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What is the difference between a Dyson and an ordinary hair dryer

reasons to buy a hair dryer for 10,000

recently, the British company Dyson announced the release of an unprecedented beauty-gadget. an innovative hair dryer Dyson Supersonic, loud epithets which resulted in a considerable price. 400! Than this “The Rolls-Royce of hot styling Different from its thousands of counterparts, and whether the money spent on it is worth it?

Dyson is a company created by the world famous inventor James Dyson. It was he who invented and mass produced the now-familiar “cyclones” and automatic hand dryers, and is now busy perfecting the vacuum cleaner-robot, the creation of an iron-robot and a revolutionary washing machine with two cylinders. Meanwhile, his skilful hands have reached such a simple, but absolutely indispensable beauty-gadget as a hair dryer. James claims to be “has thought of every function and detail” and created a hair dryer that is completely different from the others. For all the hair dryers created before., “too noisy, bulky and heavy, plus they damage the hair with too hot air”!

Research and testing

It took four years and £50 million for the 103 experts to develop the device and study its effects on the hair structure in their own purpose-built laboratory. It took a lot of hair, too. more than 1.5 thousand. km! The 600 prototypes turned out to be imperfect, and only the 601 rewarded the efforts of the developers and was released for sale. 600 patents registered during the development process!

Heating temperature

This hair dryer eliminates the possibility of overheating the hair: the temperature of the outgoing airflow is constantly monitored, and more specifically, measured by 20 (!) times per second! It took a lot of effort for the Dyson team to find the perfect drying temperature. Studies have shown that the negative effects on hair start at 150° Celsius. This heat is normally encountered in long drying cycles. With constant temperature control, Dyson Supersonic constantly and automatically cools down below dangerous levels. So there is no damage to the hair’s keratin, appearance or health!

3.Power and speed of drying

Rated at 1600 watts, it delivers an airflow of 41 liters per second. The longer we dry our hair, the more it suffers. The intense and perfectly controlled airflow makes the drying process as fast as possible. With Dyson Air Multiplier technology (20° airflow), it has three times the power of the airflow. So even at low temperatures, the Dyson Supersonic dries hair three times faster than its competitors.

Hair care

The hairdryer is fast and efficient with its smart nozzles, great temperature balance and high wattage. It does not even need any special styling products (especially those that smooth and fill the hair structure, making it shiny and smooth. the hairdryer does it all by itself). And most importantly, there is no need to use an additional iron. over, the function “negative ions.” it allows you to remove static electricity.


By reducing the size of the motor and transferring it to the hair dryer handle, this device looks quite different from its fellows. And the main thing. allows you to easily dry the back of your head and other hard-to-reach places, keep it as close to the roots of hair and not to fatigue your hands! It weighs much less than usual, weighing only 618 r, and measures 24.5 x 7.8 x 9.7 cm. It is really light and easy to use, as everyone who was lucky enough to try it out says in one voice. That’s all the more surprising with so much power. Usually it is reflected in the size of the motor, and the actual hair dryer. But Dyson invented a motor that’s half the size of an average hair dryer, but is 8 times more powerful!

The nozzles

The nozzles are a particular source of pride! Sixteen patents were registered during their development. As a result, the hair dryer comes with three attachments. Dyson’s conventional styling nozzle with Heat Shield technology separates the hot air stream with a layer of cold air and keeps it at a safe temperature. The concentrator nozzle with directional nozzle allows you to dry each curl individually. The diffuser nozzle diffuses air around each curl, creating a natural simulation drying pattern that is ideal for fast, curly hair. And best of all, all nozzles are magnetic, which means no problems with fixing or changing!


The dryer is controlled with only 4 buttons. You can choose from 3 speeds (quick drying, standard drying and styling) and one of 4 temperature settings (100°C for quick drying and styling, 80°C for standard drying, 60°C for gentle drying and 28°C for cooled flow).


