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What wire is needed for the infrared heater Almak

TOP-7: The rating of infrared heaters Almac 2021-2022

Selection/Review is compiled according to the editors of Ratingfirmporemontu.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to buy. Before buying, you need a consultation with a specialist.

Rating 2021-2022 The best infrared heaters Almac (Almak) according to customer reviews: which heaters are better to buy, how to choose the right price, buy in a reliable online store of your city.

Comparison of goods: Choosing which model to choose and buy

16 sq.m

  • Type: infrared
  • Heating power: 800 watts
  • Maximum heating area: 16 square meters.m
  • Voltage: 220/230 V
  • Number of operating modes: 1
  • Management: mechanical
  • Installation options: ceiling
  • Dimensions (SHHVKHT): 98x3x16 cm
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Max. Installation height: 3.50 m

20 sq.m

  • Type: infrared
  • Heating power: 1000 watts
  • Maximum heating area: 20 kV.m
  • Voltage: 220/230 V
  • Number of operating modes: 1
  • Management: mechanical
  • Installation options: ceiling
  • Dimensions (SHHVKHT): 133x3x16 cm
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
  • Equipment:. Fastener. 1 pc.;. manual. 1 PC.
  • Max. Installation height: 3.50 m

Invroheat Infrared Heaters

10 sq.m

  • Type: infrared
  • Heating power: 500 watts
  • Maximum heating area: 10 kV.m
  • Voltage: 220/230 V
  • Number of operating modes: 1
  • Management: mechanical
  • Installation options: ceiling
  • Dimensions (SHHVKHT): 73x3x16 cm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Type: infrared
  • Heating power: 800 watts
  • Maximum heating area: 10 kV.m
  • Voltage: 220/230 V
  • Number of operating modes: 1
  • Installation options: ceiling
  • Dimensions (SHHVKHT): 140x16x30 cm
  • Weight: 3.3 kg

26 sq.m

  • Type: infrared
  • Heating power: 1300 watts
  • Maximum heating area: 26 kV.m
  • Voltage: 220/230 V
  • Number of operating modes: 1
  • Management: mechanical
  • Installation options: ceiling
  • Dimensions (SHHVKHT): 164x3x16 cm
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
  • Max. Installation height: 3.50 m

30 sq.m

  • Type: infrared
  • Heating power: 1500 watts
  • Maximum heating area: 30 kV.m
  • Voltage: 220/230 V
  • Number of operating modes: 1
  • Management: mechanical
  • Installation options: ceiling
  • Dimensions (SHHVKHT): 193x3x16 cm
  • Weight: 5.2 kg
  • Max. Installation height: 3.50 m

12 sq.m

  • Type: infrared
  • Heating power: 2000 watts
  • Maximum heating area: 12 kV.m
  • Voltage: 220/230 V
  • Number of operating modes: 1
  • Management: mechanical
  • Installation options: wall, ceiling
  • Protective functions: shutdown when overheating
  • Dimensions (SHHVKHT): 39×14.70×8.50 cm
  • Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Type of heating element: halogen
  • Max. Installation height: 2.20 m

Questions and answers

The average calculation is extremely simple and understandable in order to replenish heat loss, in winter it is necessary to spend 100 watts of heat per 1 m² of area. In spring and autumn, electricity costs will amount to 50 watts of heat per 1 m² of area. It turns out a device with a capacity of 1 kVVTE onason will heat 20 m2, and in winter 10 m2. This is an average calculation, for a more accurate call our consultants.

That I buy with IK. heater?

In the kit for any model, a fastener and instruction is necessarily taken.

What else needs to be purchased for the installation of the heater Almak, Rioland, Ikoline, Heliosa ?

You need a wire to connect to the mains and the temperature regime adjusting the temperature regime.

What is the infrared ceiling heater Almak, Rioland, Ikoline, Heliosa different from the radiator?

