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What is a multicooker

offensive errors when choosing a multicooker. You need to know every housewife!

Girls, before the start of the marathon were a few days, so we begin to actively dive into multicier secrets.

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We start on August 24, but for now we are going, I will talk about what the slow cooker should be, and mistakes when choosing it.

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Ordinary multicookers

In conventional multicooks, cooking is used using high temperature. A device of this type consists of a case (plastic or stainless steel), an internal heating element (heater) and a removable dishes.

The device is equipped with a sealed lid, a pair valve and a condensate container. Control mechanical, electronic or sensory, which means the abundance of various modes is provided to you. In addition, multicooker is also significantly different in the material from which an internal bowl is made.

IMPORTANT! To mix food in these slow cookers, you can not use metal spoons, forks or knives. This can damage the anti.stick covering of the bowl.

Choose a slow cooker

First, let’s figure out what is hidden under this name? If you do not delve into technical details, then the multicooker is a pan with an anti.stick coating that is placed in a plastic or metal case with a tightly closed cover. Due to the built.in processor, it can be programmed to prepare a variety of dishes. Multicar is an electronic device that can prepare complex dishes from simple products.

In a slow cooker, you can not only cook, but also extinguish, fry, steam and even a stove. The most important thing is that the multicooker performs almost all the work on its own. Almost all multicoar models are equipped with a delayed starting function that will help you cook any dish for the right moment. This function will have to have a break to have breakfast porridge, which will already be ready, while you just wake up.


So how to choose a slow cooker?

First of all, when choosing a multicooker, we pay attention to its volume. Depending on the model, the volume of the saucepan can vary from 2.5 to 6 liters. If you have a big family or you like to eat well, then the volume of the saucepan should not be small. But then we do not forget that such a slow cooker will occupy a lot of places.

It is also important to pay attention to power. The greater the power, the faster the food is prepared in the slow cooker. Most modern multicographs have a capacity of 670 watts to 1400W.

Basically, the slow cooks have six standard work programs, but if you wish, you can choose a slow cooker and with a large number of programs. For example, if you are a lover of natural yogurt or other sour.milk products, then in this multicooker can help you. Since some models have a program for its preparation, you will not need to separately buy a yogurtnik.

If you like to experiment in the kitchen, then choose a multicooker where it is possible to manually set the cooking parameters, choose the temperature and time yourself. Also, in some multicooks there is an opportunity to separately choose the ingredients that you will cook (meat, fish, vegetables).

The timer function will also be very useful, it will allow you to delay the start and start cooking at the necessary time for you. With this function in the morning you will wake up the aroma of freshly prepared breakfast, and in the evening wait a ready dinner. All that is required of you is to download the prepared products into the container, select the mode and set the timer, and if you are for some reason late for the right time, the slow cooker will automatically switch to heating mode, and you will always wait for a hot dish.

The housing of multicoars is 2 types: plastic and metallic, most often made of stainless steel. Plastic is cheaper, weighs less, it is easier to manipulate, but it also wears out faster. The metal is more reliable, but, accordingly, and more expensive. Choose a multicooker with a handle on the case, it will be useful if the device will need to be moved somewhere.

If you have decided on the model, then separately pay attention to the bowl. it should be easily taken out; and also on the lid. it should close tightly. Most often, the bowls are made of aluminum and covered with Teflon coating or titanium.caramic. With proper care, the bowl is quite durable, the main thing is not to use metal accessories and do not subject the bowl to sharp temperature differences. At the first use, do not forget that the bowl must be washed, but the case is not adapted for washing, it is simply wiped with a damp sponge.


Some related products will also help you in using the multicooker. Typically, components include: a book of recipes, a measured cup, a pairing dish and a spatula.

A multicooker is a truly universal device that can replace you with a double boiler, deep fryer, a loaf of the Oopeck, and even a yogurtnitsa.

Krumka advises you to see how to cook in a slow cooker, for example, stuffed tomatoes, lazy cabbage rolls, ghee, barbecue. Kurochka with potatoes or casserole with candied fruits. After all, that’s all. Not advertising manufacturers, but proven recipes! Read the impressions of our respected cooks and Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Perhaps this will help you make a choice.


Who should buy a slow cooker

The presence of insignificant minuses still cannot outweigh the virtues with which the multicooker, undoubtedly, has. So universal, easy to use and functional, it is perfect:

  • For a family with young children who always need a lot of attention. Mom’s mass of time easily free, because the slow cooker can do everything herself.
  • For adherents of a healthy diet. Thanks to the Teflon coating, you can prepare with a minimum amount of oil. True, it takes more time, t. to. The principle of operation is the uniform and slow preparation of the dish.
  • For newcomers who do not have a slab or summer residents, who constantly does not need a stove at all. The device can cook almost everything. from liquid hot dishes to baking, and easy to feed the whole family. True, at the same time cooking 2 dishes will not be possible.
  • For schoolchildren who are already trusting independent cooking. In a slow cooker you can not burn, spoil the dish or, forgetting about it, make you get burning. It is enough to prepare the necessary ingredients, load them into the bowl and set the desired mode. Even a schoolboy will cope.

