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What kind of boiler you need for 150 squares

Boiler Power Selection for a 100-200 sq.m. House. м

In order to guarantee a comfortable temperature in the house throughout the heating season, the boiler capacity should not be less than a certain figure. This figure depends, firstly, on the area of the particular building and, secondly, on its heat loss. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact of availability of hot water system. If it is included in the project, the need for constant heating of water for household needs will require additional power from the heat generator.

The installation of a solid fuel heat generator with an excessive output poses another problem. The fact that any boiler on solid fuel has its optimal mode of operation, in which it shows the greatest efficiency. If you take too powerful heat generator, then in order to avoid overheating the coolant in the heating system, it will have to operate in a preset mode. This mode involves limiting the amount of oxygen that is supplied to the combustion chamber. As a result of this operation, the fuel in the boiler burns less intensively and the output of the heat generator decreases. However, the consequences of this setting inevitably leads to higher fuel consumption and a reduced life span of the boiler.

Boiler for a house of 100 sq. м

Standard house with area of 100 m ² without enhanced insulation measures requires a boiler with a capacity in the range of 10-12 kW. It is important to understand that the time of operation of the heat generator on one load of fuel will depend not so much on its capacity, but on the type of design. At the moment, there are three types of boilers, which are most often installed in small private homes. The first is the standard direct burning boilers, which can maintain continuous combustion for no more than 6 hours. Their advantage is that the cost of the heat generator itself is low, but the imperfect design has a number of disadvantages.

Classic direct burning solid fuel boilers have to be filled with fuel 4-5 times a day in the cold season. This is quite a time-consuming task, which is not always ready to perform all members of the family. Often such a situation becomes the reason that the owner of the house has to be constantly in place. If you miss the point when all the fuel in the boiler burns out and do not refresh the load chamber in time, the temperature in the house will inevitably drop below comfortable values.

The optimal model in this case is a long combustion bottom combustion boiler. Firstly, such a heat generator can continuously work on one load several times longer, and secondly, its efficiency is much higher, which has a positive effect on fuel consumption. And thirdly, given the peculiarities of the boiler, adding fuel to it is extremely easy. Burning occurs only in a limited space at the bottom of the loading chamber, which allows you to freely open the fuel door during its operation.

In Ukraine at the moment the most technologically advanced model is a mine boiler long combustion Termiko. It takes into account all the shortcomings of similar designs, which were produced at different times over the past decades. As a result of eliminating the main shortcomings of similar devices, Termico engineers managed to produce a heat generator with a very high capacity. Efficiency of 90% ensures minimum fuel consumption, and as a consequence, significantly reduces the budget for the heating season in the cold season. Since the recommended boiler capacity for a house of 100 sq. If the output of the boiler is 10-12 kW, then the Termico KDG Boiler of 12 kW is the best choice.

If the budget allows, you can also pay attention to the pyrolysis boiler Termico ECO-12P. This model has an even higher efficiency and guarantees the maximum possible savings of firewood or coal. The process of burning of pyrolysis gases allows extracting the maximum heat from the processing of a certain amount of fuel. Unlike shaft KDHs, in which pyrolysis combustion is used only partially, in Termiko pyrolysis boilers the entire amount of heat is obtained in the process of burning pyrolysis. Such a boiler for a 100 sq. The boiler should not exceed 12 kW to avoid overheating of the heating circuit.

boiler, need

Boiler for a house 150 sq. м

Among the three main varieties of solid fuel boilers, the shaft boilers of long bottom combustion have the best price and performance ratio. It is on the heat generator of this model should be the first priority, if you do not want to walk up to the boiler load chamber 4-5 times a day for its replenishment. Optimal power mine solid fuel boiler for a house of 150 sq. m will lie between 14 and 16 kW. The average power of the heat generator, depending on the area of the building is taken at the rate of 1 kW per 10 m². Based on this norm, 14 kW can be installed only in a house with very good insulation, located not in the coldest regions of the country. A 16 kW boiler from a good manufacturer would be a more sensible choice.

Among all solid fuel boilers of the long combustion, presented today on the Ukrainian market, we recommend you to pay attention to Termico shaft boiler KDG 16 kW. Special system of separate air mixing together with exceptionally reliable construction, assembled of high quality materials make this boiler the leader in its price segment. The consequence of a number of engineering solutions is the high efficiency of this heat generator, which according to numerous reviews of device users allows to significantly reduce fuel consumption.

