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What is the refrigerator is the isothermal

What is a coherent heat-drum and how to use it

For lovers of picnics and trips over distant distances, thermogram-cooler is an indispensable accessory. But not all consumers fully understand how it looks and how it works. They would like to know what and how long such a device holds the cold. Others are interesting-how the Kholodnik bag differs from the isothermal container and what is better to choose. This article will give answers to these and other questions.

Kholodnik bag-this is the name of isothermal (heat-insulated) device. To maintain constant internal temperature, it uses cold accumulators. For the manufacture of thermal drum, durable synthetic fabrics are often used that can repel water and protect from the penetration of sunlight.

For the outer part of the cold bag, the following materials are used: synthetic polyamides or thermoplastic polymer vinyl chloride. The advantage of these fabrics is easy cleaning from pollution, and they also dry quickly. The device is stable due to the thermal insulating laying (special foam) laid between the outer elements of thermal drum and its inner part.

Outside, according to the description, the product resembles a classic bag with handles, equipped with s for various small things. The thermal drum does not cool, but only supports the initial temperature of products, medicines or cosmetics that are laid in it. So that it plays the role of the refrigerator to use special ice containers.

Important! Thermal drum is also used as a thermos to preserve products with warm. In this case, batteries are heated.

Types of cold batteries

The refrigerants for thermal drums are divided into several varieties of the type of filler:

  • Gel. Devices of this type are considered universal. they are used to preserve both low and high temperatures in the range from.5 to 80 ° C for 12-24 hours. The refrigerants are produced in the form of plastic containers with a lid or polymer durable bags. The gel inside is completely safe. even if it flows out and gets on the products, this will not affect their characteristics. Gel devices are frozen for cooling food, and heated to maintain heat in a microwave oven
  • Silicone. Outwardly, devices look in the same way as gel, but inside they have a special polymer filler with flint additives. Silicone refrigerants maintain a low temperature in a backpack or container for a very long time, they can be used on a campaign or when transporting medicines. The disadvantage of silicone coolers is that they hold the temperature only from 0 to.2 ° C
  • Water-salt. You can use the cooling battery for a thermal drum for about 20 hours. A frozen solution inside the container helps maintain the temperature in the range from.20 to 5 ° C. The liquid is not a danger to food, but if they get on them, it negatively affects the taste. Therefore, containers need to be very tightly closed, and for reliability, also packaged in sealed bags. A water-salt solution for the cooler can be cooked with your own hands

What type of cold accumulator to choose for a thermal drum depends on the requirements for temperature and on the duration of the transportation of products. Gel and water-salt fillers are used for short storage of semi-finished products in a frozen state. Silicone coolers choose if the products are to be transported for a long time, but the requirements for the temperature regime are not too high.

How to choose an isothermal cooler bag

When choosing a bag, first of all, it is necessary to build on the purpose of using the purchase. The volume of the container, its cooling abilities, and other functionality will depend on this.

The size of the bag-cutter

If there is no need to store products for a long time, then it is better to choose a simple isothermal bag. She will not take up much space, but perfectly preserve the food chilled for several hours. If long trips are planned or a large number of people, you should choose a container with an additional cooling battery.

Material of the Kholodilnik bag

Here it is worth paying attention not only to the internal coating of the bag, but also to the external. It is better to give preference to products made of synthetic fabrics. For example, from nylon or polyester, since these materials perfectly push water and dirt. It is also worth paying attention to how the seams are made. The strength of the bag directly depends on them.

Now you can go to the refrigerator to the filler. You should not choose those products that are inside the film, since this material is very unreliable and will quickly lose its presentation. The option with a film made of polyvinyl chloride will be great.

In containers, you need to determine the quality of plastic. To do this, press with an effort on its walls and inspect the goods for chips, cracks and scuffs. After that, it is necessary to evaluate the condition of the wheels. And check this cooler bag in sock.

Cold batteries for the cooler bag

Now you should evaluate the quality of cooling elements. First of all, it is necessary to check them for external damage. Then. evaluate the thickness of the coating of a foamed polymer: the larger it is, the longer the freshness of the products will remain.

Additional accessories for hand bags

Now you can start evaluating additional accessories: pens, locks, s. You need to check them for strength and convenience. Despite the fact that these little things practically do not play roles in the functionality of the bag, they can greatly facilitate the operation of the refrigerator.

