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What is the difference between an oven and a gas stove

Which is better. a gas stove or a gas panel: criteria for comparing devices recommendations to customers

Neither specialists nor consumers can come to a consensus that a gas stove or a gas panel can come to a consensus. Each device has its own specific qualities and features that determine the most effective area of ​​use.

What’s Better? Gas or Electric Ranges

It is they that we will consider in all details, compare these devices among themselves according to criteria that are important when choosing a suitable gas.using equipment.

What is the difference between the stove and the panel?

The main difference between the stove and the hob in the design. At the stove block with burners and oven are a single whole. The hob consists only of thin, strong substrate and fireplace. But the oven in the set of equipment is not included. If desired, it can be purchased separately or not to purchase at all.

Large dimensions and bulky. the main disadvantages of gas plates. It is especially difficult to place devices in small rooms. It is necessary to reduce the number of floor cabinets and cabinets to free the required area for the unit for cooking.

Black hobs look very impressive. Gives the interior solidity and luxurious appearance. But it requires constant care, since dust particles, crumbs, drops of water, stains and fingerprints are clearly visible on the dark surface

Thin hobs are built into the countertop and do not “eat” a lot of useful space of the room. Even in a small kitchen, they are conveniently placed and make the process of creating everyday and festive dishes pleasant, light and comfortable. The room has more free space and the space does not look overloaded.

Slabs with a combined gas-electrical hob and an electric oven

Plates with a gas hob, on which one electric conform flaunts (less often two gas and two electric) is needed where gas, then electricity or, for example, when using gas cylinders (and suddenly gas ends). The joy is also that such a plate often does not require a special connection to a network with a voltage of more than 220 V: for example, if the power of an electric burner does not exceed 1.5 kW, and the power of both heating plants is 2 kW (a total of an electric stove has a total power consumption is two to three times higher), but, of course, the requirements for the network should be clarified for a specific model. As a rule, the hobs of such plates are covered with enamel, and the electric conform is a classic, but, alas, obsolete from all points of view “damn”, the only advantage of which is the ability to easily replace it in case of breakdown.

There are not very many such models. They are mainly designed for country houses where there are gas or gas cylinders are used. In case of gas supply problems, you can use an electric burner. Plates with a gas-electrical hob and gas oven are produced by Gefest, Flama, Beko, De Luxe, Ardo, Hansa, Ardesia. As a rule, such plates do not require a special electrical connection, because the power of one (less often two) electrical element is small.


Now you can buy plates of various dimensions. from narrow width only 50 cm to the “queens of the kitchen” 90–120 cm wide. These are mainly models of premium brands and stoves in the style of “retro”. Standard dimensions. 60×60 and 60×50, it is rarely possible to find plates with a depth of 50 cm.

There are three options for a gas or combined hob: enameled steel, stainless steel, hardened glass.

Gas on glass is fashionable, beautiful, spectacular. It is not difficult to clean. with special glass products. You can’t use abrasives: even if the glass is hardened, the scratches can form. I would like to pay attention that sometimes there is a coating of glass ceramics that looks like glass, but it costs more. The use of glass ceramics in gas hobs is unjustified. And in electric stoves, glass ceramics is good in that it has excellent thermal conductivity, there is a heating elements directly under it.

Stainless steel looks very worthy, technological, expensive, but also involves the use of special means to clean. Well, and the “fingers” on such a surface remain. this is a warning for a nap.

Stainless steel hob

If we talk about durability, then stainless steel and hardened glass are absolutely reliable. It is difficult to imagine how to try to break the glass hob.

Enameled coating is what we all grew up with, what we saw in our old plates and what is relevant now. The enamel looks simple, and, depending on the quality, it can be porous or become one from the use of aggressive “chemistry”. And being porous, it is difficult to wash and get dirty faster. Therefore, its aesthetic properties, let’s say, are medium, however, now you can find plates with brown, beige, black enamel. not necessarily white. But in fact, the only advantage of enamel is the low price.

Advantages and disadvantages of an electric oven

Electric oven are available from 7 liters to 50 liters of volume, with a capacity of 1 to 4 kW. If the heating elements are located around the perimeter (top, from below and on the sides), then heating will be uniform, which improves the taste of baking, casseroles, hot, stew and other dishes.