The main distinguishing feature of all IR. devices are the principle of their work. They heat objects, not air, just like the rays of the sun heat the earth. Ceiling infrared heater heats the floor and the house itself. The heat from the floor is transmitted to air and, as a result, the most comfortable temperature is created where we are, and not under the ceiling.

What is the heating element of electrical heaters Almak, Rioland, Ikoline, Heliosa made ?

In the ceiling heater, this is a low.temperature ten.plunged into an aluminum plate.

To what temperature the plate heats up? Will I spoil the ceiling?

The temperature of the plate rises to 250 ° C. The surface facing the ceiling due to insulation heats up to 50-60 ° C. Which allows you to hang the heater even on the ceiling lined with lining or plastic.

Is Almak, Rioland, icoline, Heliosa to warm up a country house, a cottage with the help of an infrared heating system?

Yes, infrared heaters can solve this problem. But it should be understood that they will not be able to help if your building is not insulated properly. Also if you incorrectly calculate the required number of heaters. And, of course, do not forget that these are electric heaters and without the right power supply they are powerless.

100 W per 1 m² calculation used for convective heating, what then is the benefit of the infrared heater icoline?

And the benefit in the amount of time spent and electricity for heating the house. Infrared systems do not work 24 hours a day as radiators, and when using them paired with a thermostat are turned on to maintain a given temperature. On average per hour, they will work from 15 to 30 minutes.

Why do you need to know the height of the ceiling?

In order to choose the optimal power of the infrared heater and avoid their ineffective use. For example, a heater with a capacity of 600 W cannot be hung at a height of more than 2.5 meters, because the rays will not reach the floor surface. And vice versa, a device with a capacity of 1,300 W at a low height of the suspension will cause discomfort from being under it.

Fighting with my cheap Infrared Heating. Conclusion after the winter months: This is Junk.

How much electricity will consume infrared heater Almak, Rioland, Ikoline, Heliosa?

If you selected the correct power of the heaters and the installation is made according to all the rules. Using thermal controllers, infrared heaters most of the time will be in a non.working position. They will turn on only in order to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat. When the heating season occurs, their work will be approximately 20-30 minutes per hour. And this means that the consumption of electricity by the infrared heating system will be from 1/3 to 1/2 of the installed capacity of the device. For a more detailed calculation, you need to contact the consultants of the company “Bastet”.

What to do if only 3 kW are summed up to my cottage?

In such cases, an infrared heater can provide a comfortable temperature on an area of ​​60 m2 in the summer and 30 m2 in the off.season and winter. But in addition to the heating device, we all use household appliances, which also consumes electricity. And, of course, the main thing here is to understand that without electricity this type of heating is not possible.

The tension outside the city often “jumps”. Will the heater burn?

Permissible differences make up 10% of the network power. When “jump” more than 10%, the heating element of the heater can burn, like any device operating from the network. If the voltage is less than the necessary, then the infrared heater will not work at full power and the heating time increases.

Why is a thermostat needed, how to install it correctly and why it does not come with the heater?

The thermostat is a device that makes it possible to set the temperature regime that is necessary. With its help, the entire infrared heating system operates automatically, heaters are turned on only to maintain the selected air temperature. Without it, all the economy of electricity is lost. He does not carry an additional load on the network, that is, does not consume electricity. At least one thermostat goes to one room. You can connect several heaters to one thermostat. It will be correct to install the thermostat away from the device so that it would work correctly. Thermostats are different mechanical, programmable, so you yourself choose the most suitable. The heater is a separate device and is not equipped with a thermostat for these reasons.

The wire with which cross section is needed to connect the infrared heater Almak, Rioland, Ikoline, Heliosa?

Is it possible to install electric heaters yourself?

Yes, installation is extremely simple and prescribed in detail in the instructions.

Where in the room it will be correctly and efficient to arrange IR. heater?

Windows, doors, external walls all these areas of maximum heat loss. Therefore, in order to reduce heat loss, place ceiling heaters near them. Installation of infrared heating systems in the center of the room or in other places is allowed when creating local heating zones. For example, heating the berth, recreation area or vice versa workplace.

