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What’s better hair dryer or dyson styler

Dyson’s top of the range hairdryer

The Dyson range of hair dryers is quite modest, but the models are not cheap. Models from the manufacturer of the UK. a kind of Apple among devices for hair care. But in spite of the high price, they still buy them. The most popular line of Dyson dryers. Supersonic HD07. There is also an airwrap styler, but it has a different set of features. HD07 heats up to 100°C, has digital controls, delivers 13 liters of air per second. And the main advantage of the device is the smart control system. It measures the temperature of the air, which helps you choose the appropriate and safest mode for your hair.

Reviews of the device are mostly positive. But some users believe that the price of Dyson overpriced at least 2 times. And even the most advanced features do not mitigate this disadvantage. By the way, similar functionality can be found in cheaper hair dryers. Inexpensive analogues Dyson no worse than smart device copes with drying, styling hair. And they’re gentle on your locks at the same time. All models below work with ionization, have a cold air mode and many special functions. The country of assembly of the analogous hairdryers is China.

Dyson Corrale hair straightener straightener hair dryer: what is the trick?

Dyson brags that they have released the world’s first wireless straightener with flexible plates that guarantee uniform heating of the hair along the entire length. Showing what it’s like in business and figuring out what’s so revolutionary about it.

Corrale’s most obvious advantage is that it runs for a full 30 minutes without a wire, offline.

Chargeable in two ways. First, from the cute docking station:

Secondly, you can connect the cord to the styler itself, and it will work like a corded straightener, but without the time limit.

But cordless straighteners are nothing new. New is the flexible plates made of an alloy of manganese, copper and four other metals. (We wrote about this in detail as soon as Corrale came out.) Each plate is as thick as a human hair (65 microns) and coated with tourmaline (reduces electrification and moisture evaporation). Thanks to the bendable plates, Corrale wraps around the strand from all sides.

For more even heat distribution and tension. Regular straight plate irons only heat the thickest part of the strand and you have to work through the same area several times to straighten it all. Of course, the quality of the hair suffers from this. (Also for color fastness, because the heat destroys the pigment and makes the color shade more stable).)

Dyson promises that with the Corrale, the heat mode can be used more sparingly, and the hair is damaged half as much. It has three heat settings: 165°C, 185°C and 210°C. The system monitors the temperature 100 times per second.

With the Corrale you can make curls, gray waves, curl the ends and bangs. The official website has videos with clear and understandable tutorials.

In Russia, the Dyson Corrale appeared just before the lockdown, so the whole quarantine, not having access to the wonder-device itself, I entertained myself by studying its reviews on YouTube. By the way, the video by James Dyson, the chief engineer and creator of the brand, is a must-see. It describes the rectifier’s features in great detail.

After reviewing it all a hundred times, I was close to hitting the buy button. But. a) 40,000 again? b) the previous experience with the Airwrap styler was embarrassing. I’m glad I have it and would take it again, but there are nuances that make me not use it as often as I had hoped.

Thanks to this test drive, I wanted to figure out first of all for myself. still buy? Or this time to say pass?

I started the stopwatch before styling. Here’s what came out in the numbers:

  • It takes 19-30 seconds. depending on the temperature you set. from when you turn it on until it’s ready to use. Then Corrale says, “Snap, you’re good to go. Very fast!
  • 2 styles. that’s how long the battery lasted without an intermediate recharge.
  • It takes 10-12 minutes to straighten my hair below the shoulder blades.
  • The higher the temperature, the faster the battery drains. Seems obvious, but no. With an iron that runs from the wall outlet, you somehow don’t think about how much power it’s currently eating up.
  • 165° just enough to straighten my hair after washing and blow-drying. I need 185° for the second day’s styling, as I am left with creases or waves from a braided grass braid after bedtime.

For me, there are three things that are more important.

First of all, the docking station. Seriously, it’s even more genius than the straightener itself:) Always worried that the hot iron would slip off the table while I was combing or dividing my hair into sections. And here I put it on the docking station. It’s heavy, with rubberized feet, it does not slip. During these breaks the Corrale gets charged. If you use the iron at home, I see no reason to worry about the battery, because the device is always on the dock.