A smooth heating reduction after disconnecting creates the effect of the “Russian furnace” when the product “reaches” to readiness at the falling temperature.

Additional functions offered by manufacturers:

But what looks like a set of a hob and oven, you can see here.

In the video. a description of the electric oven:

Modern tools for cleaning the enamel surface of the oven facilitate the care:

  • catalytic (use of special linings absorbing fat);
  • pyrolytic (transformation of food residues into ashes under the influence of a temperature of 500 grams.).

The disadvantage of the electric cabinet is the high cost of electric energy.

Oven power on average 2-3 kW. The use of all heating sources in the oven for 1-2 hours will give a noticeable rise in the cost of utilities for a month with frequent use.

The electrical appliance can be included in the network only if there is grounding.

Otherwise, there is a risk of voltage, touching the body with the hand during the oven operation. To do this, in the kitchen you need to install a special outlet.

Slow heating belongs to the characteristics of the device. The appearance of models, built.in oven with microwaves allows you to accelerate the cooking process.

Electric furnaces, depending on the functionality and trademark, can be purchased at a price of 2000 to 10,000

You can also be interested in information about how an independent electric oven may look and which gas column may look better.

What is better to choose: comparison and differences of the wind and gas stove

The attitude to gas and electric ovens for part of the home cooks is polar: some prefer only a gas oven, others. electric.

Kukhovars with a neutral attitude to both devices, if necessary, will have to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of the ovens, as well as additional costs when installing:

  • If gas is summed up in the kitchen, then you can purchase either gas or electrical appliances. In this case, it is necessary to weigh the costs of payment for gas or electricity. Safety for family members, especially if there are children or elderly persons.
  • In cases where frequent use of the oven is a need, the owner (hostess) must determine which type of heating is better: for pies. electric, for hot. gas.
  • If the oven is rarely used, then you need to purchase the one that will be less than the installation trouble and it will cost cheaper.

When choosing a particular equipment, it is worth paying your attention to how function a built.in electric oven with a microwave.

  • The absence of gas in the kitchen means only one choice. an electric cabinet. This applies not only to city apartments, but also by suburban, country houses.
  • If you want to use a microwave oven, it makes sense to purchase an electric cabinet combined with the microwave. But how is the arrangement of the corner kitchen in a small kitchen, you can see here.

The pros and cons of gas and electric cabinets, first of all, concern three aspects: the cost of acquisition, maintenance, safety.

But what are the size of the cabinets for the built.in dishwasher by 45 cm, it is indicated in great detail here.


It is traditionally believed that gas ovens due to the use of natural gas and open fire are more dangerous than electric. In fact, modern models of gas oven cabinets have a multifactor security system, which reduces the likelihood of a fire to zero. Gas supply sensors very carefully control the supply of gas, automatically blocking it when the fire disappeared. Another important aspect is good ventilation, which should ensure the abduction of combustion products.

The safety of the operation of electric admiration is directly related to its correct connection. the correct choice of the cross.section of the cable and grounding, as mentioned above. Despite the high temperature, thermal insulation is provided in the oven, so that the risk of getting a burn, touching the outer surface of the oven, is minimal. However, when buying an built.in electric cabinet model, it is worth making sure that the furniture can withstand an elevated temperature. In fact, the level of safety of oven cabinets. both electric and gas. the same.


Safety is directly related to a very important requirement. accurate compliance by the user with the order of use of the oven, which is described in the instructions for operation.

See also. choosing a compact desktop vessel


According to this parameter, gas ovens look more preferable than electric, because the main gas is cheaper than electricity. However, this difference is not very noticeable if you use the oven rarely. But with the frequent use of electric duch, which consumes from 2 to 7 kW of electricity for the preparation cycle, this difference in favor of the gas oven becomes especially pronounced.

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The advantages and disadvantages of the gas oven


The most important plus of the gas oven is hidden in the simplicity of its use.

This technique has an intuitive control panel with which it is easy to interact with both children and older people.

In addition, gas operating devices are more durable than electrical models. After all, there are no heating elements in them who can fail in a few years later.