Infrared heater Almak IK-11. review

This summer we decided to live with the child in the country, and since there is no stove in the house, and St. Petersburg summer nights are often cold, we decided to purchase an infrared heater. Previously, they were circumvented by ordinary heaters, but with them I did not want to sleep all night with a small child, all the same they are not the safest. The principle of the operation of infrared heaters is different:

Infrared electric heaters in terms of functions are similar to the natural source of heat. the sun. But, unlike the sun, this device does not depend on the time of day and weather conditions and can continuously compensate for the “sunny” of the body. The heating system is carried out by transferring heat from the infrared heater to objects and people. Heating the room to a given temperature regime, the device automatically turns off and resumes its operation when the temperature decreases. The cooling time of the flooring and walls depends on their material (maximum time 12 hours). Therefore, such a process in heat transfer is not only safe, but also reduces the consumption of electricity.

And so we stopped on the model of the Almak IK-11 heater as the most optimal option for the size of the room 20 m2.

Where to buy an infrared heater with a thermoregulator Almak IK-11

They thought to buy Merlin to Leroy, before that all the heaters took there, but these heaters there, as it turned out, were not for sale. As a result, Almac IK-11 we bought a warm floor in the chain of stores. Chose this store because of a convenient pickup point. The order was made on the site, took the next day themselves. This is beneficial, since with self.explosion they give a 5% discount.

Price 3600 with self.gravity. The full cost of 3790 also bought a thermostat for controlling the temperature. The price without a discount 990 cost us in 940. Total for the entire set 4540

Almac IK-11 is an infrared ceiling and wall device with a heating area of ​​11-20 (m2), used as a main or additional heat source.

Almac IK-11 is used both in residential and medical, retail space, as well as on half-open (such as a greenhouse) and open areas (terrace, stadium).

Power: 1000 W

Type of installation: ceiling

Square for the main heating: 11 m2

Square for add. Heating: 11-20 m2

Suspension height: up to 3.5 m

Dimensions: 1330x160x30 mm

Weight: 3.3 kg

Color can be selected. We stopped at a simple white. But there are still wenge colors, beige and silver.

To install an infrared heater, you need a thermostat to regulate the temperature in the room.

We have an Eberle RTR-E 3563 thermostat

Instructions for the operation of the ceiling infrared electric heater

Instructions for the installation of therome regulator Eberle RTR-E 3563

The heater is in the trunk of the car, but climbed. The husband installed in the country on the same day quickly. There were no difficulties in installing.

The heater is suspended to the ceiling and connected to the network via the thermostat.

Ceiling fasteners for infrared heaters are included. There are only wires, but everything was found in our country house.

wire, needed, infrared, heater, almak

The ceiling looks pretty and not at all cumbersome, while it does not limit the space in the room.

Experience in using IR heater

We also experienced on the very first day, since it was cold day and night.

I am glad that you can set the temperature regime using a thermostat.

We set 20 degrees, comfortable temperature for night sleep. If the temperature is higher in the room, then the heater simply does not turn on, it starts only when the temperature drops below. This principle of action reduces the consumption of electricity consumed.

The room warmed up quickly enough. Heat has already become about 20 minutes after.

Sleeping with such a heater is comfortable. Infrared rays heats the surrounding objects, and not air, thereby there is no drainage of air.

Our “sun” is now turned on, when the temperature drops and pleases us with its warmth. And since summer this year is cold, he often has to work.

So far, this model is 1000 watts, we are enough, but if you spend the night in the winter most likely we will have to install another such or more powerful.

