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What photoepilator is suitable for deep bikini?

Choosing the best epilator for the bikini zone

When choosing a device for hair removal, you should take into account not only the price and the reputation of the manufacturer. There are no specialized epilators for bikini zone, any of presented in the store can remove hair from any part of the body with equal success.

A good epilator should “lie” comfortably in your hand without slipping out while working. To remove unwanted hair in the intimate area, a special attachment with fewer tweezers than the standard one is mandatory. This will not only reduce pain, but also treat difficult areas. In addition, when choosing a device should know whether it runs on batteries or must be connected to the mains.

There are epilators that you can use even in the shower. This option will help to reduce the pain of the hair removal procedure.

Nowadays in stores of electronics is represented a very wide range of epilators from well-known manufacturers.

Panasonic ES-WD74

According to reviews, the most convenient epilator for intimate area is Panasonic ES-WD74. This device is equipped with a special removable head, which will easily help make your skin smooth even in the most hard-to-reach areas. Epilator Panasonic operates on battery and has a waterproof body, which allows you to use it in the shower. 48 steel tweezers will quickly and efficiently remove even very short hairs.

photoepilator, suitable, deep, bikini

Panasonic ES-WD74 is suitable for painless hair removal in the bikini area

Braun 7181 Silk-epil

Braun 7181 Silk-epil is also very popular. The manufacturer has established itself as a leader in grooming electronics for everyday use. This model comes with a bikini zone nozzle and shaving head. With Braun epilator you can not only remove hair completely, but also create creative intimate haircuts.

The latest Braun 7181 Silk-epil is suitable for complete hair removal in the bikini zone

Rowenta EP-8460

A distinctive feature of the Rowenta EP-8460 is the presence of massage heads on the nozzle for the treatment of intimate areas. This allows you to minimize all painful sensations. And the spot light helps you remove even the finest of hairs.

The Rowenta EP-8460 epilator has a massage head and spotlight

What better photoepilator to choose in 2021-2022?? Rating by customer reviews

Removing unwanted body hair has been on women’s minds for centuries. Traumatic shaving or painful depilation becomes a thing of the past. Ingrown hairs, irritation and flaking of skin remain only unpleasant memories after application of the newest way of hair removal. photoepilation. By acting on the follicles with a powerful energy pulse, the structure of the bulbs is destroyed. The virtually painless procedure causes no discomfort, and is absolutely safe. However, the cost of professional treatment in a cosmetic salon can significantly affect the wallet, especially since the procedure requires a comprehensive application of the complex treatment.

At the moment there is an excellent analogue of an expensive visit to the salon. a home device for photoepilation. Compact, relatively inexpensive device will be your reliable assistant, providing a professional result. To understand which photoepilator is the best on the market of modern electronics, we have made a rating of the best models for you. A detailed analysis of characteristics will help you navigate through the plethora of current offers of this product.

The girls can choose any kind of epilation of bikini zone, but the most effective and painless kind is laser hair removal. Experts note that laser hair removal removes hair quickly, comfortably, painlessly and permanently.

Laser hair removal works clearly and simply. melanin pigment, contained in the hair follicle, attracts and accumulates the laser light energy. Then it is converted into thermal energy: the follicle is heated and destroyed. And in this place the hair will not grow. either for a long time, or never.

There is no need to be afraid of laser hair removal. modern laser system affects only hair follicles and does not damage surrounding tissues, skin, blood vessels, lymph nodes.

German brand Dykemann photoepilator is equipped with a xenon lamp, which is considered one of the best in the world, thanks to a special patented manufacturing technology (and the lamps are the main element in the construction of such devices, it’s 70% of their price). The Dykemann lamp is made of quartz glass and filled with xenon, it is resistant to high temperatures and has a longer lifetime. Thanks to this lamp and the high-performance chip, which delivers a direct pulse to the follicle, the ideal hair removal result can be achieved in fewer treatments. Only 6 treatments are needed to reduce unwanted hair by 90%.

In the device provides 5 modes of intensity of the light pulse, so it is easy to adjust its work for a certain type of skin. Thanks to the cooling technology, burns on the skin are almost completely excluded. The painlessness of the procedure is also ensured. A special skin sensor automatically reduces the intensity of the light pulse when redness is detected. The device treats an area of 3.5 cm at a time, so one procedure takes no more than 30 minutes. The set includes special protective glasses, so the user’s eyes will not be harmed by the flashes of light.

The downside: Users report no operating disadvantages.

Another one of our most popular models, designed exclusively for home use. Its sleek and unobtrusive design is network-operated. the cable is long enough to avoid any inconvenience. 300,000 flashes at maximum intensity. It comes with an attachment designed specifically for the face. Also worth noting is the manufacturer’s innovative approach. the built-in sensor Intelligent SensoAdapt instantly scans your skin tone, allowing you to choose the correct flash intensity. IPL technology makes it possible to epilate large areas of the body quickly. Bonus from the manufacturer: the kit comes with a Gillette Venus razor.