To clean the filter, you just need to turn it and remove it. The filter is not in the back of the base of the hair dryer, but on the bottom of the handle, so there is no risk of hair getting sucked into it and breaking.

For professionals

For the convenience of using the hair dryer in beauty salons specially provides an extended cord 2.7 m (standard version. 1,8 м).

One more important point. Dyson Supersonic runs quietly! A whole department of aeroacoustics developed an impeller of the engine with two “superfluous” blades which minimized noise. There is a slight hum that allows the technician to talk to customers, and in the home. will not interfere with listening to music or watch a movie.

It will be available in September. The price is approximately 400 or 12 thousand dollars. UAH. Dyson’s Ukrainian website has no information about the sales launch date for the new product at the moment.

Dyson Supersonic review: what a 35,000 hairdryer can do

Problem 1: weak airflow

To quote the release, “Traditional hair dryers often provide either weak airflow or, conversely, too strong, uncontrollable. The Dyson Supersonic delivers a powerful, targeted airflow at a 20° angle, which is gentle and thorough to dry and style your hair.


Dyson Supersonic in our hands and ready for testing

From the subjective experience, yes, the airflow coming out of the Dyson Supersonic is more powerful (at maximum and even at medium), and more concentrated than from all my hair dryers. According to the manufacturer, it is 13 liters per second and the flow width is 27 mm. The Dyson Supersonic has a maximum power consumption of 1600 watts. That’s as much as most road and “regular” hair dryers, but the efficiency is certainly higher. My “normal” professional hair dryer consumes 1680-2000 watts, and there are a lot of professional models with 2200 and 2400 watts. That is, the Dyson Supersonic is more economical than most professional “counterparts.

Now for the 20° angle that was announced. According to Dyson experts, the air flow directed at this angle helps to smooth and adhere to the scales that make up the hair, so they do not frizz, but smooth out, so the hair is more shiny. If you hold the hair dryer vertically at the head, the hair comes out at just this angle. Hard to say here: everyone has a different way of holding their hair dryer. I like to tilt my head down and blow on the roots for volume. How my scales are doing. I don’t know.

Problem 2: Hair dryers get sucked in at the air intake

Indeed, the design of the Dyson Supersonic eliminates this. No torn or damaged hair, no clogging of the hair dryer grid. This problem is solved by a really unique design for a hair dryer: the company has patented Dyson Air Multiplier technology to amplify air movement and is successfully used in its climate equipment. fan, fan heater, humidifier. The air is drawn in from below (there are air intake holes in the handle, closed by a removable filter), and at the outlet, passing through the slotted holes of the circular contour of the hair dryer, it turns into a powerful stream of air.

Problem 3: regular dryers are heavy, and they make your hand tired

The Dyson Supersonic is claimed to be very lightweight. Without attachments it weighs 630 grams, my travel dryer is lighter than it but not as powerful, and my professional one is no heavier, but most professional dryers are indeed heavier. But to be fair, we must say that now on the market you can find compact and even travel models with the characteristics of professional hair dryers. But Dyson Supersonic is more comfortable to use. The thing is that you don’t feel vibration, and the center of gravity (the location of the motor) is in the handle, not in the body of the hair dryer. Let’s compare: in a regular hair dryer all the weight is on the widest part of the body, and we hold the hair dryer by a relatively thin handle, we have to strain our hand to hold the device (this does not apply to hair-brushes, which also have a motor in the handle). If you use a hair dryer for a few minutes. it’s not critical, but for professional stylists the difference should be tangible.