By the way, this docking station takes no more space on the table than the phone. And I don’t have to reach into the drawer for the straightener every time and untangle the wires. (And I hate cords even more than I hate dirty dishes. That is just can not stand it.)

Second, it is easier to curl my hair with a cordless iron. Or rather, I got a chance to learn how to do it. I’m really good with a curling iron, but I still haven’t mastered it. There’s progress with the Dyson because it’s cordless. It’s so much easier to twist and turn.

Thirdly, the hair doesn’t slip out of it when it’s straightening. I don’t know about short strands, but with long ones it’s super important. Towards the ends they thin out. So it loosens the tension and part of the strand comes out. You have to do an extra pass with the iron, and that’s not great. And the Dyson sort of hugs the hair, so it doesn’t slip out. I’ve tried to get wider strands than I normally do. Even these straighten evenly over the entire length. There are no areas that are more or less lucky-)

It’s heavy, over a kilogram. But the weight is somehow so evenly distributed that your hand doesn’t get tired. Or rather, it strains for another reason. From the fact that you have to close the plates of the straightener. It’s like a workout with an extension cord. But I came up with a tip: if you hold the iron like this, from both sides, your hands don’t get tired.

After Corrale to return to his simple and budget iron is unpleasant. Decided: I’ll take it. I’m dying to have it on my desk. There’s a catch, though: if the Dyson is so easy and pleasant to use, I’ll be straightening my hair more often, and it certainly won’t make it better. Whatever, I have a lot of care-)

Just in time this straightener came to me. For the past six months I have been struggling with excessive curl volume (yes, it happens that way too!). If it’s not removed, I’m starting to look a bit like a member of our Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. I was looking for a place to get my hair straightened, but my favorite Kontier doesn’t have that service anymore, and I’m afraid to go to other places without a recommendation and switch to other brands. At one point Jana looked at me and said: “Why do not you use a flat iron? Such a simple thought had not occurred to me:) But it worked: now, when the volume gets annoying, I take out the iron and straighten a few strands with it.

And then Lena gives me the new Dyson to test.

The main thing: it’s very easy to use. convenient than conventional stylers due to the lack of wire, due to the support, which Lena described so well that there is nothing to add, and at the expense of primitive controls (I did not watched any video before the first use, and still it was all intuitive and usually to gadgets first need to read the instructions, tiresome).

Another thing with the Dyson, for some reason I’m not afraid of getting burned, while with conventional irons I was afraid.

It certainly straightens great, but whether it’s faster than conventional irons I don’t know, it’s the same on my problem-free hair. I do not straighten the entire volume, so I have zero problems with the charge, it is enough, and still remains for the entire neighborhood:)

The main issue is, of course, these flexible plates. And then I don’t know how to assess how much less damage my hair is getting. All I can say is that it glides through the strands with no problem at all, and I’m not very pedantic, I put my hair in the stylers as if I wanted to.

Is it once again worth spending a lot of money on a Dyson is an eternal and philosophical question. In this case, I would give this amount purely for the ergonomics.

(Dyson, I’m waiting for you to master the field of washing machines, I think they also need a revolution for a long time, and Apple is still not.)

Julia has taken the word out of my mouth. Ergonomics. Because of this Dyson ergonomics (and not even the shitty aesthetics, although I am a shitty aesthete) I vacuum?:)))) vacuum cleaner Dyson our dacha 5 times a day and do not even want to commit suicide. (Not all, of course, do not be frightened: so, the crumbs under the table, Lambda wool, junk by the fireplace, the little things:) Dyson vacuum cleaner with grace M.Plisetskaya and the same lightness hangs on our wall and it is a pleasure to take it in your hands. So the process of cleaning looks like going to a modern art gallery. Not like cleaning, which I hate. And I urgently need a Dyson vacuum cleaner in a Moscow apartment. To be honest, the only thing that confuses me is the color. It’s blue, and I don’t have anything blue at home. How to be with that, haven’t figured it out yet:)

But I don’t think we’re talking about vacuum cleaners here? What are you talking about?? About the straightener? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. The hair straightener, my ass, is also so tactile. It makes you want to use it even if you’re terribly lazy to use anything today at all. It fits in the palm of your hand. It gets hot really fast. He straightens my hair on the first go. It’s fucking beautiful. And it even matches the color of my bathroom%)))

All the other advantages have already been mentioned by the girls above. As for not being able to verify how much less harmful it is to your hair, as someone who has been to Dyson headquarters, I would advise you not to worry. As many tests as these guys do, no user has ever dreamed of (and doesn’t need to). If they claim it’s less harmful it is. It’s all honestly, well really.

