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Where to fill the rinseum in the washing machine

Where to pour air conditioning in the washing machine of Kandy

Candy Smart Pro CSO4 106T1/2-07-this is a washing machine with front loading in a classic white case that has compact overall dimensions.

Most of the front surface is occupied by a hatch, which is a fairly massive round disc. The edging is made of white plastic, the window of the transparent glass, without darooners. Thanks to a fairly large size of the window, the user has the opportunity to review almost the entire drum, which allows you to observe the washing process at any time. For the convenience of opening the door, a special plastic handle with a fairly tight spring is provided. To close the door, it must be pressed quite strongly to the body of the washing machine, to a characteristic click that signals its lock. The door is equipped with a very flexible silicone cuff around the perimeter, for better sealing.

The inside of the washing machine, its drum, has quite large overall dimensions, made of stainless steel, has a unique Shiatsu coating, which was developed by Candy engineers and is designed to improve the quality of laundry of things from various materials. The calculation capacity of the drum is 6 kg of linen.

In the upper part, on the left there is a tray for detergents, on which there is a brief information about the device, the device control panel with LED display and touch control buttons is a little to the right. On the right is a round rotary tent responsible for switching the washing modes (program choice). By the way, initially 9 fast programs are available to the user, including a unique washing mode 49 ″. On the right are the most frequently used standard wash modes. Switching between the modes is soft, very clear and informative. There is a sound accompaniment of switching operating modes. over, each of the modes provides LED support, the display is bright, all the icon are visible even in bright light.

For the convenience of operating the tray for powder, it is equipped with a limiter, which does not allow it to fall out of the body of the washing machine during the nomination, it provides for three compartments for the detergent: for preliminary washing, for the main washing and the compartment for the rinseum.

A plastic folding hatch is located in the lower left corner, behind which a filter is hidden for cleaning. It opens with a slight effort, closes with a click. The filter case has small overall dimensions, the filter itself is designed to hold large dirt and small things (socks, buttons, coins, and t.D.) inside the device. It is recommended to regularly clean the filter.

The upper surface of the washing machine is covered with a plastic lid, has an even, smooth surface. It is great for use as a shelf.

The side ends have small stamped stiffeners, but in general they are deprived of any control and design elements.

On the back of. I am glad that there are no protruding elements on the back surface, which allows you to install the washing machine almost close to the wall.

On the lower surface there are four legs adjustable in height with a countrogike, the legs themselves are equipped with a rubber anti.slip nozzle. The manufacturer recommends installing a polystyrene gasket on the lower surface. The nozzle should protect the case from accidental splashes from below.

In general, the Candy Smart Pro CSO4 106T1/2-07 washing machine looks quite elegant, not bulky. The device is really narrow, there are no strongly protruding elements in it. The white case collects less stains from water, it is not poking, it does not vacuum, moreover, the white color eats the space. The use of glass in a hatch is also a practical solution (although several increases the cost of the device), because it is not so susceptible to mechanical influences than plastic. The build quality is at a decent level, all the gaps are even, the details are in their places, all faces have good mechanical processing and are painted.

Instructions for use

On the bottles of such funds, the manufacturer indicates how much it is necessary to pour the products on one washing cycle depending on the pollution and the degree of water hardness. As a rule, this is 75-150 ml of powder. However, with this consumption, you can work on one powder, which is beneficial to the manufacturer. Therefore, do not trust information on the label.

Skillful housewives found that for the effective washing of things with gel-shaped powder, 1-2 tablespoons of a concentrated washing agent are enough. over, if there are particularly dirty clothing items, then they can be smeared in advance and let them lie down. This expenditure of the product refers to the washing machines of the average loading of linen 5-6 kg and water consumption 35-50 liters. In cars with a larger drum capacity and water consumption, with full load, 3-4 tablespoons of the product may be required.

As for where to pour the powder, it is definitely difficult to answer. Everything will depend on the model and manufacturer of the machine machine. In most “washing”, the cuvette for the powder is divided into three compartments, one of them is designed for dry powder of the main washing, it is indicated by II or B. In this compartment and you need to pour liquid powder.

But in some automatic machines, pour a gel.like remedy in this department is prohibited by the manufacturer. That is why, before pouring, you need to study the instructions for the operation of the machine automato. In such cases, the washing gel is poured into a special container, which is put together with things in the drum.