Pyrolytic solid fuel boiler is even more economical in terms of fuel costs during the heating season. In comparison with the standard direct burning heat generator, it uses 3-4 times less fuel. This design has only one disadvantage. it is highly demanding to the humidity of firewood. Most models are not able to work effectively on fuel with a humidity of more than 20%. The only boiler that does not have this disadvantage is a modern pyrolysis heat generator Thermiko. It can even be operated with wood with a moisture content of 40%. This, of course, will affect the efficiency badly, but in general the performance will fall only slightly. Given the cost of the hot water system, the choice of a boiler for a house 150 square meters. It is necessary to stop on pyrolysis boiler Termico ECO-25P. This device with a capacity of 25 kW will not only effectively heat the entire area, but is also guaranteed to provide a large family with a consistently good hot water supply.

Boiler for a house of 200 sq. м

A large detached house of 200 sq. A house of 200 square meters needs a good heat generator, which will possess sufficient output for proper heating of all rooms. In this case, having such a spacious house, the owner is unlikely to want in the cold season for 4-5 times a day to go to the boiler to update the tab fuel. Given that some designs of modern solid fuel boilers are able to work continuously on one load of fuel up to three days, you only need to choose the right model. Since the consumption of gas boiler for a house of 200 sq.m. m makes it completely unprofitable at current for gas, consider boilers for solid fuel.

If we are talking about solid fuel heat generators, the boiler capacity for a house of 200 sq.m. M should be not less than 20 kW. For a house in which the insulation is made without special reinforced measures, it is still better to take a unit with a small margin of up to 25 kW. As for the type of construction, the purchase of an ordinary direct burning boiler is hardly appropriate here, because the fuel in it burns through 4-6 hours. The best choice is a long bottom combustion boiler, it is very efficient use of fuel and can continuously work even three days or more, depending on the type of fuel.

The Termico 25 kW shaft KDG reaches the performance indicators of the majority of pyrolysis boilers. Our engineers equipped the device with the biggest loading chamber among the similar constructions. Together with the high efficiency of the boiler this feature guarantees continuous operation of the Termiko KDH on one load of wood for up to 30 hours. And when using good coal, such a boiler for a house of 200 sq. It ensures a comfortable and stable temperature in all rooms for up to 4 days.

The installation of a pyrolysis boiler makes it possible to save maximum money on fuel during the cold season. Such a heat generator, given the current cost of wood and coal in Ukraine, replacing them with a gas boiler pays off after only one heating season. The only thing to understand is the importance of choosing a reliable manufacturer. We recommend pyrolysis boilers Termico of series ECO, because we guarantee the high quality of our products. The cost of the device is fully consistent with its quality, since Termiko uses only the best materials in the production process, and the assembly of the structure is carried out on high-tech equipment under the supervision of experienced professionals. It will be most rational to install the pyrolysis boiler Termico ECO-25P with a guaranteed service life of 10 years in a house with an area of 200 m2.

In this small review we have considered the best designs of solid fuel heat generators for houses of different area. It simply does not make sense to stop at gas or electric boilers at this time, as the for energy carriers in Ukraine are only growing every year. Even now the use of modern Termico heating equipment allows you to save a lot of money on heating. And given the continuous increase in the cost of electricity and gas, the sooner you switch to heating your home with solid fuels, the more profitable this solution will be.

Before you choose a gas boiler for heating your private home, you should think about where you will place the heating gas equipment.

If you have a room under the boiler room, then it is worth thinking about the option of buying a floor standing boiler. Floor standing boilers are more durable than wall hung boilers.

Why? Because often for the manufacture of heat exchangers for floor boilers use cast iron, much more rarely. structural boiler steel. And the heat exchangers of wall hung boilers are made of stainless steel or copper.

If you do not have a separate room for the placement of the boiler, you can place a gas boiler in the kitchen. In this option you can only place wall-mounted models.

Calculating the minimum required power for a house of 200 square meters

When choosing a heat generator for heating a private home, you need to determine the capacity of the boiler. When using a device with insufficient power rating normal heating of the room will not be possible.

The small capacity of the unit for a house 200 square meters will lead to rapid wear and tear of the product. Excess capacity will lead to unnecessary fuel consumption.

How to Install a Combination Boiler/Water Heater | Ask This Old House

Power calculation is made on the basis of that on the average 41 watt of thermal energy per hour per one cubic meter of the free space of the room.

boiler, need

To calculate the volume of housing, the total area is multiplied by the height of the ceilings in meters. As a rule, it is about 3 m. Thus, the volume of the house 200 square meters is approximately 600 m3.

