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What is better hair dryer or hair dryer brush

Figuring out which is better. a regular hair dryer or a hair dryer brush

Tools, the functional purpose of which is the styling and drying of hair, are in demand and indispensable for use at home and in beauty salons. When choosing the right device, it is important to consider criteria such as the condition of the hair, its length, structure.

For the purpose of domestic use, most users choose one universal device, with which you can not only dry your curls, but also shape your hair. In such situations, the question of what is better. a hair dryer or a hair dryer brush. is relevant. For an answer, consider the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the two options for styling and drying tools.

How to choose a hair dryer. 2019

Hair dryers are divided into household, semi-professional, professional hair dryers. Household made of budget materials, which reduces their life, equipped with a minimum of nozzles. To dry the hair requires more time, it is difficult to make professional styling. Semi-professional hair dryers are better in quality, more powerful, cost an order of magnitude more expensive. Professional. the most powerful (from 1800 watts, the range is often regulated), included different nozzles, or you can buy the necessary separately. They choose hairdressers to create hairstyles of any complexity.

How to choose a hair dryer for home use? Depends on the task. If you need a hair dryer rarely, only to slightly dry your hair. take a household. If you use a hair dryer regularly, you like to create different styling or you have long and thick hair (for their drying needs more time or more powerful hair dryer). it is better to take a professional hair dryer.

We tell you what characteristics to pay attention to, and which model among the top professional hair dryers for hairdressers best suited for home.

Review of rotary hair dryer brushes for hair styling. 2020

Many women make do with a universal hair dryer with a couple of attachments. just as long as they do not dare to complex haircuts and styling. Be it a leggy bob, a torn asymmetrical braid, a pixie cut, a multilevel cascade or a dramatic perm. each strand has to be in its place so as not to spoil the overall impression.

In stores you can find devices with attachments in the form of combs. The devices, according to the manufacturers’ claims, make styling easier and will help those who style every day and are not ready to spend a lot of time on it. But which one is better: a hair dryer or a blow-dryer brush??

The classic device allows you to slightly straighten the hair and give them volume. In a complicated styling job you have to angle the strands and twist them with a comb, pull them in different directions and blow-dry them right away. two hands are not enough.

Hair dryers and blow dryers for home use to speed up styling and save your nerves. You can do everything with one hand at a time.

What is a hair dryer with a comb?? The catchy name for a blow-dryer is “hairbrush. The device performs two functions at once: the working part twists, giving curls the shape, and the hot air dries, fixing the result.

A blow dryer differs only in that its nozzle is not equipped with a rotor, so you have to curl the strands yourself.

Learn more about what a blow dryer brush is and what to look for when choosing one in our review.

What’s a blow dryer-brush?

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If you’ve styled your hair with a hair dryer and a hair brush, you know that it takes a little time to get used to working with both hands. And you are certainly faced with a problem when the neighboring hair clings to the work strand or fly in all directions (not saved even by the nozzle-concentrators), and to solve this problem, you have to remove the hair dryer and re-separate strands.

A blow dryer brush makes styling much more comfortable. It consists of two parts:

Handle with motor, heating element, and control panel. It generates a jet of air depending on the settings you set.

Brush attachment. It is put on the handle, the air is fed in and out through the holes.

In essence, a hair dryer-brush can be thought of as an ordinary hair dryer, on which the brush head is worn. But, firstly, because of the classic L-shaped hair dryer is difficult to rotate. the device with an ordinary straight handle is much more comfortable, secondly, the hair dryer-brush is more compact and lighter, and thirdly, among the hair dryers-brushes you can find models with automatically rotating brushes. And finally, you have a free hand in the styling process.