In modern machines, the cuvette for powder has a special device, thanks to which you can pour liquid powder into the cuvette compartment. In vertical loading machines in the department for a liquid agent there may be a special damper.

The device of the tray in different models of washing machines

Electrolux EWW51486HW. a washing machine in which the tray has the most common shape, consists of 3 compartments. The instructions for this machine say that if in the compartment for the main washing (in this typewriter it is located in the center) there is no special damper, then the liquid detergent must be poured into the dispenser and put it directly into the drum. Bosch Wot244555oe. Automatic machine with a vertical type of loading of linen, its cuvette for detergents is divided into three compartments. The compartment under the number II is just intended for liquid and dry detergents, products to mitigate water. Also, salt can be poured into this compartment to remove spots.Samsung WF1602YQR. Washing machine with front loading and washing technology Eco Bubble. Powdrift in this machine is divided into 3 compartments, of which the extreme left is designed for powder, but only dry. All gel.like detergents are recommended to be poured into a dispenser (container) and put in a drum with linen.HotPoint Ariston AVSL-109-A machine gun with a semicircular dick for detergents. According to the instructions for the typewriter, the extreme, on the right, the compartment of the dumplings is intended for dry and liquid powders for the main washing. At the same time, the manufacturer notes that liquid powder must be poured immediately before launching the machine.Atlant SMA 35M101. a washing machine with the front type of loading, its tray, in addition to the three main compartments, has a special department for the bleach. When using a gel.shaped powder, a special curtain is installed in the compartment on the left, as shown in the figure.Miele WMG120WPS. Supernogical washing machine with a special powder receiver device. The dosage of the detergent in this machine occurs automatically, t.e. The machine itself takes as much means from the compartment as the program has determined depending on the pollution and the amount of linen. In addition, in the tray of this machine there is a capsule department in which one of three types of capsules can be laid, including a capsule with a washing tool. These are special capsules that the manufacturer makes for such a machine. The capsule has as much detergent as it is necessary for one washing cycle. At the end of the program, the capsule must be removed.

Where to fill the air conditioner in the LG washing machine

LG washing machines boast not only a variety of functions and the highest quality of washing even the most complex fabrics, but also an intuitive control, which makes interaction with the technique of simple and pleasant.

For various wash modes in the detergent compartment, three parallel departments are provided. One of them is intended for the preliminary washing cycle, the second for standard washing modes (it is the “main compartment”) and the third for the air conditioner.

How and where to fill the powder in LG washing machines, read more here.

Let us dwell on the third compartment, since the question of how and where to fill the air conditioner in the LG washing machine arises from new owners of equipment quite often.

A conditioning for linen (it is also a linen rinse). a liquid detergent that performs several functions at once: softens the fabric of the washed things, retains their color, facilitates ironing, prevents the appearance of spools on this tissues and relieves static electricity.

Nevertheless, the use of an air conditioner for linen is not a prerequisite. The usual powder will also cope with the purification of linen from pollution (provided that the washing mode is chosen correctly).

But despite this, most people prefer to use the advantages of the air conditioner and adds it when washing things in a washing machine.

I figure out where to fill the air conditioner in the LG washing machine is quite easy. This can be done when using the technique first. As mentioned above, a special compartment is provided for the air conditioner in the department for detergents. It is extremely not recommended to fill it into the drum of the washing machine directly on things. It will be washed off with water during the washing process and will have no effect on things.

Here’s what you need to do to find a compartment for the air conditioner in a washing machine LG:

  • Find the detergent compartment in your washing machine. Since LG produces washing machines with horizontal loading, this compartment will be located on the front panel.
  • Open the compartment, gently pulling yourself for a special recess.
  • You will see three departments. Two of them are marked with Roman numbers I and II. These are branches for washing powder. The third department is marked by the sprocket with the Picturers on most models of LG washing machines. It also differs in color from the compartments for washing powder. This is a department for the air conditioner.

When to add air conditioning in washing machines LG?

You need to add air conditioning before the laundry of washing with washing powder.

If for some reason you have not done this, then you can add air conditioning immediately before the rinse process. You need to do this, also pouring it into the compartment intended for it.

What to do if the air conditioner is in the compartment?