On the downside: the lamp is not replaceable, high price.

This model incorporates Japanese innovative technology. The streamlined shape and light weight make epilation extremely easy and comfortable. Five flash output settings allow you to customize the flash for your skin type. The lamp is designed for a long life with 300,000 flashes of maximum intensity. The model has a built-in skin sensor SmartSkin, which automatically scans the skin and adjusts the flash energy level accordingly. That said, it may not work if your skin tone is too dark.

The “Glide Mode” allows the photoepilator to blast the body automatically as it moves along the desired areas. Comes with 3 tips to work on different parts of your body. Removes hair from face, body and bikini zone. Supports rechargeable cordless device and can also work plugged in.

The disadvantages: The short length of the power cable.

Compact model, easy to operate and lightweight. The shape of the device is ergonomic and streamlined, which allows it to work comfortably in the hand. It is cordless and has 5 operating modes of varying intensities. The model, like many modern photoepilators, is equipped with a built-in skin contact sensor and color sensor, so the automatic mode is able to accurately determine the level of power needed. Lamp life is 300,000 flashes, allowing more than 5 years of using the device without changing the solar cell. This model of photoepilator can be used for different skin areas, including the most sensitive ones. Bikini zone and face.

Of the disadvantages: the lamp does not change, a small work surface area. only 3 square meters. see.

New model is a development of English engineers and became instantly popular among modern photoepilators. Combines all desirable features: elegant design, powerful lamp life, unique skin type scanner, SmoothSkin Gold IPL feature set and UV filter. The device independently scans the skin area and automatically sets the appropriate light intensity.

According to the manufacturer, the lamp life is an unlimited number of flashes. The device is universal. it can operate on legs, bikini zone, underarms and face. The action screen is big, so you can do the procedure in a shorter time. The device works directly from the network, no additional attachments are included. Suitable for almost all women, except those with darker skin tones.

On the downside: the price is high.

German scientists have developed a photoepilator for home use, which is equally suitable for owners of light and dark body hair. The device includes 6 power modes, so you can adjust the device individually, based on skin type. When it comes to convenience, the model fits perfectly in your hand and makes the whole process of hair removal very quick and easy. The lamp life is 300,000 flashes, giving you many more years of use. The device is based on modern IPL technology, which provides a painless procedure. Separate advantage of the model, perhaps, can be called a mode of self-contained work, without connecting to the network. Two nozzles are supplied, one of which is designed for treating the face.

On the downside: not defined.

This model of photoepilator has a compact size and light weight. Suitable for a wide variety of areas, both body and face. An average of 200,000 flashes, enough for a very long time (up to 10 years). The device has 5 levels of different intensity, which provides the ability to customize the power. The average size of the epilation zone is only 3 square meters.See., You can only see a good result after a few months of use. In addition, it has a built-in skin contact sensor and UV filter. That way, you no longer have to worry about safety when working with the device. The model is able to synchronize with your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can choose one of the suitable modes of hair removal. One-touch operation.

On the downside: the price is unreasonably high.

Budget and compact photoepilator, which has a handy control and works directly from the network. The principle of action of this model is similar to the professional photoepilators in today’s market of beauty gadgets. The device has 7 levels of operation, providing optimum power for your hair removal procedure. Suitable for owners of dark body hair, but the device will be ineffective for light hair. In addition, it has a built-in sensor for skin color, a decent lamp life of 250 000 flashes and UV-filter. The lamp cartridge is replaceable, so you can increase the lifetime of the device several times.

Out of disadvantages: Only suitable for dark hair.

budget variant of photoepilator from the world manufacturer that has positively proved itself among women. At the device has 5 modes of operation, but the model has a little less power, so you need a little more time to achieve the desired result. The lamp life is 200,000 flashes, and, as with other models of photoepilators, is available to connect wirelessly to a smartphone, which allows you to build a schedule of procedures. The device also automatically detects skin tone, providing protection against overheating. The model is suitable for treatment of different areas of the body and face.

Disadvantages: Low power.

Compact device that effectively removes unwanted body hair. The model is equipped with modern IPL-technology with a sensor SensoAdapt independently detecting skin tone, which ensures the safety and efficiency of the procedure. The streamlined body of the photoepilator can handle both short and long hairs. The device has a long lamp life of 250,000 pulses. Given the price-quality ratio of the device, there is nothing to complain about: the power supply is reliable, the design is comfortable, there is a gentle mode. The model comes with a razor Gillette Venus Snap.

Of disadvantages: not defined.

Inexpensive tweezers epilator designed specifically for young girls. The manufacturer offers bright colors (choice of blue and crimson), brush for cleaning and 2 speeds. The technique runs on battery power, so the use in travel is problematic. You will definitely need charging (at least 8 hours). Suitable for body, underarm and bikini hair removal.