Compared to another professional hair dryer

Problem 4: Regular hair dryers are too noisy

We measured the noise level of the Dyson Supersonic and the other two hair dryers with a noise meter under the same conditions, with little background noise and keeping the dryers at the same distance from the noise meter. To our surprise, the Dyson Supersonic results were the same as the conventional models: 63-64 dB at the minimum, and 69-70 dB at the maximum. Why this is strange? Because the Dyson Supersonic feels quieter. Dyson engineers claim that we only hear the sound of the airflow, but not the noise of the tiny but powerful V9 engine, because they increased the number of blades on the motor impeller to get a frequency that’s not perceptible to the human ear. It’s hard to verify this statement, but it’s a fact: the hair dryer makes a different noise, instead of the hum and roar it feels more like a muffled whistle, similar to the sound of a strong draught.

Problem 5: Regular dryers overheat your hair

Of course, it depends on how the hair dryer is used (a safe distance of 20-30 cm from the hair is not observed by all) and on the mode selected. in sufficiently advanced models there are from 8 to 12 combinations of temperature and airflow intensity. Here the “trick” is in the temperature accuracy: you can choose from 4 options: 28, 60, 80 or 100 ºC, and the hair dryer will maintain the selected parameter.

DysonSupersonic hair dryer. one step ahead of peers

If you type “Dyson hair dryer” into the search box, you’ll see a state-of-the-art device for drying and styling hair with an intelligent temperature control system. The hair dryer’s main aim is to dry hair without exposing it to extremely high temperatures. Professional stylists and women have probably heard about this Dyson diamond, which has nothing in common with its counterparts.

Every commercial of the hair mask and balm speaks about the dangers of a hair dryer, but after getting acquainted with this device, the marketers will have to think up something new. The main advantages of the Dyson Supersonic include:

  • The Digital Motor V9 is a super-powerful motor that blows powerful air into your hair for instant drying;
  • balanced weight and ergonomic shape for maximum comfort without straining the wrist
  • intelligent temperature control system that measures the temperature 40 times per second, transmitting data to the microprocessor at lightning speed. The result of the sophisticated action is perfectly smooth and shiny hair without thermal burns;
  • Wide choice of magnetic hair extensions, adapted to the different needs of the user. They lock in easily, creating a smooth rotating motion;
  • a guard grille mounted on the handle to prevent hair from getting caught in the mechanism.

In the device is thought out all the details, and a striking confirmation of this are the double walls of the nozzle, which will save your hands from burns during its replacement. There are several nozzles, and this is the main reason for the similarity of the hair dryer with the styler:

  • the classic nozzle for drying and styling;
  • The concentrator nozzle for creating waves of air and, as a result, perfectly smooth hair;
  • Diffuser for better curls;
  • the nozzle for drying thin and brittle hair, which is suitable for people with sensitive scalps.

After getting acquainted with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, you can take a closer look at its differences from the styler and talk about the great features of the device.

General comparison

difference, dyson, hair, dryer

If you are thinking about buying a device for hair care, we offer you a small summary:

  • the hair dryer is suitable for drying and styling. Indispensable for everyday hair care, it is used by women, men and children;
  • the styler dries and helps to make the styling of any complexity. A huge selection of nozzles allows you to cope with any task quickly and safely;
  • straightener. with it curly or wavy hair will become smooth and shiny. Indispensable for preparing the hair to create hairstyles and stylish styles.

Knowing these basics makes it easy to find the right, useful gift.

Dyson Supersonic Consumer vs Professional Edition Review 2020 | Gracelyn Maria

Dyson Hair Stylers and Dryers: what makes them so good?

It seems impossible to style your hair without too much heat, but Dyson has proven the opposite. Their products are known worldwide for the most caring effect on the hair. With Dyson hair dryers and stylers, curls get the shape you want, not because of high temperatures, but because of special technologies implemented with the latest advances in science. Online store “Stylus” found out if you should buy the brand products?

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. What’s changed in three years of use

Dyson Supersonic hair dryers appeared a long time ago. In the meantime, I think everyone who wanted to has got to know them and made their own impressions about the convenience / inconvenience of the model. My review for those who are wondering how the hair dryer behaves over a long period of time, is it bad or good for the hair, what new things have been invented at Dyson for these hair dryers.

