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What is included in the delivery of the refrigerator

How much time the refrigerator should work at the first inclusion and what is the cyclicity of its operation

A new friend and assistant appeared in the house. cooling and frozen products device. Before you start installing, you need to give him a rest from the road, adapt to room temperature. Free all extraneous objects (packaging paper, film, cardboard, foam pads, etc. P.). If you decide to engage in installation and connecting yourself, you need to know how long the refrigerator should work when you turn on the first shutdown until the automatic shutdown.

This moment is quite responsible, since if the unit is difficult to install incorrectly, more electricity can be spent, as a result of which the refrigerator will fail faster. Here are a few points that you need to pay attention to:

  • Firstly, the plane of the surface on which the refrigerator will stand should be mandatory even.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to adjust his legs so that he stands even and does not stagger.
  • Thirdly, you can install the device in any convenient place, but it is preferably not very close to heating items (battery, gas stove).

Although the instructions always require the even location of the refrigerator on the floor surface, but it is better to install with a small slope back. In this case, you do not need to make special efforts to close the door, it will close itself.

Why is it important to transport household appliances correctly

Refrigerator, without a model range, is a complex device consisting of several nodes. They are all at risk and can suffer from careless transportation. As a result, the technique fails. The design of the cooling device, which is without a model range, includes 2 main nodes:

Two main structural nodes are made in the form of a coil. Due to the consumption and delivery of heat, they guarantee the operation of the device. Their damage during transportation in a truck inevitably leads to problems. It is easy to avoid this if the rules are followed. You need to find out in advance how the unit that performs an important task is working. maintaining the temperature of the products.

Reference! The system contains a refrigerant (more often its role is played by Freon). It moves along it, the aggregate state (from gaseous, to a steam.shaped and transition to liquid) changes in stages.

The cooling system operates as follows:

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  • The refrigerant enters the system in the form of gas. After pumping out from the evaporator, heat begins to be absorbed, the freon is now in a steam state and falls further into the compressor.
  • The refrigerant is compressed by the piston of the motor, due to this, sufficient pressure is created to enter the capacitor it.
  • Here Freon becomes liquid, it cools. In this form, he overcomes the filter-dryer, advances to the evaporator.
  • The pressure of the refrigerant decreases, it boils.
  • The refrigerant again becomes gas, as initially, due to the absorption of the heat of internal chambers, it cools the space.
  • Freon is pumped out.

Reference! An important link in the cooling process is the compressor. Incorrect transportation of the refrigerator leads to force majeure with the engine, and the device stops working.

Now household manufacturers are hiding the compressor behind the wall. It is practically not visible with the naked look. But transportation with non.compliance with the rules leads to serious problems. So that this does not happen, it is important to know how to transport the refrigerator.

How to check the compressor block

Check if the compressor is worker or not, it is better to measure the resistance of the windings. To do this, you need to know the values ​​of the starting and working winding. Most people cannot cope with this on their own, therefore, when buying a refrigerator, you can invite a specialist who will help determine the performance of the device.

If this does not work out, you need to at least include it on the network. after that light bulbs should light up, the power indicator, and the compressor itself should start. This will be clear in the characteristic sound. Ideally, the doors need to be closed for at least half an hour to see if the temperature in the chamber has become below. To do this, use the thermometer or at least attach your hand to the back wall.

If the wall remains warm, you should wait another half an hour and measure the temperature again. If it does not become smaller, the refrigerator has malfunctions. the thermostat is highly broken. Such a check can be carried out even in the store. by law, employees do not have the right to refuse this.

Important! You can demand to turn on the refrigerator, wait 20-30 minutes and see if it will work correctly.

How to transport a refrigerator on a side

There is an opinion that it is categorically impossible to transport the refrigerator lying. This is not quite. Transportation of the device in this position requires more attention and compliance with certain rules, but in principle it is possible.

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Transportation of a new refrigerator in a box

There are situations when the newly purchased refrigerator is easier and cheaper to take it to the house on your own, and not use the branded delivery of the store. There should be no difficulties here. The refrigerator will already be packed in a transport container, and there is no need to wrap it in addition. There is usually a marking on the box indicating how on which side you can put the refrigerator.

Important! Some manufacturers and stores take off their warranty obligations if the refrigerator is not standing standing. In order not to lose a guarantee, this question is better to clarify in advance.

Moving with an old refrigerator

If there is a need to transport the refrigerator lying, without a proprietary box on which everything is painted, then the device must be placed as follows: on the side (not on the door or back grille) so that the tube with a cooling liquid, leaving the compressor, looked up.

With this arrangement, the oil will drain into the return part of the circuit, and after installing the unit vertically dragging back into the compressor. If it produces in the direction of the refrigerant, then after turning on the compressor will be pushed even further and clogs the capillary tube. In this case, the piston system of the motor will have to work with considerable effort, which sooner or later will lead to breakdown.

Assess the situation, determine where and where the coolant moves from, it is necessary in advance, while the refrigerator is in place.

