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What is the difference between Elos and laser hair removal

Elos Epilation or Laser: which is better?

Elos. This is an abbreviation from “Electro-Optical Synergy”, which literally translates as “electro-optical synergy”. As stated, the basis of the ELOS-epilation method is the simultaneous effect of two types of energy: optical and electrical. The name is beautiful, but what is “Elos Pretulation” actually? Let’s figure it out!

The term “optical energy” does not exist. This refers to light energy. over, in Elos. epilators, a lamp. flashes are used, that is, Elos is a type of photoepilation. This technology has nothing to do with lasers and it is impossible to call Elos an epilation with a variety of laser hair removal.

Lamp-the flash cannot produce light only of a certain wavelength, like a laser. In other words, Elos Epalator is a photoepalator, or a broadband light source. The only advantage of photo epilators over lasers is only their low price, since production does not use expensive crystals, optics, and energy transmission systems. A photoepalator is just a powerful lamp placed in a special manipula (is in the hand of the operator). The output is closed by a special filter that cuts off the ultraviolet part of the Spectra lamp (it is very dangerous for the skin). The cost of such a device can be only a few hundred dollars.

In the lasers, the entire energy of the device at the output is a powerful directed light of one wavelength. Thanks to this, laser energy can penetrate deep into the skin.

The lamp. the flash, on the contrary, gives a large amount of parasitic radiation, since most of it does not reach the hair follicle. And all this energy simply warms the skin hard.

Another serious problem of the “optical energy” of the elos epilator is the lack of a directed light, which can only be given by a laser. The light of the light lamp is randomly reflected from the walls of the manipula and enters the skin at different angles. And only its insignificant part is strictly perpendicular. And the skin of a person very strongly disperses radiation, and the larger the angle of inclination, the less energy can penetrate deeper than the epidermis.

And the latter about the optical component of the Elos epilator. Even that part of Spectra, which has the required wavelength (from 1 μm), and at the same time directed perpendicular to the skin, nevertheless, it is unlikely to reach the hair follicle. Why? The fact is that the energy of the lamp-rush is the total energy of all the lengths of the waves that it generates. And only some of its small part will remain for the share of “useful”. In addition, Elos manufacturers say that their device has lower energy than analogues.

In our opinion, the optical part of “synergy” gives only the heating of the surface of the skin. Hair heats up only in its very upper part. In other words, in front of us is a deep shaving, but not the removal of a hair follicle.

Types of lasers for hair removal: Pros and minuses

Laser devices used in cosmetology to get rid of unwanted vegetation are characterized by laser types. Types of lasers, in turn, differ in the length of the generated waves. The longer the wave, the greater the depth of penetration and the most positive effect. At the same time, all varieties of laser for hair removal have their pros and cons that are important to carefully study

Rubine laser

The ruby ​​laser is considered the most obsolete among all options used today. In it, the pulse frequency is 694 nm, 3 ms is valid on the skin of such a pulse, while the power is 40. 60 J/cm2.

difference, elos, laser, hair

Rubin laser can be removed only dark hairs on light skin. Lighter hair rods does not allow destroying the wavelength and insufficient power. If you use a ruby ​​laser on dark skin, the risk of edema and pigmentation increases.

elōs Plus Laser Hair Removal

The main advantages of such a variety of laser:

lack of pain and discomfort in some areas;

New hairs become much thinner and paler.

High risks of hyperpigmentation and edema.

Alexander’s laser

In the multidisciplinary clinic “Medial”, the laser hair removal procedure is carried out using the Alexander Candela Alexander Lazer. The clinic is equipped with modern Candela Gentlelaase, which allows you to get rid of unwanted hairline quickly, painlessly, effectively.

The Alexander’s laser generates long waves. 725 nm, the frequency of repetition of impulses is 1. 2 Hz. It removes dark, thick hair rods well, if the patient’s skin is bright, the action of Alexandrite becomes even more effective.

Since laser radiation is characterized by high power, the equipment used for hair removal is equipped with a cooling system. Alexandrite does not remove blond hair, but can be used by the skin with a light tanning. To completely stop the growth of unwanted hairline, you will need to carry out 5. 10 procedures. The interval between sessions at first is 1.5. 3 months, then increases to 4-6 or more.

The main advantages of the Alexander Lazer:

There are few disadvantages of this type of laser. It is ineffective when removing thick and dark hair, after hair removal in sensitive areas, is rare, but still irritation may occur.

Diode laser

In such a laser, the wavelength is 800. 900 nm, the pulse duration is 30ms, the frequency is 1. 10 Hz. characteristics allow the procedure even on the skin with a strong tanning. Thermal exposure is carried out both on the pigment and on the vessels that feed the hair follicle. With the help of a diode laser, it will not be possible to get rid of gray hair, but it is easy to cope with light hairs.

If the hair is light, to achieve the desired effect, more sessions are required;

There is a slight discomfort in places with increased sensitivity: face, bikini zone, etc.