Choice of design and functionality

In addition to technical indicators, it is necessary to know the functionality of the boiler for a private home. In addition to the main task of heating water, modern models must have a number of additional qualities. They affect the comfort and safety of heating.

  • The presence of a second circuit for hot water supply;
  • parameter adjustment system: manual, automatic or semi-automatic;
  • The possibility of connecting external modules: temperature sensors, programmer;
  • Remote control with your smartphone or analogue.

The presence of these options not only has a positive impact on managing the functions of the heating boiler, but also on its cost. As an example, you can compare different types of heating equipment.

Which boiler is better to heat a 150 square meters square house

Well, today we will consider what is the best boiler for a private house 150 sqm. м., and what parameters will be important for us when choosing a boiler for heating such an area.

Choosing the best boiler for heating a private house 150 sqm. м., It is also worth to immediately determine the prospects for bringing mains gas to your area.

If there is already mains gas, then you, in fact, do not need to choose anything. Go to the nearest dealer and buy a gas boiler 15-20 kW, depending on the degree of insulation of your building and the need to use a heat generator for hot water in DHW.

If there is no gas, then here and opens up just for imagination and creativity. Since you can put almost any boiler, but with few restrictions.

Choosing a boiler for a country house of 150 square meters. m, you need to take into account several important factors.

  • First, you should consider the total length of the lines.
  • Secondly, the level of thermal insulation of walls and other elements of the building is important.
  • Thirdly, it is necessary to know the thickness of walls and insulation properties of the material from which they are made. For example, foam block keeps heat in the room longer than bricks.

How to determine the capacity?

In order to avoid mistakes when choosing a gas boiler, it is necessary to correctly calculate the required capacity. To do this, you can use special calculators on the Internet, which are available on many thematic sites. Another way to determine the capacity. simple calculations using the calculation formula. As for the computer program, it should be as accurate as possible and appropriate to the conditions of the area where the house is located. And the formula for the calculation can be presented in the following form: Q = Fx1/Rx(TV. Tn). Here the letter “Q” indicates the heat loss. The unit of measure for this quantity is watts. “F” is the total surface area, which is measured in square meters. “R” is the heat transfer resistance. “Tn” is the temperature outside and “TV” is the temperature inside.

General characteristics of boilers

Gas boilers, which are produced today, have an efficiency of about 90% and multifunctional automation. And the average wattage can be in the tens of thousands of watts.For a standard home of 150 sq. M and a wall height of 270 cm, located near Moscow, the device is suitable capacity of 17-19 thousand. W. In general, in the case of the Moscow region, with a standard ceiling height and wall thickness, you can follow this simple rule when choosing a boiler: 1000 W of power per 10 sq.m. m2 of area. But in this case it is necessary to put a reserve of about 20%.

Calculation of gas consumption for heating a house of 150 m2

When arranging the heating system and choosing the energy carrier, it is important to figure out the future gas consumption for heating a house of 150 m2 or other area. In fact, there has been a clear upward trend in natural gas in recent years, with the latest increase of about 8.5% recently, on July 1, 2016. This led to a direct increase in heating costs in apartments and cottages with individual heat sources using blue fuel. That’s why developers and homeowners who are just choosing a gas boiler should calculate the cost of heating in advance.

Electric boiler for heating a 150 m2 house

Choosing an electric boiler for heating a private house 150 m2, you should focus your attention on the four main parameters that affect the choice of electric boilers.

What are the parameters? The power of the thermal unit, its efficiency, its cost and, finally, the equipment.

As for brands, whether it is Elvin, Evan, Rusnit or Zota, you should first read reviews on electric boilers and on specific brands. And then decide on the brand you need.

If you are interested in my opinion, I wrote it at the end of this review, you can read it.

What boiler to choose for a house of 150 square meters

Why this particular power? To compensate for heat loss through the enclosing structures on a well-insulated house requires 100 watts of heat per square meter of area at a ceiling height of 2.5-2.7 meters.

Naturally, for each region and for specific insulation conditions the figures will vary, but the average is as follows.

What are the options? Option number 1. When the house is insulated more than normal, you can choose a smaller boiler. For excessive insulation, for example, when the walls are insulated 200 mm and the ceiling 300 mm of highly efficient insulation, when R = 4.5, you can use a boiler at 12-13 kW.

Variant number 2. When the house is not insulated, you have to choose a heat generator with a higher output. It is worth thinking about the consumption of electricity, because now it is the most expensive energy carrier. Take a calculator in your hand and calculate what is more profitable. to heat the street at your own expense or to insulate.



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