How to choose a hair dryer brush: 7 rules

If you want the device to serve you as long as possible and not cause any harm to your hair, pay attention to such characteristics:

  • Power. this is the main parameter that determines the work of the device, which affects the strength of the air flow and the temperature of its heating. Our rotary brush hairdryers typically have a power output of 400 to 1100 Watts. Before buying, decide how often you will use a hair dryer and for what purpose? This will determine how powerful a model you need to buy. You can get the volume and styling you need from 400W to 600W. And if you plan to constantly dry and curl long curls, you need to take the device stronger. from 1000 watts;
  • manufacturing material. It is better to choose a hair dryer, which has a body of the nozzle has a ceramic coating. This type of material heats the whole surface more evenly and is gentler on the hair;
  • mode. the speed of blowing air and rotation of the brush. Choose a model that has more than one mode. Then you will be able to choose exactly what suits your hair depending on its length and thickness;
  • nozzles. Well, everything is simple here. the more nozzles, the more opportunities to experiment with your looks. Usually a hair dryer-brush kit includes several round nozzles for different hair lengths, flat brushes for straightening curls and curling tongs. Before buying, be sure to check the strength of fixation of the nozzles on the handle of the hair dryer. If they hold weakly, loose or come off, it is better not to buy this model;
  • Auxiliary function is a very important feature, as it helps minimize the damage caused by hot air on the hair and makes styling easier. These features include ionization, the ability to supply cold air and steam humidification. Ionization exposes your hair to negatively charged particles, which reduces the static electricity in your hair. The result is smooth, silky hair. Cold air is applied at the end of the blow-dry, to fix the result. And steam humidification is good for straightening hair and making it more manageable;
  • power. There are two types of models. those powered from the electric network and those working on batteries. If you purchase a corded model, make sure the cord is at least 1.8 meters long. It is more convenient to use devices with a wire made in the form of a spiral. then it will not curl around the handle and interfere with your work with the device. Battery-powered models are convenient for travel and trips where there is no possibility to use electricity. Pay attention to whether a battery charger is included;
  • accessories. It is good when the model is equipped with a plastic container or purse for the nozzles. This is especially true for models where natural materials were used in the manufacture of brushes. Such nozzles require special storage conditions. Otherwise, the bristles will break and tangle, making styling more difficult.

The hair dryer. a faithful assistant in creating a beautiful styling

This is the most popular household appliance. This is a device, whose main task is to quickly dry the strands and give them a nice neat shape and attractive appearance. Today they are used not only to dry, but also to give more volume or create an original hairstyle.

A wide range of equipment gives you unique opportunities to use the following features. If previously they mostly had only a concentrator nozzle to create a directional air flow, today the market offers a wide range of different models, of which the best for yourself can choose any woman.

  • concentrator. a nozzle with a narrowing end, which is used to model the strands (depending on the type of hair, the purpose of the technique and its power the nozzles-concentrators can be different);
  • The diffuser is a useful device for girls with curly curls.

The diffuser nozzle is a bowl with plastic fingers, which can have different size, shape and thickness, depending on what is used for different tasks and curls of a certain length. It is included with most devices, and thanks to its shape and design evenly distributes the air flow, which allows you to dry the strands quickly and efficiently.

Modern models of this device have several temperature modes and blowing powers, which allows it to be used even by owners of naughty curls. These professional devices are multifunctional and versatile, so they can be used for any task. But if you need it only for drying and modeling, even the simple model can be used with ease.

Another important feature is the ionization of the hair dryer. What it is? It’s a blast of air with negative ions. It’s a great alternative to traditional models, but unlike them it has no negative effects on the curls. Ions can repair damaged areas on the strands, relieve static, give hair a shiny and silky.

Advantages and disadvantages

Every fashionista who has already tried an amazing invention, will note the following advantages of the device:

  • Compact size, light weight;
  • No need to buy an arsenal of styling tools;
  • Ease of use;
  • The hairstyle is done simultaneously with drying, which significantly saves time;
  • Numerous attachments allow you to create a variety of styling;
  • Many models have functions to help take care of the hair;
  • The device does not need special care. it is enough to clean the brush from strands and dust.

