the parcel. Opened the contents of the parcel of the house, shooting on a video camera) everything turned out to be intact and safety. The box was not opened before me.

This steamer, thanks to high power, is designed to steam clothes, toys, as well as furniture, pillows and curtains. The steamer is light and compact. Simple in the assembly. Steel telescopic racks rise to a height of 150 cm, the height is regulated. The minus that I noted for myself is not very convenient to take off from stationary shoulders. There are steamers with removable shoulders.

The water tank is removable. A tank volume of 2.5 liters, which allows you to continuously work for a steamer for more than an hour.

Steam power is adjustable, only 4 modes.

Thanks to the wheels, the steamer is easy to move from room to room. The kit was in the kit, there was a nozzle for shooters on trousers, a nozzle with a long bristle to raise a pile and remove dust dust, a device for ironing a collar, a heat-resistant glove

We use a steamer a little over six months and our family is delighted! With the appearance of a steamer, I fell in love with stroke!)) This steamer saves strength and time. I take an ironing board and iron only to iron outbringing. And the rest I iron the steamer. Drape, wool, silk, jeans, clothes with glass and sequins. Everything is within the power of a steamer. It took exactly half a minute on the ironing of this T.shirt)

And stroke the curtains. Just a song! Previously, about 1.5 hours spent on the ironing of curtains. And I have 4 large windows! Now I hang ill.plated curtains and steam them with a steamer in 20 minutes.

Technical characteristics: power 2350 W, steam intensity 70 g/min, maximum steam pressure 3.5 bar.

Clothing Dresser Ender Odyssey Q-910/Q-911/Q-912. review

I bought it in a local store. Well, or rather. I ordered this steamer over the Internet and took it already in a store in my city. Since, in this way it came out cheaper.

The thought of buying a steamer occurred to me, since I do not like to iron at all. But with wrinkled things, you need. then cope. And it was the steamer that would solve my problem.

I didn’t really understand anything in these things. I just knew what kind of steamer I want to myself (I did not want manual and did not want very confused). I also had a limit in price. Well, and the power wanted to be enough. And, based on this, I already selected options.

I haven’t heard about Endver brand before. But I stopped precisely on the Odyssey Q-910 model.

As it turned out, the steamer of this model is presented in three colors. But in the store in which I chose the steamer, it was only in purple color. For me, the color did not play any role at all.

Endeever steamer was packed in a cardboard box, on which you can immediately see the main information about this device, as well as see its configuration.

Here is a set of this steamer and its technical characteristics:

Inside the box all the details were separately. Each of them was packed in a separate package or pimp.

The kit includes a very comfortable hanger, which easily folds only when the button is pressed.

You can use the usual hanger. On the hooks of this steamer, you can hang two things at once.

There is also a very necessary thing in the kit. This is a Teflon heat.resistant glove, since a ferry can really burn yourself. But I’m too lazy to put it on her.

The functionality of one little thing was not clear to me at all, until I read it on the box, what is it.

It turns out this thing helps when ironing collar.

There is a watering can in the set. But I calmly pour water into the flask and without its use.

But the clamps. The thing is necessary. It is convenient to consolidate things with them.

This nozzle and this brush. I still haven’t had to use a clamp.

Ender Odyssey Q-910 is suitable for vertical and horizontally steaming. But I took it precisely in order to use vertically.

This steamer has a steam iron.

The first time, however, when I steamed, wet stains appeared. But the next time everything has already turned out much better.

The sausage here goes for 1200 ml. But so far I have never needed a full volume.

Collecting this device in a heap was quite easy.

The steamer itself, even without a steel rack, is quite weighty.

But below he has wheels so that it can be easily moved.

Steiring Endever Odyssey Q-409. review

I already left a review about the steam cleaner, he was the second purchase. But I took two not because of greed or a huge love for steamers. And because of the breakdown. I ordered Ender Q-409 on Wildberries in the summer, but after the first time it did not turn on. This began Kotovasia with service centers and t.P. As a result, I received it after 1.5 months, already opened (it was repaired), but I really needed the help of a steam cleaner and I had to order the one. By the way, a negative review on Wildberries did not publish. Now the turn has come to tell about this:

I chose this cleaner, because I have a vest of clothes of this manufacturer. I am satisfied with quality.

❀ Packed in a box that has a lot of useful information, even with photos. For example, there is a photo and description of the nozzles:

Technica.characteristics are written on the box, but I repeat so that you do not strain your eyes.

❀ Technical characteristics❀


BAK-300ML volume

Tank volume for detergent 255ml

Continuous work-15 minutes

Para-da 17 g/min

Paul-3.5 bar pressure

Weight-3.2 kg

Maximum pair-135 ° С temperature

❀ Now let’s look at the culprit of the review:

❀ Cute. It is more than my previous one, it is harder, but this is about the tank for the detergent.

❀ Let’s start with the cover. I do not like her. Unscrew/tighten it terribly inconveniently: it is necessary to press it first and not letting go of it. And she often scrolls her. I directly feel the springs noise. And you need to tighten to the very end, there is also high pressure.

❀ The steam cleaner has two active buttons: button-redcut. steam supply and button-reducer. Modeling. Button for detergent. In fact, not a button at all, but simply a switch.

Working them is easy. Need steam. Press the button, t.e. Pull it down, as in the photo. And the button for the detergent just pull down.

❀ Steam feed can be dose. Click a little. steam does not stand out much, but by pressing until the end. Powerful steam feed. Although this is not considered a power regulator! There is no power regulator in this steam cleaner.

❀ The main “tool”. steam nozzle, which almost all nozzles cling to. It is from this that the most powerful and hot supply of steam.