After the washing process is completed, it is recommended to open a detachment department and let it dry to prevent the appearance of a fungus. In some cases, you can see that in the department for the air conditioner there is water. There may be several reasons for this. Here are the most common:

Why are the rest of the compartments?

So, it is clear that it is impossible to confuse the compartment for the air conditioner with others. It is located in the middle between two other trays. To the right of it. a cell with a Roman number I to soak particularly contaminated underwear. You need to add a tool there if the selected program automatically involves preliminary washing, or if this parameter is selected separately.

To the left of the tray for the air conditioner is a department with the Roman number II, in other words, the base department. The usual powder is added here with absolutely any type of washing. If you forget to add a tool there, washing will pass idly, linen simply rinsed in water several times without any chemical processing. It is also extremely difficult to confuse the basic compartment, since it differs from other deposit departments and volume. He accepts much more substance than the rest, and much more often, so it looks different.

When to pour air conditioning

The softener added to the washing machine is always used in the final part of the washing process. But most hostesses pour it simultaneously with other household chemicals. The design allows you to do this, because household chemicals enters the drum in strict order. Therefore, the antistatic is served by the last.

If you do not know how to use the rinser and did not add the product at the beginning of washing, you can do this at the end. At the same time, you do not need to drain the water and remove the linen from the drum. Just pour the required amount of antistatics, then turn on the additional rinse mode.

The situation is not excluded when there is no way to pour a softener into the appropriate tray in the cuvet. In this case, it can be added directly to the drum. To carry out the plan:

  • Wait first when the machine finishes the main washing program.
  • After it salt the water, carefully open the bootable hatch and pour a softener.
  • Make sure that the rinseum does not get on the underwear. For convenience, you can take a container with holes. She will gradually distribute the antistatic inside the drum.

Where to fill the air conditioner in the washing machine

The technique has greatly simplified the life of housewives. Of all the wonders of modern civilization, one of the most popular is a washing machine.

Not all people use all the possibilities of this household assistant to the maximum. Many people know how to include the only universal washing mode for all occasions, ignoring additional options. Meanwhile, the washing result increases significantly if you correctly configure the operation of the mechanism.

One of the possibilities of improving the quality of washing is the use of a special tool for rinsing things at the final washing stage.

Belief air conditioning advantages

In modern automatic machines, 3 stages of washing are usually distinguished:

Preliminary washing is used for very contaminated linen and is an analogue of soaking.

The main washing is actually getting rid of pollution by repeated turning the laundry in the washing machine drum.

The rinsing stage may include additional processing of things with a special tool. air conditioning.

Such a tool is produced in the form of a liquid that is added to the automatic machine when washing.

It has a pleasant smell, softens the fabric and reduces the attraction of static electricity. Some housewives note that things after washing with air conditioning remain fresh longer and do not get dirty, as they are covered with special compositions that repel dirt.

The main contraindication for the use of a rinseum for things is an allergy to the components of the product.

It is recommended to add a balsam-useer for washing bedding, towels, underwear (provided that there is no allergy), t.to. it softens the fabric, makes it more pleasant to the touch, facilitates ironing.

How to Test the Water Valve on your Washer. Not Filling or Overfilling

Synthetic and woolen things when using the air conditioner are electrified much less than usual.

Now the market has a wide selection of means for rinsing.

fill, rinseum, washing, machine

To increase the efficiency of their use, it is recommended to select the product depending on the composition of the fabric, for example, the use of products with labeling “for wool and silk” will allow you to maintain the structure of the fabric for a long time and will not allow things to attract static electricity. Air laundry conditioners are hypoallergenic and lack of extraneous smell.

You can use both ordinary and concentrated air conditioners. The recommended portion of the latter is usually less than 2-3 times, which makes their use more economical.

When pouring the product into a special container of a washing machine, it is important to clearly follow the recommended dose. Too small a number of balm will not allow achieving the desired effect.

An excess of air conditioning can hardly leave linen slippery, soapy and cause allergies.

In addition, the exceeding the fluid level in the tank for rinsing will lead to the washing of the air conditioner in the process of the main washing and reduce the effect of washing powder.

Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine Detergent Drawer Compartments & What goes Where

The location of the air conditioner compartment in the washing machine

The question of where to fill the air conditioner in a washing machine often arises when buying a new machine or using someone else’s equipment on vacation or visiting.