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Reference! Do not forget about the guarantee from the manufacturer to the goods. It cannot be less than 90 days, but some manufacturers increase this period up to several years.

How an isothermal container works

Thermobox or isothermal container is an analogue of thermal drum and they work on a similar principle, but its frame is tougher, since the outer shell is made of plastic. They are good to use when traveling by car. Thermal boxes are small or are a large container where many products or drinks fit.

The weight of the thermal lugs is less than that of thermox, and in folded form they occupy much less space. And the isothermal container has a stable shape. Thermal containers contain from 1 to 140 liters. Small, 2.5 liters, weigh no more than 360 g, and if the isothermal device is large, then its weight can reach 20 kg.

Thermal containers with a capacity of up to 10 liters are equipped with one handle. And large usually has 2 pens. Separate models are equipped with a lock in a handle that prevents spontaneous opening of a thermox. If the isothermal device is very large, then it is installed on 2-4 supporting videos and equipped.

Important! Isothermal containers are not able to cool, but only in the presence of refrigerants retain the necessary temperature regime.

How to save heat in the refrigerator bag

The market presents models that have the ability not only to cool, but also heating. Their cost is high, but the functionality of bags increases. The maximum mode indicator is 60 °. At an air temperature of 10 °, the product warms up to 75 °.

In the absence of a heating system, you can save heat in the refrigerator bag using special batteries. They are sold separately. Compact dimensions. 27×18 cm. Heat maintenance time. from 5 to 16 hours. For charging, it is recommended to use one of the convenient ways.

First option: in the microwave

  • Put the drive in a container filled with water. The battery must completely plunge into the liquid.
  • Put the container in the microwave.
  • Install the furnace power on 280W, a timer for 4 minutes.
  • Get a container, remove the battery with pinchs from the water.
  • Wipe it carefully with a napkin dry.

It remains only to put the source of heat in the thermal drum between the products.

Second option: in warm water

  • Pour boiling water into a bowl.
  • When reaching a liquid of 85 °, immerse the battery into it.
  • After 5-7 minutes, remove the device from the water with forceps.
  • Wipe with a napkin dry.

Heat battery for use is ready!

Basic criteria for choosing a thermal drummer

When choosing a cold bag, you can see that the range of these products on the market is tremendously different from each other. In order for the choice to become disappointed, you need to navigate according to several important criteria:

  • Spaciousness.
  • Material.
  • Wall thickness.
  • The quality of the inner reflective layer.
  • The presence of auxiliary modifications.


It can be different. In the case of daily use of the bag, for example, to take soft drinks with you, it is better to choose a small capacity of up to 10 liters. When you need to go to nature with the company, then a bag of 25 liters or more will come in handy. Also on sale you can find products with a capacity of 100 liters, which is far from a chapel. It should be noted that with large volumes, the use of materials resistant to loads is required, because if the bag contains from hundreds of liters, then it should not burst when trying to raise it filled.


Thermal insulation bags are made of artificial materials that do not pass ultraviolet radiation and are moisture.repellent. PVC, polyester or nylon is usually used. Such types of fabrics provide for the possibility of cleaning from spots and pollution. Often it is enough to rub the stained area with a wet cloth.

refrigerator, isothermal

Wall thickness

The vast majority of bags are made by moisture resistant and three.layer. The front layer takes on decorative effects, and also provides giving stiffness. After it there is a layer usually from polyurethane. Often its thickness is 3 mm or more. After it comes the last inner layer with a reflective effect. It contributes to the reflection of heat rays, preventing their output and entering, which prevents the influence of external factors on the contents of the bag.

Auxiliary accessories

refrigerator, isothermal

The Kholodnik bag can have various auxiliary accessories that make it more functional or convenient to use. In attempts to improve their assortment, many manufacturers come up with a lot of ways to make their products more interesting for customers. For example, on large bags that are difficult to lift, wheels are placed. You can also find containers with locks on sale. They are an effective means of penetrating into pets, in particular cats and dogs that can easily learn to open ordinary bags.

Cold battery

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The Kholodnik bag works effectively thanks to the use of special removable cold accumulators in its design. They provide seats for fixing, which excludes the dolt inside and the strokes about the placed products. Typically, batteries are inserted into the bag lid, or fixed using straps on their sidewalls. They are easily removed, because before each use of the container they need to be kept in the freezer.