The downside. or requests? The only thing I’ll mention is that the plates are still pretty wide. If you need to straighten the undercoat at the scruff of the neck, where the hair is very short, it’s not comfortable to use. Can’t you guys do the same thing, but with 1-1.5 cm plates?

How the Dyson hair dryer became a dream gift. Girls appreciate guys willing to spend ₽40,000 on beauty equipment

A Dyson hair dryer and styler has become a dream gift and a sign of affluence in Russia. Girls appreciate the guys who are willing to buy a sensational technique for hair care. After all, for it start at 40 thousand, the products instantly disappear from store shelves and fall to unofficial distributors.

The most expensive Dyson Airwrap styler: well worth it?

Dyson has introduced a revolutionary styler that curls the curls and pulls the strands while drying. And it doesn’t matter where your hands grow out of, says the creators. We wanted to find out if they were exaggerating?

To reshape hair, you have to rebuild the hydrogen bonds in the hair structure. There are two ways to do it: by heating it up too much (curling irons, flat irons) or getting it wet (if you make a bun or braid after washing your hair, you get waves).

The Dyson Airwrap does styling without extreme temperatures. and it’s different from a million other stylers.

They say you can use it every day and it won’t hurt your hair.

  • The styler works on the physical principle of Coanda: a high speed airflow envelopes the hair and gives it the shape it needs (it also seals the scales and adds shine). This is especially spectacular with cylindrical nozzles. The strands themselves are magnetized to the nozzles. aerodynamic magic!
  • The hair styler measures and regulates the temperature 40 times per second. At its highest heat setting it reaches 100°. But even with sudden power surges, Dyson guarantees that the degree of heating will not exceed 150. (The standard temperature setting for curlers and irons is 180-200°.).
  • It can be used for different types of styling. Smooth and straighten. Curl or wave. Volumize.
  • The styler comes in three different hair types. The difference. the number of nozzles. In the fullest set (for all hair types) there are six nozzles.

The hair drying attachment (which makes the styler work like a hair dryer) is available in all three sets.

What to expect and what not to expect from the Dyson Airwrap Styler?

As soon as the styler arrived at the office, we immediately went to test it, and we had a lot of questions. Well, for example, why did Masha, who styles her hair every day with a brush, find the Dyson Airwrap round brush uncomfortable, and Lena, on the contrary? Why the curls twisted on large-diameter cylinders fell apart after half a day? After talking to Dyson experts, it all makes sense.

Those who are thinking about buying the appliance should know that:

The Dyson Airwrap is designed for fast, everyday styling. Out of the shower, in and out. Styler styles hair the way you’d expect it to look the same way it would if you just blow-dried it. It doesn’t ruin a trip to the salon before a big event, and it’s not meant for professional use, though many hairdressers wouldn’t mind getting their hands on it.

Nozzles, addressed to the thin hair, will not work for stiff and thick hair. And vice versa. (This is why Masha did not appreciate the brushing, but Lena liked it so much:) Therefore, in the set for hair of a certain type there are only those nozzles that are suitable here. Proven by thousands of lab tests. From this follows

There’s no point in buying a full set for all hair types to get as many extensions as possible. The complete set is meant to be shared: your mother (sister, friend, with whom you are renting) has thin bleached hair, you have stiff and unruly hair. The full set has duplicate nozzles: both soft and hard brushes smooth and straighten. If you do not plan to share the device with anyone, it is enough to have one. the one that suits you.

All three brushes can smooth and straighten your hair.

The hair styler is not a full-fledged replacement for a curling iron or a blow dryer. Makes sense. The more aggressive the heat, the tighter the curl and the more resistant the style. The Dyson Airwrap works at a gentle temperature. That’s why the result is casual: the hair retains volume and lies naturally, rather than being deliberately perfect (see “The Dyson Airwrap” on page 54). point one: the Dyson Airwrap is for everyday use).