I can’t say that I wanted a futuristic (at the time) Dyson Supersonic hair dryer immediately after it appeared on the Russian market. Not interested in the range of hair dryers, being satisfied with my two helpers. a regular Philips hair dryer and a Philips hair dryer-brush.

However, when my Philips hair dryer, which was 8 years old, started to malfunction (it started making rattling noises, which suggested that it might not be as good as it used to be :-)), I started to leisurely explore the options to replace it with.

I have read several posts, watched many videos with reviews on the Dyson hair dryer. I found all of them interesting, but not enough to spend 29.990 on the family budget for a hairdryer, when they had great examples on sale for 6.000. It wasn’t until I tried it in the store that I realized how much I needed it, and wrote a letter to Santa Claus 🙂

An important argument in favor of the purchase was the release by the brand for the New Year 2018 limited edition with covers (3 colors to choose from). Previously hair dryers were available without covers.

Since then the new colors have become a good tradition, so from time to time not only the hair dryers themselves, but also the covers for them in different shades are issued. For example, nowadays a very beautiful red hair dryer in a red case is relevant. There are other interesting combinations.

The case is really good. Tight, good protection for the hair dryer. Closes magnetically. Stitched with pink thread.

The case holds a hair dryer with its long cord (almost 3 meters) and two nozzles. For traveling case is not suitable. too heavy (700 g) and bulky, but for home storage is very convenient. I have it on an open shelf and it hasn’t changed in 3 years. Nothing cracked, scratched or peeled off. Only the inner velvet got a little dusty.

There are now on sale and just covers, without hair dryers. Periodically come out in different colors. But it is better, of course, to buy a set.

(1) Usability, which is as follows:

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer vs. regular Conair

Speaking of attachments. In my kit, there are three: the diffuser nozzle is designed for drying curly hair (I put it in the box, it is not relevant to me), and two similar to each other nozzle-concentrator. For quick drying I use the widest one (or I dry without no nozzles at all), for styling I use the narrower one.

(2) The quality of materials and workmanship.

It’s very pleasant to hold the hair dryer in my hands. It is not only the plastic that feels good, but also the solid construction. I put it on top of everything, and it doesn’t make a peep, and it doesn’t vibrate.

After using it for a long time, I can confidently say that the materials are durable and hard-wearing. First of all, the body itself has not changed in any way (no scratches, no damage from styling products), and secondly, the nozzles are surprisingly strong. Several times while drying, I hit a doorjamb with the nozzle on the hair dryer. It did 🙂 The nozzles fell on the bottom of the tub or on the tiled floor. For this reason, several of my past hair dryers have been “dressed” in duct tape in the middle of their lives 🙂 Not only have the Dyson nozzles not cracked, they are not even scratched.

It’s really high. I rarely used to blow dry hair immediately after washing it. I used to let it dry naturally for about 20-30 minutes and then I would just blow-dry it a little bit to give it some shape. With Dyson I changed that and now I blow dry/style my hair immediately after towel drying. Except for the application of non-washable care and styling products, a simple drying process takes 5 minutes. With a brushing dry, 15 minutes.

ЗA noticeable improvement over the old Philips. I have spongy hair that tends to frizz when blow-dried without a brush. The Dyson, even without the heads and brush, somehow makes them smoother. With extensions, the smoothing effect is even more pronounced, which gives owners of long, straight hair reason to say that the hair dryer can replace the iron.

By that I mean that, firstly, the choice of modes makes it easy to see which combination is right for you; and, secondly, the buttons are well fixed in the chosen position and do not switch accidentally.

There are two buttons on the handle: an on/off lever and cold air button.

There are two more buttons on the head of the hair dryer. A button with a fan icon adjusts the flow rate. There are three steps, and I only use the first. The second button, with a red dot, sets the temperature. Here you have four options: cool air (the temperature is off) and a gradual rise in temperature by pressing a button.