So the advantages of the infrared heater Almak IK-11:

  • quick installation;
  • Low electricity consumption. Which is very important for our old country house;
  • does not dry the air;
  • quickly heats the room;
  • This model is attached to the ceiling, which is convenient, does not take up space and does not attract the attention of a small child;
  • It turns on when the temperature drops below the set and automatically turns off, heating the room to the desired temperature;
  • Warranty 5 years

Consumer reviews

Almak ceiling infrared heaters differ, according to buyers, many positive features. Among them, one can distinguish that the device heats the object, and does not disperse heat. The radiation is not absorbed by air, in return, all the energy from the device reaches the surface. Consumers often compare this equipment with oil radiators, from which, in their opinion, migraine begins. Whereas infrared heaters allow you to create a cozy microclimate in which it is easy to breathe. If you decide to choose a ceiling type of data of devices, you can save free space in the room. Owners of small apartments especially often choose these heating options. Among other things, according to the modern consumer, the ceiling location of the heater is the best solution when there are small children or animals in the house. In this case, contact with the heating device will be excluded.

Customer reviews about the quality characteristics of IR heater

If you are in front of you at the sale point of the Almak infrared heater with a ceiling with a thermostat, then you can hope for direct heating. This is due to the fact that the design is devoid of material intermediate coolant. Consumers note that in 20 seconds after turning on the device in the room it will be noticeably warmer, heat transfer will begin. Such heaters, as users emphasize, almost do not burn oxygen, they are distinguished by silent work and savings, which is due to the lack of irrational temperature distribution. The house will be significantly reduced by thermal costs, and energy conservation will be 40%. Due to the presence of such a device in the home, you can provide point and zonal heating, thus, individual sections of the room will warm up.

Such units do not contribute to air circulation, which indicates a smaller amount of dust and the absence of drafts. Using such a device on the street, you may not be afraid that the wind will affect it poorly. Heating is characterized by environmental purity, which is completely not harmful to human health and the environment. Users especially note that IR heaters do not distinguish harmful odors, and the possibility of ignition and the probability of poisoning are reduced to zero. Experts especially emphasize the moment that infrared radiation has a good effect on the human body, but at the same time you need to use moderate power. When choosing ceiling devices, you can easily install the device, and when it comes to floor equipment, it is most often supplied with a telescopic stand, which provides mobility to the device.

Features of IR heaters “Almak

The infrared heater, heating the surrounding objects, leaves the humidity and chemical composition of the air in the room.

Almak devices are based on the generation of infrared radiation, which carries heat. Reaching surrounding objects, this radiation makes them heated. As a result of this, they become independent sources of heat, which is released into the atmosphere of heated rooms. Under the influence of infrared radiation, not only interior items, but also walls with floors, becoming excellent heat sources warm up.

Infrared heating causes distrust among many consumers. Despite this, it is characterized by high efficiency and efficiency, allowing you to save on electricity consumption. Evidence of this was the emergence of domestic infrared heaters “Almak” produced by the company “New Age” company. These devices work according to the infrared principle of action and are characterized by good characteristics.

Where domestic infrared heaters “Almak” are used?

  • In housing premises.
  • In production facilities.
  • In office and administrative buildings.
  • In stores and trading pavilions.
  • In the buildings and premises of economic purpose.

Thus, they can be safely called infrared heating equipment of a multi.purpose purpose. This is confirmed by the official website of the Almak infrared heaters, whose address is on the Almacspb network.ru.

With proper operation of the IR, the heater is not able to harm the health of any of your family members.

These devices received excellent reviews on forums on the Internet. Users actively use this heating equipment in buildings and premises for various purposes, receiving an excellent heat source at their disposal. The manufacturer himself claims that such heat sources are close to natural, since in the same way the sun is heated by the sun.

What are the features of infrared devices “Almak”?

  • The minimum thickness of cases. modern production technologies allow you to produce heaters with a thickness of only 3 cm.
  • Fast and simple installation. just hang light heaters on special installation hooks.
  • Easy to connect to a power grid. for this, special electric pads are used.

In addition to all, the devices of this manufacturer have many certificates confirming their effectiveness and complete safety in all respects.

You need to understand that these devices will be safe only with full compliance with the rules of operation and installation rules. Detailed instructions for these issues are invested in packages with equipment and published on the official website of Almak.