Use a styler to keep your style in place for a long time. It’s a great idea to get your hair wet and then hold the product in place. It’s important not to put too much weight on the hair.

Also important : after styling with warm air, switch the styler to cold mode for at least a few seconds. This is to allow the strand to cool and the shape to lock.

To turn on the cold air blow you need to switch the big toggle switch in the center to the top.

If you’ve had obvious styling problems in the past (hair won’t hold a curl or is very frizzy), a styler is unlikely to solve them. This gadget is not a magic wand, but along with styling and properly selected nozzles it will make your life much easier.

Depending on how you hold and control the nozzle, you can get different effects. Cylinders aren’t just for curls. You can use it to make waves, or curl your hair up and down, or turn it up and down so it looks neat. (There are step-by-step instructions on the YouTube channel.)

Each of the cylindrical nozzles. two of each. One curls hair to the right side and the other to the left.

The easiest way to understand your hair type and to explore the possibilities of the styler is in the Dyson boutique in GUM. There you can wash your hair and do a test styling.

If not, check out our video review. In it, we show you how the Dyson Airwrap works on different hair types.

Dyson Airwrap Smoothing Control set for dense and stiff hair

  • for drying hair before styling,
  • A stiff straightening brush,
  • Cylindrical nozzles 30 mm (2 pcs),
  • 40mm cylindrical nozzles (2 pcs).

Masha (hair: stiff, dense, porous, slightly curly, bleached and colored): I’m a skeptic. And pragmatic. And generally indifferent to lux. The heavy duty Lux even more so. You know what the first thing I thought when I saw the styler case? That it’s leathery, healthy, uncomfortable and will probably lose its gelled look from any sneeze. Keeping one of these in my bathroom is the ultimate embarrassment. It needs to be put under the glass, and blown away the dusting.

I feel even worse about stylers. I had three of them with a bunch of brushes. I wasn’t happy with any of them. They look more like giant multi-patterns of eyeshadow-blush-pomade looks nice, in reality something insane.

I was hastily tried the Dyson, I was not impressed with the wow effect did not happen. And then we started filming videos and we found out a lot of things. First and foremost, before you buy an iPhone, you need someone to show you everything and teach you everything. For example, the consultant in the corner. And then this joke from another (but very expensive) styler will turn into a magic wand. The truth. Imagine you’re a grandmother and your grandchildren are showing you their iPhone for the first time. You seem to know that you can use it to make calls, but that it doesn’t have a million other features. They are all simple, but you have to know about them. Or at least guessed.

A straightening brush can really pull your hair out. You just have to put an extra hand on them. Cylindrical nozzles are a delight! Especially when you curl your hair for the first time. I didn’t do well in physics at school, so the Coando effect is absolute magic to me.

By the way, the cylinders are made of some amazing, slightly rough, plastic that doesn’t overheat during drying. You can curl a curl at maximum temperature and hold it safely with your hand, no burns. For the same reason, the hair doesn’t dry out. The day after the shoot it was especially noticeable they were still lying in beautiful curls and felt amazingly smooth and crumbly, as if I had done a mask. That’s what living hair is all about!

Can I do the same style without the styler?? Yes, you can. I recently learned how to curl curls on a brushing with my regular comb and hair dryer. But it’s not quite the curls you need to practice more. But with the Dyson, it’s so easy that you don’t even notice the fuss. Just do it.

How to be? I mentally put the Dyson Airwrap on par with the latest iPhone, iPad and Playstation. Write a letter to Santa Claus or give it to yourself)

Dyson Airwrap Volume Shape kit for fine hair

  • For drying hair before styling,
  • soft brush for smoothing,
  • A round brush to create volume,
  • The cylindrical nozzles 30mm (2 pcs).

Lena. Long, undyed hair, curly, very tangled. Favorite styles are gray waves, lush curls on a brush and just smooth-straighten and volumize.

I’m more of an aesthete than a pragmatist, but I’m thinking about it too. Why do I need a styler when I already have a Dyson hair dryer and a Babyliss Curl Secret curling iron (although I don’t use it because it always chews up long strands). Buy a gadget that will collect dust. almost 40 000. well, sort of no, sorry.