When the three lights are lit, the hair dryer works at maximum power and heats at maximum temperature.

I use minimum power and minimum temperature (sometimes medium, but never maximum). The airflow in three-point mode is so strong that it blows heavy bottles and tubes off the shelves in the bathroom.

With all of these Dyson features, I finally learned how to style my simple haircut quickly and easily. Philips(-s) size not only turned the laying into a torture with stretching of hands, but also the result was noticeably weaker.

The Philips hair dryer-brush (I have a twistable one) is much better at styling than the old bulky hair dryer, but I occasionally get confused about which button to push, and the brush twists the wrong way, getting stuck in my hair and pulling some out. In addition to the momentary trauma, the temperature of the hair dryer-brush is noticeably high for me, so I am wary of doing this kind of styling after every wash.

I’m sure there are lucky women whose hair looks great without styling and blow drying, but I’m not one of them. My hair is porous and leaves a lot to be desired. The goal of styling: to raise the roots, shape the “nape,” remove frizz, add volume if possible, and shape the ends a bit. To illustrate the work of the hero of the post, digging in the reviews, I found pictures of my hair, dried with an old hair dryer,

And neater versions, styled with a blow dryer and a Dyson blow dryer.

In terms of hair smoothness, the result is not much different. But let me remind you of three important differences: 1) it is more convenient to use a hair dryer, the hair does not get tangled, my hands do not get tired; 2) consequently the hair dryer is faster; 3) using a hair dryer I do not overheat the scalp and hair. Thanks to the convenience of the tool, the result is only as it is supposed to be, not as it is supposed to be. The compact size of the hair dryer makes it easier for me to blow-dry the top of my head and shape the ends.

There are also disappointments. Unfortunately, during the time of using the dryer the grass braid has not grown to the waist, and the hairdresser was not present 🙂

And if seriously, it is only a hair dryer. And the results from its use strongly depend on the hair and hands of the owner. There are girls who are able to do without any gadgets with improvised materials to make a style “as if from a salon”. And there are hairs that undergo regular coloring, perms and curling, while remaining strong and healthy. So those who are already doing fine, it is definitely not worth spending money on this hair dryer.

For me it was a real godsend. In addition to the above-mentioned powerful advantages, over time I noticed a beneficial effect on the overall condition of my hair. I have read several Комментарии и мнения владельцев where girls have complained of dry hair after drying with the same hair dryer. I have the opposite impression. I assume that due to the fact that my head is not frequently exposed to hot air, my skin has normalized. I am not bothered by dryness. Less hair loss, I attribute it to gentle styling without overheating.

At the moment the topic of travel is not relevant, but in previous years, I always traveled with my hair dryer. It does not take much space in hand luggage, weighs little, and saves hair and time (in comparison with hotel monsters :-)).

The hair dryer has become one of my favorite household appliances. It caused such high confidence in the brand that when the need for a humidifier and vacuum cleaner arose, analogues of other firms were almost not considered.

By the way, I really like the fact that Dyson actively develops its range not only “in breadth”, but also “in depth”. New appliances are appearing and existing ones are evolving. For example, over the years there was a professional version of the hair dryer (for salons), there were additional accessories (covers, new nozzles, wall mounts, stands, brushes and combs).

But the competitors do not slack off either. Besides the Chinese fakes appeared Chinese analogues, rather good quality, judging by reviews, and with identical technical characteristics, judging by the description. The price of analogues does not exceed 50% of the Dyson price. Make a double impression. On the one hand, the Chinese are good, if they really could do the same thing twice cheaper, but on the other hand, you could attach a little more personality to the new name 🙂

Technical characteristics

The Dyson hairdryer is different with digital control. Characteristics of the device are quite impressive:

  • The speed of the device is ensured by an electronic sensor that maintains accurate readings.
  • With three fan modes and four temperature levels.
  • For ease of use, there is a light indication.
  • The air intake filter is removable and is located on the handle, which makes the use of a hair dryer as much as possible safe for the hair.
  • The airflow is powerful, and the noise is comparable to a whistling wind.
  • Power consumption of 1600 watts.