Neodymal laser

The duration of the impulse of the neodymium laser is 100 cm, the wavelength reaches 1064 nm. Laser waves of this length destroy not only hair follicles, but also have the effect of coagulation. Very often, neodymium installations are used to treat vascular stars on the skin, so the effect of hair removal is based on this. to disrupt the blood supply to the hair follicle and achieve its complete wiper. However, the power of such a laser is lower than that of all of the above, so the duration of the procedure and its effect is noticeably reduced.

It is able not only to remove an undesirable hairline, but also fights with rosacea, hyperpigmentation, has a rejuvenating effect;

Its epilation is carried out for any type of skin and hair color;

After the sessions, special care is not required.

Long rays cause pain in sensitive areas subjected to processing;

The process of dying of hair follicles after the procedure lasts 1.5. 2 weeks;

To achieve the desired effect, you need to attend several sessions.

Comparison of laser hair removal and electro.power

Unlike electro.power, laser is a non.invasive procedure. That is, it belongs to the types of exposure unbearable in the skin. Only the light of the laser falls into the hair follicle. This makes the procedure more hygienic and reduces the risk of infection, which exists in electro.power with an inappropriate method of disinfection of equipment. Electro.axial requires a very high level of skill from a specialist. The fact is that for the procedure you should set a lot of correct settings. Why the specialist should accurately understand:

  • What current settings will be effective in each case;
  • where the hair follicle is located, guided only by the position of the visible part of the hair.

In the case of laser hair removal, everything is simpler: all important parameters are in the visibility zone. Should:

Despite the process described above, you should not consider laser hair removal with a simple procedure. It has many features that specialists take into account. That is why laser hair removal cannot be carried out at home. However, the itself hair removal itself is much safer than electric power.

Most people who have chosen electro.power noted a high level of pain during the procedure. It recommends the use of local painkillers in front of it. However, they are far from always effective. In addition, due to a low processing rate (the needle needs to be carried out into each follicle and skip through it an electric current) the procedure can become emotionally traumatic for the patient.

Parameter Laser hair removal ElectroePilation
The time of the invention 1997 (start of sales of the first commercial cosmetic laser). First used in 1875.
Risks Irritation, redness, itching. Some lasers, for example, Alexander, can lead to burns. Long healing. Scars. Dark spots. The effect of “orange crust” on the skin. Efficiency critically depends on the experience of a specialist. The risk of infection infections (including HIV) with improper disinfection of the apparatus.
Contraindications Pregnancy. All types of tumors. Reception of steroids and products that increase photosensitivity. The presence of a fresh tan. The presence of changes in skin pigmentation. The presence of electronic stimulants of the heart and brain. Pregnancy. All types of tumors. The presence of metal implants in the processing area.
Time between procedures for the average patient 3-6 weeks. 2. 4 weeks.
Effectiveness for the average patient Hair removal forever. Hair removal forever.
The level of pain Short. Tall. The use of anesthesia is necessary. Often. injection.
The speed of processing High (processing zone depends on the chosen laser). Low (5. 15 hairs per minute).
Zones of use Everywhere. Everywhere except the inner surface of the ears and the inner surface of the nose.
Efficiency for different types of hair and skin effective for dark hair. Effective for any shades of skin and hair.

Laser hair removal is a newer and more modern way to get rid of unwanted hair. A lower risk is associated with him. However, it is not suitable for everyone. ElectroePilation is a more old and well.known method that allows you to remove hair regardless of its color and shade of the skin. However, it is associated with great risks and temporary costs for the procedure. Before choosing a suitable way of removing hair in any case, you should consult a specialist.

Comparative laser table and Elos epilation

Comparison parameter Laser hair removal Elos epilation
Price Average. High.
Efficiency High: removes both dark and blond hair (when using a diode laser). High: removes both dark and blond hair.
The speed of the procedure A little longer (for example, for processing the armpits zone takes 15 minutes). A little faster (for example, for processing the armpits zone takes 10 minutes).
Soreness Low: the client feels only a light tingling. High: recommended the use of pain relief.
Contraindications Pregnancy; Oncological diseases; Change in skin pigmentation; Damage and skin diseases in the epilation zone; Taking antibiotics, steroids, etc. Pregnancy; Oncological diseases; Change in skin pigmentation; Damage and skin diseases in the epilation zone; Taking antibiotics, steroids, etc.
Number of procedures for the average patient 6. 8. 5. 10.
The possibility of conducting a procedure at home Not. There are, but the effectiveness of home models is much lower than the salon.
Cooling system Double (tip on the device and a special cooling gel). Only a cooling gel.

Both methods have established themselves as effective ways to remove unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is less painful and more affordable. Elos-epillation requires less time to carry out the procedure, but more of them. In any case, before choosing a suitable procedure, you should definitely consult a specialist.


Oh, this sweet, sticky, sugar shugaring! There is clearly something in this! Resembles chocolate or honey wraps, but exactly until the moment when the cosmetologist, devotedly looking into your eyes, tears hair from the poor body. Hand skin, legs- ok! But an intimate area! Tears from the eyes. And not so sweet).