After the first test, I noted a lot of pluses. but I have even more questions. Almost all of them were immediately answered by the expert. I can not get big curls with a 40 mm nozzle, they will straighten because my hair is thin. Or you need to find the right styler. And I didn’t use any for experimental purposes, of course.

The curls themselves also confused me in some way, and after talking with an expert I realized what it was. The arrows on the cylindrical extensions show the curling direction. The trick is to focus on their reflection in the mirror. Then it turns out that the nozzle with the arrow pointing left, actually spins right. And vice versa. Obviously, Dyson did this for convenience, because when we’re styling our hair, we look in the mirror. Whether it was a rash decision, or whether I’m a statistical error, but check the direction of the arrow in the reflection did not guess.

Dyson Airwrap Styler vs Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson tutorial videos make styling easy, as if by themselves. The Coando effect just clicks into place. And I have a strand that’s too wide and won’t magnetize to the styler. It’s too damp, it won’t cling again. But, by the law of fate, it attracts to the tool what it shouldn’t: the hair, which I have pinned at the top of my head so it doesn’t get in the way.

But every time I did it, it got better and better. I learned how to curl my ends with a roundel nozzle (1 minute! Simply apply and hold!). It helps to volumize at the roots (3 minutes)!). I even managed to cope with the brushing, although at heart I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that never. The smoothing comb is great. My hair was straight in three minutes, but unlike the iron, the Airwrap still maintains volume.

The day I had to return the styler to Dyson was a sad day. And the next one’s even sadder. I got my hands on a regular brushing brush and no soft waves came out again. So I’m all set with my New Year’s gift.

Jana. Hair thin, damaged, bleached, frizzy. My favorite style is to take away my root volume, pull it out, fluff it up, and give it a little bit of a sloppy look.

I will not even philosophize, who I am a pragmatist, skeptic, aesthete or lover of heavy luxury:) In this case, none of that matters: after visiting the Dyson headquarters in the British town of Malmesbury, I will believe that these guys are capable of inventing and realizing anything. For example, a solar-powered vacuum cleaner, which functions as an airbrush Temptu in its spare time. Or, conversely, airbrushing, collecting dust in the corners:)

So when they said that with their styler, even people with hands that grow out of their heel can curl and straighten their hair in 5 minutes, I had no doubt that it was true.

Well and yes, it is. It took me exactly 5 minutes to dry and straighten my pseudo curls. I used the brush head for thin hair. Slalala in chitik photoprof, my colleagues will not let me lie. Even the eternal nasty wave on the back of my neck is gone. And this despite the fact that I have never used stylers at all, I did not know how to approach them in general, from which side.

To be fair, I’ll say that holding a Dyson hair dryer is still more comfortable for me than the Dyson styler. But all for the same fairness, I’ll note that it is, after all, a matter of habit. It would be nice to have something to get used to:))) Santa Claus, reception.

Complete vs Complete Long. Attachments and Accessories

Here lies the main difference between the two versions of the styler. In the Airwrap Complete Long model, the nozzles are longer so that you can work with long hair without problems. In terms of function, the nozzles of both models are practically identical. Let’s take a look at what you can find in the kit with this hair dryer:

Round curling nozzles (4 of each 30 and 40 mm in diameter). They are totally different from the clippers you are used to. The absence of an additional spring plate is compensated by a curious physical phenomenon, the Coanda effect. The air jet rises from a narrow opening and pulls the hair towards the hot surface. You just have to separate the strand and turn the handle of the styler a few times.

Hair dryer (1 piece). It is a wide oval bell without any protruding parts. The original design not only gives the tool a futuristic appearance, but also increases its effectiveness. The hair dryer delivers a broad, relatively low-temperature airflow. It dries the hair while maintaining a low level of humidity. After 35 minutes, heavy, wet strands are light, silky and manageable.

Stiff and soft combs (2 pieces). One provides you with soft fibers with plastic balls at the ends, ideal for working with thin hair and massaging the scalp gently. The second brush has stiff bristles to separate even the thickest, most unruly strands. Both nozzles do an excellent job of eliminating unnecessary curls.