Almak infrared heaters create in heated rooms a comfortable atmosphere for the stay of humans and pets. It is necessary to note the optimal distribution of heat. the warmest areas are near the floors, and not near the ceilings. Thanks to this, consumers will never freeze the heat, as is often the case when using classic convection heating with hot air.

The main lineup

Seven models of infrared devices “Almak” are offered to choose from consumers. Due to the difference in power, you can choose equipment for any room. And if a clear advantage is revealed in power, then thermostats will cope with it. Let’s look at the manufactured models.

IK-11 model with a thermostat

The infrared heater “Almak” IK-11 is a heating device for multipurpose. It can be used to heat residential premises, industrial buildings, offices, shops and much more. In its design, the Almak model 11 resembles the most ordinary lamp for daylight lamps. Its ceiling installation will not spoil the appearance of the premises, and the minimum thickness of the equipment will make it less noticeable.

Almak heater IK-11 has a size of 1330x160x30 mm, and its weight is 3.3 kg. The power of the model is 1000 watts, and the heated area varies from 11 to 20 square meters. m. The current consumption is 4.6 a. Thermoregulator Eberle RTR-E 3563 is supplied with the equipment. By connecting the device through it, you can achieve a certain temperature in the room.

Model IK-5

Infrared heater “Almak” IK-5 is the youngest model in the ruler. Despite such a small power, the maximum heated area is up to 10 kV. m. Having installed several of these devices in the room, we will achieve an increase in the heated area. But it is best to use more powerful models for this. it will be cheaper. The same low.power unit is focused on heating of households, balconies, bathrooms and toilets, as well as other small.sized premises.

Almak heater IK-5 has a size of 730x160x30 mm, its power is 0.5 kW, and the current consumed from the network is 2.3 A. The weight of the heating device is 1.6 kg, the maximum ceiling height in the rooms for this device is 3 meters. The heater is produced in four colors. white, silver, beige and wenge.

Model “Almak” IK-8

The manufacturer of the Almak infrared heaters has prepared for its consumers heaters of various capacities. Thanks to this, we can heat the premises of any area. One of the low-power models is the infrared heater “Almak” IK-8. It has a capacity of only 800 watts and allows you to heat rooms with an area of ​​up to 16 square meters. m. Like all other models, it can be the main or auxiliary source of heat. The scope of use. buildings and premises of any purpose, including office and production.

Almak infrared heater IK-8 has a dimensions of 980x160x30 mm, and its weight is only 2.3 kg, which greatly facilitates installation work. At a power of 800 W, the current consumed is 3.6 A. The maximum ceiling height in the heated rooms is up to 3.5 m. Like the above model, this heater is delivered to the market in four colors. this is wenge, white, silver and beige.

Model “Almak” IK-11

We have already said that the infrared heater “Almak” IK-11 is supplied with an Eberle RTR-E 3563 thermostat. Is it possible to purchase it without a thermostat? Yes, there is such an opportunity. We will not describe the technical characteristics, since they completely coincide. And the Almak IK-11 is supplied without a thermostat in four colors-white, wenge, silver and beige.

Model “Almak” IK-13

The infrared heater “Almak” IK-13 is a heating device with a capacity of 1300 W. It is optimal for small rooms, offices, small.sized industrial premises and retail pavilions. The height of the ceilings in the heated rooms should not exceed 3.5 meters. The infrared heater “Almak” IK-13 is one of the most powerful equipment in the manufactured line, its capacity is 1300 watts.

The dimensions of the infrared heater are 1640x160x30 mm, and its weight is 3.8 kg. Current strength at a power of 1300 watts is 6.1 A. This power allows you to heat up to 13-26 kV. m residential or non.residential area. The heater is produced in four colors. beige, wenge, silver and white.

Model “Almak” IK-16

The infrared heater “Almak” IK-16 has a capacity of 1,500 watts. It was created to heat the premises of a large area reaching 30 square meters. m. This is the most powerful in the line of devices manufactured by this manufacturer. A couple of such models will cope with the heating of a large hall or a large office for 3-4 employees. These devices will be useful in the premises of another purpose.