Here are a few more reasons why you should choose this technique:

  • standard its volume exceeds the volume of the electrical device;
  • The air inside the working chamber heats up faster than in a model operating from electricity;
  • If the light suddenly goes out, a delicious dinner will not stop preparing.


The main minus of the oven operating on gas is a minimum set of functions built into it.

And if you add to this the fact that this technique is more expensive than other models, the plus “does not know” to maintain heat for a long time, then the thoughts of buying a gas oven no longer seem so attractive.

The temperature of the heating of the gas oven is always determined approximately, and electric cabinets allow you to set its exact value.

Advantages and disadvantages of an electric oven cabinet


Reference! An electric oven. an improved and safer prototype of a gas model, which has a large number of cool and really useful functions.

Accordingly, even a novice cook or culinary specialist, with all its “big” desire, will not be able to spoil the dish in such a closet.

In addition, most electric ovens “know” to independently get rid of fat, as they are equipped with a “pyrolytic cleaning” function.


The main disadvantage of the electric cabinet is its energy consumption. After all, the cost of 1 kW of electricity is higher than the cost of 1 m3 of gas.

Note! However, if the device has to be used irregularly, then the cost of its operation will be small.

The higher the class of the electric cabinet, the less it consumes electricity.

Also, the minuses of devices operating on electricity include their high “dependence” on voltage jumps.

And if you do not install a special protective shutdown device in advance, then you can not only disable the equipment, but also become a “part” of the short circuit circuit.

The difficulty of mastering the touch control panel is an unobvious minus.

It is important only if such a device has to use children or pensioners.

Combined devices

Despite the fact that there is a division into gas and electric oven cabinets. Manufacturers manage to combine them into unified devices. As a rule, special equipment from electric cabinets (grill, convection), as well as sensory control and a number of related functions are installed in gas devices. For example, automatic control of the power of the gas heater, unique automatic programs and a variety of timers that allow you to configure the program time and automatically turn off the gas heater. But a more serious combination of gas and electrical devices is sold in combined plates, which have both gas and electric burners. In any case, the choice remains with you.

Oven Kuppersberg RC699BOR Bronze

Economic factor

In the context of savings, the choice falls on gas equipment, since gas is much cheaper than electricity.

  • If the gas meter is not installed in your apartment, then such a plate will be significantly more profitable.
  • The time during which the gas stove can be used much exceeds that which is assigned to the operation of the electric model.

Electric plates are extremely disadvantageous in economic terms. This can be judged on the basis of the following facts:

If we determine which oven is better from the point of view of savings, gas or electric, then a gas oven always gets an advantage. An electric stove consumes extremely a lot of electricity, and if you have a large family, this is completely not profitable.

The equipment of the ovens

When choosing an oven, an important criterion is the presence of certain functions.

Gas ovens have the following set of parameters:

Electric slabs boast of a wider equipment, which may include:

  • Heat supply distribution function.
  • Built.in timer to track cooking time.
  • The function of the turbogril.
  • Introduced function of automatic defrosting of products.
  • Automated process of control over the readiness of the dish and automatic temperature adjustment.
  • The ability to choose a mode for preparing a standard set of dishes.
  • Self.cleaning function.

When resolving a dilemma, which oven is better equipped, gas or electric, undoubtedly wins the second option. But this does not mean that the gas stove is worse, since most of the bells and whistles are rarely used in practice.

The electric oven is equipped with drawback mechanisms

Problems with gas stovetops | weak, dirty and dangerous

Hob and built.in oven. a modern solution for the kitchen

All articles about kitchen equipment contain illustrations with modern kitchen design. Of course, everyone who sees these photos wants his home to be just as beautiful. In general, it is the moment of beauty and style that determines the choice of hobs and built.in ovens.

