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What mode to put the fridge in summer

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Any domestic refrigerator has a range of operating temperatures, usually from 0°C to 8°C.

The average temperature in your refrigerator depends on several factors:

  • frequency of opening the door. each time warm air enters the chamber;
  • the degree of fullness of the chamber. if there is very little food, when you open the door there is a sharp temperature drop;
  • environmental factors. summer and winter operating conditions are significantly different. The NoFrost system maintains the temperature in the refrigerator and ensures the lowest temperature fluctuations.

The temperature in the freezer depends on the model, it is determined by the number of stars or snowflakes on the panel:

The recommended temperature in the fridge should be between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius, and in the freezer.18.

What the temperature should be in the fridge and freezer compartment: standards and regulations

The fridge enables you to keep food alive, savouring its flavour and getting the most out of it. And in winter you can enjoy berries or vegetables you picked just yesterday.

However, to be able to do this, you need to know what the temperature should be in the refrigerator and freezer and be able to choose the optimal storage mode for popular foods. It is these issues we will discuss in detail in our material.


As for the freezer, then we must proceed from how intensively (densely) it is clogged.

If you normally have very little food in the freezer and use it only occasionally, it is not advisable to set the temperature above.14 degrees.

In the case where the freezer is used frequently. If your freezer is loaded more than by half and most of the food is meat, it would be nice to lower the temperature to.20.24 degrees.

The optimal temperature that should be in the freezer is.18 degrees.

The “Fast freeze” or “Super freeze” option is used to freeze fresh food quickly. As a rule of thumb, this occurs at.24.30 degrees for a few hours.

It is believed that this process allows to best preserve the flavor qualities of vegetables, berries, herbs.

What the temperature should be in the refrigerator?

Refrigerator. an elaborate cooling system. It works on the principle that each zone has its optimal temperature:

  • Freezer compartment. Depending on the manufacturer and model specifications, the temperature in the freezer compartment of a domestic refrigerator can vary from.6 to.24 degrees. Optimal storage temperature depends on how much food you keep in the freezer. If you don’t have a lot of food, set the temperature to.14°, but if all the chambers are clogged, it is better to set. 24°.
  • Shelf next to freezer. If your appliance has a freezer on top, then the coldest place in your appliance will be the top shelf, if the bottom. the bottom shelf. On average, a temperature of 3° to 5° is maintained there.
  • Central shelves. The shelves that are in the middle, and the temperature has an average. from 2 ° to 6 °.
  • Far shelf from the freezer. The warmest place is in the farthest corner from the freezer. Here the degrees range from 8° to 10°.
  • Door. The shelf on the door of the unit is also considered a warm area. The normal temperature here is 5 to 10 degrees. The more often you open the refrigerator, the faster the food defrosts, especially during the warm season.
  • “Freshness Zone”. Almost every model is equipped with a “fresh zone”. containers for storing fruits and vegetables. 8° to 10° is the normal temperature for these shelves.

The optimal temperature in your refrigerator depends on several factors:

  • Food quantity. The more food you store, the lower the temperature should be inside the appliance.
  • Season of the year. In warm weather, the temperature in the refrigerator should be less than in winter.
  • Frequency of opening. How often and for how long you open the refrigerator depends on the even distribution of cold throughout the appliance.
  • Fridge models. Each manufacturer calculates the optimal temperature in his own way, so the parameters may vary.

It is believed that the optimum temperature is 4 °, 5 °.

How to measure the temperature in the refrigerator?

To set the right mode of operation, you first need to measure the temperature inside the unit. Open the door and look inside:

  • Older models. Older samples have only power control gauges. Some are equipped with mechanical temperature gauges that can show inaccurate readings. If you have an older model in your kitchen, you can measure the temperature with a thermometer. Put it in a dry place or place it on a plate on the middle shelf for 10 minutes.
  • Modern Models. New generation appliances are already equipped with built-in measurement sensors, so you only need to take their readings.

How to set the temperature in refrigerators of different manufacturers?

The market of household appliances is represented by a wide range of different models, the temperature of which is also regulated differently. This can be done mechanically (with levers, knobs, etc.) or electronically.п.) or by means of the electronic control panel.

Each manufacturer uses its own calculation of the optimum storage temperature, which must be in the refrigerator and freezer. When setting the temperature regime, always refer to the manual of the appliance. The temperature ranges will vary depending on the model.

What’s The Ideal Temperature For Your Refrigerator?

The optimum temperature

According to GOST

In Soviet times, GOST 16317-87 was developed, according to which there were two temperature modes of operation:

Based on this document, finished products should be stored at t not more than 12 ° C, and for long-term storage it is necessary to adjust the indicators to no more than 5 ° C.

Features of different manufacturers

There is no exact data on the ideal temperature mode, so each manufacturer independently sets the range of values for their models.