Revolving brush for volumizing (1 piece). Designed for voluminous hairstyles. The effect is more controlled compared to a blow dryer diffuser you can only lift hair in certain areas of the head. The brush head is ideal for curling finer strands. It can also restore your hair to its former shape in a few hours after styling.

Non-slip heat-resistant mat (1 piece). This rug can be put on the table and a hair dryer can be placed on it when it is not needed. The hot surface of the styler won’t hurt the mat. Plus, your device will never slip out of its holder. Quite a handy thing in some situations.

Brush for filter cleaning (1 piece). Round toothed ring for cleaning the styler filter after use. An essential accessory to keep your device neat and tidy. But remember, you can only clean your hair dryer after it has been completely unplugged from the socket and has cooled down.

Storage pouch for the styler and accessories (1 piece). Rugged, protective carrying case made of soft touch material. It has separate compartments for the styler and all the extensions and accessories. This allows you to transport the device more comfortably if necessary and protect it from external influences.

This set is characteristic of both versions of the styler. But, as mentioned above, in the Complete Long version, the curling nozzles other accessories are slightly longer, because they are designed for longer hair. Therefore, the choice of a particular product should be based on your physiological characteristics.

Dyson stylers: types and choice

Dyson Airwrap stylers have managed to become one of the most popular solutions in the market of hair styling products. These safe curlers have proven that home styling can be just as effective as salon styling. Of course, one device is no substitute for all the necessary styling products. But in individual use, it demonstrates excellent performance, helps you easily cope with hair during business trips or on vacation.

All the pros and cons of the hair curler is quite difficult to assess at once, which is why even before you start using it, it is worth studying the reviews and recommendations on the use of multifunctional device. Note that you have to buy the tongs and some other accessories separately. over, the kits offered by the manufacturer are not the same and are designed for different hair types. It is worth considering when selecting a suitable styler.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

The appearance of this hair dryer in the market of the beauty-industry shocked professional stylists and all women in need of daily styling. It even looks different from a dryer, which makes it even more interesting. Dyson hair dryers can be called the most revolutionary in history, and so far no one has come close to their glory. How did the device for drying hair astonish the public?

Hair care

Using a regular hair dryer can do irreparable damage to your hair and scalp. Hot, dry air can make hair thin, brittle, and split ends. And even superficially healthy curls over time fade, lose their elasticity. Dyson hair dryers dry hair without overheating, using a powerful airflow and temperature control.

Air Multiplier technology

The introduction of high-speed airflow was made possible by placing the motor on the handle of the device, not in the headboard, as with conventional dryers. Technology uses a 20˚ angle air feed that makes it three times stronger without the need for extreme temperatures. The weight of this hair dryer is lighter than a conventional model, and its noise is reduced to a minimum.

Magnetic nozzles

In addition, several magnetic nozzles are included, which can be safely changed and fastened while the hair dryer is in operation:

  • for directional air. gives your hair a smooth finish;
  • Concentrator. allows you to experiment with styling and styling;
  • diffuser. creates proper curls and curls;
  • for drying. gentle work on all hair types;
  • Wide-toothed comb. pulls curls.

In the description of the device everything looks perfect, but as in any product, there are also disadvantages:

  • Not a cheap price. Although the branded hair dryer is advertised as every girl’s dream, its price puts the average buyer before the choice. On one side of the scale is unprecedented technology, and on the other side is the opportunity to replace the purchase with a new smartphone, laptop or even a week’s vacation.
  • Marketing tricks. Despite the fact that the manufacturer promises noise that is not perceived by the human ear, many fashionistas still note that the Dyson hair dryer. not the quietest in history, so the perfect silence during drying the user is unlikely to get.

The Dyson Airwrap Styler Test. What to pay 40,000 for?

We could not ignore, perhaps, the loudest premiere of 2018 among the devices for health and beauty styler Dyson Airwrap. This device is designed for hair styling at home you can make curls, waves or straight strands, plus it’s also a hair dryer. The manufacturer promises almost a revolution in beauty guidance. At least, those who are able to pay a pretty penny for the Airwrap: from 37 to 39 thousand, depending on the equipment. Tested a new British development in action. Watch our video for more details.