Of disadvantages: slow operation of the tweezers on a low charge.

The Philips Disc Epilator is suitable for removing hair all over your body. You must select the operating mode (switched with a button in the middle of the handle). Included is a nozzle, which simplifies the unpleasant procedure. In addition, there is a brush for cleaning the heads. Buyers often complain about the lack of backlight, but recognize the good value for money.

On the downside: it’s hard to switch between buttons when you’re using the epilator.

Thanks to the “floating head” Rowenta epilator effectively removes hair even in “difficult areas. Bikini and underarms. The set includes 5 nozzles, from which you can choose the most suitable: for epilation, exfoliation, etc.д. Thanks to the backlight, you can see badly traveled areas. The device is convenient for travel, for storage there is a compact case.

On the disadvantages: according to beauty bloggers, there is a large skip of hair.

Ceramic tweezers in the design of this epilator make the procedure easy and painless, even for sensitive skin! Usually this type is very reactive to metal, but here there is no metal, respectively, less irritation. Extra plus. The epilator can be used in water. The technique comes with an exfoliating glove, it comes in handy for pre-peeling. The manufacturer promises only 2 hours to charge.

The downside: poor grip on short hairs.

In this model, the epilation tweezers can be washed. so hair removal is safer and components last longer. Comes with 3 heads, the body itself is waterproof and suitable for use in the shower. Thanks to the SensoSmart technology, the epilator responds to touch, contact with the skin is softer, optimal for beginners.

On the downside, the backlighting claimed by the manufacturer. only a battery charge indicator.

Best Epilator For Bikini | Best Epilator Reviews | Top 5 Bikini Epilator

This epilator comes with a trimmer for grass. It ensures effective, painless bikini hair removal. Features a floating head to follow the contours of the body and a waterproof body for use in the bathtub. 40 tweezers are capable of working continuously for up to 40 minutes.

Dual epilation head with 60 tweezers speeds up the procedure. You no longer need to go over the same spot twice for effective hair removal. As a nice bonus. foot care attachment, the epilator can also be used in sauna and spa. Provides 3 speeds, maximum operating time (as judged by customers). 30 minutes.

Of the disadvantages: uncomfortable storage case.

A novelty in the world of hair removal devices. technique, which removes hair with laser! Tria Hair Removal is battery operated, there are 3 modes of action. There is a special sensor to assess the condition of the skin. The epilator comes in 2 colors. white and pink.

Disadvantages: not suitable for sensitive skin, visible effect appears only after prolonged use, high price.

Together with Braun epilator 9-970 you get 11 accessories making epilation as comfortable as possible! There are 40 tweezing heads cleaning brushes, massage attachments to reduce pain, and deep peeling products. The set is stored in a case that is convenient to use in travel.

Disadvantages: high price, weak effect of the additional attachments.

Compared to the laser model, the Philips BRI956 photoepilator covers a much larger area. 4 sessions at once. see. The manufacturer provides 5 modes of operation, offers to remove hairs of all zones: face, underarms, bikini, legs. After treatment, you must apply a nourishing cream to protect the skin from drying out.

The disadvantages: the high price, maybe an individual allergic reaction.

How many sessions and costs for the procedure

There are different skin types and hair types, so there are no definite answer to questions about the number of treatments, how effective and how long the result will be. In any case, immediately after the first procedure no visible changes should be expected. The right number and the right interval between each session is chosen by the professional. On average, the bikini zone will require 5-10 treatments at intervals of two weeks to a month and a half.

Advertisements of some salons and clinics promise that during the course of photoepilation it is possible to get rid of unwanted hair forever. But unfortunately, this is just a ploy to attract customers. To date, there is not a single method that allows you to achieve such a result. So you have to be prepared for the fact that after a while the hair will begin to grow again: at first blond and thin, and then return to its normal state.

The right number of flashes

Depending on the wishes of the client salons and clinics offer different types of photoepilation, which differ from each other by the area of the surface treated by photoepilator. The number of flashes differs accordingly:

  • A regular classic bikini can have the hair removed either along the swimsuit line, and then only 10-20 flashes are required;
  • Medium. classic bikini and pubis, the number of flashes increases to 40 or more;
  • Deep bikini, or, as it is sometimes called, total bikini involves removing all hair in the intimate area. It usually takes about 90 flashes.

Depending on the area to be treated, the cost of the procedure will vary

How long does the effect last

It is believed that after undergoing a course of procedures, hair can disappear for a long time, which in the most favorable cases can be up to 5 years. In fact, such an impressive effect is not often seen, and the average “life without unwanted hair” is about one year, if not less. This is important to know, considering that photoepilation is not a cheap procedure. The cost usually depends on the number of flashes performed.