First of all, you should decide on the location of the tray for washing products. In new generation cars, such containers are usually three or four, they are next to each other. A cleaning product may be needed at different stages of washing, so different containers are used to download it. Air conditioning for linen is added to a rinse tray.

For various manufacturers, containers for balsam-operator differ in color, size and location, so in each individual case it is best to study the instructions for the operation of a particular model.

It describes in detail and draws which compartment for what serves and where is located.

If this is not possible due to the loss or the complexity of access to the instructions, you can carefully inspect the device and use universal tips.

In vertical loading machines, containers for powder and other cleaners are most often located on the device cover.

For models with front loading on the right or left of the drum, a advanced container with several compartments is located, where the powder is filled up.

The compartment for the rinseum is the smallest size among other trays. Often it is equipped with a grate, a lid and noticeably differs in appearance from other compartments. Sometimes manufacturers of equipment distinguish it with color, for example, make blue, while the rest of the containers are left white.

The compartment for the air conditioner in various models of washing machines is indicated by the number III, the pictogram of the star or flower, less often marked by the blue line.

To make sure of the correct selection of the desired capacity, you can launch the washing mode with rinsing without linen, filling a small amount of product into the alleged tray.

At each stage of washing, you can open the powder container and see which tray the powder was washed off with water. At first, the product will disappear from the bastard compartment, then from the tray for the main, and the latter. air conditioning for linen.

This method is not suitable for vertical loading machines, since the washing mode will not allow you to open the cover for observing containers with powder.

In some models of washing machines, from all containers from the washing products, you can completely remove only the tray for the air conditioner, the container for washing powder is fixed stationary. This is an additional opportunity to make sure the location of the tray for rinsing

Ways to fill the air conditioner for linen in the washing machine

Having decided on the location of the tray for the air conditioner, you should figure out when you need to fill the product, because it is required only at the very end.

For ease of use, it is necessary to fill in the liquid before the laundry, simultaneously with the loading of washing powder.

Where to fill the rinseum

The air conditioner makes things soft and gives them a pleasant aroma. But in order to feel this effect, you need to know how to use a rinseum for machine wash. If you use air conditioning for the first time, you can not always understand where to fill it, especially if the management of the car is lost. Our instructions will help to understand this issue.

Firstly, it should be understood that the rinser should be used only for rinsing linen, but not during washing. Therefore, pouring it into a section for washing powder is wrong. the product is washed out when washing and will not give any effect.

There is a separate compartment for the air conditioner in the automatic machine, the location of which differs depending on the model of the unit. If you got a car with a vertical type of boot, then the cuvette for detergents will be under the lid. In models with front loading the sliding tray and is located at the top left (in rare cases. on the right).

We offer to familiarize yourself why the washing machine does not wash

Read the instructions

Each washing machine is attached to a leadership where there is certainly information about where to fall asleep or fill in. If the instructions are lost, it can be found on the Internet, where there are guidelines for almost all existing washing models. Typically, relevant information is carried out in a separate section of the manual, and they are very easy to find.

It also happens that the machine is old, and it is impossible to find instructions for it. In this case, you can contact the manufacturer (each company producing household appliances has a site on the Internet where there is contact information). But usually this is not required. the desired tray is easy to find on your own.

Knowing where to fill the powder in the washing machine, you will improve the quality of the washer and warn the appearance of breakdowns associated with the deposition of detergents on the hoses and the “insides” of the device.

With conventional processing (without soaking and using air conditioners), fill only 2 containers (c). When washing with soaking. 1 (a) and 2 (c).

When processing, implying soaking, washing and softening of clothing, put the powder in large compartments, and in a small compartment. the rinseum.

Modern women do not represent life without a washing machine, since it saves time and time. However, acquiring a new unit, especially with instructions in a foreign language, they do not know where to fall asleep powder.

Not only the term of its operation depends on the correct operation of the device, but also the quality of washing.

Consider where to fill the powder in the washing machine of the vertical and horizontal sample, and where to fill the rinses for a full washing.

