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What is a dryer in a washing machine

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Good appliances are expensive, so there is no way to save money

A small washer and dryer costs less than buying a washer and dryer. Of course, the energy consumption will be higher than with a normal washer, but this is more than compensated by the time and effort savings. No need to hang things up, then take them off. After drying, you can iron them immediately, put them on or put them in the closet. Not all models have a high energy efficiency rating, but today you can already find machines on the market with a Class A dryer. Another important point is the economy of space. The narrow washer-dryer with dryer can easily fit even in a small room, while space for two units can not be found in every apartment.

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Choosing a washing machine: with or without dryer?

It used to be like this. Modern models almost always have a light ironing function. This means that for a while after drying, the drum with the items rotates, shaking the laundry and preventing it from creasing and jamming. The dryer load is always one and a half to two times less than the wash load, so the laundry moves freely inside the drum. In addition, many modern models have a steam freshening function, which can be used both separately for this freshening, or at the end of the drying cycle. to straighten the creases and eliminate a strong “wrinkles. This technology is available in LG Electroncs, Electrolux, AEG and other washing machines with dryers.

How does the drying mode in the washing machine

Technological progress does not stand still and offers many of the latest developments of household appliances for convenience and saving time and effort. One of these developments is a washing machine with a drying mode. Combining the dryer and washer in one model is very convenient, saves space in the house and allows housewives to forget what ironing is. Today, the most popular are washing machines from such global manufacturers as Bosch, LG, Siemens and Wirlpool. We propose together with us to understand how the drying mode in a washing machine works, and how it looks like.

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Disadvantages of combined washing machines

Unfortunately, there are a number of disadvantages, which should also be noted:

  • limitations on the load of laundry. Perhaps this is one of the main disadvantages. For example, the technique from the company Samsung in one cycle washes up to seven pounds of things, and to dry can be two times less. It turns out that with a full load of the machine clean laundry has to be dried in two rounds, which will require more time and electricity. When buying an automatic washing machine with this function, keep in mind that it is considered less economical. True, there are already devices that can dry more than half of a full load at a time;
  • cost. Combined washing machines are thirty percent more expensive than their conventional counterparts. If someone is limited in financial resources, you should think about the advisability of this purchase;
  • rapid wear and tear of things. If the drying mode is used incorrectly, the laundry will wear out sooner;
  • Machines with dryers do not have an antidust filter, which is installed on simple washing machines.

Specific settings?

Some models of modern washer-dryers allow the user to customize the drying process. The owner can optimize the procedure according to his/her own preferences and wishes. Adjustment is based on one of the following criteria.

  • By time. Means setting the duration of the process before starting the program. When the timer gives the signal that the allotted time is up, the appliance stops working. The main disadvantage of this method is the difficulty in determining the optimal drying time. Wrong number of hours and minutes, high chance of ending up with wet or over dried clothes.
  • By residual moisture. A better setting is for the user to decide when to let the garment dry. When the hostess starts the dryer, she sets the optimum residual moisture level of the clothes, and the intelligence does the job.

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For the convenience of users, some models of 2-in-1 machines instead of the standard values of residual moisture (3-10-15%) have indicators that are understandable to everyone: “Into the cabinet”, “Very dry”, “For further ironing”, etc.

How a washing machine with dryer works

What is a washing machine with dryer? This machine is different from the usual in that it has two heating elements. heating elements: one TEN heats the water for washing things, and the second. the air for drying them.

Also it has an additional built-in fan, reservoir for moisture condensation, air temperature sensor, and a separate control system for drying (drying timer or electronic controller).

Washing in a washer-dryer with a dryer function is the same as in a standard one. The water is then drained from the drum, and the drying stage begins.

Laundry and clothes are treated with warm air, which is blown into the drum through a duct. The clothes rotate in the airflow, and the moisture evaporates from them, condensing in a special tank.

The drying function in a washing machine can be implemented in two ways: by timer or by a moisture sensor.

First type of dryer used in low-price models. The first type of dryer has a sensor that allows you to manually set the duration of the air drying process. Machine turns off when time runs out. Learning to control this kind of drying is tricky. it takes a long time to find the optimal timer time so your clothes don’t dry out or stay damp.

The second type of drying uses a humidity sensor. You set the desired humidity before drying. As soon as the sensor detects that the moisture content of the clothes or laundry in the drum is the same as the target moisture content, the drying process stops. So that users don’t have to worry about what percentage of humidity they need, manufacturers offer simple and clear options: “under the iron”, “very dry” and others.

Some models have both a timer and a sensor for drying.

The weight of the laundry to be dried

When choosing a 2-in-1 technology, many people expect that they can load dirty laundry into the tank, and then get out of it already clean, dried clothes. But in practice, things are a little different. A washing machine designed to wash 6kg of laundry at a time can dry about 3kg of stuff. This is due to the fact that during drying, heated air must flow freely into the tank, so that the inner space should remain half empty.

The greater the weight of things for washing and drying, the greater the amount of energy the technique will consume. People, whose family budget is quite modest, will suit less powerful models. But if it is important to quickly get rid of household chores, you do not need to save money.

Owners of washers with a dryer have two ways out: to organize the drying of part of the laundry in the apartment (on heating radiators or folding structures) or to dry things in two ways. Considering that modern models spin things almost to dryness, the second method does not take much time. Many brands have an accelerated program (the cycle lasts 35-60 minutes). But delicate fabrics are better served with gentle care programmes. Drying takes up to two hours, but the fabric is not deformed.

The positive aspects of washing machines with a dryer

– degree of reliability

There is a widespread opinion among washing machine users that units equipped with a dryer are less reliable than conventional machines. The main argument is that washing machines equipped with a dryer are more likely to break down because of their more complex design. In fact, the main cause of washing machine breakdown is improper operation by the user. So, in most cases, the cause of breakage of a washer-dryer is a trivial overload during drying, as users forget about the limitations in the permissible weight.

– The compactness

Another positive side of a combined machine is compactness. Separate washer and dryer will take up a lot of space and consume more power than a 2-in-1 machine.

– drying speed

Families who have small children, a washing machine with drying function is an essential thing. It allows you to wash and dry clothes in a very short time, regardless of the season. This feature is also useful for people who live in conditions of high humidity near the sea, river or pond, when the clothes dry very long.

– versatility

Thanks to the dryer function it is possible to wash pillows, down jackets, soft toys and plaids even in winter, without worrying about the quality of drying. According to many reviews from housewives, down jackets look like new after drying in a washing machine; the down is not lumpy and holds its shape well. If you use the delicate mode, you can even dry washed sports shoes in this machine.

– reduced humidity in the apartment

After purchasing a combined washing machine, there is no need to hang wet items in the apartment, which increases the level of humidity.

What is a dryer in a washing machine

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