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What is the difference between the microwave of the solo from the built -in

Choose a microwave oven

We constantly do not have enough time. We run to work, quickly and quickly rake up a bunch of affairs, hurry to dinner and hurry to return to our studies again. We come home. and again not a minute of rest. How to cut more free minutes and hours for yourself? Very simple: reduce the time allotted for cooking. Buy an assistant. a microwave oven. and your life will instantly sparkle with new colors.

The world’s first Radarange microwave was released in 1947 by Raytheon. At first, the microwaves, as much in our lives, were created for the needs of the army: they, however, were not cooked in them, but only defrost products for soldiers’ canteens and military hospitals. This colossus weighed 340 kilograms high in human height, its power was 3 kW.

In 1949, army microwaves were already produced in series, but it came to production “for peaceful purposes” only 15 years later, when the American Tappan Company created the first household microwave. And seven more years took the engineers of the Japanese Sharp to build and launch the conveyor on the assembly of microwaves.

Catch the moment! We hunt with a microwave oven

At first, there were very few people who wanted to acquire a miracle unit, but after a few years everything worked out: housewives, owners of canteens, cafes, bars and gas stations with pleasure bought microwaves for defrosting, quickly warming up and preparing a wide variety of dishes. And they did not lose. They saved time and, therefore, could spend it on themselves and loved ones.

How it is arranged, this stove?

Its case is made of metal that does not pass the microwave, with a special coating. We will talk about him below. The magnetron is hidden inside the stove-it generates the microwaves! An antenna is displayed into the furnace chamber, at the very bottom of the camera there is a pallet that is more often rotated, and sometimes. no. On the glass door there is a metal grid-grid, as well as not allowing microwaves to break out.

Lighting lamp Waveguide Drive unit
Ventilation holes Capacitor A rotating pallet
Magnetron Transformer Separator with rollers
Antenna Control Panel Shooting the door
Ventilation holes Capacitor
Magnetron Transformer
Antenna Control Panel
Ventilation holes

Predicting the next question, I will add: microwaves do not penetrate the gap between the door and the furnace body. The design provides for the so.called throttle camera. The cavity that is located at the edges of the door and in the perimeter has a size equal to a quarter of the wavelength emitted by the magnetron. The passing wave is reflected from the walls of the cavity and is in antiphase with the incoming wave; They collide on the joint of the hull and door, so the radiation falls to almost zero.

Water is contained in almost all products, so the frequency of the microwave of the microwave oven was specially selected so that it warmed up the water molecules in the liquid state. Ice, or, say, fat and sugar are heated by microwaves much worse. Water “sways” all other molecules, so soup or cutlets with potatoes are heated entirely. and liquid, meat, and vegetables.

The myth of the danger of microwave ovens

Ten years ago, television programs vied with vying of us that terribly harmful rays emanated from the microwave. The population was afraid, conveyed to each other what they heard, and the results of this spoiled phone were sometimes unpredictable. Recently, on the network, they discussed how grandmothers in line in the clinic said that the microwave is changing the structure of DNA. Jokes jokes, but such facts come from insufficient awareness.

How is the microwave heating the products after all? Microwaves that it generates drive in the motion of water molecules in food. They begin to move faster, which is why heating occurs. Remember how physicists spoke about the transition of kinetic energy to the potential? This is it.

Is it worth being afraid of modern microwaves? No, not worth. The thing is that each such device receives several levels of protection, preventing super-frequency (microwave) radiation in any way affect our body. Firstly, the door adjacent tightly, and if you open it, then the microwave will turn off. Secondly, on the inside of the device there is a protective grid. Thirdly, there is also an electromagnetic “trap”. If this does not seem enough for you, then we add that all modern furnaces undergo mandatory certification with the passage of 4 levels of quality control and testing tests.

Sharp R272 Solo Microwave Demonstration and Explanation

Conclusion: the microwave is very convenient, but not scary, and our myths, probably, after the century, our children will equalize with fear of traveling on the first trains and watching the first films. Unpleasant consequences can only occur if for a long time every day for 8 hours to be less than 5 cm from the microwave, but it is difficult to imagine such a situation. Note that you should not repair the oven yourself-this is just unsafe.

