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What is needed to install the gas meter

What you get after the procedure?

The expert who has performed the works checks the operability of the device and draws up an act of its installation. This document is drawn up in two copies, one of which is left for the owner of the house, and the second copy is taken by the installer.

  • place and date of installation of the meter;
  • factory number of the meter;
  • data of the specialist who carried out the installation;
  • The readings at the time of installation;
  • The smooth running of the mechanism;
  • The parties who signed the act (the specialist who performed the work and the homeowner).


With the signed installation act and the technical passport of the meter, the owner of the housing applies to the management company or the gas service to register the device. The initial readings of the counter are recorded here, because during the installation a check of the serviceability of the metering device was carried out.

Gas meters in apartments are installed depending on the size and characteristics of the room where the device will be installed. The following categories of consuming devices are used:

  • Diaphragm (chamber or diaphragm). Designs are characterized by large size, low bandwidth (sufficient for domestic purposes), which is compensated by the low cost and durability of operation.
  • Electronic have a life of 10-12 years, are characterized by a good bandwidth, have accurate indicators of resource consumption. Disadvantage. high price.
  • Rotary Numerator. Shape. square, service life. long, the cost. affordable. Every five years the design is checked.

How to choose the right meter

The choice of a gas meter in the apartment depends on the following indicators:

  • The presence of a thermostat. If the equipment is equipped with such an element, the consumption will be more economical. The device will independently record the consumption of resources, depending on the room temperature.
  • Volume of gas consumption. You can check the correctness of the account by yourself. In the documents of the device there are written standards of resource consumption. Turn on the device for 10 minutes and trace the change of indicators on the construction.
  • Marking of the construction. Allows you to determine the flow capacity.

Universal criteria for selecting the right appliance for your home:

  • compactness;
  • Approximate operation duration of the device
  • recoupment;
  • Noisiness;
  • frequency of checking the design;
  • location of gas equipment mounts (left/right), depending on the location of the pipes;
  • Number of registered citizens (it is more advantageous to use the norms of accounting or actual consumption);
  • The place of installation of the device (outside, inside the building);
  • Date of manufacture of the equipment (boundary life depends on the date of manufacture of the structure).

Since the design will be installed by employees of the UK or housing and communal services, it is better to consult with specialists in advance, so that they determine which device is better to choose.

The best gas meters for apartments

To achieve maximum savings on the family budget, it is necessary to give preference to only quality equipment.

In order not to get confused when choosing or not to make a mistake, it is worth considering the rating of units long before you go to the store and understand what gas meter is better. Each position was considered separately, and then, taking into account consumer feedback and expert opinion, places were distributed, so the information can be considered reliable.

Elster Gazelectronics BK-G4

The first place among the best gas meters went to the model of Russian-German production, good design is complemented by high accuracy and ease of operation.

High level of protection against external interference. There are left- and right-handed samples of gas valve connection for mechanical shutoff, the unit is safe and reliable. Of the pluses it is worth highlighting:

SGM-1.6 1/2

The second step should be given to a compact copy with good characteristics, the display can be turned at your discretion, installation can not be called complicated, and the load is allowed quite high.

install, meter

Attention must be paid to correct installation, otherwise the device may read even when the equipment is turned off. Pros:


The third position in the rating of gas meters is assigned to the neat in the execution of the body of the unit, the set includes a thermo shutoff valve.

Ability to connect to boilers of different power is complemented by aesthetics, because the copy is available in three colors, white, gray and orange. Positive sides:

Arzamas SGBE-2,4

The fourth place goes to the device for its noiselessness, but it is worth noting the fact that the lithium battery lasts only for 12 years, for further use you will need to replace the element. When installing it is worth paying attention to the direction of the arrow indicating the flow. Pros:

install, meter

Elekhant SGB-1,8

The fifth line on merit goes to the electronic sample of high quality, backlit display makes the device as practical as possible. The position of the body is levelled individually by each owner, all information is accumulated, it is possible to view data for a month or a year. Positives:

SGK-G4 Signal

The sixth place is occupied by the model with good load capacity indexes, the counter mechanism is notable for its reliability and convenience. At the first start-up the unit starts up confidently and does not produce unnecessary unpleasant squeaks and noise. Protected from contamination, the quality of work is at a high level. Advantages:

Betar SGBM-1.6

The seventh and final line I gave to the compact sample with the indicators of 70/88/76, the weight of the model is only 0.7 kg. The unit runs quietly enough, thermal correction is a great addition to accurate measurements. There is a built-in calendar that will help you keep track of the natural resource shutdown. Benefits:

How to install a gas meter

Installing a gas meter in an apartment or private home can only be done by professional technicians. Before installation work, it is necessary to prepare a certain package of documents, choose and purchase equipment, conclude a contract for installation and subsequent maintenance. Learn more about each step of installation

Do you need a meter in your apartment: legal regulations

To find out whether it is necessary to put a gas meter in the apartment in 2018, let’s turn to the legislation. Previously, its standards required all homeowners using natural gas for household purposes to equip their homes with metering devices by 01.01.15. But the changes made to Art. 13 FZ 61 of 23.11.2009 On Saving Energy and Enhancing Energy Efficiency (hereinafter. FZ 61), provide a number of exceptions to this rule.