Mark t in the refrigerator compartment (° C) t in freezer compartment (°C)
Atlant From 3 to 5 -18
Biryusa 2 to 5 From.20 to.22
LG From 2 to 6 -20
Stinol From 3 to 5 -18
Indesit From 2 to 8 From.18 to.26
Samsung 3 -18
Bosch 2 to 6 From.18 to.24
Hotpoint Ariston 3 to 6 -18
Haier From 3 to 5 -18
Liebherr From 0 to 6 From.18 to.38 (with Super Frost function)

Storage chart or how many degrees should be in the fridge to keep food fresh

1 day 1 week 3 weeks 3 months 6 months 1 year
Top and middle shelf (7°C) Ready meals (salads, soups, etc.).) Sausage, peppers honey
Lower shelf 2°C Fresh meat, fish, seafood, milk, watermelon Broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms, corn Kiwis, peaches, berries, grapes Pear, celery, eggs Turnip, pomegranate
Vegetable drawers 8 °С Fruits, vegetables Apples, oranges
Door 10 ° C Lemon, cheese Sauces, butter, ketchup, mayonnaise, packaged juices Pepsi, alcohol, carbonated drinks, beer, medicines
Zero chamber (“fresh zone”) 0°C Fresh meat, fish, seafood Carrots, apples, pears
Freezer.18 °С dough Ice cream and semi-finished foods Meat, vegetables, fish, fruit Chicken, mushrooms, butter

Optimal temperature in freezer

There are several freezing modes to follow:

It is also necessary to take into account the power of the freezer. This is given in the technical specifications and lets you know how quickly the food is chilled. The lower the temperature, the longer food can be stored.

You can visually identify the correct mode. To do this, look at the containers stored inside: if there is a faint layer of frost on them, it is normal. A large layer of snow indicates that you can turn down the power.

Foodstuffs which have been taken out of the freezer compartment and have started to thaw cannot be frozen again. Must be fully utilized or moved to cold storage.

An icy surface and a snow coat indicate improper settings or problems with the unit, and these may include:

  • Automatic resetting to cooler temperatures.
  • Condensation cannot escape because the drain hole is full.
  • Faulty thermal sensor.
  • Trouble with the heating element or electronic unit.

Still, if you set the total value of 2-4 ° C, it does not mean that it is observed in every corner.

As a rule, the cooling of individual areas is subject to a pattern:

  • Top shelf. Closer to the rear wall. the coolest: optimum storage temperature in the refrigerator is 2-3°C. This zone is suitable for perishable products such as meat, fish, seafood and various meat preparations.
  • Middle shelf. The recommended temperature in the refrigerator is 3-5° C. This is a zone of dairy products, sausages, sausages, hams, cheeses, loaves, perishable fruits and vegetables.
  • Bottom drawer. Optimal temperature for food in the refrigerator is 5-8 ° C. This creates the perfect microclimate for fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Door shelves. Cooled less than the other: the optimum temperature in the refrigerator for storing food is 5-10 ° C. Sauces and bottles of liquids are stored here.

What is the optimal temperature for a fridge when you leave home?? If you leave for a long period of time with no food left in the appliance, set the appliance to the “Vacation” option. The recommended temperature in the refrigerator and freezer compartment will be high and the compressor will work at a gentle speed. With this precaution, you will not be greeted on your return with a persistent unpleasant odor from the refrigerator compartment. the result of bacterial proliferation.

What refrigerator temperature controls are?

Use the regulator to set the temperature in the refrigerator.

Mechanical regulator, as a rule, is inside the device, on top of the panel or on top of the chamber.

To adjust correctly the temperature of the refrigerator with the mechanical regulator, it is necessary to turn it. If you turn to the right, the cold will increase. Left to decrease.

Please note the numbers do not mean degrees, they are just numbers. They help you to understand when the cold increases, and when it becomes less. There are usually seven of these numbers. The smallest temperature at 1, the largest at 6-7. It is optimal to set 3.

Do not choose 5-7 unnecessarily, the compressor works at full speed and this sometimes leads to the fact that the device does not turn off.

As a rule, the mechanical regulator to adjust the refrigerator is used on the old model Biryusa.

Electronic regulator is also easy to find. It can be on top of the panel or built into the door. the display is on the outside.

To set the desired temperature on the display, use the buttons on the display. As a rule, the manufacturers for the cold room give a spread of 2 to 8 degrees.

And for a freezer from.16 to.24 degrees. With one press of the button you can change the temperature by 1 degree.

How many degrees your refrigerator should be: the main compartment

So what temperature to set in the refrigerator? There is a detailed and informative answer to the question, which is worth paying close attention to.

The normal temperature: what mode should correspond to the upper and central shelves of the refrigerator

The top shelf should not be above 5° C, since this is where they store confectionery, eggs, sausage products, cheese, butter, and even fruit. The best temperature is still 2 4°C.

The central shelf is convenient for storing soups, loaves, sauces and vegetables, the range of 3 6 ° C is good for it.

Mode for the compartment with vegetables and fruit

Now we understand what temperature in the refrigerator is suitable for storing foods such as fruits and vegetables. There is a separate compartment for them, often with different drawers separated by a partition. It is not advisable to lower the temperature too much in such a glass compartment, because many vegetables and fruits will change their taste to a worse or unfamiliar.

It is best to keep fruits and vegetables at 7 8° C.

The temperature standard for the refrigerator door

The warmest place in the fridge where you can keep the food that does not lose its taste and quality for a long time. The temperature in the door reaches 8. 10°С.

In the door move eggs, butter, drinks, mayonnaise, ketchups, cheeses of any type, as well as those products that are planned to eat in the near future.

Therefore, you need to know how to set the temperature in the refrigerator so that it is distributed according to the prescribed standards for food storage.

What the temperature should be in the fridge: Exploring the freshness zone

Not all the refrigerators have such a handy and useful zone, so many people are not aware of the temperature of the freshness zone. Norm for it will be 0 1 ° C.

This cold will slow down the development of microorganisms, but will not let the food freeze: everything will remain pristine, and the taste and color and flavor of the food.

Tip! The freshness zone can cool alcoholic beverages, except live beer, fairly quickly.

They put fresh meat and fish in here and keep them for about a week. Fish roe, on the other hand, won’t stay here long. Cheese and dairy products store well, but cottage cheese does not like the freshness zone.



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