Perfectly combining the functions of pots, pans, oven and cauldron, the slow cooker firmly entered the life of many. Lack of time is the problem of not only young mothers, but also the working population. And it is much more pleasant to return to work, lay the products in a “smart” bowl, set the mode and engage in small things, in anticipation of a delicious dinner.

Tips for the choice of multicooker

Power is one of the main qualities of which you need to pay attention to when choosing any electrical appliance. It is the power of the multicooker that affects the heating rate and the time of cooking, the power is also responsible for how much electricity is consumed by multicooker. Remember the main rule. the greater the power of the multicooker, the less cooking time. As a rule, the power of multicoars is in the range of 450-1400 watts. For an average family, there is enough power of 600-800 watts.

Before choosing the volume of the bowl in which products for cooking dishes in a slow cooker are placed, remember how big your family is. Standard volumes go from 2 to 6 liters. For a family of 3-5 people, a 4-liter bowl is enough.

Most multicographs have standard preparation modes, they can be from 3 to 7. Before buying a slow cooker, think in what qualities you want to use it and what modes should be in it for sure. The modes can be interesting: “pastries”, when a loaf, muffins and even cakes can be prepared in a slow cooker; “Yogurtsnitsa”, “Wark for a couple”.

The internal coating of the bowl

One of the main components of the multicooker is a bowl in which food is prepared, respectively, it is better not to save on its internal coating. Try to choose an anti.stick or ceramic coating of a multicooker bowl. Of course, over time they will be eager, but you can always replace the bowl of a new.

The slow cooks are very convenient, but the following functions are often optional, so it makes sense to check their presence:

In addition to all of the above useful functions, the slow cooker should also have pleasant design and ergonomics for you.

Criteria for choosing a multicooker

With a variety of species and models, it can be difficult to decide on the choice, especially if the slow cooker is bought for the first time.

What criteria to be guided by, how to choose a slow cooker and what to pay attention to?

  • Power. The more powerful the device is, the faster the dish is prepared, but the consumption of electricity increases. It is worth choosing for yourself that the priority.
  • The volume of the bowl. It should be taken into account how many people are supposed to be prepared. For one or two people, a 2.5-liter volume is quite enough, for a large family you need a bowl with a capacity of up to 5 liters.
  • Cup material, its coating. You should choose between an aluminum bowl with an anti.stick coating, ceramic or steel. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, the bowls with Teflon coating are easy to scratch, but the food does not burn, the bowl can be washed in a dishwasher. The ceramic bowl does not scratch, is easily washed, but is afraid of temperature changes, anti.stick properties are quickly lost. The steel bowl is resistant to damage, but is afraid of acids, milk porridge is buried.
  • Type of control. There is a mechanical or sensory.
  • The availability of modes for the preparation of certain dishes, as well as the accompanying accessories included in the kit: measuring dishes, steamed grille, deep grip, glasses for yogurt, pan, spoons, recipes collection.

Choosing multicooker: which company is better

Today, a large number of manufacturers of household appliances competes among themselves for the title of best. In pursuit of leadership and purchasing preference, experts expand functionality, change the appearance of models and materials of components of elements. Which company is better to buy a slow cooker? The most popular manufacturers are Moulinex, Redmond, Polaris, Philips and Tefal.

The French brand Moulinex is part of the largest concern Group Seb. Despite the limited model range of multicographs, the technique is characterized by high quality components, assemblies, reliability, durability and expanded functionality. The company produces premium models. Cooking is carried out at a high level due to the presence of three.stage heating, which provides comprehensively warming up, creating a quick and high.quality process.

Considering the question of which company to choose a multicooker with a harmonious combination of price and quality, it is worth paying attention to the models from the world brand Philips. The equipment is made of high.quality materials on modern equipment using innovative technologies. Models are characterized by standard functionality and stylish design. A multicooker bowl can have a volume of 2.5-8 liters. The container is available with Teflon or ceramic internal coating. Models are equipped with a sealed lid and a removable valve, which allows the dish to languish or, conversely, fry.

Tefal multicooks are of high quality, practicality, functionality and durability. The power of the devices can be 750-1200 W. The main difference between models is a voluminous internal bowl with a teflon coating with a maximum volume of 8 liters.

The cited introductory fragment of the book multicooker. Recipes of dishes and secrets of cooking are provided by our book partner. Litres.

Multicar is a universal kitchen device that combines the functions of a pressure cooker, double boots, coils and a bukhanka.assel.

Thus, with its help you can steam, stew, fry, bake.

Food cooked in a slow cooker preserves nutrients and vitamins. This is provided by steaming technology (as in a double boiler). The dish is prepared without adding oil and water. in its own juice, so the possibility of the appearance of carcinogens is excluded. Such food is suitable for dietary and children’s menu, and for a healthy diet of the whole family.