According to the new requirements, only owners of dwelling houses with gas consumption of over 2 m3/h should install a meter. Approximately this volume is used for cooking on gas stoves. Combinations of gas appliances, such as a stovetop gas column exceeds the specified volume of consumption.

In 2016, the legislation on the installation of the gas meter has undergone another change. After changes to the Federal Law 76 of 29.06.15. the requirement to install meters does not apply to homeowners whose dwellings do not have natural gas heating equipment.

Owners of dwellings with several gas appliances are not required to install meters, even if the consumption volume exceeds 2 m3/h.

But since the law doesn’t take away their right to use a metering device, it’s important to understand whether it’s beneficial to install a gas meter in an apartment with a water heater. To answer this question, we need:

  • Calculate equipment and installation costs.
  • Compare them with the current cost of gas (norms of consumption taking into account the number of residents).
  • Calculate the payback period of the meter.

Homeowners whose homes are equipped with individual gas heating equipment have no such choice. They are all required to equip their homes with metering devices by the beginning of 2019.

The cost of installation services

The metering device is the property of the subscriber, so the purchase of equipment and payment for installation work is the responsibility of the owner of the real estate. The financial component of the cost of installing a meter is affected:

  • Number of appliances-consumers (stove hob, individual heating boiler, water heater);
  • welding work;
  • the length of pipes to be installed;
  • Additional materials (fittings, hoses).

Connection of household volume meters for a gas stove ranges from 3000 to 5000. The presence of a column or other gas equipment increases the material costs by 2 times.

Who should install a gas meter in an apartment and at whose expense?

After January 1, 2016 gas meters will be obligatory installed by the gas supply company at the expense of the apartment owner.

In accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 of Art. Gas meters in apartments must be installed prior to January 1, 2015. If the owner of an apartment does not install a meter by January 1, 2016, the company supplying gas to the apartment will have the right to forcibly install it and to exact from the consumer all installation costs. There are no penalties for late installation of metering devices.

Who to contact in order to install a gas meter?

The owner of the premise is not allowed to install a gas meter by himself. This means of measurement is referred to the in-house (intra-apartment) equipment, and its installation can be carried out only by special gas services, which have a license for this, as well as by the service.

To install a gas meter, you need to apply in writing to the One Stop Shop of the utility. telephone hotline:. The telephone number of the single dispatch service:. The application should be accompanied by copies of documents confirming ownership of the apartment or private residential building where the gas meter will be installed.

The specialists of the gas service will examine the condition of the gas pipe and determine if it is technically possible to install the gas meter.

The owner of the apartment acquires a gas meter and applies to the territorial maintenance department. which makes an estimate for the installation of the gas meter. The cost of installation depends on complexity of work.

After the meter is installed and after signing the act of work, the owner of the apartment has to pay the bill for the meter installation.

After installing a gas meter, you must go to the management company to seal the device.

According to the rules, the application must contain the following information about the consumer: full name, passport data and contact phone number. The information about the appliance that must be specified in the application includes:

The application must be accompanied by a copy of the meter passport and documents confirming the results of the last meter inspection (this does not apply to new meters). Utilities must respond within three days of the application and agree on a date of a visit to seal the device. If there is no response within three days, you can safely apply to the state housing inspectorate.

The meter must not be located closer than 80 cm to gas appliances (stove, if there is a gas boiler). In addition, according to the regulations, the height from the floor must be at least 120 cm. For the rest the landlord can choose the place of installation himself, without violating these two parameters only.

The meter is the property of the apartment owner, so you must pay for the installation at your own expense. According to the article. The owner of a room in an apartment building must pay the cost of the room which belongs to him or her, in accordance with Article 158 of the Housing Code.

How much will it cost to install the meter??

GAS METERS, a gas tutorial on all you need to know about gas meters for trainee gas engineers.

If the apartment has a stove and a gas boiler, the cost to the consumer is 6000-7000 for installation and welding work.

The cost of installation

You don’t have to pay for the mandatory installation of gas equipment when you go to the utility. You just need to wait for your turn. As for the application to private companies, then, taking into account the cost of devices. In older homes, for example, it can be difficult to install a gas meter. This is an additional plus to the final price.

The price of gas meters depends on a number of technical characteristics. The frequency of mandatory inspections also matters.

Who verifies gas meters

You can’t trust anyone to check the meters. For this there are professionals. Usually, such cases are dealt with by an accredited specialized organization, whose specialists are authorized to work with gas-using equipment. Usually, this is a representative of the organization that supplies gas to your house or a company affiliated with it and dealing with similar issues.

The register of organizations with accreditation can be viewed on the Rosakkreditatsiya website.



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