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Where in the machine to pour the washing gel

In what compartment to pour liquid powder for the washing machine?

Why liquid detergents are gradually replacing powders? There are many reasons for this. Liquid laundry detergent has a less harmful composition. If the loose detergent inevitably gets into the lungs when placed inside the tray, the gel does not get into the body, and therefore will not cause various pulmonary diseases and weakening of the immune system.

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Liquid laundry detergent is economical to use, and some formulations replace the conditioner. During the feeding of water into the machine, it is completely washed out of the tray.

The most modern gels, according to the manufacturers, are able to wash absolutely all contaminants even in water of 30 degrees.

For a large amount of dirty laundry it is better to use special capsules.

It is worth noting that to switch exclusively from dry to liquid powder, is not fully justified and from a practical point of view.

The liquid detergent can be used for everyday washing to freshen things up. But to get rid of tough dirt, you need to use a loose powder.

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What is a liquid laundry detergent

Gel concentrated laundry detergent is a modern alternative to dry laundry detergent. It is an environmentally friendly product, although it is more expensive, it has several advantages. It does not only contain laundry detergents, but also substances that soften water and fabric fibers. Advanced housewives do not hesitate to switch to liquid detergents for the machine.

Concentrated gels may contain plant components that have disinfectant properties. Clothes smell nice after washing with a special gel, as it contains fragrances. The substance retains the color of the clothes. Some housewives say that gels help restore the brightness of clothing. Washing with liquid detergent prolongs the life of things and softens the effect of water.

The advantages of liquid detergent are as follows:

Experiment. 5 kg. Washing Powder. in a Washing Machine

  • It rinses well from clothing, leaves no stains or streaks. Recommended for oversized items such as coats and blankets.
  • Suitable for woollens and delicate fabrics.
  • Produces little foam and dissolves easily in water.
  • Prevents damaging the washing machine and washes well from the machine walls.
  • Suitable for cold water washing. Liquid concentrate copes better with dirt when washing at low temperature than standard detergent.
  • Gets rid of stubborn dirt. Get rid of grass, fruit, vegetable and grease stains.
  • Easy to store: it does not crumble like a dry one. Powder does not spill from a closed package.
  • Rarely causes allergies, no irritation to the respiratory system.
  • Easy dosage. A small bottle of gel can replace a big box of powder. Makes it easy to store.
  • Gel can replace the soaking procedure. It is enough to apply a small amount of the product on the stain, hold it for an hour or two and send it to the washing machine.
  • You can use gel for hand washing.

Where to pour the liquid detergent

As a rule, modern washing machines contain manufacturer’s recommendations on the distribution of detergents, as well as indications of where to pour them. To make things easier, they label the compartments.

For example, in many washing machines the compartments are marked with Roman numerals and other icons.

  • The number I or 1, or maybe even the letter “A”, is the compartment of the machine which is used for pre-soaking. If you fill it with liquid substance and then activate the short wash program, nothing will happen and the gel will remain untouched.
  • The number II or 2, or the letter “B” is a compartment of the machine, which is used for the main wash cycle. So it is in this container is worth pouring liquid detergent, so that it performed its functions as fully as possible.
  • The third compartment, which is marked with a flower or an asterisk is intended for the rinse aid, so do not pour the detergent there. If by any chance by accident you pour washing gel there, do not worry, nothing terrible will happen, things will not be soapy. The gel is quickly rinsed due to its special consistency.

Some liquid detergent manufacturers recommend placing the detergent gel in the drum inside the dosing ball, following the instructions on the bottle.

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How to understand the functions of the trays

You can see a symbolic image on each compartment. Thanks to these icons you can understand where to pour the powder. The symbolism may be as follows:

IMPORTANT! Over time, that is, after prolonged use of the device, the markings sometimes rub off. This is a problem, but not a big one. The point is that the right compartment can be determined by experience.

For example, you can turn on the unit without prewash, without laying the laundry. The container in which the powder should be, leave half open. When the washing process begins, the machine starts the flow of water in the main compartment. That is where the powder should be. And you just need to remember the same compartment.

What is the liquid powder

The name liquid laundry detergent refers to gel substances used to wash dirt. On sale, this preparation is available in capsules, which dissolve when adding water, or as a thick liquid poured into plastic containers. The detergent has a high concentration, so its consumption during washing is minimal.