In conventional steam steamers, the pairs passes through the holes in the baskets and carry with it part of the moisture and the aroma of products. In a slow cooker, this is technically impossible, since throughout the entire cooking process the lid tightly adjoins the body. All juices and aromas remain inside.

The multicooker is an “electronic pan” with a removable bowl inside and a tightly attached lid, which is hermetically connected to the body using a valve that prevents air from entering.

The slow cooker has a removable container (bowl) with a modern anti.stick coating designed directly for laying products.

As a result, valuable vitamins and appetizing smell of fresh lunch remain in the cooked dish.

The multicooker has a built.in microprocessor, which controls the cooking cycle depending on the selected program. He is controlled by sensory display. A special steam valve and the system of airtight closure of the lid create ideal conditions for cooking, not allowing us to disappear. Valve tightness makes it possible to leave the device on unattended.

In addition, with a slow cooker, you will forever forget what the fat spraying when boiling, leaving unpleasant marks on kitchen objects and surfaces.

Information about the time and temperature of the preparation is reflected on the electronic display.

This management involves the alternation of high and low pressure, in the so.called gentle regime.


The valve does not allow air to penetrate the device. Thus, the processor controls and creates the optimum temperature and pressure. The possibility of excessive temperature is excluded. Due to this property, food does not lose healthy and taste qualities.

For example, an ordinary pan with a lid freely passes the air, which means that the process of oxidation occurs. Food inevitably loses beneficial properties and becomes less nutritious.

The tightness of the device does not allow the liquid to boil, and therefore, the products are not subjected to the mechanical effect of boiling water and thereby retain the shape. In practice, this is clearly noticeable when potatoes and meat are ready at the same time.

The slow cooks have a fairly simple control, a clear monochrome screen and two groups of programs: fully automatic and manual settings programs.

Fully automatic programs act in one press. put the ingredients, click the button. the rest of the control of the multicooker takes on.

Manual settings allow you to independently configure the cooking mode depending on the user’s desires.

Many models have the function of the deferred start, which allows you to launch the cooking process by the right time, with a delay of up to 24 hours. The dish will be ready for breakfast or the arrival of guests.

The ending of the dish in the slow cooker notifies the sound signal, and the slow cooker automatically goes into the heating mode of food, which can last up to 12 or more hours.

The slow cooker can do everything in the kitchen. cook, fry, stove, bake, stew and steam.

The selection of recipes is not limited by anything. In a slow cooker, you can prepare both the usual and favorite dishes, and carry out various culinary experiments.

Each program, as already mentioned, is controlled by a built.in microprocessor and allows you to achieve perfect results in cooking.

There are many recipes for multicooker dishes, the preparation of which will not cause you any trouble, everything is done simply and quickly.

However, to achieve the optimal taste of dishes, you should adhere to certain rules.

It takes a multicooker for some time to reach a temperature at which many bacteria die, so it is advisable to store all the products prepared for use in the refrigerator, and it is better to separately. Cooling prevents the formation of bacteria, your dish will turn out to be useful and will not lose its natural vitamins.

Fill in a slow cooker preferably from 0.5 to 0.7 volume. The first to put vegetables on the bottom and on the walls of pots. Then put the meat and pour the contents of the liquid. broth, water or the sauce you need. It is also not recommended to open the lid often (if this is not required by the recipe). Open the lid, only to interfere with food or check its readiness.

Before cooking, it is better to remove the skin from the poultry and cut off fat from meat. Frying meat before laying reduces fat content, gives a natural aroma and improves the appearance of the dish.

Root crops. potatoes, carrots, turnips, onions. it is better to cut into small pieces and put on the bottom of the pots for meat for faster cooking.

During cooking, the color of some products can be lost. Lay brightly painted ingredients (greens, tomatoes, pepper pods, etc.) at the end of cooking.

And in conclusion, I want to once again note that you will be able to cook almost any dishes in a slow cooker. Both directly those that are designed specifically for a certain model and dishes for any models of multicoars that make it possible to improvise with various ingredients, their combination and carry out your own culinary fantasies.

Are there any extraneous materials on the surface of the device. Whether a comfortable working surface has been prepared for him.

Does the number of ingredients not exceed the mark “Mach”.

Whether the indicator of the presence of pressure in the correct (lower) position is located.

How to care for a device

Like every household appliances, multicooks need regular care, namely periodic cleaning of the inner pan and valves for the release of excess steam.

The pan must be washed after each use of the device. Due to the fact that it has an anti.stick coating, with the help of detergents you can wash it in just a couple of minutes. The main thing is not to use metal brushes and hard sponges, so that scratches do not appear on the surface of the pots.

And the valves for the release of steam must be cleaned 1-2 times a month. To do this, you will need to remove them with a light movement of the hand and wash them under running water, and then install on its original places.



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