Almak heater IK-16 has dimensions of 1930x160x30 mm, and its mass is 5.2 kg. The maximum ceiling height in the heated rooms should not exceed 3.5 meters. The current consumption is 6.8 A. Available colors of buildings. white, silver, wenge and beige, as in other models.

Model “Almak” Armstrong

In the room, suspended ceilings with square tiles are mounted in the room? You need to create a reliable and effective electric heating here? In this case, you should pay attention to models like Armstrong. They are suitable in their size for location on suspended ceilings, instead of removable plates (by analogy with appropriate lamps for daylight lamps).

Instructions for installing an infrared heater

Each heater is supplied with step.by.step instructions for its installation and operation. Learn it thoroughly, since they are all different, in the recommendations for different devices there may be discrepancies.

Installation of the device

The heater is attached to the wall is carried out in a very simple way. Only basic skills in working with conventional construction tools, such as drill, peorator and electric screwdriver, will be needed. Keep in mind that the designs of different heaters may differ, do not ignore the recommendations from manufacturers.

    Determine the location of the heater and mark them. At the same time, it is better to use roulette to measure the necessary attachment height from the ceiling, and the construction level. Make sure all fastening points are located at the same height.

Connection to the mains

Any infrared heater is mounted with a thermostat, a device that maintains a constant temperature. Any single.phase network is suitable for their connection.

wire, needed, infrared, heater, almak

Under ordinary apartment conditions you will not have to worry about it.

The thermostat constantly monitors the room temperature to provide and maintain the temperature regime set by the user. It automatically turns off the heater if the room temperature begins to exceed the given level. The supply of electricity to the heater will be restored as soon as the air in the room begins to cool down.

When mounting heaters at once in several rooms of one thermostat will not be enough, you need to install a separate device for each room.

Of course, you can completely abandon them, but in this case the heaters will spend much more electricity and the room will not be so comfortable.

    Take a wire resistant to large loads, for example, VVG 22.5. Lay it inside the walls or ceiling. Disguise the wire layer of plaster. As an alternative, you can use special boxes to mask electrical wires.

The connection diagram of several heaters through the thermostat

The connection diagram of the IR heaters should not scare. a simple refinement of the cable of one or more devices to the thermostat, and then to any distribution box.

The best option is to create a separate machine in a distribution shield specifically for heaters. This will protect the network from overload.

Where to go and how much does the work of masters cost?

It is not necessary to do everything yourself. If you do not have enough experience of installation work with electrical equipment, contact one of the companies offering your services. For 1 heater. Many of them give a guarantee for their work, so there are no other good reasons to abandon these services besides the desire to save.

Installation of infrared heaters should not scare. this is not a reason to abandon one of the most economical ways to heating an apartment or house. With the help of specialized companies that are ready to help the installation of heaters, difficulties should not arise.


  • M Video. City of MKAD 24 kilometers. Phone 8 495 777 77 75.
  • Bartolini. City Baikalskaya Street 1. Phone 8 499 381 18 91.
  • Ecoline. City of Business Park Rumyantsevo, 22 km of Kyiv highway, household 4, house 16. Phone 8 495 227 78 00.
  • In St. Petersburg

    • Heat stamp. City of St. Petersburg, 24 fishing line for trimmer Krestovsky Island, phone 8 812 409 90 65.
    • H2O. City of St. Petersburg, Blagodny house 2. Phone 8 812 646 51 22.
    • Warmer at home. City of St. Petersburg, aircraft designer Street, house 5. Phone 8 812 987 69 52.

    The market has not yet been saturated with an abundance of infrared devices. But still ahead. The need for heating does its job. Trust your home Almak and you will not regret it for a second. over, among devices of this brand it is not difficult to choose the right model.

