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What is the door in a washing machine

Indesit wise 10 error door what to do

on any program of the machine Indesit WISE 10 after a few minutes of washing gives the door problem. the door opens and that’s it. Please advise what to do?

Check the terminal devices between the heater and the door opener and only then is it possible to tell if the module is defective

Check the brushes of the motor, then the control board. Repair costs do not exceed 2500 cents.р.

Check the brushes on the motor. If they are normal replace the electronic door interlock (DEB). If nothing changes the electronic module should be repaired.

Does the door lock before pouring water in?? Try opening. The water in the tank is filled, the drum starts to rotate normally? No increased noise when rotating the drum?

Good day! In most cases it is caused by the wear and tear of motor brushes. It’s also possible that the simister to control the lock is burned out on the control board. Remove the circuit board and make a visual inspection.

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First check the motor Dismantle the motor, check the rotor and stator. Check the rotor for ground faults with a megohmmeter. Dismantle the brush unit. Evaluate their condition. Check the condition and ageing of the collector assembly Check the motor connector. Check for oxidation on the contacts. Check wiring from motor to control board. Dismantle the control box. Check motor control circuits according to the control box schematic diagram. On the internet there is. Next check the sunroof lock by replacing it with a known good one

This error is often displayed at the beginning, sometimes at the end, and very rarely during the operation of the washing machine. The unit does not begin to wash, the program is interrupted, the door may not open. And all these negative phenomena are accompanied by a corresponding signal. Door error in washing machines.

On washing machines Hotpoint-Ariston

Regarding the features of the error door in washing machines Ariston, it can be noted that everything we talked about above, is also true for “home helpers” of this brand. True, as usual, there is one “but”. In washing machines Hotpoint-Ariston sometimes door error has nothing to do with the door and the devices that control it. Error door on Aristons can appear because of bad contact of one of the brushes of the motor. How to find and repair this contact?

In this case, through the bottom of the washing machine to get to the motor. Unscrew the motor mounts, disconnect the chip with wires. Remove the motor and check its brushes, including the wiring that powers the brushes. It is possible that the brushes during the operation of the washing machine were brought up, and that means, in order to avoid repeated repairs in the future they should be replaced. On how to change the brushes of the washing machine motor, read the article of the same name, published on our website.

To summarize, we note that the error door on the washing machines of different brands can manifest itself quite differently. Most often, it actually indicates a problem with the door or the door opener, but in some cases the causes of this error are the most unexpected.

Modern washing machines are equipped with a function of displaying an alphanumeric code on the display or indicator when malfunction or interference occurs. The meaning of the codes is mostly the same for all brands, but there are differences. Knowing the error code, you can fix the problem yourself, without resorting to the wizard.

Error DE Samsung washing machine (Samsung)

Even with such a reliable technique, such as Samsung, malfunctions can occur. One of the fairly common situations is the DE error.

door, washing, machine

What does the error code de of the washing machine Samsung mean and how to correct the problem, we will tell in this article.

Probable faults requiring repair

The number of Ariston and Hotpoint Ariston washing machines repaired by our specialists has already exceeded 6000 (!). Based on these repairs, we have compiled the most common breakdowns that are accompanied by a door closing error. They are in the table below.

There is a fork of approximate FULL COST for repair, including the price of spare parts and specialist work. The final price depends on the model of your Ariston washing machine and is determined by the technician on-site after the diagnostics.

If you can not independently fix the error F17 or door on the washing machine brand Hotpoint or Ariston, contact the professionals in the workshop “RemBytTech”. Dispatch takes calls from 8 to 22 hours by phone: 7 (495) 215. 14. 417 (903) 722. 17. 03To leave an online application for repair at any time. Within 24 hours after a call at home will come repairman “RemBytTech”, will determine the cause of the error and, if necessary, make repairs. After troubleshooting, the specialist will make sure that the washing machine is working properly and give you a receipt with a warranty of up to 2 years, depending on the type of failure.

This error is often displayed at the beginning, sometimes at the end, and very rarely during the operation of the washing machine. The machine doesn’t start the washing, the program is interrupted, the door may not open. And all these negative phenomena are accompanied by a corresponding signal. Door error in washing machines.

