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What to do if the clothes after washing stinks

Things smell after washing

I’ve noticed a strange thing lately. My underwear after washing smells like it was wet in the machine for a couple of days. But I never do that, I just hang it up to dry immediately after the program is over.

And not all things, only men’s sports shirts)))) very funny, but yes! and that’s exactly what they are. Other things do not) I wash a few times, and additionally rinse, still :confused:

Washing machine is good, and not old, with his work copes with Hurrah!

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Maybe someone has faced this problem, and can somehow solve it. I would be grateful for your help)

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The laundry smells after washing

The task of the washing machine is not only to wash dirty laundry, but also to refresh it, destroying all odors.

But what if at one point you take out of the drum after washing your laundry and things stink as if they were not washed at all?? Unpleasant smells are a reason to think about whether you care for your machine properly, besides, the smell can be the first “bell” of its failure.

How to fight bad smells

Cleaning the washing machine is an indispensable step in its debugging. If you refuse it, the quality of washing will be restored to the right level very slowly. One of the following approaches should be used to eliminate all signs of a problem:

  • Treat the cuff inside the machine with a 50% solution of copper sulfate. Moisten the material liberally and leave it for 24 hours, then wash it with water and powder or gel. Nothing will happen to the rubber part, this manipulation is recommended to be carried out regularly, not only if the laundry smells bad.
  • Then start the standard washing program, but do not load the laundry. It is necessary to set the mode at the maximum temperature, and in the tray pour not detergents, but citric acid. After finishing this cycle we need to run another one, but this time with baking soda. Be sure to set the additional rinse.
  • Equally effective is the approach using acetic acid and chlorine bleach. We mix a liter of each of these products and pour into the tray. Run the longest wash cycle at a very high temperature.

Next, clean the filter and all the trays of the appliance. If after these manipulations clothes do not smell fresh, you should think about replacing the drain hose in the washing machine. It is this element that most often gets covered with persistent mold and gives consequences in the form of an unpleasant odor.

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Preventative measures

What you need to do to avoid a repetition of the situation:

  • Store dirty laundry only in a special basket, not inside the washing machine.
  • Washing clothes in the speed washer as infrequently as possible. Always use cool water if you shorten the cycle, because there is no time to heat it up. And the more often the express program is used, the more fertile the breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.
  • The same applies to clean but damp laundry. Immediately after you finish washing it, take it out and hang it up. must be stored in a dry place and must be used before the expiration date. It is advisable to buy quality gels or powders that contain anti-lime components.
  • Do not overload the drum. If you load too much stuff, the powder will not dissolve properly, the laundry will not wash and will exude fragrance no better than before washing.
  • The dosage of detergent must not be exceeded. Part of the undissolved pellets from the washing time settles inside the machine, the rest in the dispenser and inside the hoses. Over time a stinky, sludgey substance will form in their place, particles of which will remain on the washed cloths.
  • Add water softener to the powder reservoir or inside the drum. This will protect the machine from the harmful salts contained in hard water, and will improve the washing quality.
  • After each wash, it is advisable to wipe the drum surface, powder compartment and rubber seal dry. To do this, always leave the door slightly ajar between starts.
  • Every 7 days run the machine idle at maximum temperature. Pour a cup of citric acid into the powder reservoir to remove limescale deposits from the interior and to unclog the hoses.
  • Another preventive method is to run the machine with dishwasher detergent. Put one tablet in the drum and put it on boil. After the cycle ends, put on another rinse.

How should your laundry smell after you wash it and why does it smell bad??

After washing, the laundry must not give off an unpleasant odour. It must exude a fresh scent. Also from the washed clothes can emit a pleasant aroma of detergent or conditioner. If clothes smell musty, then the washer is not being properly cared for, the owner is using the wrong powder, or storing dirty items in the drum of the machine.

Causes of bad smell in the washing machine

As it turned out, there are many reasons for such an annoying phenomenon, but we will consider only the most common of them and find out how to fix everything in each specific situation.

  • Clogged drain pump filter.
  • Mold growth.
  • Limescale build-up.
  • Poor-quality detergent was used.

Consider each case individually below.

Clogging in the drain pump filter

The answer to the question of why the laundry smells bad after washing may be quite trivial. too much dirt has accumulated in the drain pump filter. If you do not clean this filter yourself from time to time, the dirt that has accumulated there will begin to rot, and because of this, mold will appear there. But even mold is not as bad as the fact that a clogged filter can completely break your appliance.

So do not forget to regularly look in the small hole at the bottom of the washing machine housing. Also constantly check that all water comes out of the drum.

  • You have to unscrew the plug and clean out all the debris.
  • Then open the drain hose and let all the water drain out of it.
  • Then put everything back in place and tighten hermetically.

Important! You can also check the other parts at the same time and clean them following our instructions. See how to clean a washing machine drain hose.

Mold growth

Most often it appears in the cuff of the washing machine, that is, the rubberized part that is between the drum and the door. Look down there often, you can find a lot of interesting things, like pins, buttons, and coins.