The most popular manufacturers of automatic machines are firms: Beko, Bosch, Indesit, LG, Samsung Atlant, Classixx, Diamond, Eco, Electrolux, Virpool, Candida, Ardo, Siemens, Ariston, Gorenje, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, HotPoint, HotPoint, HotPoint, HotPoint, HotPoint, HotPoint, HotPoint, HotPoint, HotPoint, HotPoint, HotPoint, HotPoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Hotpoint, Innex, zanussi. Most of them produce 2 samples: horizontal (the tray is located above the drum) and vertical (the container is inside the washing hatch).

Any machine machine is equipped with a container for powders, bleach, etc. the necessary funds for washing, but manufacturers cannot converge in the designations of the compartments, so before filling the air conditioner or powder, consider the signs available near each department. They can be drawn, glued or more often “cast” on a plastic surface.

On the container of each machine (from the edge), symbolic images are visible, explaining where to fill the powder, whitening, stains and rinses. For each compartment, there are 3 types of identification marks:

  • Ι, 1 or “a”. This compartment symbolizes soaking. It is not worth placing a detergent if the program used does not provide for preliminary washing.
  • II, 2 or “B”. The main compartment is that dry powder is poured into it, a liquid powder or washing gel is poured, regardless of the selected program.
  • “Star”, or “Flower” (the smallest in size department). In this compartment, it is necessary to pour funds that softened clothes, a “blue” or a bleach. Identification signs

If you got a device without identification marks, try to recognize the purpose of the trays, by conducting elementary experience:

  • Run the car without linen and detergents in any mode that does not include soaking in the cycle.
  • After starting, open the tray and see where the water will begin to flood.

As a result of these actions, we conclude: this department is intended for any washing, the 2nd (large)-for the funds necessary for soaking and the latter for air conditioners.

Note! Any model of the machine (Indesit, Samsung, Bosh, Eco, Candy, Whirlpool, Strek, Ariston, etc.) They will even have repeatedly conduct this experience, so do not be afraid to conduct it.

The detergent tray is located in the upper corner of the extension machine case. Having extended it, you can see several compartments for different stages of washing. Most often there are three of them. The dimensions and designations of departments may differ in various manufacturers. But in general it looks like this:

  • Compartment for washing powder used in the main washing. This is the largest department where the powder is filled up or gel.shaped detergent is poured. Usually this compartment is signed by the II icon or the letter b.
  • Compartment for adding funds intended for soaking. Studies or whitening are placed here if it is planned to pre.soak clothes in the washing machine. This department is slightly less than the previous one. Sign it like this: I or A.
  • The compartment for the rinseum. It is here that the air conditioning is poured. This is the smallest dick, often designated by a flower or asterisk. In this department, you can see a cutout that indicates the maximum level of the bay of the rinseum.

Where to fill the air conditioner. how to find out

Manufacturers attach to the washing machines the operating instructions, where you can find information about the purpose of each cuvette compartment (tray for detergents). If you have not saved it, then seek help on the official website of the manufacturer.

If the automatic machine is quite old, and all the designations are erased in the cuvette, pour the rinser in one of the compartments and run the “idle” washing without rinsing. Then evaluate the condition of this cell. If you poured the product in the correct compartment, it will remain untouched. If the air conditioner was washed off, then you mistakenly poured it in the wrong department.

A few tips in the end

Use or not use the air conditioner during rinsing, everyone decides individually. But if you prefer to use the air conditioner, then you must definitely follow the dosage. In the compartment for the air conditioner of any washing machine there is a label indicating the maximum amount of rinseum, which can be poured. You can’t exceed this mark.

Note! It is also not recommended to reduce the norm of the rinseum, since you will not feel the effect from it.

Using a linen controller for linen, pay attention to what it is, namely concentrated or ordinary. Concentrated rinseum is poured 3 times less than usual. For its best leaching from the dick, you can slightly dilute such an air conditioner with water.

And another advice, after using the air conditioner, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the tray for powder and holes through which detergents enter the drum. If this is not done, then subsequently detergents will remain in the powder receiver and will not fall into the drum.

As for the question of which air conditioning is better, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer here. In general, most of them are universal and are like all types of fabrics. However, there are air conditioners designed for wool and silk products, for black products, etc.P., as well as air linen air conditioners. Such rinses should be used for their intended purpose, so as not to be disappointed in their effectiveness.

So, we hope, now it became clear where to pour the rinser in the washing machine. Everything is simple. in a special compartment in the tray for powder. This compartment is most often indicated by a flower. It is difficult to confuse it with others, just be careful!



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