Determine the output of the cooling tube from the compressor

Any refrigerator works according to one principle: a refrigerant (in a gaseous state) with the help of the engine is pumped towards the capacitor, where it gives the heat, taken into the cooled chamber, turns into a liquid. Understand which tube Freon goes from the motor to the capacitor, it is possible: in the process of operation (that is, in the process of gas and liquid), the refrigerator must touch the tubes extending from the compressor. The tube with a larger temperature (hot) leaves the compressor and goes to the capacitor. This is what you were looking for. Names she should be directed up at the time of the refrigerator move in the “lying” position.

If all the tubes are located on one side of the motor and have one direction in the first round, then during transportation they both will look up. This simplifies the task, you need to recognize anything.

Important! In working condition, this tube can reach very high temperatures. In order not to get burns, try the details of the device very carefully.


After the first stage with cleaning, installation should. It is not necessary to do it yourself. You can pay extra store employees and they will install. After all, this process also needs to be done correctly. If you make mistakes, the equipment will work with complaints.

The main thing is that the surface for installing the unit is even. Otherwise, the refrigerator will stagger and make noise when working. This will happen even when a person passes by.

But do not be upset if there is no absolutely even surface in the house. Refrigerators have legs that help to stand still. Some masters know how to put a device with a light slope back. This is convenient, because with a small push, the door closes on its own.

However, the position of the refrigerator does not affect its work. Installation features are important only for owners. After all, you need to make sure that it is convenient to use the device.

Refrigerator in the kitchen

Preparatory stage

In principle, the entire process of cargo delivery depends on how correctly this process is organized. First you need to turn off the device from the network if it worked. After that, it is necessary to free the refrigerator, unloading from it all food from all cameras. In addition to products, it is also worth extracting all shelves, partitions, as well as boxes, if any.

Next, it is worth defrosting refrigeration equipment, after which all the walls must be wiped well using a dry towel. Only after these actions can you begin to pack the device itself.

Of course, it is unlikely that anyone retains the initial package in which the refrigerator was once purchased. Therefore, you will have to use improvised materials. All shelves and boxes that were extracted from the refrigerator must be packaged separately. For these purposes, a special shock.absorbing film is ideal. All doors must be very well fixed in a closed position. For this, each door is fixed in at least two places. As a rule, for these purposes, either a wide tape or a rope is used. Particular attention should be paid to the packaging of the compressor. It will not be superfluous to fix it additionally.

In order for the case of the device not to suffer it should be covered with polystyrene or cardboard. Packaging material must be securely fixed with tape, or strong rope.

Inspection inside

The next step is to inspect the refrigerator from the inside. First of all, pay attention to the sealing gum, it gives the device tightness and directly affects the stability of the work. In case of defects detect, require the replacement of technology.

Internal inspection is longer in time, since here you need to check a lot:

  • Refrigerator. there should not be chips, cracks, dents and other defects in it. Remember that there should not be extraneous smells, except for the factory. The former use of the refrigerator retains the specific smells of the products stored in it, as well as the chemicals with which they tried to clean the device.
  • Removable boxes. for the freezer, they are made from the main whole part and an additional decorative panel, while the compounds themselves can be fragile, and the fasteners sometimes do not fall into the grooves. Similar mechanisms are found on other drawers, for example, on separate shelves on the doors. Do not forget to check them and them.
  • Sliding glass shelves. you need to inspect each individually, carefully checking for the presence of shortcomings, also study all the grooves, the guides of which should be without dent and match their shelf.

Check the refrigerator during delivery: do not hasten to pay for a cat in a bag

When buying an unit in a store, we will deal with an exhibition model, they will deliver a refrigerator from the warehouse for us. At the time of delivery, representatives of the store often intrusively slip the Builder of the Blank to the buyer, so that with their signature confirms the integrity of the unit.

Do not rush and believe the words that you have 15 days to check. This period really exists, but it is needed for the exchange of goods or a refund of money if a defect is detected due to the fault of the manufacturer (and not due to the fault of the movers).

Small dents and scratches are visible only at a certain angle. In the gloom, you risk not noticing unpleasant defects on the case.

Inspect the handles on the camera doors, check if they are attached well. The presence of cracks is a sure sign that the pen does not last for a long time. Remember, the replacement of accessories is a costly matter, and it is almost impossible to prove that the handle has broken out of your fault.

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Refrigerator Water is Not Dispensing

Immediately note that in many modern models the motor-compressor is hidden behind a special decorative grill. Is it worth it to unscrew it, decide for yourself, but keep in mind that the inspection of the compressor can save you from clarifying relations with the store for the warranty on warranty.

Visual inspection can give a lot: make sure that the tubes suitable for the compressor are not torn off, and the unit itself is not distorted. The defect of the cooling contour, causing a freon leak, belongs to the category of mechanical damage, which means that it does not fall under the guarantee. The importance of checking the compressor is evidenced by the fact that more than half of the requests for the repair of the refrigerator in the suburbs are associated precisely with the dysfunction of this block.

The internal inspection of the refrigerator should start with the shelves, boxes and containers for storage. Remove them from the freezer and refrigerator and carefully study for cracks and scratches.