  • Compactness. The hob takes up much less space than a gas stove
  • The choice of space is unlimited
  • The oven can be purchased at will. That is, if you do not need it, then the place under the panel can be determined under an additional cabinet
  • Of course, the hob is beautiful. For example, Gefest hobs fit perfectly into any interior
  • Full independence of the hob from the oven. You can arrange it, where the soul wants, which, of course, is a huge plus
  • Lack of cracks and gaps that always interfere with general cleaning

There are a lot of advantages, right? However, it should be noted that the disadvantages of the hobs are available:

  • When replacing a conventional gas stove with a hob, you will need an additional cabinet
  • Furniture should be equipped with good ventilation
  • If you plan to install both the hob and oven, then you will need two gas hoses, the presence of which must be agreed in the corresponding authorities
  • The high cost of both the panels and cabinets themselves, and the work being implemented

Actually, there is no conclusion as such. As they say: “Think for yourself, decide for yourself”. However, I would like to note that from an aesthetic point of view and if there are money, it is better to choose a modern technique that will 100% cope with all the duties assigned to it.

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Hob and oven: pluses compared to a solid plate

The ability to raise the oven higher

This has a positive effect on the level of ergonomics of the kitchen. It is much more convenient to use the oven located so that it does not have to bend or squat in front of it. This aspect is especially important if older people use the kitchen and with disabilities.

With a monolithic slab, the kitchen is devoid of this convenience.

By the way, the optimal height of the oven location is as follows: the upper edge of the device (usually the control panel is located here). at eye level or slightly lower. If the oven is higher, it is already becoming unsafe.

Many believe that the ability to mount the oven at the most acceptable height is the main advantage of separate solution.

Built.in and, as a result, the absence of gaps

Between the stove and nearby cabinets, even the minimum, but the distance that moisture, fat, particles of food can fall, often remains. So that the dirt does not accumulate there, the stove must be periodically put forward to clean the sidewalls and gender. With the built.in elements of such care.

The ability to vary the size of the components in accordance with individual needs

If in four burners there is no need, you can install a mini-panel of three, two or even one burner, thereby increasing the area of ​​the working surface. In this case, the oven can be full.size.

Or vice versa: if the family needs a lot of burners, and the oven from two or three compartments is not required-you can buy a large hob and a standard or even compact oven. This will take significantly less space in the kitchen compared to a whole multi.controversial plate.

The ability to smash the components in different zones of the kitchen

This nuance can be important if the kitchen is often prepared together. While one is at the hob, the second is on duty near the oven. This eliminates congestion and makes the kitchen more comfortable and ergonomic.

If the oven is rarely used. there is no need to have it in the “hot” zone (that is, where the main work takes place. where they cut, month, boil, fried, wash). You can send it away. to the low.powered angle.

Lack of thermal discomfort while cooking on the stove and in the oven

When something is baked in the oven of the plate, standing near the hob is not very nice. Legs in the immediate vicinity of a hot furnace. what’s good here? It is better if the hot oven is a little to the side. where they do not stand and do not sit for a long time.

Simplification of replacement or repair during breakdown

If something is out of order in the stove, you will have to change or take the entire structure to the service. This can complicate life or significantly hit the Separate devices are easier: if there is not a temporary hob, you can cook in the oven, and vice versa. And in the case of a fatal breakdown you will have to change one thing, and not all at once.

However, it is worth noting that technically replacing the plate is usually easier than the built.in component.

The ability to easily maintain the cleanliness of the oven in the presence of a self.cleaning function

Not all plates have catalytic and even more pyrolytic cleaning. And in separate electrical cabinets, such an option is usually present.

Alisten Kitchen slab: pluses

The combined option also has its advantages.

traditional species

This is important if the kitchen is decorated in retro, vintage, classic style.


As a rule, the plates have a lower cost compared to built.in components (within the same price category).

All cooking functions in one place

If mainly one prepares one, often using both the hob and oven at the same time, the closest arrangement of these elements can be more convenient as possible. No need to burst and run from one end of the kitchen to the other. I mixed here, looked here. everything is in sight and full control.

Saving on furniture

There is no need to order a special cabinet for the oven. No need to cut a piece in the countertop and have a cabinet under the hob.

Like it or not, but a separate slab has more pluses than a solid. However, traditional plates have many admirers. Because it is Oldskul, familiar, reliable and solid. By and large, the choice between the options under consideration is just a matter of taste. Choose what the soul lies to and you will not be mistaken.



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