Now you can safely move directly to the issues of choosing a microwave oven.

The Council is determined by the purpose of the microwave

Why are you looking at the microwave for yourself? To quickly heat and defrost the products? Or in order to bake meat with a crisp and cook other culinary masterpieces? The type of equipment depends on this question, more precisely its function, and, of course, the price.

All those microwaves that you see in the store can be divided into such main groups:


In this case, the microwave is equipped only with a microwave radio, due to which the product is processed. Such devices easily cope with heating and defrosting, and also know how to cook the simplest dishes. Naturally, the price of these microwaves is the most democratic. This is a great option for home, if you prepare you to cook on the stove and in the oven, and you plan to use the microwave oven for quick heating of products. Often such stoves are taken for offices. In this case, the simplest device will come up, which can warm up the finished dish. no other modes will be needed.

note! Previously, stoves were sold with only one microwave radio, so many complained that it was impossible to cook in microwaves, since the dishes remained raw. There have been many changes since then, but distrust of the microwaves remains. In most modern furnaces, there are two, or even three microwave generators, which radiate waves in different directions, they are reflected from the walls and are evenly distributed, ensuring high-quality heating and evenly cooking.

Microwaves with grilled

Such devices can affect the product not only by microwave radiation, but also by heaters (grilled), due to which the microwave turns into a direct competitor of the oven. In such a stove, you can cook complex dishes and bake foods to a crunchy crust. If the family likes to enjoy meat, and the hostess boldly goes to culinary experiments, then such a microwave will be by the way.

The grill function is ensured by the presence of heating elements that can be of two types:

  • The heater has a complex shape, is placed on top or side, or from above and from the side. In some models, Tenn is mobile, and its location can be changed, achieving the necessary effects. The furnaces with a heating grill are inexpensive, and the quality of the baking at a height. Of the minuses, we note only the bulky devices and the difficulty of caring for Ten, since it often has a complex shape;
  • The quartz grill takes up less space, is attached from above, it is more expensive, but it is easier to clean.

In some microwaves, both heating elements can be found, so briefing and creating an appetizing crust will become the most simple process.

Solo vs Grill vs Convection Microwave Oven | Which is Better? | Comparison

Microwaves with grill and convection

Such a stove will easily replace an ordinary oven. A fan is added to the microwave and heating elements here. At the expense of it, convection is ensured. Roughly speaking, the fan drives warm air, it is distributed evenly, due to which heating occurs quickly and evenly.

Due to the combination of convection, grill and microwave radiation, you can prepare any dishes in the most unimaginable ways. There are about 20 programs in such microwaves, there is a manual mode, so the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Panasonic produces inverter microwaves with convection and grill. One of their differences is the increased volume of the camera, which is achieved by reducing the size of the hardware. The main feature is automatic temperature control, which allows you to cook with significant energy savings.

Microwaves with a steam generator

These are still rare specimens in the market, and something tells us that they are not destined to become popular. Yes, the device is multifunctional: you can get a harmful crust in it, and prepare useful vegetables for a couple easily, but you will have to pay expensive for it, and such a stove will take up much more than its simpler analogues.

the main errors when choosing a microwave

It will not be about the danger or safety of certain microwave ovens. these myths have long been dispelled by science. Let’s talk about the user characteristics that can make communication with the microwave pleasant or not very. The trouble is that many of them simply do not know about many of them. We tell how the buyer can be mistaken when choosing a microwave oven

Convection is air circulation. Many microwave ovens are supplemented with heating elements (upper, lower or two at once) and a fan, which, in fact, turns the microwave into an oven. In such models, you can use convection separately from the microwave (the dish will bake like in the oven) or together, and then the dish will be prepared at once in two ways, which increases the speed of cooking and gives excellent results: it retains tenderness inside and acquires a crust on top.