    The scope of the Almak

    Selection of the heater power for the insulated house to calculate by formula 100 W per 1 m2, if you plan to use as the only source of heat all year round. For the period spring-autumn. 50 W 1m2. For example, the Almak IK11 (1000 W) model will warm 10 m2 in the winter, in the spring and autumn up to 20 m2. Average dynamics of heating 10 ° C per hour. For automation, install the thermostat. It will reduce electricity costs and will maintain a given temperature. For uniform heating, place the heater closer to the center of the room.

    Ceiling IR heaters are suitable for installation in a greenhouse. Almak extend the agrarian season, exclude temperature changes and increase the volume of the crop. Power selection is calculated by the formula 150-200 W per 1 m2. In places of installation with high humidity, we recommend additionally waterproofing the terminal block with a high.temperature sealant. This step will extend the operation of the device and eliminate non.staffing situations related to electricity. Ceiling IR heaters for summer residents who want to modify and raise a greenhouse to a new technological level.

    First, decide on the task that you want to solve with the help of a heater. To maintain a comfortable temperature, a long.wave almac IR with or without a thermoregulator is suitable. For instant heating with a short stay on the balcony, a short.wave almac IK 7A is suitable. Secondly, select power correctly. IR wave passes through glass. The heating area is half as compared to residential premises. Use formula 150-200 W 1m2. Thirdly, before installing the heater, insulate the walls of the loggia (balcony) and install energy-saving double-glazed windows or heat packets. This will avoid large heat loss.

    To heat the chicken coop up to 8m2, use spot heating. Install the heater over the poultry. For these purposes, models Almak IK5 (500 W) or IK8 (800 W) are suitable for these purposes. To warm up large areas, IK13 (1300 W) and IK16 (1500W) models are suitable. Calculation for the insulated room according to the formula 100 W per 1 m2 if it is necessary to maintain a temperature up to 20 ° C. If you maintain just a plus temperature, then the calculation of 60 watts per 1m2.

    Characteristics and advantages of using Almac heaters

    Almak infrared heaters (Almac) are designed to heat the premises as the main or additional heating. It can be a house, a summer house, a greenhouse, a garage, a gym, a cafe, an indoor market, an office room and much more. Where it is necessary to strictly observe the temperature regime, the Almak heater is suitable in the best way.

    Almak heater has a beautiful modern design, it will not spoil even the most exquisite interior. Its case has a thickness of only 3 cm, made of high.precision aluminum covered with heat.resistant paint. Produced in several colors: white, beige, wenge, gold, silver.

    • Frame
    • Elements of fastening to the ceiling
    • Low.temperature heating
    • Heat.emitting plate
    • Heat insulator
    • The protective cover of the terminal for connecting to the network

    Minogue series and characteristics:

    Estimated power of the IR heater per 1 sq.M:

    • Room with good insulation. 70 watts
    • Summer cottage premises, ordinary insulation. 90 watts
    • Cabinet, garage with weak thermal insulation. 120 watts
    • Office and commercial. 100-130 watts
    • Production room. 120-150 watts
    • Infrared heater. 1 PC
    • Follow set (2 suspensions, 2 dowels 6mm, 2 hooks, a screw for grounding). 1 PC.
    • Manual. 1 PC.

    Heaters on the ceiling are installed, but it is possible on the wall at an angle, on special brackets. The height of the ceilings in the room should be no more than 3 meters. The height height of the heater is determined based on its power and the area of ​​heating of the room. With its power up to 1000 watts, the minimum height of 70 cm above the surface of the human head. At high capacities, this distance should be at least 1 meter.

    Advantages of Almak heaters:

    • Compact, low weight, color choice.
    • Economical, energy.saving. In combination with a thermostat (additional option), a significant effect is achieved.
    • Silent in work. Do not burn oxygen. Ecological.
    • Simple for installation.
    • Safe. Do not create harmful electromagnetic radiation. Automatic shutdown when overheating.
    • High.quality and reliable in work.

    Almak heaters are produced in have all sanitary certificates and comply with all fire safety standards. The largest catalog of infrared heaters on the Buran website.



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