The main feature of the Dyson Airwrap is the use of the Coanda effect in its work: for curling hair is attracted to a special cylindrical nozzle, and then curled on it. And there is nothing else (clips, gloves, etc.) to use.д.) you do not need to use. Different curls and waves in every style, as the kit includes two curling heads with different diameters.

The Dyson Airwrap uses the Coanda effect for styling

The same effect is used for straightening hair, the hair is attracted to a special brush head, but it does not allow them to curl, the air passes along the strands.

Dyson Airwrap. The main characteristics and (depending on the equipment) are current at the time of publication

A special fan nozzle gently dries hair and scalp without overheating. The manufacturer informs that an intelligent control system measures the air temperature more than 40 times per second and regulates the heating so that the temperature always stays below 150°C.

Dyson Airwrap: a multifunctional device for creating styles and hairstyles at home

There are three versions of the Dyson Airwrap: one for unruly curly hair, one for fine, soft hair, and a universal version for different hair types. We compared the process and the result of working with hair Dyson Airwrap and what you get with the usual, familiar to many individual devices: hair dryer, straightener, curling iron. Watch our story at the beginning of the story.

What’s better than a hairdryer or a dyson styler?

How many memes have been invented about the best gift for any holiday, how many dreams and sighs and it’s all about the Dyson Airwrap styler.

better, hair, dryer, dyson, styler

Our fashion editor tested a “magic” device which dries and arranges hair in seven minutes. In the material, she understands why millions dream of “Dyson”, shares her impressions, pros and cons.

Let’s start with the design. The styler comes in an eco leather “case” that closes with a magnetic closure. The black fabric inside is cuddly, velvet-like, and covers your hair.

Even though Dyson has released several versions of the styler in different colors, the classic colors of the device continue to be fuchsia and gray. They weren’t chosen by chance. they’re James Dyson‘s wife’s favorite shades.

What makes Airwrap special?

  • The styler is designed for different hair types (thick, thin, stiff, wavy, and so on).
  • The temperature does not exceed 150°C, which means that it does not dry out the hair.
  • It saves time by transforming two steps (drying then styling) into one (drying then styling).
  • The hair dryer heads never overheat, burn your hands and ears, or damage your hair.

Six to eight nozzles are included. you can buy a full set, or pick one specifically for your hair type. For full or partial drying. a hair dryer. A soft comb with balls at the ends of the bristles is suggested for straightening fine hair, a stiff comb for unruly and curly hair.

The cylindrical heads for curls or waves, two 30mm and two 40mm. Each one has arrows that indicate the direction of air, which helps you style either from the face or toward the face. The curling attachments are also available in a longer format for longer hair. These can be selected at the time of purchase or bought separately.

Here’s the kicker. Due to the aerodynamic phenomenon of the Coanda effect, vortexes attract hair and curl it on the nozzle. To put it simply, you don’t need to curl your hair with your hands and hold the tip, but just hold it in place.

An important aspect: in addition to the fact that the maximum heating temperature is 150°C, you can be even gentler on your hair and choose from three available levels and one of three power levels.

Personal experience. The interaction of the styler and curly hair.

I have curly hair, so my experience can be called testing on “complex textures”.

It takes about 30 minutes each time I blow-dry and straighten my hair with the curling iron. curls if you want to curl. And it felt really normal and normal. Before testing the Dyson.

I need to towel dry my hair before using the dryer, it’s standard procedure in all cases. After using the hair dryer attachment, you need to dry your hair until it is slightly damp. Then I changed the brush attachment to a round brush: the result was an easy, neat and natural-looking style. The whole process took about seven minutes.

I don’t have the sensation of hot hair after drying. For those who also use a blow dryer and iron, the experience should be familiar. I could see a drastically different volume at the root: the hair seemed visually thicker.

It’s problematic for curly hair to achieve that perfect “glossy” look. Don’t expect an effect like a blow dryer, hair looks like it was pulled out with a blow dryer.

As for creating curls with cylindrical nozzles, it takes some getting used to. It’s pretty hard to figure out how to get results like the bloggers the first time. After pulling hair in, you need to hold for 15 seconds, then switch to cold mode and hold for another 15 seconds to fix.



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