Features of Composition, Varieties and Uses

Compared to the traditional loose laundry detergent, the liquid preparation has several advantages:

  • Eliminates all kinds of smudges;
  • It removes well from fabric fibers;
  • Dissolves completely in water of any temperature;
  • It doesn’t leave streaks on the fabric;
  • Careful attitude towards the color of fabric;
  • makes the fabric softer;
  • it is convenient to store, it does not crumble, it does not clump together;
  • can be applied in different ways.

Of the main disadvantages of this form of detergents are noted:

Gel products will be a great option if you need to refresh your clothes for the daily wash. They are also used if you need to wash things made of thin, delicate matter. But with old stains and difficult stains can not cope with such a tool.

Long gone are the days when laundry detergent, replacing the usual soap, was something incredible. Modern

The type of liquid laundry detergent is chosen according to the type of clothing. If items of different fabrics are sent to the drum of the machine at the same time, select a liquid universal detergent. Clothes made of fine silk, guipure, lace, wool and other delicate fibers are washed with targeted concentrates. Still on the shelves there are gel-like means for jeans, also with an anti-allergic component. Such a substance among the ingredients does not contain fragrances, chlorine or dyes.

On sale you can see liquid preparations of different colors. The shade of the substance has no effect on the quality of washing. The dye is used here only to improve the perception of the detergent.

Liquid powder comes in two forms on the market:

  • The capsules are good because with them there is no need to measure out the exact amount of the drug, pour it into containers and watch the quality of the washout. The capsule is simply loaded into the machine. After receiving water, the shell of such a preparation simply dissolves. So there is no need to open it.
  • The classic liquid version of the detergent is poured into plastic bottles. Usually the right amount of the drug is measured with a plastic lid in the form of a measuring cup. Nowadays such covers have an internal drain. Therefore, the liquid is sent to the bottle after swirling, and not spilled droplets on the floor.

Advantages of Washing Gels

It is worth noting that no matter how many of the mistresses tried to find in the gels for washing objective shortcomings, they do not get to do it. Note the following advantages of using gels :

  • Laundry gels are great laundry, leaving no soapy streaks on fabrics, which is especially important when washing bulky items such as blankets or jackets.
  • These products are suitable for delicates and wool fabrics.
  • When washing, not a lot of foam is formed at all.
  • Does not leave deposits and traces on the walls of the washing machine, it protects it from limescale.
  • Liquid concentrates are much better at washing things in cold water and at low temperatures than dry powders, which saves electricity when using the machine.
  • Gels work well on stubborn and stubborn stains from grease, grass, or berry juice.
  • Suitable for storage anywhere, both on the floor and on shelves, does not crumble like dry powder.
  • Rarely causes allergic reactions and respiratory irritation.
  • Gel concentrate replaces huge bags of dry powder.
  • When using gels, you can save yourself the procedure of soaking the laundry for difficult stains.
  • Suitable not only for automatic machines but also for hand washing.

Where to Pour and How to Use Liquid Powder

As an alternative to the usual dry powder on the market of household chemicals appear new detergents, such as liquid powder or gel, capsules and tablets. Special attention should be paid to the liquid powder, because it has several advantages over its dry counterpart. But many people still can’t make up their minds to buy a new laundry detergent just because they don’t know how to use it correctly, how much of it and where to pour it. It is the detailed instructions for using liquid powder that we decided to write an article about.

All about liquid detergents

Also suitable for frequent washing, for removing impurities from delicate fabrics. But gels can’t always get rid of stubborn and greasy stains. Excellent for washing in an automatic machine, if you follow the rules of pouring. Some users use it to wash dishes and glass.

Most housewives are still hesitant to switch to concentrates, because they do not know about their rules of use and the properties of. In fact, they are quite easy to use. The only important point. you need to know where to pour the liquid powder in the washing machine.

How to Use Tide Liquid Laundry in a Washing Machine

The most suitable temperature is 30-40°C. Poured into the drum with dirty clothes or in the powder bin. Manufacturers recommend placing the non-friable liquid in a special compartment, and more viscous. in the drum with the things. This is due to the fact that from the compartments too thick products will not be able to wash out with water.

What happens if you put it in the wrong place?

In the instruction manual of the washing machine are clearly spelled out recommendations for the use of liquid detergents.

What happens if you break them:

  • Washing gel is poured into the prewash compartment by mistake. Nothing bad will happen in this situation, the detergent will just stay in the powder compartment.
  • Gel is poured into the rinse-conditioner compartment (the tray is marked with an asterisk). Do not do so, the washing machine will start to use detergent only on the rinse mode and things after washing things will remain soapy.



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