In addition, it is not always convenient to use a large oven for daily cooking, and it spends more electricity than a microwave oven, and in such a mini-follow you can cook baked dishes faster and more often. If you choose a stove with convection, it is important that there is also a temperature adjustment with a low.temperature mode. for example, to do yogurt or set the dough.

“And what about the grill?””. you ask. For the normal operation of the grill (so that it is not nominal, but does its rosy and roasting business), a fairly high power of Ten Grill is needed: at least 1800-2000 watts.

Refuse models with inverter power control, if the means allow

Microwave ovens with inverter power control warm the products more uniformly. both when cooking and when defrosting. This is especially noticeable when defrosting: there will be, for example, the effect when the upper layer of a piece of meat was almost welded, and still ice inside.

Steam in microwave ovens avoids the overdrying of products that are complained by those who try to cook in the microwave. But you need to understand that the presence of a steam preparation function increases the cost of a microwave oven, and if you use this function, you will need to regularly clean the scale. additional care.

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The main criteria for the choice of microwave

Imagine that you decided which microwave is better. solo, grill or convection. Now you can start considering criteria for choosing a good microwave.

Ask you how to choose a microwave oven? Test purchase. television program that will tell you in this difficult process.

It is worth noting that this task is not the simplest, so you have to spend time and effort to search for the optimal model depending on personal preferences and budget. Many recommend that you choose the right microwave, initially decide where the device will be placed, how and when to choose a built.in microwave oven, how many food will be warmed up and prepared. So the choice of microwaves is very complicated, since there are a lot of criteria plus and manufacturers no less.

Next, we will talk in detail about the most basic criteria for choosing a microwave. This will reduce the list of applicants.

Types of microwaves

Earlier we already dwell on existing types of microwave. It should be noted right away that getting a definite answer to the question of which microwaves are the best and reliable is difficult, since each buyer has its own priorities. Your task in the process of choosing a microwave to decide which options are important for you first. And you can start just from the type of device:

  • Solo. An economical and functional option that performs basic tasks. heating and defrosting.
  • Grill. The presence of such an opportunity increases the cost of the device, but also increases the number of functions. You can cook various dishes with a fried crust.
  • Convection. This is the replacement of the oven, you can bake meat, cook pies, etc.D. The price is above the previously presented options, but there are more modes.

Here I must also say that there are built.in and separate.state microwave models. How is the built.in microwave different from the usual one. further in the article.


This criterion is also subjective, since many factors affect it. At the same time, the volume allows you to understand how many food will be heated 1 time.

If one person will use the device, 12-14 liters are enough. For two, the device needs more-up to 17-20 liters. If you buy for a large family, then it is better to immediately purchase a model with a volume of at least 30 liters. Such a device will cope with meat, loaf. Which is better the microwave oven in volume depends on the situation.

Which microwave is cheaper and works well? Solo type models are suitable here. the ratio of functionality and the are excellent.

Internal coating

There are three types of internal coating, which are most often used by modern manufacturers:

Enamel. Heat.resistant and wear.resistant material. Simplifies care, as the car is removed with ease. The life of the device with such a coating is up to 7 years. The disadvantage is that there are scratches on the surface.

Stainless steel. Strong coating is not afraid of temperature changes. The key minus is that the surface is quickly polluted and difficult to wash out.

Biocramia. When choosing microwave ovens in 2022, pay attention to the novelty among manufacturers. Biokerism combines the advantages of enamel and stainless steel. Simple in care, resistant to scratches, tolerates sharp temperature changes. But the price of such models is 2-3 times higher.

Which microwaves in reliability are the best? It is enough to study the technical characteristics, namely, pay attention to which coating is used by the manufacturer.

Building material

Manufacturers use stainless steel and high.strength plastic for the manufacture of the housing. What to choose a microwave oven, or rather, with which body? Stainless steel is more stylish and modern, it looks great in any kitchen. But on such material there are fingerprints. As for plastic, such a case is more fragile, when compared with stainless steel, but such models are more affordable in price.