Next, pay attention to the internal walls, especially the grooves for fastening shelves and boxes. The presence of chips and cracks in the grooves should avert you from buying a model. most likely, when transporting the unit, negligence and inaccurate were manifested.

Sniff. a new refrigerator should smell of plastic and nothing more. If the cells have a musty smell, most likely the refrigerator was already in use.

Check how the refrigerator works, everyone can. Carefully inspect the device before buying to avoid problems. Remember that the slightest scratch or dent can lead to a serious breakdown in the future, and products with mechanical damage are not subject to warranty repair.

The frequent error of many buyers is also that when they do not check the performance of all basic and additional functions. Within 15 days, you have the right to exchange the device, if a malfunction is suddenly found in operation, but after this period, the unit can be submitted only to warranty repairs.

You can completely check the legal capacity of the refrigerator in a couple of days.

Observe how quickly the necessary temperature is achieved, whether there is an extraneous noise, whether the unit itself is working properly. Do not load the refrigerator with products immediately, it is necessary that the compressor get used to the loads gradually.

Be sure to carefully examine the appearance of the device, even minor mechanical damage can greatly overshadow your joy from acquiring and using technology. Especially if they are present in visible places. In addition, some such damage that arose as a result of a blow may affect quality and serviceability during the operation of the technique. Therefore, take your time when acceptance. Demand that the delivery representative allow you to carefully examine the goods from all sides and in good light. If the purchased equipment is in factory or other packaging, then it should be removed for a thorough examination of the product itself (the presence of moisture in the devices associated with water: washing, dishwashers are permissible since they are all tested at the factory).

Currently, in almost every type of household appliances, there are models that differ from each other by one single letter or number and, despite this, can have a significant difference in characteristics and functionality. For example, LG WD washing machines.80199 N and WD.80199 S differ in the model only by one letter, and in terms of characteristics, the first allows you to load 5 kg of dry linen, and the second is only 3.3 kg. Do not forget to carefully check the model when receiving equipment from the seller!

In addition to a careful examination, it is also necessary to pay close attention to the documents that are present with it. Make sure the warranty coupon and operating instructions in Russian.

How to check the refrigerator when buying.

The refrigerator is a rather expensive technique that is bought for more than one year and you need to seriously take the refrigerator.

And the refrigerator also belongs to this type of household appliance, the performance of which is simply impossible to completely check at the time of its purchase. But! You can still check something.

It is necessary to inspect the outer walls of the refrigerator in good light, best daylight.

Be sure to carefully examine the hands on the doors of the refrigerator and freezers, especially in the places of fastening.

Be sure to carefully examine the refrigerator and freezer compartments inside. (We open the freezer compartment and take out all the boxes if they are of course there. We examine the internal plastic walls for damage or cracks. Be sure to inspect the boxes themselves, especially in the places of attachment of the main box with the front decorative panel.)

Well, of course, do not forget to inspect the refrigerator itself at the time of damage or plastic cracks.

Operating instructions in Russian,

First. What needs to be done is to remove all unnecessary objects from the refrigerator and freezer chambers of the device. They are all kinds of packaging materials: foam spacers, gaskets from any kind of film and so on.

Second The stage can be called swimming. That is, you just need to wash all the inner surfaces of the refrigerator. I will immediately make a reservation that the bathing does not apply to such a refrigerator and it will work well without this procedure. But you buy a refrigerator for yourself, and not for the “uncle” and therefore the care of hygiene will definitely not be superfluous. In addition, the specific smell of the plastic of the cameras of the new refrigerator undoubtedly is undoubtedly nourished all the underly packaged products. Open your new refrigerator, sniff! By the way, it is best to wash it with water with a small addition of acetic acid, which kills extraneous smells.

Stage the third. Installation of the refrigerator. It is to install the refrigerator that it must be correctly set in the right place. Correctly means that he stands firmly, monolithic, does not hang out in general. For this, each refrigerator has adjustable legs. As a rule, such legs are two front. They are adjusted using a threaded connection, using a key, and sometimes even manually.

Stage fourth. Connecting the refrigerator to the mains. If you connect your new refrigerator through a high.quality extension cord (network filter), then nothing terrible will happen to it. Will be faithful to serve for many years. And if we talk about the network filter, he will also protect against large voltage jumps.

Attention! The new refrigerator, which has just been delivered to your apartment, cannot be immediately included in the network. He must stand at least 2 hours. And if the street is a negative temperature, then at least 4 hours. However, if you, as expected, you will first “bathe” it, then the time will pass.

Stage last. Loading products. This is where the main mistake of most buyers lies. In no case do not fill the refrigerator with products immediately after turning on! Wait! Give the refrigerator time to dial the operating temperature. Different refrigerators have different time. One will gain the temperature in 5 hours, and the other on this process may be needed for 8-10 hours. And only after that you can start loading products. Again not immediately! No need to try to fill the freezer with warm meat to the eyeballs. This can lead to an excessive load on the compressor, which is not good. Fill the refrigerator gradually, in portions, so to speak.

Here, in fact, are all simple rules that must be observed for proper operation when the new refrigerator is first turned on.



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