One flash for the bikini zone averages 200. The number of flashes can vary from 20 to 90. Therefore, it is necessary to be guided by the fact that the minimum per session. Today, some clinics have begun to offer a fixed price, but it generally corresponds to the price calculated by the number of flashes, or slightly less than such a price.

For example, a bikini on the lingerie line is offered for 2.5-3 thousand. It doesn’t seem like much, but you probably won’t need more than twenty flashes.

Top 7 home photoepilators

Autumn is a time of rain, cold, bad weather Whoa, whoa, whoa! Autumn. The best time to start a course of photoepilation treatments. And to help you choose the best device, our experts have compiled a rating of the top 7 home photoepilators in 2020:

7) Our rating is opened by a novelty of the Japanese brand Marasil. photoepilator Marasil IPL Ice-cool Hair Remover Like any Marasil product, the photoepilator features the latest technology and proven quality. The device is very easy to use. 5 levels of power, 2 modes and a lifetime of 990,000 flashes. Photoepilator is also great for owners of very sensitive skin, because it has a cooling function. this function cools and protects the skin in the treatment area.

6) Photoepilator Cosbeauty Perfect Smooth . Japanese development of 2018, still occupying high positions in the ratings. The versatile photoepilator is equipped with a digital display, so that no flash will go unnoticed. The enlarged 4,5cm2 window allows fast treatment of leg and back zones, and 5 power levels make the procedure pleasant and painless even for the most sensitive skin. In addition, using special lamps, Cosbeauty Perfect Smooth photoepilator combines the cosmetic functions of skin cleansing and rejuvenation.

5) Another Japanese innovation, capable of coping with unwanted hair: the Photoepilator Cosbeauty Perfect Smooth Joy . 3 cartridge lamps for body, face and bikini pads, to gently remove hair in the most delicate areas. And the glide mode and smart sensor, which detects skin type and tone by itself, will do almost all the work for you and make the process of photoepilation incredibly easy.

4) Photoepilator Smoothskin Bare Plus IPL Hair Removal . The updated version of last year’s leader Smoothskin Bare. The title of “the super fast epilator”, thanks to the minimum interval between flashes. The machine’s glide mode allows up to 100 flashes per minute, so it only takes 10 minutes for a body treatment. With the SmoothSkin Bare photoepilator you can treat most body areas, including the bikini line and face, as the manufacturer claims it can even be used in the deep bikini area. Many flashes are needed for the entire body, which is why the Smoothskin Bare photoepilator has a lamp with an unlimited lifespan. In addition, independent research shows that hair reductions of up to 92% after just 4 weeks of use.

3) New and already in the top three. photoepilator D’Evi Skin 8 Pro . The device has a very stylish and handy body, as well as an impressive lamp life. 990,000 flashes. Several levels of power and modes allow for quick and comfortable procedure. And a nice bonus. photoepilator has an additional function of skin rejuvenation. Due to the effect of LED-radiation the number of wrinkles, pimples and black spots is reduced, the skin of the face becomes firmer and more elastic.

2) in second place. Photoepilator Iluminage Precise Touch Pro Technology exposure of the apparatus combines the energy of the two methods: light IPL and radio-wave RF, which allows you to please ladies with both dark and light hairs. This photoepilator has no restrictions on hair color or skin tone. Another great argument for this machine is the unlimited supply of flashes. And with its high power to treat hair, it’s rightly at the top of the list.

1) The leader in this year’s rating is the Photo-Epilator Smoothskin Pure . Efficiency, safety and English quality are the key features of this photoepilator. 10 automatic power levels and 3 modes of hair removal will provide the best selection of the intensity of the light beam, which can be compared to the individual approach of the master salon. Thanks to the unlimited number of flashes you can go through a number of procedures without any discomfort or irritation. Thanks to the SmoothSkin Pure skin contact sensor, it automatically detects skin contact before each flash, ensuring safe operation!

We hope this rating will help you with the choice of home photoepilator. If you still have questions or doubts, our experts will be happy to help you. We wish your next vacation to go smoothly.


Before you use photoepilator hair removal, there are a number of contraindications to hair removal. Otherwise you can not avoid unpleasant consequences.

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  • Wounds, cuts, abrasions, scars and other skin damage.
  • Burns, including sunburns.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Various psychological abnormalities.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Inflammations and infections in the intimate area.
  • Hypersensitivity to sunlight.
  • Tattoos, pigment spots, moles.
  • Oncology.
  • SARS, colds and viral diseases.
  • Poor circulation.
  • Pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

If you really want to try this procedure on yourself, but have one or more of the above contraindications, do not risk your health. Always consult a beautician before the session, otherwise you will get serious problems instead of getting rid of your hair.


Models feature laconic design and pink color scheme in the design. Almost all known models and brands of epilators are created for women. Braun, Philips, Rowenta and others.



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