At the same time, plastic is different, if we are talking about high.quality, the case is able to withstand the blows. Therefore, what are the best and reliable microwaves, it is clear.

Features of the door

Oven door is a person’s protection from radiation. Therefore, this element in the design of the device is as tight as possible and protected by a mesh screen. In modern models, the brands provided for the door blocking during operation and the furnace is disconnected when opening the door.

The door can be opened using a pressure mechanism, most often it is presented as a button. The second option is the opening of the door with the handle. Next, we dwell on which microwave is better. mechanical or sensory.

Let us summarize

We can say that now you know what is the difference between the built.in microwave and the usual, what power and volume of the device are necessary to perform basic tasks. Recall that the difference between the built.in microwave and the usual one is that such a device does not violate the integrity of the design. At the same time, functionality is identical, the matter is only in appearance.

To choose the right microwave work, the best rating should also be studied, and additionally view user reviews on different sites and forums.

Microwave stoves solo, grill or with the Convention? Tips for the choice of “microwave

One of the main attributes of modern kitchen is the microwave oven. It is used both for heating or defrosting of foods, as well as as an oven, in some models of furnaces you can bake pies. The modern market represents a wide variety of models of microwave ovens with very diverse functions.

There are three categories of microwave furnaces:

The first is solo.wave stoves solo, in which only microwaves are used; The second. stoves with microwaves and grilled; The third is a combination of the possibilities of microwaves, grill and convection.A special category is made up of inverter furnaces. the development of Panasonic.

Solo microwave ovens are the simplest and cheapest models. They are intended only for warming up and defrosting foods. Food products in such a stove are prepared in their own juice, are not fried and not baked. This option is suitable for those who are not going to cook a variety of dishes, can only break potatoes. Do not buy a microwave oven with grilled if you have in the oven.

Second category of microwave ovens. Microwaves and grill.

This category of furnaces allows you to cook baked meat, poultry, sandwiches. toasts, etc.P. Grill is two types of ten and quartz.

Ten grill. a pipe with a heating element inside, placed in the upper part of the working chamber. Many microwave ovens are equipped. it is located vertically or inclined. It is more convenient in operation, thanks to it you can diversify the cooking of dishes. The inner chamber of such furnaces is easier to wash. In some models, in addition to the upper grill, there is also a lower.

The quartz grill is a quartz lamp, which is located on the upper wall of the microwave oven. The positive properties of such a furnace are that the lamp takes the place of the useful area of ​​the internal chamber of the furnace and the products are fried only on top, as on an open fire.

The third category of furnaces is microwaves, grill and convection.

These furnaces provide a very wide range of cooking. These models are equipped with an annular heating element and a built.in fan and grill. Thanks to the fan, the products are baked and fried from all sides. These stoves increase consumer capabilities. You can extinguish meat, bake pies, bake chicken, etc.D. In the future, such stoves can replace the oven.

The fourth category of furnaces. inverter technology.

Inverter technology. development of Panasonic. Its principle is based on the fact that a mechanism is installed in the furnace that allows you to really reduce or increase the output power of the furnace gradually, and not using a pulse mode. Such stoves quickly cook products and produce more natural heating. Continuous penetration into the product of the microwave of the microwave in the invert furnace allows you to maintain the texture and nutritional properties of products. over, the beneficial volumes of the camera are significantly increased, due to this, the usual magnetron will be replaced by more compact details.

Microwave ovens are made from 13 to 42 liters. Microwave ovens of various categories have a different volume. Solo microwave ovens are produced in volume, mainly no more than 25l. But there are exceptions;

Microwave oven with grill and convection. from 28 liters or more.

In popular microwave ovens with a grill of 27 liters. An important characteristic of the furnace is the diameter of the pallet on which the dishes are installed, as this is the main working space of the camera.

Currently, microwaves use mechanical and sensory control. For example, if this is mechanical control, then only mechanics are used in the work, that is, the stove does not have an electronic scoreboard, but only rotary handles that provide the choice of power and the grill mode, and control the mechanical timer.