As the user reviews show, the hair dryer was easy to use. Not everyone noticed a difference in their hair, but it is a real winner as far as comfort is concerned. The device is actually quiet, according to what many women feel. It is also very powerful, but does not vibrate in operation. But despite the merits, the price is as cosmic as the design of the hair dryer.

All the hair dryer nozzles are attached to the nozzle on magnets. It makes it very easy to change and adjust.

  • Diffuser. controls, softens and disperses the airflow. Ideal for speeding up drying or styling natural curls.
  • Smoothing nozzle allows you to straighten hair or keep it smooth by controlling the airflow.
  • The styling concentrator is an extra-fine nozzle that directs air in one direction and lets you straighten your hair with a round brush.


The dryer itself has a number of buttons that can be used to adjust the air speed or heat. Three speed and four heat levels in total. They are indicated by tiny lights.

Thermal protection. the nozzles and surface of the dryer never overheat.

Non-tangle cord. it has a round shape that prevents tangling. Another good thing about this dryer is that it has a very long cable, so you can plug it in awkward places and still reach the mirror.

Easy to clean. filter swivels and removes, making it easy to prevent.

The power. the V9 motor is extraordinarily fast, and to some it might even appear to be too strong. The motor uses Air Multiplier technology, which creates a high-speed air jet for fast drying.

In addition to the luxury package, Dyson has created a series of useful, simple and informative videos on its Dyson Hair YouTube channel, which explain how to use each nozzle, which heat and airflow settings are best to use, and how to combine them.

What sets the Dyson Supersonic Dryer apart from other dryers?

The Dyson Supersonic’s appearance makes it unique in many ways. The motor is in the handle, not the head, and it’s much lighter than other brands. This design makes it easy to work with. No hand fatigue while styling. It also prevents hair strands from getting inside the hair dryer.

Dyson Supersonic has a built-in microprocessor that measures and adjusts the air temperature 20 times per second. Thanks to its intelligent temperature regulation, it protects your hair from intense heat that can damage and dry your hair. Even after frequent use, hair stays healthy and shiny.

Dyson Supersonic doesn’t blow your hair around like a hurricane wind. Nozzles precisely direct the airflow. This helps dry hair much faster than with a standard hair dryer.

Dyson hair dryer, like all appliances of this company, works much more quietly than analogues. When drying your hair, you can carry on a conversation without raising your voice or watching TV without raising the volume.

The hair dryer’s effect on your hair

But Dyson’s biggest win isn’t the sound or the lightness, it’s the effect it has on your hair.

Many cosmetic brands claim to have invented technology that protects or restores hair. As mentioned, the Dyson dryer has a built-in microprocessor that measures and regulates air temperature 20 times per second. This, helps to prevent excessive heat stress and maintain the natural shine of your hair.

When drying with a Dyson hair dryer, there’s no need to use heat-protective cosmetics or regenerating hair oils.

If you try a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, you won’t be able to refuse it. It is perfect for straight and curly hair.

Dyson is not cheap, but if you want to make your life more pleasant, it deserves the price. It is the best buy for people who want to save their time and keep their hair healthy and beautiful.


On the official website of the company Dyson hair dryer for home use will cost 29,990, professional is not yet available for sale. The company’s partner stores offer the same price, and hair dryers can be found in the chain stores “M. Video” and “Technopark”. DNS and most other chain stores of electronics and home appliances will be able to sell such models for a thousand more. for 30,990. MediaMarkt puts hair dryers for both 29 990 and 31 990 p. (the model is sold with a leather case), in most online stores the price ranges in this range.

If the price on the selected site is very different in the smaller side from that presented on the official site, then with a high probability you can run into a fake.



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