❀ There is also a hose-drill, t.e. lengthening hose. It is very convenient and it is advisable to have it in the kit. The length of the hose is slightly more than 50 cm. It is convenient to use this nozzle in hard.to.reach places.

❀ attaching the nozzles is very easy: just a little scroll and no dancing with tambourines. There is an arrow there and it is clear where to twist. Everything is very easy.

❀ Nosyznaya nozzle: you can only use it, but it is needed for nozzles that cannot be attached to the main nozzle.

❀ This is a spray nozzle. It is possible to steal clothes, clean furniture, etc.P. Since water also appears when the steam appears, you need a cover that prevents the wetting of fabric (or furniture). It is no longer washed out for me) you can also clean smooth surfaces, for example, a table. Can be attached to the hose/conical nozzle or directly to the main nozzle.

❀ There is also another for the same nozzle. This is a nozzle. It is designed to clean glass or mirror. It has a rubber scraper on it. It is very convenient for them to wash and immediately scrap water from the glasses. Can also be attached to the hose/conical nozzle or directly to the main nozzle.

❀ This is the following nozzles: nozzle-knot of the bristle round (which I safely lost, alas), a nozzle with copper bristles and a small curved nozzle.

Brush nozzle. Need to clean anything that can be cleaned with a brush. I clean it difficult to test places. For example: a rough surface of a plastic window sill, seams of tiles, etc.P.

A small curved nozzle. you can clean the narrowest places and cracks with it. A very convenient thing. And since it is curved, it is convenient to clean the taps from all sides.

Copper bristle nozzle. Need to clean something difficult to clean. I do not use it.

❀ The last nozzles cannot be attached to the main nozzle, only on the adapter: hose or conical nozzle.


Water tank: removable, from translucent plastic, volume of 1.2 liters.

Steam: pressure 1.5 bar, consumption. up to 45 g/min, swing temperature 103 ° C.

Modes: 4 power levels. silk, synthetics, wool, cotton; steam supply adjustment (min. max).

Features: Preparation for work ≈ 90 C, cord 163 cm, 3G1.0 mm2, protection against overheating in case of damage to the thermostat and the absence of water in the tank with automatic shutdown, 2 small wheels in the back, a rotary wheel of the front.

Accessories: 360 ° hanger with clothespins for trousers and skirts, steam iron, brush, a nozzle with a small-axial pillow, a device for steaming collars, s and cuffs, clamps (clamps) for trousers, a thermal-resistant mitte, a funnel.

Dimensions: housing 63×42.3×39.1 cm, maximum height of the support rack 125 cm (body height), steam pipeline length to a nozzle 150 cm.

Warranty: 1.5 years. Service: 3 years.

Producer country: China.

Changing water- States of matter


Everything is quite standard: a plastic case with a removable water tank. Already a scientist, I quickly could fix the rack. For all beginner users, I will explain: you need to completely unscrew the lock from the housing, then, by installing the rack, tighten it clockwise.

I adjusted the rack to the maximum height, and then ran into a surprise: if you believe the instructions, you need to place a hanger on it. But there are no holes on the hanger, and by logic it should be fixed on the handle of the holder of a steam iron. The instructions are clearly photographed by the wrong hanger (with. 10), a photograph on the last cover brought me out of the impasse. everything is as it should be according to the logic of things: the hanger hangs on the hook of the holder.

I tinned a little with the installation of the steam line. there is such a cunning system of holes and slots. we must carefully consider in order to get. Then she twisted the nut. and ready.

The steamer easily travels around the room, which is an undoubted plus.

There are a lot of interesting accessories in the kit: we note the clothespins for trousers and skirts, as well as a nozzle with a small.axial pillow that can be cleaned by clothes. The arsenal has even a lower trouser clamp clamp lock that allows you to conveniently smooth the arrows.

The main control panel is located on the case. This is a round switch of modes. On the device we got is tight, not very ergonomic.

Switching it, you can choose one of 4 modes. When turning on, the light indicator lights up, indicating that the steamer works.

On the iron itself is a steam supply button with a light indicator, steam supply switch (from min to max) and a light heating indicator, which burns while it heats up (as on stationary ironing).

When the button is pressed, the corresponding indicator lights up. The only inconvenience: in order to start or stop the supply of steam, you need to wait, and the waiting time is long enough. more than 30 seconds. Because of this, this button does not always fulfill its tasks: for example, going to open the front door, I heard steam from the hallway, although I turned it off before leaving the room.

The actual time for preparation for work is less than the declared. steam went in 45 seconds.

In the instructions, I read that there is “the possibility of horizontal steaming, you can steam pillows, mattresses, blankets”. And that “a steam iron, unlike a standard universal nozzle, is a real small iron.shaped iron. It has an additional heater that prevents the formation of condensate and excessive tissue moisture ”. I checked these installations. Indeed, the water did not flow out of the sole, only steam. Both vertically and horizontally, the iron showed himself perfectly! I didn’t even expect such a thing from him. I stroked everything that I suggested: blouses and T.shirts on a hanger, a bed kit with a duvetail on a ironing board. Managed with everything quickly and accurately.

The manufacturer recommends using distilled or filtered water. 1 time per month or every 20 l of water flow should be cleaned, which consists of 2 parts: cleaning the water tank and mechanical cleaning of the heating element from scale.

This steamer can replace a regular iron, especially if you often have to iron blouses and trousers, and you do not stroke bedding every day.

This model may well settle in the dressing room and help in caring for clothes.

Vertical and horizontal steaming, large arsenal of accessories, good price/quality ratio.

Tight switch, long wait for shutdown/turning on the steam when pressed on the button.



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