Faults that must be repaired

Use the following table to determine the cause of the error:

Problem description Cause of error Fixing the problem
The hatch door does not close or lock completely. The locking hook is badly worn or broken Replacing an item
The door closes and locks, but the machine doesn’t start the washing program. The door lock has failed Replacing an element
While washing, rinsing, or spinning, the washing machine has stopped working and displays an error DE. There is a smell of burning. Control module defective. Most often the chip “suffers” due to burnout of contacts due to power surges or due to water in the electronics. Remove the front panel and take off the upper part of the machine. After that, take out the board. Damaged parts are immediately visible. they become black, capacitor caps are bulging, you can see the signs of rips. If the defective part is found, it is unsoldered and a new one is installed in its place.
Knob does not work and the door cannot be fixed. Handle breakage Replace the element
Door of the door does not close and is tilted Worn hinges Adjust the hinges or replace them completely

Problems not requiring repair

In most cases, the occurrence of error Door or F17 on the washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston indicates the presence of problems that do not require appropriate repairs:

  • Door not closed tightly. Maybe the laundry got caught between the door and the cuff. To fix the problem it is enough to fully open the door of the machine and get rid of the object that prevents it from closing. If the problem is solved, a corresponding click occurs during the closing process. After that the error signal is no longer displayed.
  • Something has gotten into the opening of the lock. The mechanism must be checked carefully, small pieces of cloth, threads or dirt could have gotten into it. When removing such things, the main thing is not to damage the lock hole and its elements. You must be very careful when doing this. After removing foreign objects, close the door tightly.
  • Contacts are loose. Lack of communication in the contact circuit often occurs after transportation of the washing machine or its improper installation. If the device is standing on an uneven surface, you must level it and check the level with a spirit level.
  • Malfunction in the control board. Such a problem can be solved by resetting the washing machine. This can be forcibly done by disconnecting the appliance from the power supply. After that it is necessary to give the device about 10 minutes to rest. Then you can reconnect the machine to the mains. If everything is done correctly, the error will disappear and the machine will work properly.
  • The hinges of the door are loose. Sometimes fasteners loosen as a result of constant vibration of the device. In such a situation, you can solve the problem yourself by carefully adjusting the position of the fasteners with a screwdriver and fixing them in their proper place.
door, washing, machine

Probable malfunctions that require repair

Despite the fact that most often the Door code appears in Atlanta due to problems with the device locks the hatch, the cause may be in other nodes. According to the experience of masters of “RemBytTech” the following breakages lead to this error:

Signs Failure Repair or replacement Cost (labor only)
The Atlant washing machine won’t lock the door and writes the error door on the display. LOSS. The door lock has failed, the door does not lock and the appliance has an error message. Faulty UBL must be replaced with a new one. from 1,300
Control Unit. Most likely burned tracks or board elements in the chain UBL (usually fails triac). The master makes a diagnosis and on the basis of its results:

Please note! Often the fault of the board is caused by a broken UBL. Therefore, the master will certainly check it and, if a malfunction is found, replace the UBL.

Repair parts are not included in the price and must be paid for separately.

If your machine has stopped working and shows the error DEAL, do not hesitate. address to experts. Attempts to repair yourself can only worsen the situation up to complete unserviceability of the equipment. Call:

The master of “RemBytTech” will define the exact cause of error Door and with your consent will perform the repair at home. The works are confirmed by the warranty for up to 2 years. Contact!

Error Door in a washing machine atlant. how to fix, Error door in the washing machine atlant how to fix video.

Error code de, Ed, Door on your Samsung washing machine deciphered as Door error, which in English means “door error”. You can also see the signs dE1 and dE2. Most often this error can be found if:

If the washing machine has no display, then this error is easy to identify, as absolutely all temperature indicators will be lit and blinking mode indicators.

Often this error is not critical, and to begin with it is recommended to make a simple diagnosis to save some money and not to go to the master.

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It is worth reiterating that the problem with closing the hatch on different machines has its own signals. The steps are usually the same in all cases, but sometimes the reasons for failure can be the most unexpected.

LG Washing Machine De error code how to replace door interlocks

This error is often displayed at the beginning, sometimes at the end, and very rarely during the operation of the washing machine. The machine does not start the washing, the program is interrupted, the door may not open. And all these negative phenomena are accompanied by a corresponding signal. Door error in washing machines.



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