The most functional sensory microwave ovens with digital display and display are.

There are more modern models that are equipped with electronic control with the possibility of dialogue with the user, an important difference of it is that with a minimum of buttons, the consumer is offered maximum operating modes of the furnace.

Any microwave oven has a very high energy consumption. But the most energy is consumed by stoves with microwaves, grilled and convection. over, if you use all these functions at the same time, then the power of consumption will be summarized. Therefore, when buying a microwave oven, you need to take into account your wiring withstand such a load. To power a three.function stove, wiring is required, at least 10 amperes.

Most often, the internal coating of the microwave is made of enamel. it is durable, smooth and convenient to clean. But there is another special coating for microwave. It is more resistant to damage and intense thermal effects and more convenient in cleaning than ordinary enamel. There is also an antibacterial and biocramic coating.

Operating modes and additional functions.

In different furnaces there are different additional modes and functions, it depends on the specific model. The most common program of automatic warming up, which are created for a certain type of product. Some models have a function with the possibility of drawing up their own program and entering it to memory. Some models of microwave ovens are equipped with special double boots.

Note: residents and St. Petersburg microwaves with grilled, microwave stoves solo and any other models can be selected in the online store-store-designed.

For commercial cooperation and advertising, write to the editor of the Kosmetichka portal.ru.

How is the amount of information about the size

Knowing the size, it will be much more convenient to decide on the choice of microwave in the store. This information will help narrow the search circle to a minimum. It will also help to choose the functionality. If we are talking about mini-prints, then you should not hope for convection and grill in them. Details simply will not fit into the device.

What affects the size of the microwave: dimensions and functionality

The first thing the size of the microwave affects is, of course, power. There is no need to put a magnetic emitter with a high voltage in a small device. This will be fraught with overheating and distorting the cooking mode. Large models allow you to install high.power magnetron, arrange additional grill and convection installations in them.

Dimensions play a subjective role, which depends on the preferences of the buyer himself. Industrial food production enterprises choose microwaves of huge sizes that contain several hundred liters to speed up the process of work. Some prefer more compact models, others pay attention only to the design. You can always find the best option for yourself, which is suitable for all requirements and will be a good assistant in the kitchen. The manufacturer must be chosen last, the LG microwave may not have sufficient functionality, which was previously approved by the buyer.

Caring for this category of microwave furnaces is not difficult. It is enough to rub the device camera after use in a timely manner. Ordinary detergents are suitable for cleaning. After cleaning, you need to leave the door open for drying.

Despite the small dimensions, this model has a chamber with a volume of 20 liters and a 25 cm rotary table. The largest working capacity is 800 watts. The maximum support for microwaves is 800 watts. The model is controlled by touch buttons, for convenience there is a multifunctional display. Preparation/warming parameters can be installed in manual or automatic mode. For the latter, 9 programs are provided, 3 for each function

Watch the video “TOP-5 inexpensive microwaves (2019)”

Features of the use of microwave stoves solo

Experts advise using special dishes and containers for heating dishes in microwave pumps Solo. Such dishes are sold separately. The device is wiped inside after heating or defrosting products. Otherwise, the formed fat and condensate will remain on the internal coating of the furnace. Standard detergents, powders are suitable for cleaning. After cleaning, it is necessary to give the device to dry, and it is again ready for use.

Important! When heated and defrosting, experts recommend covering the dishes with a special plastic lid so that the heated dish does not “explode” inside.

Solo microwave ovens since the appearance of the appearance have not changed functionally. The capacities have changed, some technical characteristics. But many users need only the performance of the simplest functions from such devices. heating dishes and defrosting products. Solo microwaves do perfectly with these tasks.

Limited functionality, the need to check food in order to avoid overheating, the loss of many useful properties due to the use of ultra-frequency radiation-the disadvantages of such furnaces. Budget price, exclusion of burning during heating, simplicity and speed of use, reliability, durability of devices. their advantages.



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