This product has no obvious disadvantages. Some models have disadvantages such as high cost or lack of useful additional features.

Interesting! Using an ordinary hair dryer and comb requires certain skills and abilities to create a good hairstyle. In the case of the hair dryer-brush everything is much easier. you need to connect the device to the network and dry curls, winding them on the nozzle.

What to choose a hair dryer or hair dryer brush?

Store-bought hair dryers, rotary brushes, and stylers can be confusing in their variety. How one tool differs from the other? What model to choose? Before you buy a hair dryer, it is advisable to conduct a comparative analysis of different types of devices for hair.

The normal hair dryer has two nozzles. a diffuser and a concentrator and more, compared to its counterparts, power. Choosing a unit, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Cord length. The more it is, the more convenient it is to use it.
  • The possibility of changing the air temperature. Hot air drying damages the hair, making it brittle. Cool air is gentler on your hair.
  • Ionization. The ionization feature reduces the effects of static, the hair more manageable.

The main function of the device. quick drying of hair. Styling aid is secondary. You can buy a hair dryer if all it has to do is dry your hair.

Hair dryer-brush

A hair drying brush is often referred to as a styler. It has a lot of nozzles and applies styler for hair styling. The power is not as high, which allows you to dry your hair in a gentle mode. If you have thick, heavy hair, then it is recommended to dry it with a regular hair dryer before styling. Intending to buy a hair dryer brush, you should take into account the following facts:

  • Brushes with natural bristles, as well as ceramic coating, revitalize the hair and make them more obedient and shiny. Metal coating and artificial bristles are destructive to the hair.
  • Weight. You can buy an inexpensive hair dryer brush and never use it because it’s too heavy. Styling with a styler implies that you will keep it on the weight for a long time. If you are planning to buy a hair dryer in an online store, pay attention to the weight listed in the specifications.
  • Hairdryer Brush Price. Its cost is also affected by the number of nozzles. Decide how much and which attachments you need, so you don’t overpay.

Hair dryer brush rotating

Comparatively recently in stores of home appliances appeared rotating hair dryer brushes. Its cost is higher than conventional brushes and stylers, due to such features:

There are certain nuances in its use. You can buy a rotary hair dryer brush and put it aside for lack of skill. When using it, stick to the tips:

  • Type small strands
  • Turn on the speed that corresponds to the thickness of the hair
  • To curl, periodically stop the rotation. Let the brush work without interruption to straighten strands.

for hair dryers depend on the type, configuration and characteristics of the device. A cheap hair dryer can be purchased in the online store Sotomania for a few hundred. The most popular with buyers are various models of hair dryers Rowenta, for example, Rowenta Brush Active 1000, well proven devices firms Bocsh. Bosch PHD7967 and Supra-Supra PHS-2041N Pink.

Brush Features

Hair dryer-brush is a device, the main task of which is to style the hair. The main advantage from straighteners and other stylers is that the styling is done by a stream of warm air, not by the impact of metal surfaces. To start styling, you only need to choose the optimal nozzle. Thanks to their large number of them a brush can not only dry the hair, but create a variety of different hairstyles.

  • Similar to the hair dryer at the brush has adjustable power flow and temperature. They can be made with a single regulator or separate. The second option is considered more preferable.
  • Ionization. allows you not to destroy the structure of hair, and they do not electrify.
  • Auto rotation function. One of the types of styling with a brush is the creation of curls. To do this, a round brush head is used. the hair is wound onto it, dried and at the same time remembering the shape. The model with “autorotation” does not require the user to twist the device on their own, which is extremely inconvenient. The nozzle rotates automatically, twisting the hair. This procedure is controlled with the left and right buttons.
  • The package may include several heads. the concentrator (similar to the hair dryer head), round head (with different diameters and length of bristles), brush, half of round brush, rasp, tongs. Each of them has its purpose, and if the owner of the hair dryer-brush likes to create different images, then a large set of nozzles will be a great helper for this.



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