Batteries can be bought separately, which allows you to improve the properties of an existing thermo.insulating bag. For example, if the container does not cope well with the task, then it can always be modernized with an additional cooling element. Cold batteries are of various configurations, in particular the refrigerant used, so you can move from one species to another, to change the cooling properties.

In general, all varieties of cold accumulators are a plastic container resembling a bricket. In conditions of accommodation in heat.reflecting containers, they are able to maintain their initial temperature of 24 hours or more.

These products are 3 configurations:

Cold gel battery is considered universal. He is able to maintain not only low, but also high temperature. Thus, when using it, you can not only keep the products cold, but also hot. The simplest water-salt briquettes can hold the temperature.20 to 8 ° C. It all depends on where exactly they pre.frozen. Cold silicone batteries have thinner properties. They allow you to hold the temperature in the narrow range from.2 up to 0 ° C. At the same time, they lose the cold for several days. A high-quality cooler bag is capable of remaining cold with such a cold accumulator up to a week.

Gel battery is the most expensive and effective. If you want to use additional cooling elements, they are placed on the sides or at the bottom of the bag. They can also be used as spacers for laying between bottles. The mass of cold batteries depends on their size and ranges from 100 to 300 g. When using coolers, you must adhere to the rule. for every 3 liters of volume, use the battery.

These products have an unlimited resource, so they can be frozen and defrosts endlessly many times. This applies primarily to the substance holding the cold. The practical eternity of batteries is in doubt, since over the years there may be damage to the Briket housing, so leaks appear.

In the event that the battery should exude cold, it is placed in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. If it is necessary to maintain the contents of the bag hot, the battery can be laid in hot water until it cools down, transmitting heat. It is worth noting that the use of batteries to maintain heat reduces their resource, which is associated with frequent damage to the buildings of briquettes when in contact with excessively hot water.

refrigerator, isothermal

As an alternative to specialized cold accumulators, you can use ordinary bottles with a solution of kitchen salt. The cold with mineral water holds the cold especially well.

The duration of cooling

The Kholodnik bag can keep the products cold for a certain time, which primarily depends on the ambient temperature. An important factor affecting effectiveness is the thickness of the walls, as well as the number of cold accumulators. With high.quality performance, the bag is able to keep food cold for 6 hours even in the absence of a battery, of course at a normal ambient temperature. With a battery, even in the summer heat, the cold is held 12-24 hours and longer.

Rating of the best thermal drum in terms of price and quality ratio of 2022

The best bags of refrigerators in the car and for manual transportation hold a low temperature for a long time, have high reliability and affordable cost. Several models deserve special mention.

Mobicool Sail 17

In the photo of the refrigerator bag, it can be seen that it is made in the form of a backpack and is well suited for foot travel. The outer layer of the container is made of polyester, and the internal. from PEVA material. The bag provides s, shoulder straps and handle for carrying.

What is a thermal and how it works

Such products are also called thermal drums, isothermal bags or containers, and thermoss bags. Their main feature lies in the good ability to maintain temperature indicators inside. For example, you can put a cold drink in a thermal drum and enjoy it even after a few hours. In such containers, it is convenient to store and a supply of snacks in case of a long trip. Or a full.fledged lunch for a picnic, going to the beach, and just walks outside the city.

Many different models are represented on the market, they differ in the size, price, material from which they are made, and the ability to maintain the contents of the cold.

Thermals have a multi.layer structure. They have an external layer, lining and middle layer. providing thermal insulation. The most important is the middle layer. Suitable material. polystyrene foam, but it should have been relatively thick to maintain the internal temperature for a long period of time. Polistyle foam easily deform and breaks, so it is enclosed in a solid shell to prevent damage. Such refrigerators are made tough.

Made of heavy but flexible fabrics, such as polyester, outside. The inside is faced with super.strength foil. Between the outer and inner layers there are flexible foam, which is thin, but dense and capable of maintaining the internal temperature for several hours. This technology allows you to make the bag soft and flexible, it is more convenient to transport it. Unlike hard models, they make different sizes and shapes.

Requirements for thermal drum

There are three basic requirements for thermal drums:

  • The volume of the container should be commensurate with the contents. This will use the device with maximum efficiency.
  • Use cold batteries. The use of the battery significantly increases the time of heating the contents, allowing it to remain cold more time.
  • Not to open a bag. Air entering from the external environment will lead to a decrease in the duration of storage of the contents.

Thermal Summer is a very useful device, which, subject to operating rules and carefully, will serve a reliable assistant for many years.



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