Important! These items, combined with a lot of water, are a great source of mold. If you do not fight it, it will spread quickly, because the ideal conditions for its reproduction is the heat and moisture.

That’s why things stink after washing. How to fight it?

  • Remove the laundry immediately after each wash.
  • Remove all water from the cuffs and door.
  • Keep the machine open to allow air to circulate and prevent the growth of mould.
  • If the mold is already thoroughly settled there, then go to separate articles, which describe in detail how to solve this problem:

Important! Less moldy areas appear in the powder container. to avoid this, you must also leave it open after the wash. Clean it from the already existing mold can be by means of an old toothbrush and any improvised detergent professional or the usual soda, salt. For more recipes and ways to clean the powder tray of the washing machine, read the How to Clean the Dust Tray article?

Limescale buildup

Limescale can also be source of unpleasant odors. Unfortunately, it is found today in almost all apartments of city dwellers, because the water that comes out of the tap is not of good quality and is very hard.

DIY Removing SOUR Smell from Clothes and Towels

Important! Scale formed on the heating element can not only cause a sharp smell, but also lead to serious damage to the machine itself. To ensure that you do not have such a problem, it is recommended to install a special filter on all water, so that only clean water comes into your apartment. It’s good for your appliances and it’s good for your health.

Citric acid is a great way to remove the bad smell. For a detailed guide, see our separate publication How to clear limescale in your washing machine?

Poor-quality laundry detergent

You wonder why laundry smells bad after washing? And quite often the reason for this is the use of low-quality laundry detergents.

Important! The problem can be solved quite easily by changing your washing detergent and using only quality and proven detergents.

The problem is solved simply, you need to change the laundry detergent, and use only quality and tested products in the future. Our ratings will help you pick one within your budget:

Why does my laundry smell so bad, even after washing? Learn the Laundry Secret

Why does the laundry smell musty after washing??

Of course, the result of washing with different scented detergents should be the cleanest, freshest-scented items. So why do things smell rotten after washing?? The presence of an unpleasant smell at things after washing in the machine is a reason to check the machine. In the case when after using the powder and conditioner the laundry and things smell, the essence of the problem lies in the improper care of the device, which can soon lead to its breakdown. If a particular thing smells bad, as a rule, it is terry cloths and towels, then the problem is based on the wrong method of washing. Eliminate the unpleasant rotten smell from the washed in the machine laundry and things can be their own, identifying its source and carrying out a series of measures.

Why things stink of damp, rubber, chemicals?

There are several reasons why washed laundry can give off an unpleasant odor. They must be installed, otherwise you will not be able to cope with the problem. Factors that contribute to the appearance of a musty smell include:

  • Stagnant water in the drum or rubber cuffs. Do not close the door tightly immediately after washing in order to avoid this.
  • Storing dirty clothes in the washing machine. Bacteria and molds begin to multiply in high humidity conditions. Regular washing will not help to eliminate the odor they cause.
  • Improper care of the washing machine. The source of unpleasant odors can be such elements as: the drain hose, detergent tray, water filter.
  • Incorrect connection of the hose to the sewage pipe. In this case, the laundry after the first wash will emit the characteristic smell of sewage. Another reason for this “fragrance” is the rotting of the old valve, provided it has been in use for many years.
  • Failure to observe the dosage of detergents. A large amount of powder does not have time to rinse out, covering all the elements of the washing machine. This mucus becomes a reservoir for the storage and multiplication of bacteria.
  • Storing dirty things together for a long time in the laundry basket. Germs and fungi thrive in these conditions, rapidly increasing their numbers and causing a foul odor.
  • Leaving things in water for too long. Leaving laundry soaked in a basin for 2-3 days will begin to rot, giving off a sour smell. Things can also get sour in the machine when there is a sudden power outage.

Chemical odor is a consequence of using a large amount of laundry detergent or other detergents. Wearing such items is dangerous to your health, especially for young children and pregnant women.

When an unpleasant odor is dragged from things after every wash and comes from all the laundry, the cause is hidden in the washing machine.

If this problem has occurred once, it is most likely due to long-term storage of dirty clothes in the basket or in the drum.

Sometimes a person detects an unpleasant odor not immediately after handling things in the machine, but after drying them. It can appear if moisture has remained in the fibers of the fabric for a long time.

Things like this happen when things are hung loosely overlapping, with little space between them, preventing normal air circulation. Drying in a room with poor ventilation and low humidity levels makes the problem worse.

What to do if the laundry smells bad after washing

Automatic washing machines have greatly simplified the difficult procedure of removing dirt and stains from clothing. However, even this wonder of technology can have surprises. It happens that the laundry after washing smells bad, despite the use of detergents with a pleasant fragrance.

How to Get Rid of Mildew Smell in Clothes

There are two ways things can go wrong, whether they all smell bad at once or just one item. In the first case, the cause lies in the machine and the choice of powder for washing things. If a single item exudes aroma, it will have to be dealt with separately and possibly a different cleaning process scheme. It is worth considering the possible causes in order to determine exactly why things smell bad after washing.



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