1 is an endless story. You lose your hair for 2 weeks and again all over again, because hair is removed, and the hair bulb remains in place. 2 It really hurts.

Comparison of methods

Lazer energy transformed into heat destroys the hair follicle.

Laser beam affects only the hair, t.to. The skin contains too little melanin and the laser “does not see it”.

Affects the skin around, t.to. The luminous flux is not narrow.

Shows effectiveness on blond hair

The number of the required procedures

The procedure is comfortable. During the session, light warmth and tingling are felt

A rather painful procedure due to the exposure of an electric pulse on follicles

Redness of the skin, which passes in a few hours

Light redness passes within a few hours

During a couple of days, swelling of the hair follicle occurs, cone.shaped formations (papules) appear on the skin

Do not sunbathe 2 weeks to and 2 weeks after the procedure

Do not sunbathe 2 weeks to and 2 weeks after the procedure

Do not use a razor within 2 days after the procedure, so as not to damage the head of the protruding papule

In our clinics, you can get rid of unwanted hair with the help of a Alexander’s laser. the “gold standard” of laser hair removal. The high.tech system allows the procedure in the most delicate places, including in the Bikini zone and above the upper lip.

Carrying out the procedure in the clinic “Laser Doctor”

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What is ELOS hairpilation

Elos Epilation is an innovative technology for getting rid of excess vegetation. To achieve the result, wave and electric energy is used. It contributes to the complete destruction of the follicle. The effect is achieved due to heating of the tissue and energy transmission to the hair follicle.

In Russia, ELOS hair removal has existed in the cosmetic market for more than 10 years. Its wide popularity is determined by high efficiency, painlessness and safety.

Elos Elosa devices are equipped with a cooling system that minimizes all pain and uncomfortable sensations.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such a way of hair removal, like Elos Epilation, has a lot of advantages. The positive parties include the following:

  • Hairs do not grow into the skin.
  • Pain and uncomfortable sensations are practically absent.
  • Suitable for any skin type.
  • The risk of burns, pigmentation and irritation is significantly reduced.
  • It is allowed to carry out the procedure on sensitive skin.
  • At the time of the procedure, the skin is reliably protected.
  • Elos epilation apparatus is able to adapt to the type of skin and hair.
  • The procedure does not take much time.
  • Hair liquidation guarantee for a long period, in some cases it is possible to get rid of.
  • The technique allows for use on thin and bright hair.

elos Plus Laser Hair Removal | Rejuvenice

Despite all the advantages, Elos has a negative side of the Elos. These include:

  • The procedure will be completely ineffective in the presence of a hormonal failure in the body.
  • Relatively high cost.
  • The need for several sessions.
  • Ineffective during stress.

Elos of Elos does not have so many minuses. However, before going to the procedure, you need to familiarize yourself with the possible consequences and contraindications.

How many procedures are needed

One procedure reduces the amount of hair by approximately 10%. Hair loss begins, as a rule, on 4 days after epilation.

In most cases, sessions pass after 6 weeks, their number is from 5 to 10.

In some cases, more procedures may be required.

The duration of the course depends on which area to be removable, as well as on the type of skin and hair. The need for procedures is evaluated by a cosmetologist, while the further growth of hairs is taken into account.

How Elos Epilation differs from laser hair removal

These methods are aimed at removing unnecessary vegetation for a long time, but the principle of action of each is fundamentally different.

Elos Devices are equipped with a flash with a spray, which is why Elos is considered one of the types of photoepilation. Photoepilation has nothing to do with a laser for hair removal. Elos epilation devices are source of broadband light.

It is impossible to respond categorically which of the methods is better, since everyone has its own characteristics. Elos is considered a lesserly costly way, since more expensive components are used for the manufacture of laser equipment.

Laser eloos Earpulation of contraindications

This type of hair removal has a lot of contraindications:

  • Allergies to the light emitted by the device
  • The presence of metal plates in the body, stimulants or other foreign bodies
  • Hyperthermia
  • Diabetes
  • The passage of other laser procedures on the face 3 weeks before hair removal (contraindication when choosing Elos of face hair removal and Elos of hair removal)
  • The period of bearing a child and lactation
  • Severe diseases of internal organs
  • Tumor diseases
  • Weakening of the body’s immune system or HIV
  • System red lupus
  • Epilepsy
  • Hyperhidrosis

Differences from laser hair removal

The main difference between laser hair removal and Elos technology is the effectiveness of hair removal and the number of procedures necessary to achieve a satisfactory effect. Diode laser removes hair forever after a properly selected number of procedures, hair stops to grow.

Elos procedure allows you to effectively get rid of blond hair, which is impossible to conduct a laser. This method is so common that it can be used independently at home using special epilators available on the market, and in beauty salons.

Laser hair removal can only be performed by a specialist in a beauty salon. Laser waves always have the same length, so they affect only the hair and their paint, without harming other tissues around the epilized area.



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